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>be a dad by the name of Mr. Bardsley
>on a a Boy Scout trip with your son Garret (12 years old)
>having a great time fishing
>son gets splashed by the water after slipping
"Dad can I go change my pants back at camp?"
>you tell him sure
>the trail back to camp is only 250ft long
>well-traveled perfectly safe
>give him additional directions and watch him walk up the path

>20 mins goes by
>son hasn't returned
>suspect that he can't find his clothes
>return to camp
>no sign of him on trail
>no sign of him at camp
>believe you can hear his voice faintly calling "Dad!"
>can't locate the source
>200 volunteers, police, a missing person dogs search for him
>no sign of him

>be the next day
>search team investigating nearby boulder field
>they catch a scent of the child
>sprinting through boulder field
>find the source of the

>a single wet nike sock

Garret Bardsley is still missing to this day. What happened to him /x/?
A gnome stole him

Not a gnoblin or a gnelf tho
they lied to the police. he was raped by numerous freemasons, he was smart enough to identify themn, they knew this and got rid of him to cover their tracks.

not very paranormal is it?
He fell in the river and got swept away?
I heard about these stories and testimony about kids who were abducted by gnomes. A kid said he entered another dimension and the gnomes would talk a lot about what to do with him. He said they let him go. Imagine being the authorities listening to a missing kid who claimed he was abducted by gmomes?
You can't read.
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>What happened to him /x/

Don't know, I've read 4 of the missing 411 books and nothing gets any clearer.

It's funny how certain cases seem to point to aliens, portals, some bigfoot type creature etc, yet if anyone directly says its one of the above they sound retarded and sort sighted.

Why do they all feel wrong? But somehow right? I think we need to redefine how we think of forest beings, because whatever it is, it's something we have no conception of as a society, no "myth" or "urban legend" like bigfoot to point to and say "hey, that sounds like a-"

None of the stories from david paulides' books fit neatly into a box like we want it to, and the fact that this thing has such a high success rate, and no people to propogate a "myth" is kind of terrifying.
To clarify, I mean we have no conception of a beast that can do all the things the stories seem to point to.
Probably a pedophile lying in wait at the camp just abducted him
There would have been signs of a struggle, the camp he was staying at had other dads with their sons if I remember correctly, they would have been able to see if he was taken by a stranger, kids are fucking loud too, they reee at everything, he would definitely have made noise and they dogs would have been able to track his scent better.
man, so many of the 411 stories are fucking weird. the one that interested me the most was the story of a father who let his son go on a hike with a few others, goes missing, and then 50 green berets show up and do their own investigation/searching. What the FUCK was that all about?
Here is what happened.

In the mountains, swamps, and forests there are unpersons that live there. Some are criminals. Some are excons. Some are children of the unpersons. Some are pedophiles looking for fresh meat. Some are cannibals.

This unperson was very likely tracking the Boy Scouts. He saw that the father was in the river, and the boy was coming back to camp alone. He kidnapped the kid.

The reason it is so hard to catch any of these people is because they live outside of the system and with the way NPCs are, they can't handle the fact that these unpersons exist. They don't smell like people. They don't act like people. They smell like the forest.

You yourself may have encountered one of these unpeople and you can't remember them or even understand what you just met or spoke to. Your subconscious simply will not let you handle the fact that they exist.

We have numerous examples of Feral People. It would be silly to conclude that these unpersons don't exist.

The other conclusion, although not in this case, but in the Mohave desert and Appalachians is that it is the US Government abducting children for Moloch.
Doesnt explain why the dogs wouldn't have a scent of the child all the way he was dragged, and there would almost certainly be signs of a struggle. Even if he just bonked him over the head, there would be evidence of a conflict. none of that ever happens with these cases.
Nta but there's 3 realistic possibilities:
>Kid got murdered and the killer dumped them in the woods; dogs are far from perfect and they're already near a waterway which greatly increases the chances the body won't be found
>Kid got kidnapped and forced them to comply ("say a word and I kill your entire family"); pretty common practice for shitholes around the world
>Kids are stupid and he got lost. Ask anybody that works for popular hiking trails (not even out in the sticks, just major tour spots) and they'll affirm that the vast majority of people underestimate how easy it is to get lost in the woods and how much they overestimate their ability to navigate.
If grown adults can get lost after a couple yards off of very well marked hiking trails then some kid wandering way off base isn't outside the realm of possibility.
There is a 4th possibility which people, even in the missing person investigation community, don't like to talk about: they were deliberately abandoned in the woods. Maybe the kid was an absolute tard/spaz and dad had the perfect chance to get rid of him; there's a reason a lot of the missing 411 cases feature children, the elderly, and/or disabled victims.
He was a 12 year old. What kind of struggle is he going to put up against a wild man?
>carried away
You are being grifted hard.
This doesn't make sense, humans are smelly creatures, no matter how much mud you shower with, dogs will be able to smell your leaf wiped smelly caveman asshole from miles, not to mention how much you'd perspire from running through the forest commando style all day. If one of these "unpeople" took a kid, it would be very obvious to the dogs which direction they went.

People always say its "pedophiles" or "criminals in the woods" to explain away the phenomenon but it just shows how ignorant they are to the actual facts of the cases. Look into it more and you'll realize theres no one good answer.
Lol, any struggle will show signs and leave evidence, even kicking around or trying to shake free (which a 12 year old would very likely do, they're not as small as you think, go look at some 12 year olds) would show wherever they're walking, kicking leaves, show some sign that there was something going on there. Not just untouched nature. They bring professional trackers and hounds to do this shit.

Sorry you're so closed minded, its how retards cope with things they don't understand.
fuck off. the volatile compounds on a person are easily attenuated by using layers of sealants and/or films of different nonpolar compounds. anyone with a rudimentary understanding of chemistry would know this could easily bypass even the best-trained dogs by altering the order of magnitude of odor particles to be nearly negligible. you could accomplish this in any number of ways if you're not braindead
Search dogs aren't infallible, most studies show they're only accurate roughly 80% of the time. Anything regarding bodies of water and that 4/5 success rate drops rapidly.
As for why they couldn't find signs of a struggle:
>>200 volunteers
You have dozens of untrained people stomping through any possible crime scene; imagine if you had an obvious murder in a hotel lobby but you just let hundreds of guests wander through to touch, grab, step, and drop hair/skin/spit/etc all over it. The reason you don't see it with these cases is volunteers aren't competent investigators: they just stumble around dropping trash, destroying footprints, contaminating everything because their idea of searching is to walk around and shout the person's name.
It's okay to admit you were bamboozled into buying the books.
>humans are smelly creatures,
Kid was in the river. I understand you have a very limited life experience, but it stinks when you go into a river or really any body of water. Hence the sock. The dogs were looking for a kid smell, but couldn't because of the river smell.
Unpeople have a very different smell. The would smell of the Earth.

It's okay to admit you were bamboozled into buying the books.
>Lol, any struggle will show signs and leave evidence,
What struggle would be possible with a 12 year old? You are believing in a fantasy.
>pick up and go wherever
It's not a full sized adult. It's a tiny boy.
Really? And that's the answer to all the kids/adults that have gone missing (in the missing 411 cases) in the thousands across the country?

No, that retarded.
File: Shrug.jpg (277 KB, 916x1027)
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277 KB JPG
you can try and rationalize it your way, that's fine, still unlikely the kid wouldn't have heard a stranger approaching him, and if its a feral man, and not flipped the fuck out. 250 feet is not very long, someone would have heard him scream. if he gest bonked and dragged/carried away they would have had a scent/trail much sooner than the next day. Sure dogs aren't always correct/accurate, but no way in hell they don't get onto a fresh scent for something that just happened. They bring the dogs in before they let 200 volunteers clomp around in an organized grid like pattern to look for the child . Whats strange here is that this fits in with other anomalous cases much like this one. Kid goes missing, no signs of anything, its like they vanished out of thin air, only signs of evidence is usually days or weeks later (in this case just a day). But if you got to rationalize it with whatever because you don't like weird things happening then whatever. It's not like theres hundreds of accounts that are just like this. Are all those hundreds of kids being abducted by feral people, or pedos, and they're all so good at it they can just make it seem like the kid vanished out of thin air? Only to leave behind an article of clothing as evidence, out in the open, all around similar places other kids who vanish either get their bodies found, or other pieces of clothing from them?
>What happened to him /x/?
You know what happened to him. Deep down, on a visceral level. Everyone does. We keep telling ourselves that there's no such thing as aliens or demons and that we're the top of the food chain as a cope for our grim reality.
>You are believing in a fantasy

Says the guy who thinks it's fucking "unpeople"

>It's okay to admit you were bamboozled into buying the books

Maybe if you read one you'd be able to make a sound argument or atleast sorta seem like you know what you're talking about.
>it's something we have no conception of as a society, no "myth" or "urban legend" like bigfoot to point to and say "hey, that sounds like a-"
The Native Americans did. That's where you should look if you want your answer. It really doesn't matter in the end though. They're here, whether you understand them or not, and they are hungry.
Lol, didn't buy the books retard, theres also free documentaries and interviews of the parents who lost their children and they're given no definitive answers on what happened to their child. Imagine buying something that you can read for free online anyways, fucking retard. Also an average 12 year old kid is 89 pounds, thats not such an easy task carrying/dragging that away, its not like a 5 year old. Also you're retarded, river smell? you know dogs can smell multiple things and follow a specific scent? Guys like you godda have an answer for everything to rationalize things that make no sense, lmao.
You can read them online for free, also free documentaries and interviews with the parents, also free radio talk shows where they discuss these cases. Cope harder trying to rationalize things you don't understand. also

fucking kek
File: citations be like.jpg (85 KB, 837x960)
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Anon are you trying to suggest that children are immune to being kidnapped because... they can hear?
>250' is not very long
That's just above the height of a 25 story building: you wouldn't hear somebody being kidnapped/knocked out/stabbed even 10 stories above you.
Again you're not considering the strong possibility they were coerced (or the dad just killed him).
Scent dogs don't work well with water and the kid was apparently soaking wet, even leaving out the fact dozens of other people had contaminated the abduction site BEFORE the dogs showed up: his chances of being found weren't above 80%.
Anon I've worked with missing person searches, they don't just "wait" until the dogs show up; the first 48 hours are the most critical and those companies aren't a hop and a skip away from every site in their state, let alone the fact they could be occupied when being called in. Guaranteed first response from the mothers is they call EVERYBODY and their cousin to come in and start searching: happens almost every time.
>Whats strange here is that this fits in
Because Paulides makes up a checklist to fit into the overpriced books he sells you. Look into even a dozen of the cases he covers and you finds he outright fabricates elements of the case to suit this cartoony checklist nonsense. Or even better, he leaves out facts like the case was solved after XYZ was found to have murdered them.
>you don't like weird things happening then whatever
There's nothing weird about people going missing unless you have a narrative to sell. Paulides is an (((urbanite))) city cop that's never set foot outdoors and thinks hypothermia is a myth.
The guy who you're blindly accepting as infallible thinks one of the most serious threats of being lost is a fairytale.

What's more likely: people are getting lost to the elements/abducted/killed or fairies/bigfoot/aliens/whatever-Paulides-is-selling that decide to leave predictable breadcrumbs like a messed up version of Blues Clues?
>kid goes missing innawoods
>CO hears about it from game warden buddies
>thinks it will be great practice for martial law discontent hunting
This is the only answer.
The Mystery of the 411 People Who Went Missing

I don't think Freemasons roam the woods like they're antelope or deer.
Don't you Fuckers have a Flat-Earth thread to fire up?
Simple explanation that It's all of the above and once we learn to properly discern the subtle differences between cases: We'll have a chance of figuring out which was a factor in each case. Some of these entities open portals in front of People that they wander into and are captured in. Other times, that might happen by accident. There are entities and agencies that abduct People by more technological means as well. I think that the common factor is that the use frequency manipulation as a tool, both to disorient, mask sounds and their presence and to key open portals that they usher People into. Yet again though, multiple agencies may well be using something like this as a common method because It's highly effective.
He's done a number on you.

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