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Why did the sky god become so powerful?
Sky big and pretty, sun bright and warm. Sky dangerous too, sun can burn and kill us. We worship to keep lightning and heat from anger!
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>I am the voice inside your head [and I control you]
>I am the lover in your bed [and I control you]
>I am the sex that you provide [and I control you]
>I am the hate you try to hide [and I control you]
>I speak religion's message clear [and I control you]
>I am denial hate and fear [and I control you]
>I am the prayers of the naive [and I control you]
>I am the lie that you believe [and I control you]
>I am the bullet in the gun
>I am the truth from which you run
>I am a silencing machine
>I am the end of all your dreams [and I control you]

[I take you where you wanna go]
[I give you all you need to know]
[I drag you down and use you up]
Sky bussy
The blacks, like many other races of people, believed in a God of each realm. So a water god, a fire god, a sky god etc.
Well, the christian missionaries told the blacks that there was only one kind of god, a sky god aka Igwe.

And thus, the mislead, evangelized, converted black woman sings her song "Igwe, only you are god". Look at what they've done to these people
Sky is the highest of the classical elements

They had the high ground.
Yandere mommy gf asmr
The Bible says Jove was once Yahweh and turned into an idol. Yo-way/Yah-way

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