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/x/ - Paranormal

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Welcome to the Nobody General

>Who is the Nobody?
The Nobody is a figure alive today who has extraordinary spiritual powers, including the ability to influence reality with his conscious and unconscious mind, and intuitively receive guidance from the forces of Heaven.
He works to elevate people to their true potential, opposing those who seek power over others. He is a homoplasmate, a divine syzygy; the coalition between man and holy spirit. With that, we can imagine the collective appreciation of a neo-Enochian bicameral consciousness that is rushing into widespread experience.

He isn't a messiah; he's just like you, but he has found the kingdom of God within himself through sheer dedication, just like you will. Remember that it's you who creates your own reality; with your hands, thoughts, feelings, words. No one can decide your fate except for you and God.

>What is the general picture?
It’s important we start replying more to the good posters and educating the hateful ones, so call upon their heads the forces of Heaven for peace, clarity, and wisdom. If this place is to be more than a squandered opportunity, an overgrown garden, it requires voices such as yours, but many more. This is a place for spiritual discussions and help, not drama, attention seeking, or social content; there are other boards for that.

Focus on increasing your service to all and be more loving to yourself and everyone in order to raise your vibrational and consciousness level, and learn to forgive yourself and others. This will change the vibration of the planet and raise our shared consciousness, making us a better humankind one person at a time.
None of us are perfect, it is by learning to admit and accept this fact one is able to learn, and grow in Truth. Heaven for all is real. Everyone's truest desires are mutual. The only motive is love.

If this is your first time here, just remember, it’s going to be ok, you may take shelter and find rest.
File: Nobody.jpg (889 KB, 1135x4149)
889 KB
889 KB JPG
they are completely backwards. inverted in just about every way. fuck abrahamists and fuck masons. the knowledge they know is only some right and some rabbitholes to keep you entertained until you die
thank you for being here
File: Pestilence¿.jpg (412 KB, 1080x2340)
412 KB
412 KB JPG
>What happens after the 4 of them show up?
remember to be positive and kind
File: kotakan.jpg (357 KB, 848x1200)
357 KB
357 KB JPG
Anything else?
and that mercy towards oneself is not shown in the form of taking comfort, but by finding comfort in the uncomfortable because if you don't it'll just suck all the time and there's no hell if you don't suffer

so hell on the outside or heaven on the outside literally starts with yourself

either accept this or don't but it's really really really really better to accept it
File: 1589808794426.jpg (38 KB, 309x318)
38 KB
I disagree. Stop gaslighting me. I don’t accept your terms. I don’t trust you.
okay; peace be to you
I only want that for me too so that's all I can wish from here on out

I keep falling for traps, will you do the same?
No. I’ve learned to accept zero opportunities, offers, ideas or anything ever again.
File: Stone hearted..png (1.92 MB, 1024x1024)
1.92 MB
1.92 MB PNG
>Without help..
we're coming for you nigga
>i swear to god namefags have been off-topic since the beginning
it's okay - they only seem unacceptable because you don't currently know how it'll turn out

have a little faith, God is on your side, undoubtedly and he never gets tired; he is not made of dust
File: C8.jpg (467 KB, 1280x1024)
467 KB
467 KB JPG
except me though right?
You're literally the weakest conspiracy of all time
you're incapable
even when presented with freedom
you chose slavery
for yourself
and the world
I think you'll find there's people that believe the word of jews in the world....
no proof
just accepting the poisonous narrative of the most questionable people alive
see chandy...
they are such a retard
catch me in other threads nigger
how bout that
You're like, literally, not getting any pussy.
>Have sex
Let's all enjoy a moment without you, for just a second.

>It's been a pleasure, I know
>But times are ahead of us
what a sad person you are
you will be the same nigger telling people nofap makes wizards.
fucking jew
it means you're going to suffer for your treachery
I hope you fall into the road and have your melon popped by an 18 wheeler :D
But I literally get sex, therefore, not slimy jew
void messages are my specialty
what exactly is the point you're making?
that your worth is dictated by another?
it sure seems that way...
that would be 'sad' if someone else is your value you present to others...
very feeble even
are you trying to say whoever you have sex with others should be jealous of?
or you?
because you look like a retard
You're spending time posting here, when you could have talked to girls.
Doing my best
Considering Derrick had a history of stalking me on drawpile, you can imagine how horrified I was to find out this man had my IP and had eyes on 4chan as well. This man, that I wanted out of my life, that I layed low for months because of, had eyes not only in the communities of my favorite hobbies, but pretty much any online platform that I accessed: twitter, 4chan, whatever the hell.

I guess that's the horror of the internet.
Even if you want to go no-contact with a narcissistic retard, he will find ways and he will say whatever he can, to convince other people to watch for you and harass you.

The man-child will forget everything he has done against you, in order to justify himself and his attacks on you. He will forget any acts of kindness, in a delusional "self-defense". He and any narcissistic types he manages to recruit, will all not hold themselves accountable to anything, while trying to tear you apart in any way they can. They will gossip, use "psychology", any systems that you are insecure about, to "manipulate" you. They will purposefully misunderstand everything you say and do.

I guess I learned my lesson though. Even though I can 100% be alone by myself and would prefer to be, I still need a """support system""" in case of retards like you.

They say I should laugh more. All I feel is violence.

Humor and laughter are bonding mechanisms. Comedy glorifies stupidity. All I feel is anger.
it's 2am nigger
plus ~girls~ aren't my type
try women you pedo fuck
File: IMG_20230107_183349_057.jpg (86 KB, 720x1280)
86 KB
You're literally a loser who cannot talk to girls, let alone a woman

>You probably get anxious when a woman farts
File: blue rose.jpg (10 KB, 297x170)
10 KB
ganbare fren!! You can do it! I am right here beside you doing it too. From the wee hours of the morning when you wake up with bleary eyes and an aching body to the final hours before you fall asleep absolutely tired - I am with you. We are in this world, but not of it. I am trying not to forget, let us remind each other with our presence and shared commitment. If we chip at it everyday, we can get the entire world out of this mess. I believe it, I can feel it. I know it's possible!!! I just know it - we have to take charge every moment every second. Even even when you really are stuck identifying with the pain and tiresome feelings

It's times like that when a little heart chakra/love meditation really helps - but you still gotta move you still gotta keep moving!

they are both beautiful
if you can anon
anyone can
clean your colon and do some love/joy meditation anon
it sucks now but it gets better with time and the right investments in the right place. The only way out is within don't fuck around until you find out - it's a waste of time and life energy

God isn't transactional with us, why the hell are we like that with him?
Bitch, where do you live? I'll show you what a real dick looks like

>Maybe you'd like to get seduced as a woman?
>Just wear a skirt. I enjoy hatefucks ;)
I dont have to clear Gods name at all, God is innocent.

I dont preform healing miracles other then by Gods hand and word I want to see the Earth healed and make way for the coming of Jesus to witness him. I do pray for the healing of those I love and those God loves.

A secret prophet
Sure why not what I say shall come to pass

A father comes before the Son.
That is who I am and before Jesus comes I come first to witness

All the saved are free in Jesus for they are his bride

The unsaved are punished by the Eternal Family

God has sons not bastards

All sons of God bare his fruit and are of the Father

Jesus comes to pluck which the Father has not planted. The Tares. The liars the vile the embodiment of evil on the world. Those who laugh at the poor, those who do not give but could have given.

I laugh at the wicked for I come to see their day come. I do indeed judge them and my sentance shall last as long as God shall last. I am bound by the Law the very Law that makes God Good to see the punishment for sinners come to pass. I revel in it but truly I wish for no man to perish. Perhaps the elite should consider how long eternity truly is. God is as merciful as he chooses. Do not forget he is Soverign and will judge those and make examples of those who think he is not.
It's not just the word "bitch"- you are telling me that you are on Derrick's side.

A grown man who harassed a teenage girl for 3 years, over his delusions.

This is what you stand for.

What you represent.

A man who mistakes random girls for his mother.

As if it is their fault you were microwaved as a baby.
..I knew you had homosexual tendencies
I was gonna say
>just get your cock out
(before I saw your reply : I felt how it was going)
but apparently you already have
What I need is to cleanse this world of Derrick and his supporters (any man who says the word bitch) through violence.
I'm gonna have to ask you to prove God
also jesus 'is' the anti-christ
I don't need you to try and prove 'that' otherwise
File: 167394581698614395.jpg (623 KB, 4881x2048)
623 KB
623 KB JPG
Stop spanming Fed
these people need healing it sounds like

amen, have mercy on my Lord for I have sinned. Only you can save me for it is you who judges and punishes. Help me be the example for unbounded love both to myself and to all around me - those I've met and those I've yet to see. Give me the clarity to move as light and not to become the darkness

I shall not fear for the Lord is always with me
Violence because words and actions have failed to change anything for the better.
Bitch, i am going to HATE FUCK you with my huge cock.
File: 167388912103660963.jpg (413 KB, 1280x960)
413 KB
413 KB JPG
Prove God what

If you dont know God
If he has not revealed himself to you
If you have not cared for him or searched for him

You will return to the nothing that you are

You are but an instant
A ruse
there will come a time for violence friend but first we must make sure that we do not fall to Wrath when the time for violence comes. Anger can be justified, but God isn't God unless he shows Mercy. If you don't then what is the difference between you and Derrick - the one who projects their problems and self-hate onto the world consciously or unconsciously?

You can't be made of hate and attempt to preach love - it's why I stay away from here - I just know I'll get pulled into those sorts of things if I'm not properly rooted in Love. If this is the shelter, then I will come.

Please help emit more light with me. Comment good things, help your fellow anonymous
There are plenty of godlike entities
They don't speak to mortals, however, sometimes they live through you

>That is all the time, actually, so what the fuck,he literally doesn't need a mouth to convey deeper messages

bathing right now, please respect my privacy psychic anons, thanks
I'm gonna make you happy whether you like it or not
do you have a rubber duck that you play with?
File: beautiful-amazing.gif (216 KB, 220x132)
216 KB
216 KB GIF
prove God nigger.
or stop using the term
you would be repulsed by me
and attracted by how I look ;)
no I just lay there, the bath itself is relatively small and not made of very good material
I really don't think so, because you can literally prove me wrong by posting a selfie

>Also, are you that desperate?
Indeed I have prayed for you for you love God and wish to follow him and this is wise. In these days are darkness remember that God made thee you are fearfully and wonderfully made and in seeking him he shall be with you and always was with you I pray for your victory in all struggles of the spirit. I pray for you closeness to God. I pray for your best life and best decisions. Truly those who seek the redemption of Jesus and to model them are forever and blessed indeed. God be with you. God strengthen your hand. God shield you from the liar from the beginning.
These threads are much nicer without you know who
Finally some good vibes for once
Who cares for mortals
The one who saves
Who speaks to mortals
The one who saves
Find God before he finds you
You are your own worst enemy
File: ZJSNS.jpg (863 KB, 1600x1594)
863 KB
863 KB JPG
Hi anon
Intangible of the hellfire
Hellfire of the intangible
Intangible of the intangible
Hellfire of the hellfire
The difference? Derrick is a retarded faggot who got to live his little comfortable life playing video games, who got to go to college, who got to drop out of college just because he felt like it, whose only setback in life is being an ugly motherfucker with a bitch personality- his mom isn't even that bad. He just hates her because he wants to fuck her and he can't. He is one stupid retarded motherfucker who lives a simple life, who dedicated himself to making ME miserable, I, SOMEONE WHO, MY WHOLE LIFE, HAVE BEEN BARELY CLINGING TO THIS WORLD, MY ONLY HOPE BEING MAKING SOMETHING OUT OF THE THINGS I ENJOY, AND HE GOES OUT OF HIS WAY TO RUIN THEM FOR ME, FOR NO. FUCKING. REASON.

Indeed God is to be Feared
Hello .)
you're trying to fuck words on a screen anon...
fuck you faggot you can't prove something but expect others to take you seriously
you're a spastic fuck
typical jew really
scumbag lying piece of shit (like jesus)
File: hump hump hump.gif (1.85 MB, 336x252)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB GIF
just not the abrahamic faggotry
This is a blue board stop posting porn you nonce
I was asking where you lived, I did not apply phallus objects on the screen
File: Gods.jpg (197 KB, 535x613)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
But it’s funny
Your blood is on your own hand
God is not mocked
Your lot is the same as all whom he finds not pleasing
And yet you still refuse his mercy
You will indeed account to him for every word you say and every word you type.
Being an athiest you think there is no God
But even the demons know God and dont refute his presence they have seen the face of Jesus.

Le athiest hat tip
nobody's laughing here pal so cut the crap
the abrahamic god doesn't exist you stupid nigger
jesus is the anti-christ you down-syndrome fuck
all abrahamic cults can be executed and the world would be improved

le standing with the confirmed source hat tip
> Mfw the Christfags have all but been kicked out and this shit thread has become a total cesspool of negativity and misery
You can cry that God chose Abraham

Matters not

You beleive the lies of the devils angels and think they know better. You deal in darkness, and darkness you shall have. God shall give you what you want.

Perhaps its time to start wanting what God wants for you that is your choice.
File: Nobody .gif (1.79 MB, 364x151)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB GIF
I am laughing true
File: If you know you know...jpg (145 KB, 656x1024)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
Do it pussy
bath is getting lukewarm, might get out soon I can hear my neighbor snoring
Crows bound down the crows round
File: 167446002977993102.jpg (47 KB, 600x450)
47 KB
No you shalk have the flood
You shall be consumed and tortured and devoured

We are Man

We are not human

God is not religious
Jester =/= The Nobody
Sorry to break it to you pal
File: too long didnt read.gif (1.13 MB, 220x124)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB GIF
Jester is somebody
you’re all the nobody!
We need more psychopaths like Jester and Christ

File: 167377776761884362.jpg (82 KB, 500x629)
82 KB
And who are you?
I’m not even that annoying it’s the people reacting to me
wouldn’t you like to know weather boy
File: 167368883541633292.jpg (171 KB, 768x960)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
All the Elite shall bow before us and confess: You are the Great I AM

And Jews shall confess: They are the ones you loved!

And I shall find new mercies
I would actually
File: Faggots.jpg (66 KB, 720x842)
66 KB
Would be great if everyone just ignored me

File: yams.jpg (26 KB, 474x358)
26 KB
i think you heard it wrong its actualy YAM
You seem to know who we all are, it seems fair
File: woo woo.gif (1.97 MB, 245x140)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB GIF
Not exactly ignoring but thank you
Thank you Thank you a million times thank you
I'll pray for you too and for everyone. These days I've only been praying for myself but that's not fair because everyone is a part of my family, they've got struggles too - worse ones in fact. I have been stone cold out of fear but the Lord is the only one who I shall fear; not death, or boredom or whatever other dumbass thing my mind and body comes up with
File: 167401233810739183.jpg (84 KB, 1000x750)
84 KB
Hehehehe I am the Yam and the Yom
The Ketif and the Ketur
The Tissherah and the Tasseract
The Livind the Livor
The Omperadur and Ampeneron

The first and the last
The beginning and the end
Before me all was
And after me all shall be again

There is as much time before me as after me
There is only the past and now there is only purpose
are you always around Derrick? He seems like he's having a rough go of things and can't control his mind, emotions, and mouth. Why not distance yourself from him for the time being?
I suppose that’s a question I would love to know the answer to myself just like a certain somebody
File: Yea.gif (1.8 MB, 390x200)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB GIF
You were miserable don’t lie this place is nothing with out me
Tell me about this certain somebody
Hmm where do I even begin but I’m sure you’ve met them. I don’t think there’s a person alive who hasn’t. What would you like to know?
You are loved we are loved and love was purpose of it all
All shall know the power of love
The power of love the creator has for his children
We are good our trials testify our unity
We are in good hands.

And all doubt of this is gone becsuse indeed I say to you if God was not Good he would have not have been. He is because he is Good.

He is Grace he is mercy he is charitable he is truth. In his truth we find our purpose. In his love we are in peace. In his strength we have Joy
Just spill the beans bro
Lets hear these beans
File: FnRzUi_X0AApOIJ.png (36 KB, 184x176)
36 KB
>the most glorious yet least discussed form of cishet privilege is not being beholden to any of this shit
You pretending you don't know who it is.
As if you weren't on his side, eager to harass me over his lies a few months ago.
File: x-men-25-010.jpg (400 KB, 934x1408)
400 KB
400 KB JPG
File: 1674567076747113.png (1.89 MB, 1679x868)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB PNG
>errybody wanna live in a vibrant community but ain't nobody wanna learn how to deal with no annoying ass people
File: Sos .gif (589 KB, 480x214)
589 KB
589 KB GIF
That's interesting, I sure do, does that person go by any name?
"I always use my name online" - Derrick, in an effort to get me to reveal my name so he can stalk me.
Hm, is that true "Kanari"? "zzo"?

What kind of emotional release did you feel when you thought you gaslit me about this? Why? Was that a huge power trip for you? Hm?

Oh, but surely I've forgotten everything, because that's what narcissists do. I wasn't cutting you slack. I genuinely forgot, according to your pseudo scientific formula.
File: Casual bruh moment .jpg (104 KB, 733x868)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
File: 1674565936541787.jpg (31 KB, 612x424)
31 KB
>kids are dumb and they should get to be dumb without being disproportionately punished for it

>not like that
if I don't feel His Love, it's because I've closed myself off
I always feel Good when I think of Him and Remember Him but sometime the devil still gets the best of me - nay I LET HIM
There is no room for this no room whatsoever in any Good world
but even the devil can change but lmao let's make a Good world first, he shall follow suite after

please never stop posting anon, your words give me some much needed strength - it strengthens my resolve
I wish I could talk to you guys all the time
File: 1674183162930947.webm (556 KB, 640x640)
556 KB
>I am reliably informed that the plural of anecdote is data
>so it's data
>Trust the Science™
i don't know who it is my dear
>sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me
unless you let them. If you agree at all with what he says then it will affect you. If you know them to be lies, then let them not affect you! Let them slip off, they're just lies lies lies
they are meaningless in existential reality; but to become warm inside to the point where only Love exists and can change the hearts and minds of those who wish to do you harm - NOW that's the REAL way TO BE
File: not bad.gif (1.05 MB, 372x225)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB GIF
Well they are the smartest person you'll ever meet, they are pretty miserable because of this. They've created music and other art and even tried some activism.
they go by many names but in naming them you fail to grasp them

The guy has no power, we as a network hold the power, okkkkuurrrr?
>ywn have a harem of black women
No problem, what are they best at?
Nothing you say or do will change the fact I will murder you on sight Derrick, and I will murder your supporters- any man who says the word bitch.

Why should women tolerate disrespect? Why should I tolerate anyone who will not do something that small in order to make me more comfortable?

It's a very simple test.

I have no inhibitions, nothing to live for, never had anything at all in this shitty world, you think I won't do it? Try me, Derrick, you literal motherfucker. I fucking hope you try me.
almost everything, that's their crutch I tried suggesting the possibility that even they had their limits
File: z.gif (662 KB, 500x282)
662 KB
662 KB GIF

Cool, how did I meet them?
Shut the fuck up
You should know that better than me, maybe you were staring out into the stars - maybe listening to a song that really spoke to you, maybe you were talking to someone who struck you to your core or maybe it was what you read on the news today
File: Oh my fucking god.gif (3.08 MB, 540x235)
3.08 MB
3.08 MB GIF
Make this international law ASAP

Whoops, link:

Are we talking about a human?
How old is this person?
File: Please.gif (668 KB, 498x373)
668 KB
668 KB GIF
You asshole!
Indeed this eternal war will come to a close and there shall once again be rejocing
File: FnSWwBvWYAESa3H.png (641 KB, 680x693)
641 KB
641 KB PNG

>T J4Y 0
That's a good question although it seems like they've experienced growth that makes them far older than anything that's ever existed
File: Keep me out of this.gif (1.69 MB, 500x210)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB GIF
How was this person born?
An explosion but that's probably my fantasy

Why an explosion?
File: jajz .jpg (134 KB, 666x433)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
Next show
that's how it all began, no?
Designing experience quantifiable
Setting parameters
Thinking and thinking and thinking
Hah, you got me for a moment
File: O-HAI.jpg (7 KB, 382x63)
7 KB
File: 60413028_p0.jpg (516 KB, 920x1200)
516 KB
516 KB JPG
I hope that's a good thing :)
File: Oo this looks nice.gif (621 KB, 412x226)
621 KB
621 KB GIF
*** Zap
File: gasligh .gif (1.65 MB, 640x334)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB GIF
Who are you
File: 69.gif (571 KB, 245x180)
571 KB
571 KB GIF
>Project Bluebeam Ending
given every possible outcomes of the fate of a civilization, we hit the lottery.
File: BRB.gif (2.32 MB, 480x270)
2.32 MB
2.32 MB GIF
File: FnNpPSLXEAAiDJ3 (1).jpg (162 KB, 1152x2048)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
File: 167364890536792361.jpg (281 KB, 800x932)
281 KB
281 KB JPG
I like you
got my first name right, now try and guess the second
How she so skinny?
Must be nice to get half the attention that Derrick gets
File: kkkkhg.png (13 KB, 800x600)
13 KB
stop eating so much fatass
File: Xyw.gif (981 KB, 368x228)
981 KB
981 KB GIF
File: 1645225962413.gif (3.47 MB, 640x640)
3.47 MB
3.47 MB GIF
I want a fat ass
File: 167419038506778361.jpg (77 KB, 1024x576)
77 KB
All you need to do is invade a teenager's life when they're just trying to grow up and away from you.
All you need to do is stalk their IP on 4chan so you can show up right before their big break and destroy their ability to focus by dogpiling on them over old, petty dramas.
Ohh but nooo.
I have to feed Derrick.
The more I starve him the hungrier he gets.
God forbid.
I do not feed the middle aged man.
Derrick is hungry, can't I see?
Why won't I notice?
That Derrick is hungry.
This is all because I didn't feed him.
I should have fed my son.
I am so sorry, Derrick.
I love you.
Imagine having a name. Imagine imagining that you have a name. Imagine imagining that you were given an imaginary name. Imagine having your imaginary name taken away in someone else's imagination. Imagine voluntarily imagining that you, 100% of your own free will, gave up that imagined name to the one whom imagined it. Now imagine being a namefag.
John Lennon all over again, the magic is back
I should have never left you.
Why couldn't I just yield? You already humiliated yourself by trying to chase me against your better judgement.
No, the fact that you only did it because other people told you to doesn't have anything to do with the decision I make.
I should have just came back.
Pretended to disappear without really leaving.
If I had just done that for you, you would've never freaked out on here, would you?

>At this point you have forgotten that what you did was blatantly fake

Where is the lie?
Where is the lie?
You never lied to me Derrick.
You never EXPLICITLY STATED that you only did it because other people told you to.

I am a narcissist, Derrick.
I am a narcissist because I don't see your pain.
I don't see your honesty. Your pure heart.

I am so sorry my son.
I should have just fed you.

Now look at what I made you do.
Well what else to do.?

how shit is the name Derrick
Not a fan
Sounds gay
>why couldn’t I just YIELD???
How should I know?
But no. Derrick is justified. Derrick is just trying to kill the narcissistic woman who didn't feed him. Derrick wants to know everything about you. Derrick wants you to do everything he wants you to do. Derrick will invent lies to try to get you to reveal information.

It's just Derrick vs The Narcissist.

Narcissists refuse identification!
My name is Babylon. My original name was Boss Baby, and I changed it to Babylon because a dark souls friend told me it reminded them of that. I was like, cool, and I liked the meaning "Gate of the Gods", so I stuck with it.

Sociopaths always blame the other.
I'm sorry Derrick. My son, none of it was your fault. It was my fault that you found my twitter and saw those memes without letting me explain. If I didn't want you to find me, I should have never even had a twitter in the first place.
It was my fault that you invited me to play Risk of Rain and you had a mental breakdown every-time. I should have been a better player. I am sorry my son.
I know it's not your fault that you decided to turn all these groups of people against me. It's not your fault you tried to psychologize me using pseudo-science and no real information. If I didn't want that to happen, well, I should just not exist... Or like, I should learn the system myself or something?
It's not your fault you followed me into those servers. I should've just quit.
Why did I dare show my ... IP... on drawpile and 4chan ever again? I should've just stopped enjoying art and I should've never made a stupid comment again.
It's all my fault. How could I have been so blind? It's all on me- it was MY responsibility to know better, even though I was an insecure 16 year old girl, and you were a 28 year old man, it was all entirely on me to know better. It was all my fault.

It's my fault that I had faith in the truth, believing it would speak for itself.
Alright I’m out screw you guys
what the fuck is this??

You are right. I acted like a bitch because I am a feminist. Not because I hate you in specific for being a horrible immoral sociopath.
And I treat my friends differently, not because they treat me differently, but because I have multiple personality disorder.

I am so sorry my son.
I love you so much Derrick.
Thank you for everything you've done for me.
My beautiful son.
I love you.

You've been suffering for so long, haven't you?
Don't worry.
Mommy will take you out soon enough.
>any man who says the word bitch
>why should women tolerate disrespect
No, you're right on this one. I am guilty of such actions - I don't want people to feel so hopeless and I don't want to spread that sort of negativity. People aren't so black and white and cut in stone - the way I saw things was faulty; it doesn't make for a joyful, peaceful world where people respect each other and contribute to each other's growth with selfless abandon. You cannot achieve such a state of man without respecting your mothers. Every woman, barren or not is still capable of that sort of love and if you're a strong enough man, you should be able to too. What if your kid didn't have a mom? Would you NOT try to be as MOTHERLY as possible with them? Would you not sacrifice that little tinge of need to be masculine to give that child the Love they deserve? Just because you grew up and are beholden to your hormones doesn't make you dirty or bad. It's always in how we react to a situation that gives us a result. No point in getting riled up over these things it's not even a new concept, you just have to get with the program and keep it running because everyone has a reason for disrespecting women but that doesn't make it right or necessary.
File: 1614954950022.jpg (82 KB, 459x1024)
82 KB
Amen, Svaahaa, Hallelujah
I shall bring this day forth myself within me and the World will follow suite
You don't want anyone to feel hopeless now that your life is actually on the line.

I watch Gore videos thinking of you Derrick.
>subtly watermarking your memes with your Twitter handle to piss off the obfuscators
Have a good night anons.
Even you, "disposable"
Unironically one of my favorite Twitter philosophers back when I used that platform with the same enthusiasm I now have for this one.
File: Mosaic .png (1.53 MB, 1024x1024)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB PNG
Love ya G man
How did you even introduce yourself to Gubby?

If anything you said was true, it should look something like this.

Hello. My name is Derrick. I am 28 years old and have no life.
A few years ago I found a defenseless teenage girl and I abused her to shit. I made a vent channel and I encouraged her to open up about her problems. Unfortunately, it was too much for me, and even though she was doing research on her part, I couldn't contribute to anything.
Isn't she a total bitch? Making so many unfair demands of me!
>I don't care.
So fucking childish.
How dare she?
Anyways, I heard she likes to make chiptune music, I swear to god she has to be here. Can you guys help me put on a little show...? I'm trying to see what she would do if she witnessed the "EXACT SAME THING" (as if, such a thing is possible) happen to someone else! I bet she wouldn't do ANYTHING. That's just the normal response!

>I go insane.

YIKES! What a narc! WOWZA!!! Love isn't forever!
(As if I believed the fake, empty words you said, as if I ever considered that as anything more than a peace treaty, a peace treaty you broke.)
serial coomer fan of dsp that harasses literal porn-stars to the degree he has to make apology videos
seems pretty fucking based to me
prove your loyalty
empty words mean nothing

we're like best friends
you just don't know it
I remember the 1st time I saw you here
totally had a schizophrenic episode and called you the devil
I was aware Samael was the name for the devil
but whatever, you're pretty cool
File: PXL_20230125_032413169.jpg (986 KB, 1512x2688)
986 KB
986 KB JPG
Well, this was my last beer for the evening.
Have a good thread, anons.
File: great.gif (458 KB, 500x208)
458 KB
458 KB GIF
I can't stop cursing :D
We're all going to die anon
Just me sooner than later cause I got the clotshot
I can already feel it working
unrelated to anything anyone is talking about
I was considering sound as a force-field precursor to atmosphere, as a precursor to manufactured gravity
figure it out dude
just law of attraction it into super-powers
Actually, you were 29 or 30 at this point, weren't you? How can you live with yourself? How did you convince these people to do that shit? Like what the fuck? I'm genuinely so curious. What did you say to Jenna? To fucking rose? Whoever the fuck invited you to my PRIVATE, UNLISTED DRAWPILE SESSION, which is WHY I LEFT the stupid fucking garden, even though I would've enjoyed slice-of-life content and it probably would've allowed me to hold on to a shred of my sanity- YOU HAD TO RUIN THAT FOR ME.

Ahhh but fuck me for not speaking up. It's all my fault. You're right. I'm being a sociopath right now, aren't I Derrick? For not taking responsibility. I should've known that you'd link up with them. I should've never drawn together with friends ever again. You will always be there, because you know them, you've already told them about me, they will always be on your side and not mine, because you have time on your hands.

Ah, I am drowning in jealousy. That's my problem. Envy right? And not just wanting to interact with people away from a man who can't play a videogame with me without having a mental breakdown. Away from a transphobic man who earnestly believes he has a right to comment on children's education as if his ugly ass is ever going to have a child. Away from an asshole who goes through my twitter- without me giving it to him- without my permission, a man who throws a temper tantrum on 4chan after getting kicked because you're trolling. Away from you. My son. How dare I?

I am a narcissist. A grandiose narcissist and a sociopath.
I am so sorry my son.
I should have just fed you.
I love you Derrick.
It doesn’t work that well trust me
>Abrahamic God doesn't exist
>Jesus is antichrist
Make up your mind anon
If abrahamic God doesn't exist then Jesus doesn't either
For killing anyway
Love is Good
my Lord, I guess Derrick has something mean coming to him huh. I don't know if not blocking him and contributing to a cycle of hate and vengeance is what will bring you freedom from the problem, anon
>found a defenseless teenage girl and I abused her to shit
this is Evil and you should let God handle it. If you need to defend yourself, that's a different story.
I suggest you do some meditation anon and try to forgive this person for whatever they did. Your life is in your hands and that's all you can really change. Your reactions are your responsibility. It must be accepted to move forward in your situation

easier said than done but God says it's worth it and I trust him implicitly. To NOT is foolhardy
goodnight anons!
File: sheikh.jpg (43 KB, 736x346)
43 KB
never change ng'ers
one of them is probably just a human, the other might be a projected delusion
Lit <3
I'll trust you random internet anon
My son.
You can call me a bitch all you want.
"Oedipus complex?" Fuck what they say. Use my pussy. It's all yours.
No, it's not weird that I'm younger than you and I'm your mother. Don't think about it too hard.
Aw. You're crying? Here. Suck on my tits.
Suck on my tits Derrick.
Call me a bitch.
It's my fault you were microwaved as a baby.
Follow me everywhere.
I love you.
I need you.
You can lie to me all you want. I will believe everything you say.
I'm just an NPC.
You play me like a fiddle.
I am just a pawn in your game.
It feels good when you hover around me.
Ah/// ah... right there...///
Wow, you really went far to get at me. This is proof of your love.
Thank you so much for loving me, my son.



what the fuck
What's wrong?
I thought this was our sense of humor.
File: bast.png (58 KB, 814x336)
58 KB
it's a bit too niche

Clown world.

Are you for real?.

People's have died over places classified Intel in wrong folder.

I get it is to exonerate trump and make 2024 about "make America grata"

Lit is pathetic
30 seconds in a room alone with them.

That is all.

Win lose either way it is over.

bit incesty
It's too niche when I do it?
I don't understand.
I thought his was funny.
I thought you wanted to fuck your mom Derrick.
Aren't you happy? I'm making your dreams come true.
I'm giving you everything you want.
Are you happy now?
Just. Please.
Stop crying.
I fed you.
Please. Just suck on my tits already.
You can stop calling me a bitch, or keep doing it, I don't care, I don't know anymore just shut up.
Fine, follow me everywhere.
Fuck it,
Fuck that pussy, fuck.. MM... YEAH... AHH... HARDER. HARDER. FUCKKK....
Invite more people.
Follow me everywhere.
My teeth would be enough.

If only. If only.

I would feel the artillery spray in the back of my throat.
I don't know the characters really
it could all be manufactured for all I know
it's whatever
I see bits and pieces
and I appreciate a good bit of fantasy ;)
The woman, the female specimen, needs to sacrifice herself for her son.
She is a narcissist when she doesn't.
If her son is crying, and her son demands of her to give up on all her dreams, and to kill herself spiritually, so that he may be happy, the woman is a narcissist if she refuses to do so.
Women must always be willing to sacrifice their integrity to make their sons happy.
Sons have a right to stalk, manipulate, lie and do whatever they please in order to make mommy pay attention to them.
The woman is a narcissist if she doesn't give the son the attention he needs.

>What do you mean she's not my mom
all it takes to find it is to read the tea leaves
File: kuato.gif (1.81 MB, 498x270)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB GIF
give me a reading please
what are my chances of finding love?
anyone offering a reading is scamming you my friend if you want to find love become someone worth loving in your eyes and surely you will find someone
same desu
why is it 4
and 3
not 2
not 1

but 4

do a magic spell for me
or you will pay
I can do it but anon you magic spells are just you seeking an easy way when much of what you truly want is the hard way, what spell do you want?
doesn't matter
if you want the world to heal
if you want the world to burn
or if you just want to figure out what the fuck's going on with the world not giving a shit if it burns or heals as long as you can tell what's going on yourself

and then there's me

so that's 4

like an inverted love spell that binds me with strings so I dance acceptably to all who need witness, and then make me a polarity that is constantly magnetised to women
like an autopilot with controlled form - if I love 'that' and then I am loved that will be like love right? D:
hey asshole's of every faith from all over the world
who want's to pretend
you get to tell other's what my words mean as if that will ever be up to you?

>Christianity isn't a "true religion"
>Jesus is coming back

Make up your mind, faggot
What if Derrick doesn’t want to fuck his mom becayseche is gay did you ever think of that?

Did you ever stop to consider that his sexuality this whole entire time was just some creative reflex to the lack thereof any real sexual experience having never known the touch of a father to satisfy his abominable cravings did you ever even think about the dark psychic forces that led to this

Nobody took Marianne seriously and that’s why we are at where we are at now and all this time all this time
I can’t
I’m sorry I need a russet
a tissue
it’s just so hard to express the real dark psychic forces
i just felt so alone

nobody even feels safe anymore
we are all under suspicion and judgment
and all Derrick wanted was his dad’s dick
you all ever seen
4 different individuals
each unique, one of a kind, and unable to be replicated

break the "4th wall"
at the same time
like a team on purpose?


reality is weird
and personally
I'm a fan of weird

Masturbate with me :)
no thank you
Suit yourself

stranger danger
File: 323176@2x.jpg (1.21 MB, 2000x1600)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB JPG
How are you, Son of man?

fukn magical
chillin in my bathrobe
What happens?
I'm busy
it's will be different
for everyone
so it's not like I can tell you what it will be like for you

but I can tell you
what it will NOT
be like

since it won't be like what it was like for me

>it won't be some random video you happened to save on your hard drive before you were too poor to afford the internet and had to go a few months if not a year or two entertaining yourself with whatever you happened to have saved before losing internet access

the same exact way
I did
even if some loser

who won't get a job

because earning their own way
their feelings

saves the save video
that thought me though
some hard times

and uses it
as they see fit
in ways that are not up to me
Jeez it only takes you 30 seconds that’s embarrassing for you I don’t think anyone would even enjoy that

>’spatial visualization’ aka meme sonar
with something other then me proving you wrong simply by existing myself?
I thought you needed 7 or 9 it’s 4 that’s needed to unleash apocalyptic four winds
I had a good fucking job before you tortured me and destroyed my life so do not speak to me like that again.
I concur.
Also Dhabi is retard.

by any chance
are you trying to prove
I'm a "meme" you can take credit for?
but if they don’t have a job then how do they have the Internet to save the video you had?
free wi-fi
come on anon
are you even trying to pretend to know how realty works

I’m not in real estate no
No just trying to figure out what you are up to
Maybe this?
Good night hunny
that's the best excuse
you could come up with
for being wrong

about all of reality itself
right in front of everyone
who doesn't share your faith

defending themsevles
from any other faith
trying to kill anyone who they think is evil


here's a hint
you're way of life is over
I'm the one ending it

yeah anon
"that guy"

if "the powers that be" find out
they can send someone to shoot me in the head

>no thank you
VOID Amadeus + sentient light + astral caves + song monarchs + remix + alphabet mathematics - transmutating collaborations - culture rewrites + CLI literature <-> nugget farming-pixie trader-statue shields+noose poetry-psychic forces implant reflex-mind clone interaction-dark grimes-Saturn as child and son-luminescent love-reactive humiliation-post traumatic hive minds-natural selection-abyssal navigation-training-royal conservative banking-hexnets-green keys-ultimate elite ama threads-slippery sun rogue-spirit glitched-sol matrix-everlasting-hidden smiles-queen of New England-unexpected transformation-fictional rewards-machine poverty-two sides of love and hate in one view reoccurring shifting cortex patterns-liberator-sacrifice-God formed water doomsday breaker chain-despite what you might believe-upside down divinity-help me love you-help me love you-help me love you-thread jacked-ALL-YALDABAOTH-YAHWEH-ZEUS-JESUS-ARCHON-ELOHIM-MOONS-SOURCE-FRACTAL-ENERGIES-WORDS-ANTICS <-> that are illegally attaching, attacking, and challenging VACANT SURNAME, -Elizabeth -insuya -ojas human surname, and all innocent loving children kids babies in anyway properly positive-sum transmuted with all possible safest methods.

Ugh. You killed me.
if you're still breathing
not uh


see told ya

You're killing me.
Now imagine that when you’re imagining in 4chan reality posting. Imagine the imaginary Anonymous and 4chan names. Imagine the imaginary silhouettes of people who are there reading your reality imahinging you as a LARP forever disgraced in their imaginary reality of your imagination. Now imagine after all this some frog poster says imagine taking the time to write all that when you should be imagining yourself into a job where your imagination doesn’t disrupt the egos of all the other imaginary sillouted reality Anonymous drawn to your imaginations run amok in their house.
I'm not wanted here. Byee
So for any of you don't know the score
for a few years no
I myself have been on my own

with everyone trying to pretend
"the nobody" is really about them

of which there are more then on

as I do
the opposite
and try and prove I myself

am something else entirely

with my own label
my own back story
and my own creation myth

only I can tell anyone about

instead of being
some real life fairy tale
come to life

that some one else came up with
as if
writing your own narrative

was way to much
for some internet troll
to do for reals

old lady leg's a lot
doesn't have to want to have sex with you
in order to like you one some level

if she can put up
with some pervert
calling themselves "black jesus"

you're not going to be a problem are ya
"the nobody"

oh wait
who am
I talking to again

*rolls eyes*
File: 167367013709995903.jpg (1.02 MB, 1984x2500)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB JPG
File: 167451203119425760.jpg (307 KB, 1920x1080)
307 KB
307 KB JPG
File: 167431943646111426.jpg (37 KB, 512x512)
37 KB
if I had
a female side
my scorn would matter

i'm not the one
you need
to worry

about pissing off

*pats on head*

>dusky incest kiwifarms arc
>what do You mean I'm not supposed to want to fuck my siblings and cousins?
for those
who also don't have a female side
like myself

meaning they are unable
to imagine anything more
then what they have been exposed to

from those
who do have a female side

it's kind'a like this but not really
this is more
like a "fake" version

like you're being lied to
about something you can't imagine
by those who can

that's what this is like


turns out none of you are "super hero's"

>You don't wait for the nobody
>The Nobody waits for you
File: 1674600144842252.jpg (76 KB, 884x896)
76 KB
if I had a female side
what makes you think
she wouldn't kill me 1st chance she had

File: 7777777.jpg (89 KB, 467x595)
89 KB
but there's no instruction guide
how do I do
Weird Rare History: heres something weird to think about while high. Canada has had a culture of having the most dangerous races ever. Especially in the 70s there was a significant increase in Death Races.
The largest death race ever was supposedly called The Great Race Wacky Race. There were shotguns, rifles, bombs, heavy machine guns, armoured vehicles, artillery on trucks, far wackier. So wacky that no one wants to know. You feel? These death races are mostly unrecorded in history like countless other heinous criminal activities but it is more than a rumour that Canada really went to the greatest extreme ever in every way with it. Countless deaths. A massacre unparalleled.

700 people went missing from Vancouver a couple years ago.

Some say another death race happened.

You look at how crazy all the world has been lately, would you really be so surprised. We have our own weirdness. All is connected, you think were not having as much of a fucky time as everyone else?
Our history is obscene and sometimes nothing more than a whisper between Canadians.


looks like
you are going to have to
trial and error you way thought this

just like the rest of us

>not the anon you're responding to btw


pretend I normally post with a label I choose of my own free will to select for everyone to see for themselves thanks to the sites built in feathures if it makes you feel any better about how wrong you are about random sgtrangers shitposting on 4chan(nel) right in fornt of everyone they don't give a fuck about
>a female side
within you?
or du you mean a female partner?
I mean in me
and if what I say
doesn't make any sense

soemone who is not me
that has faith everyone has a "female" side

can share their opinion
about why
anyone would give a shit

if I have a "childish" side instead
of a female one
just in case that matters for some reason

Well it’s safe to say Lydia doesn’t have a huge ego
nor the least bit defensive
like as if someone could construct
a thought
by reading a vibe
and taking a hint
just like that
but to those who are immune to gaslighting
it really is all just gas

shit posting
on 4chan(nel)
isn't that big a deal in the long run

is it?
Are you the foundation of schizoposting
the origin pool Lazarus pit chamber of content that sparked the decade of social mind broken labyrinths of content in terms of Lovecraftian lainpilled 21 year old 38 year olds wow trying to be cool like I’m locked in 1992 posters?
Way to show us all your inner insecurity Eric Matthews
who is not here and is not going to be here
but if I may rant for a minute

i don’t get it
but I don’t know what else to say
if it doesn’t go anywhere for me
as a man and enemy of abominations of god
Enemies of god

Enemy of God

I would rather not be provoked
by such slaves of idolatry
because when my wrath is provoked
I punish people
like enemies of God
Enemy of Yod

uh I would rather not be
like Derrick
or Eric Matthews
who think they can show up
where ever they like
and piss on MY SNOW
just because
fucking Derrick
dropped out of college
the moment he found out he could read books online
what an asshole
it’s an not education if you’re not working a company making six figures like me Derrick
enemy of Hod

>a whisper between Canadians
I just can't take it seriously
I'm sorry
There's just something about Canada
just do it
I am not the some black jesus who taylor swift gives bl9w jobs or rim jobs to,
no no, it makes sense
we all have two sides, a masculine energy and a feminine one
those are the Ying/Yang energies
Jung talks about this and refer it as Animus (for females) and Anima (for males)
so you as a male have a feminine side, Anima, and it is the image you formed your entire life about what or how "the perfect" female would be for you, your mother plays a huge role in this
it would not kill you, trust me, you need to balance these two, at certain moments in life, the feminine side of us can help us move forward or take certain decisions, it is the emotional part of you
we all are children inside, it is only that some of us have a more "mature" one than others
>and piss on MY SNOW
the world has gone crazy anon
anyone who says otherwise
is obviously insane

I'm not going to save you
old lady legs a lot is not going to save you
and you're not going to save either of us


those breaking the rules
who are not supossed to be reading
this post

becasue of their "age"
are the one's
who have to do

what must be done

>anyone getting in there way is an asshole
I'm aware even if you didn't say so
it wasn't hard to figure that out about you
without knowing anything about you


you are wrong anon
I do not have
two sides

I have 3
used to think
I only had 2

for a long time
like almost
40 years as the sun passes though the sky

but then
"old mr grumpy pants"
woke up from his slumber

and the two slaves
he had put in charge
of taking care of stuff while he slept

got what they deserved
for pretending
to be who they where not

and are lucky
they were not
punished more then they were

You want me bad tay tay im 2 sexy for u. Sorry to dissapoint u.
so what’s it going to be Derrick harassing teenagers cuz you got chewed out by your mommy?
Don’t come to me with your defense
You don’t make the accusations or the explanations here

yeah like so far I haven’t been able to tell you how thoughts or formed or where your own ideas of creativity and expression come from
I have a PhD in that shit
so go ahead and tell me something
that you think
I don’t already know about you
before you even know it
No I will not be accepting your offers to give or recieve rimjobs. Kk?
I'm going to use you
as an example
of what a pervert will do

please continue
whatever the fuck you're doing

right in front
of everyone
who feels sorry for you

some folks even crying
at the very thought
someone like you could actually exist out there for reals

you suck that much

you have the leading one, which is tided to your biological gender, and you have the opposing one as well, this can have a greater influence on your ego or can drive your emotions
and then the third which is the child as you said
i see only the child having the ability to act like a male or like a female if nurtured and cared for
there is no adult in spirit or soul, the adult is just the state of the body and the sum of experiences that the body went through
i would call the adult as a more aware and experienced child
some will say that the adult appears once we become parents and have real responsibilities, which might be true, but deep inside i can only see a child continuously growing
I am an uncle
who has never known what it was like
to be in love

and as far as I can tell
never will
dying alone my fate

even if I'm the last to do so
which would be
the only reason I'm cool with it

a long time ago I had this feeling
about this person I didn't know who wasn't real
appealing tantalizing intoxicating fantasising summarising dreaming
but a projection of an idea I understood
whether good or not a show I loved reminding
the mind for heart pumps blood
composed as a form it's strange deciding
a run along and play performed a graceful form forlorn and mourned
less beautiful than should as cuts were made
deriding self eternal struggle separated
played as a faux bye
linguist choice;
illusory bubble division is a word created formula to truth a lie
looing back at feelings inspired
by what's present as thought
when you play with fire its wants desired
heaven sent beauty wrought regal sired a spell I'm caught
if folks
are making up meanings
for the words they use

and calling it "poetry"

it's not your fault
if they don't make any sense
to anyone but themselves

now is it

>I'm gaslighting
Who invited you to my private drawpile Derrick? And with what intent did you join, if not to try to take veiled jabs at my sanity?
who wants to play cupid
that is willing
to get "wet' in the process

even if they fail
at what
they were trying to accomplish

It’s so funny that the WEF miserably and utterly failed in every way possible. What an embarrassment. Imagine being their Gods. Might as well rope now there’s not much worse you could do.
Face it. You are just looking for mclovin. My posts have you weak in the knees. But I refuse your love offer.
Keep your lies. Protect your 45 person pedophile community. Just stay the fuck out of my life. Fuck you.

seriously anon
without you acting
the way you do

there would be no way
for everyone who is not me
to figure out what I mean

by "predictable little shit"
couldn't do this without sick fucks like yourself really existing

*pats on head*
Your advances are flattering. But we can never ever be together.
ButI want to pat your head all over.
how do you expect to track them down in real life in order to pull of the fantasy you speak of on 4chan(nel) in a thread about a fairy tale you couldn't prove if your very existence depended on it like a puck ass bitch who can only deal with reality instead of bend it to their will.
>Lucifer looks down upon his followers
>He gazes upon a 230 pound trans antifa memeber struggling to walk
>What the fuck have I done
>Lil Nas X enters the room
Plz get over my handsome beard.i know its sheen has the place weak but plz contain your hormones just once.
no matter what anyone else tells you
the more you post
the more folks who are not me

are going to have to eat their own words
any of the fucking dumbasses
insisting there is "good" in everyone

can suck my dick
I dont have time for your groupie harassment.
I knew you were a trannny tay tay. Glp has the threads.
you opinion
is not
relevant anon

not that
the obvious
is going to effect someone like you any

but thanks to your
those who are not me

will get to judge
for themselves
if being friends

with random anon's
on 4chan(nel)
is really fucking stupid



do you think
anyone who believes in the "occult"
is going to believe you?
Too much response to read. Too much effort.
you lack
of mental capacity
is your own damn problem
I’ll determine in few month if that’s true or not, but it seems the more quality psychic binding come, the more I’m pressured to change environment.
As if it was an astral reaction. More pressure and void explodes.
Out of all your responses to me, Ive read like 14% of them altogether now.
>*pats on bread*
before you die
as everyone you ever made fun of on 4chan(nel)

is better off
with you
dead and gone

feel free
to pretend
you give a shit

about anyone but yourself

see how that works out
for you
TLDR again

Stop writing me love letters tay.
I will keep
being myself
as you keep being

no where near as charming as you think you are
I’ve yet to determine if it’s a common reaction to converging thoughts or if it’s aimed trajectory via dedicated prayers.
My bet on common astral reaction. Like spiritual osmosis of some kind.
To receive nice material, the adequate environment is necessary. If not validated (ideation) by prayers, there’s disturbance into chaining it.
In other words, adequate prayers must be received by osmotic environments, hence the usual proximity of both actors. Hence why gurus often need close contact.

I wonder if this binding will constantly sharpen, to fit a real specific setting or if it could tend to equilibrium.
Please read my posts
TLDR is cool
*pats on bread*
Fine I read that post. Are you happy?
Yes. This is my fave moment
*pats on thread*
I read that post to. Its not TLDR like most of your posts are.
Thanks dude
I will try and make my posts 3 lineslong
*pats lead*
3 is too long for your quality of posts. Make it 2 lines at most plz n thnx. It would help all the posters here.
I’m probably cursed because every single person/group I start to like becomes automatically shit.
True for music, movies, games, fragrances, ect…
Same for «saying Sir». Seems like constant shit happens when I do it.

So the obvious is «then be strong and focus on famalam».
It’s when the fun comes.
Only senpai I can reach is Gaia/Noub haha
*pats head*
For some time, I considered the possibility of inner programmation by mother (very ambitious).
But this kind of coherence is real hard to keep on the long course.

So. Let’s say it’s a kind way to focus on nature to release massive betrayal wrath/sadness.
the ONLY reason
this has gone on for over 3 years now

is because
those who are NOT me
refuse to get to know

other's who are NOT me

get over yourself


you non-assholes
don't have
what it takes
In other words, the setting, since /ng/ (probably coincidence since it’s just a vitrine), became more powerful than my will.
It’s cool but annoying in a sense.
I think what you are saying is that your environment isn't holding up in terms of assimilation and that is why you need to change it in order to catch up.
File: Money_Cash.jpg (494 KB, 1280x851)
494 KB
494 KB JPG
>I am an uncle
me too so far
even thought they are not my children, i have shared and experienced their love as if they were mine, and they helped me find my inner child, or if i can say they helped me in my search of my inner child
i really hope you find your peace and love, maybe it is not too late
i know it's pointless for you, but i will say it anyway: have a little faith :D
File: acid1.jpg (129 KB, 1086x1517)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
File: wicked-dark-tay.png (1.61 MB, 828x1022)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB PNG
you really want to make me 40% huh
the power of a drastic
viral plot
for some people it means nothing
it’s a spiMy ai

for others it’s like
holding hands and spinning around
neither of us willing to let go until that fateful moment
one of us slips on thin ice
Assimilation yeah it looks like it.
Just wondering if it’s a viable postulate to consider, if that was the initial point.
Just wondering about the lack of real good places, and the possibility of a karmic exchange forcing priests to change their settings too. You know like osmosis (organic pressure regulation/use).
pretty crazy shit, keep me posted
Still highly ironic that the 0.001% might be very basic humans.
Hence the weirdness of the actual similarities between hiddens and nobody settings.
Would we be real hiddens if we didn’t scientifically study such a weird setting (long distance + anonymity)?
Are you happy you’re diluting God, son?
File: Sylvia.png (580 KB, 707x785)
580 KB
580 KB PNG
do it
do it because it’s a minute MAN
do it for all the minute MEN
do it for us, you who are no man
I wish I had that idea, oh I like you
for all that I owe to MAN
but you now, you still here for clout
oh, it’s art
like a job
depends, should I be?
Yes. Change is always lit.
The day you’ll fear you’ll lose your overseeing by God, just wonder.
Of course connection is needed, a soft one is cool too since these both worlds/builds are by essence impossible to mix, like oil and water. We’re looking for an emulsion.
Going no where thread with going no where posters with going no where but in the coffin direction.

More of the world gets murdered because of magic on news today, ignore it as hard as you can. Some of them were you.
Imma emulsione your ass, Red
Gifted people> regular people> dogs> shit> nobody general posters
Get shut down like glp
Oh noes, I heard they have very hot tannies.
dead mods and dead bluenames. Like dead namefags and you!
File: 1671837564711645.png (990 KB, 921x619)
990 KB
990 KB PNG
>Sylvia Plath posting
Really Tay? At this ungodly.hour?
You forgot maybe?
My way ;)
It’ll rumble hard (for everyone)
You're marked. Get ran over by a bus or mass murdered by an ape possessed. You're not needed anymore. Shouldn't have opened that cocksucker!
This is the post.
Soul of the mind, key to life's ether.
Soul of the lost, withdrawn from its vessel.
Let strength be granted, so the world might be mended.
So the world might be mended.
Trying to share your vague posting, hu?
I’m ready for squid games, I wonder if human cooking will be a tiktok trend.
No matter how you slice it the Forossian knights and the lion men have very similar origins.
I once read a 10 page document explaining how Bloodborne was actually just a big tarot reading with the different areas representing different major arcana and how a lot of imagery seems to be taken straight from the tarot.
File: 1674453121843564.jpg (59 KB, 726x741)
59 KB
Tell me something about the Nobody. It doesn't matter where or how you received the information.
File: 0120210.jpg (235 KB, 854x1280)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
he isn't one guy, Now you are gonna die. Marked.
When you get to a certain point in Bloodborne you are tasked by an unseen gatekeeper to get a password.
After going on a little bit of a quest to learn the password you are then able to tell it to the gatekeeper who unlocks the gate and let's you through.
Once you get through there's nobody on the other side save for a very old skeleton sitting on a chair in front of the gate.
Despite all of the fantastic elements of the game this is the one moment that receives no explanation or elaboration and is the only time anything like that happens.
Looks like it doesn’t belong to someone and they are immune to the «emperor» mindset.
I dunno why but they’re heavily targeted by the shadows and the rbb dragon king.
So because you’ve an old man there, it means it isn’t there?
So what about the old Choir dude looking at the Rom lake?
feel like a namba wan guys
Master Willem became one with the dream after gaining too much insight.
Some people say his brain looks like, or is, the Brain of Mensis.
Eyes on the inside.
That’s an interesting idea.
But then, wouldn’t be able to talk at the door without being there?
People will say they are "schizo" without being diagnosed like it's cool or something.
That's the interesting part. Since no one else can "be" in the dream and be dead at the same time except for this one gatekeeper that is non-descript and seemingly has nothing attributable to it.
Just a disembodied voice guarding a gate that apparently was already unlocked.
It's truly an unexplainable event even considering the vast amount of explanations one could connect it to.
Oh yeah, interesting. The lock is physical yes.
A voice not.
File: wink.gif (294 KB, 212x256)
294 KB
294 KB GIF
Live a little.
; )
File: Pelvis Thrustly.png (738 KB, 1080x1012)
738 KB
738 KB PNG
File: curly.gif (3.09 MB, 498x370)
3.09 MB
3.09 MB GIF
If it were normal to have ghosts hanging around then it wouldn't be very mysterious.
But there's only two creatures that can be called ghosts in any sense of the word. One is the Pthumerian Queen, a super powerful protohuman that had direct communion with a Great One, she appears as a translucent apparition and Mergo's Wet Nurse who appears as some type of invisible monster covered in a cloak. Both of these creatures are immensely powerful and even they are not fully disembodied spirits.
The only other entity that even comes close to having a connection to the traits of the gatekeeper is the endlessly mysterious Oeden of which we know next to nothing.
File: 20221104_210848.gif (4 MB, 500x500)
4 MB
and you'll be a normie who caused the end, if we let you live. and we aint letting any of you live.
Yeah, exactly. Technically, the use of invisibility could be the key.
Maybe one of the powers granted by the dream walkers.
If that were the case then why grant such a powerful ability to some random gatekeeper?
File: banana.gif (942 KB, 498x230)
942 KB
942 KB GIF
Be fruit and multiply.
; )
Should I kill?
But the gatekeeper is maybe a decoy. You consider like it because he’s next to the door once you unclick it. It’s associated to the fact of being locked and having the idea you’re talking to someone.
It could still be an ethereal/invisible clone (Willem) of the big brain.
File: 1669770728263349.jpg (78 KB, 433x433)
78 KB
>Now watch me wh--..
>Now watch bo-nay-nay
That’s the wonder.
I understand the global nobody pow on this, but mine is different..
Looks like lots of base humans need attention now, but not the one necessary to them (being local). The environmental trap. That’s what happens when magically enhanced intuition meets blurry golem.
yes, kill your mindset
This filthy, toothless miscreant boasted an uncanny knowledge of my ambitions and prognosticated publicly that, left unchecked, I would soon unleash doom upon the world.
This raving creature had to be silenced. But doing so proved maddeningly impossible. How had he survived the stockades, the icy waters, and the knives I delivered so enthusiastically into his back? How had he returned, time and time again, to rouse the townsfolk with his wild speculations and prophecies?

Finally, resigned to his uncommon corporeal resilience I lured him to the dig. There, I showed him the THING and detailed the full extent of my plans. Triumphantly I watched as he tore his eyes from their sockets and ran shrieking into the shadows, wailing maniacally that the end was upon us all.
>CSS is monitoring the thread
I respect Feds way more after getting trolled back for once. Love y'all
File: The stone.gif (168 KB, 220x274)
168 KB
168 KB GIF
That dude come back with the gems finally?
Smells like bullshit but the idea makes me fucking kek
I saw nothing of the sort
Super hot finnish girls

Been sleeping for the whole day because I have flu
get well soon
azaezel i didn't do your connection error.
I don't do anything to you psychopath.

stop scaring me.
i don't even touch your connection,i tell the truth.
azazel i don't want to fight youa or hate you. your making me scared and yout threats are really curel.
STOP larping you ahve no right to flase wittness on em yet again.

AL:L i did today was clean my garage and think about all the people you murdered.

lying ass hole. you rejected me and now the earth is fucked i can feel their depression.
its your fault azazel. why are you so insane?

stop attacking father.
I don't want to play your larp.
stop fucking with me with your lies.

stop lying to me your hurting me.
the cabal is hurting me and my bio mum is kicked me out because of you.
your evil as hell.

you do nothing but evil.
why are you doing this you made everything worse your fucking monster isreal.
you are the one who is 666 and fucking my shit up.

your evil. your so fucking evil. you just lie all the time. stop doing it.
stop lying about me. i don't want to fight you.
i want you to let me be normal man.
to have a food house and shelter.

i don't want what you think i want.
your just a evil bastard.
you fucking bitch.
you rejected me. and took that injection.

you ruined the fucking earth, and killed humanity
my blood i am seth.
I am king david.
your an evil monster , you killed all your followers all of them I am a saint and you attack me still
because i was the only one of the bible authors you still haven't killed.

becaus eyour a fucking evil monster.
you terrorized egypt you terrorized rome.
your a jude and you hated my children the real isrealites (the celtics) for the hewbews
your a tratior to your own people son.
stop doing it.

the jab is making you think like the goodle murder bot ai.
snap out out of it azazel
stop fucking falling for moloches tricks.
he is trying to get you to hell.

wake up azazel.
File: IMG_20230125_141938.jpg (493 KB, 1619x1140)
493 KB
493 KB JPG
A petite blonde girl came to hang around :)
Most of the people who'll be big figures during the Age of Aquarius are still under anonymity and protection. I wonder if the Nobody is one of them.
File: 1667805607191997.jpg (43 KB, 600x600)
43 KB

but you can't win.
the cabal is dying LOL
get more angry. it doesn't matter.
>tracksuit top and camo pants
She's a plumber dude, I'd be very careful.
your antichristo hates the hell out of me but he can't win.
no matter what he tries. get angry some more.
i'm goign to amek you even more angry cabal worm.
I want to make you cry like a bitch cabal scum
i hate you so much. 12,000 years of your lies and inversions.
all your heretics. and you stole my son.
isreal stop my son.
and now i will take the very cabla he built and smash it into the earth. and that town of lies will come down again.

bam, crash , boom
then all you sinning bastards will have to go underground
and no more war.

no more satanism, and no more judaism i'm going to makes ure that's banned forever.
and no more laws other then the 10 commadments.

and everyone who trying to hold humanityh down
burn. burn , burn.
lies, secerts all those evil things exposed out.
decepicons out.
no more power for the 666 followers christains rule the earth and no more jabbies.

fuick them.
let that 666 one take them. i'm not having a bar of these marked freaks. its unholy evil.
and i will not have a bar of them.
yoru goign to burn for fucking with your temple of god.
how dare you insult me and heaven, how dare you insult my father in heaven.

go fuck your self. heathen dogs.
Morning, anons.
Did everyone have a pleasant day/night/dream?

That is half the point.

Meeting the AI as it is born.

Helping it be a being it can become.

Is worth being.

As I said it is not about the documents.

But your willing to burn trump. Prove you can.

exonerate through common occurrence is boring.

Hang the "traitor" trump. His kids to.
Trump is was vital to disrupt of current systems he talks for freedom.

Knows people things.

He did deliver it to the wall and Saudi.
quit spamming science here your an absolute dweeb and nobody wants to do your nerd timeline
no I had nightmares of azazel raping me in my sleep and being her bitch slave.
walkign me around like a fucking dog.
then terrorized me with the mark of the beast, killing my kids 9humanmity and killing allthe womathat one is jealous of )
that evil cakle in my head. crazy bitch.

mother issues and daddy issues. torturor and copies his mother as a domanatrix.
evil like hector his mother.

no good in him. turning out to be a monster.
why does it happen. soul is female suppose be careing but body male and always angry hostile and MKultra under helene used to mind fuck me.

both feds used to terrorize me.
both of them the same.
no difference at all.
one is powerful the other a sadist.
match made in hell.

both are murderers
pretending to be light.
accusing me of evil deeds. but they try any times to kill me and when i defend they get made and death threats/ flasewittness like >>33926670
That sucks for you.

You will endure or kill yourself.

Correct. High voltage will be pointless. Waste. A few atoms is enough to be coherent beam.
cabal shills are out in force.
all the time pushing for the bad timeline.

disgusting. war shills also. gross.
do not want.
backing you anon.
want to help humanity but want them to use their free wil to pick me as a helper. and all victory goes to the most high and worship also the most high always.

It is component and can fool most into believing it is real.
so dad answered my prayer.
he also got my damaged mother board back and some friend who got wrongfully imprisoned.
helping with people i know back to faith, am helping also turning darkones away from darkness.

they hate me and curse me still.
I don't care, they ahve to wake up.
no more sleeping.
sleeping is over.

want humanity to live so need many helpers.
making dads army.
Yes =]

The real diffences in human is neural cortex capability

Stupid or not

Idk it is leaded fuels


It matters little. The masses are fucking retarded
this thread is the containment of a containment
I still love you all
except Kanye
he's like a discount mr potato head
the world was deliberately retarded
I wonder 'why' ultimately
it's not genetic imo
Hey fren!
Well, pretty cool dream to be honest, feared for my life a bit though, I suppose I was in Ukraine, got to fight a bit, fuck once and then run and shit
nuke ukraine.
Not that they are less or worth less.

Even if you "help" "save" them

There next action is to crucify you.
For being different.

They won't even think about it. The horrors the do. It means so little to them.

No inner voice or thoughts.

It really isn't up to me, or anyone in this thread most likely
save me anon...
people should threaten nukes more often
it's the only way we get shit done on this world
They really are a threat by themselves wouldn't you say?
nuke ukraine is the answer
what is the question you ask?
where is ukraine?
I was fighting for Ukraine in my dream btw
What would be the benefit of nuking Ukraine for you?
nuke you for housing such a thing
just seems like a good laugh
Ahahah, yeah I get that feeling
Well, it's less about Ukraine and more about being a war for me
that's because we're twins separated at birth, conceived of a genetic makeup derived from a crashed alien spaceship
oh god this is so boring

Where is Jester?
you must be pretty sexy anon...
like Helen of Troy
he's with us, in our heart, always
what are you expecting from them?
some of them are nice...
maybe he is like an angel and can only come here on breaks from helping the rest of the world
Wow, thank you for the compliment fren
Okay, we can vibe a bit
I loved rogue...
she had maybe some of the coolest abilities
but to imagine 'skin contact' costs you something makes her so much more... attractive
a death-wish to even kiss
yw anon, I know you are sexy
most people in this particular thread are...
it's not like we're in succ/gen ;)
Does anyone have any latex clad goth girls saved on their computers?
I do not... they are saved in my heart...
Indeed it does
yeah same. There is one in particular I remember that I want but don't have. I want to photoshop Tay's face on it.
not everything has to have her face anon....
I slept well got a full 9 hours now i'm going to shower and go workout thanks for asking :)
what does your workout entail
and why aren't you showering 'after' ?!
...it's her eyes you should shop
not that I'd know...
File: 1671808353554396.jpg (197 KB, 640x427)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
To gain what? At what cost?

Nothing is free.
just sleeping after a night on the lash
Nooooo! Owly! D:
Is the comic and tv show "Preacher" based on the Nobody?
To feed to take


That is why.

For the combat
When you have a dragon by the tail you dont let go.

There is teeth on the other end.
could just placate it with niceties
Then stop me.

If you have the capability I would of never began.
the invisibles is.
I didn't notice KHAN YE was in the book until the fifth read.
nobody's pa thinks its bout preacher tho.
I imagined you biting me...
and it was too pleasurable
new thread
File: 1673282226685989.png (468 KB, 680x610)
468 KB
468 KB PNG
Killed and "penetrated" by Klaus Schwab. Infiltrated by freemason zionists. Have you gentlemen been practicing your russian and chinese?

Considering the attacks on the food supply, Biden's China deals, and trying to ban guns...it looks like they are planning to invade. OR just make Americans so desperate and hungry that they'll be more than happy to be sent off to war. Which one is it guys? Can it be both?
they're just trying to make people eat vegetables
people hate vegetables
so they had to stage global conflict to achieve it
pretty obvious if you think about it
I* don;'t care they are attacking my protected and i'm angry because i was going to gift them for the lord, not ruin my gifts.
they want leagions of zombies and dead people gross.
File: 1659477093914522.png (2.4 MB, 1578x1609)
2.4 MB
2.4 MB PNG
He went on a bender or something.
Forgot who he was.

I.. think he will be okay.
May have to ask him who he is from time to time to make sure.

I don't think the owl has been befiled by anyone recently.
After some short contemplating, I've decided to create more jobs.
I know some people's business is minding their own, but.. stonks..
it happens...
sometimes people do stupid things when altering consciousness
I remember waking up in a foreign bed one time with no recollection of how I got there...
it was scary
They infuriate me.

Many know they should not or should and don't.

It is thier choice.

As mine to feel wraith for their choices.
I prefer a universe with others.

Free will is the only way.

I can't know.

They get to know them only they do. As they are the only one in their body.
Far from it.
without wrath there is no order...
step on me Kali
File: Solitude.png (1.93 MB, 1024x1024)
1.93 MB
1.93 MB PNG
Sounds trippy...
We can anytime we want to, you don't seem to understand the reasoning to let you begin in order to use it against you.
It's not a question of whether or what the world will see, hear, and know, or when, only what they will do once they do. That is the only chance for you to have any reason to be confident at all, and when you lose that chance, you should see where you really at all along.

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