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I am a broken soul and while I believe it can be repaired I’m losing hope due to being one of the neutered who are cut off from their spiritual side. It’s like a thick fog I cannot acces
sucks 4 u
Maybe it's just ennui. Dive into a new pursuit. Maybe create a gay onlyfans account and make money sitting on bad dragons.
Trips of boo hoo
maybe stop posting frogs
Meditate. Let yourself go into your mind and extrapolate what you want. All you need to do is focus on the intention of finding an answer, and something may bubble up if you try hard enough. Could take time and effort.
in the same situation since i was vaxxed
Rest in covid penis
Are you vaccinated?
File: yeshelloagain.jpg (48 KB, 555x268)
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meh vaxxed twice cause muhh forced to (no boosters), didnt have any negative spiritual impact in fact the long covid and buncha bullshit I've dealt with due to this lame global slavery attempt contributed to more of spiritual cataclysm and awakening assistant if anything lol
What I'm trying to say to you is that the vaccine itself disconnects you from your spiritual side, especially over time.

Your experience is perfectly in line with what I would expect from a vaxtard that browses /x/.

COVID-19 assisted most people in the awakening process.
Taking the vaccine wont remove knowledge from you, but it will remove access to the moral and spiritual part of the brain.
It's still there, just very inactive & dormant.
File: bb.jpg (51 KB, 353x500)
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lol nah. the AI hivemind human slavery bs thing aint happening lol, we got the Heaven on Earth final timeline outcome nigs. gg bois

I was kinda curious though, does it make u feel more 'powerful' when you call people names?
Did you even watch the video I linked earlier?
I'm not talking about the AI hivemind human slavery agenda (that is REAL as well, but may be defeated).

No it doesn't, btw, and I'm more just using the lingo of this place than I am insulting you for being dumb enough to take the vax (that goes without saying).

>claim to be critical thinker
>inject unknown substance into bloodstream
>this is normal
If it's like a thick fog you're not cut off but just demoralised. Take time to meditate in the fog and sense your heart area. Doors grow rusty overtime
What this Anon said plus what I've been saying.

The door is basically closed off to you right now unless you repent and work on healing your body from the vax (which requires major lifestyle changes).

GL with the painful and grievous sores all over your body if you don't.
I was forced to get it while living in hospital full time for 5 weeks with my dying husband. I had to jailbreak into there during lockdowns just to see him. Also would have lost our sole income support too during that time had I not. so yeah. took one for the team.

meh, if you believe your mind is going to get fckd from these things and feed into the fear machine go ahead. but idk, pretty lame way to live when the nightmare will be fading soon anyway lol
You chose money over God.

Repent, that's all I have to say.
Trust in God next time, even when it seems like you'll lose everything if you do.

Gamer protip for my fellow Christians: You WILL lose everything to ZOGs if you follow Gods plan accordingly. The meek shall then inherit the earth. Expect hardship. It's not called the tribulation for nothing. You WILL be faced with hard choices.

What this Anon that I'm replying to went through is nothing compared to what is to come for us.

I'm sorry to hear that you succumbed to the vax, ch, but know that God has written in your opportunity to repent.
It’s upsetting you felt compelled to mention a financial motivation in spending your husbands final days by his side which in on itself is motivation enough
to agree with you somewhat though, I do think further focus on care of our spiritual health and flesh machine lifestyles is needed and decent advice.

>work on healing your body from the vax (which requires major lifestyle changes
Fog is lifted when the sun rises m8.




Yes, the lifestyle changes that would help the vaccinated also help with everything else.
You essentially have to strive to be a pure human again, as if you were born anew. No toxins, parasites, reversing DNA damage, etc.

Lots of exercise, fasting, huge diet changes (basically fruit > nuts > berries > veg > meat and bread at the bottom of the list)

Figure it out Anons. I know you've got this (if you really want it)
The first step is stop fapping.
>I was forced
All vaxxtards will be in for a rude awakening. Hopefully you will be set against the state, zogbots, and all those who participated in this hoax.
File: pagefortoday.jpg (382 KB, 1080x1914)
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382 KB JPG
you have no idea who I Am

why don't you stop trying to make others fear about the future, thus buying into a collective conciousness nightmare that currently exists in many realities? At the end of the day, there will be healing for All. demons included. whether they like it or not lol

Unconditional Love (God) > fear (illusion)
I was trying to get him home (I did not know he was going to die) and we would have been made homeless otherwise. so yeah, I had to work while caring for him in hospital to support us both.

I was kicked out of our rental home about 6 mths after he passed due to landlord greed and taking advantage of the covid effects on the market here and trying to charge me and extra $200/mth while I couldnt work much due to being sick. begged for mercy but nope.

so yeah idk this clown world has affected me personally on many levels, which is why I mention them.

but yeah, keep judging. so very Christ like of you.
yes, myself observations having a shot immune system due to all this mess were helpful and ive been able to relay some stuff onto practitioner frens. Vit D helped with fatigue greatly I found.
I don't think a guy who calls himself antichrist has any business telling people about God
I've seen your posts around here all year -_-

Anyways, I'm not telling you to fear for the future. Just to be prepared.

Worry not for tomorrow, today has it's own worries.

Just be prepared to make the right choices.

You WILL face hardship.
This is the Tribulation.
The better you are, the worse you'll get it.
God wants the cream of the crop, not the lukewarm who would choose to defile their body with a foreign substance rather than trust his word and not take it.

If you Anons are EVER confronted with the choice between, NEVER choose MONEY over YOURSELF or GOD.
That's where you're wrong, kiddo.
>John 7:24
>Jesus said “Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.”
seeing my posts ≠ Knowing me.

meh. My journey of suffering is over. I still face extreme pain in some areas, taking off some of the collective suffering and other things, but meh nothing I can't handle. I'm already on the Heaven on Earth timeline, just waiting for everything else to merge.

mighty righteous of you though to tell me to "repent" and assume I am not already working with God too btw. lol. I think its about time for u to transcend duality, my fren.
Sorry to hear about all that I really am keep doing the best you can and apologies for seeming judgemental. Can’t imagine the pain of losing a loved one so close let alone all the other things you’ve to contend with . God bless
File: nicefrentimesoon.png (569 KB, 576x444)
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569 KB PNG
it's okay. thank you for the apology and for the self reflection/awareness. :) blessings to you too.

don't forget, James 1:19

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