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I posted a thread here a few days ago about how I’ve studied and applied the wisdom of ancient Chinese face reading for over 15 years and I asked for people to post photos of their face or of other peoples faces so that I could challenge my physiognomy skills.

Unfortunately the thread seemed to have picked up traction quite some hours after I had posted it and I regretfully did not have the time or energy to reply to the many anons who posted.

Im going to come back to this thread in a couple of hours so that people may have time to post their pics.

Last thread lots of anons posted old photos of political figures and of criminals and I liked it because I am self admittedly retarded when it comes to history/ geography etc, and so I had no idea who any of them were lol BUT I’d prefer real life strangers because I feel more connection with people who are alive, and also because I don’t like the inherent smugness that comes with posting a super old, rare black and white photo of Stalin or some other political head

Note - please remember the photo needs to be a front facing selfie type pic, good lighting, and full visibility of the face and ears. Neutral facial expression, no smiling or making faces.

I look forward to taking the time to respond to most of you anons this time around, and I may also post face reading tips too

Bonus points (incredibly thorough reading) for anyone who knows the artist of painting in picrel
File: meme.png (748 KB, 869x696)
748 KB
748 KB PNG
Im happy you told me I look like a reliable person ,I always thought I looked rude or unfriendly to strangers.
You look boring, sad, confused, stressed. You don’t look like a bad or unfriendly.
A quick face reading tip -

The higher up a persons ears are on their head, the quicker they are to make decisions. The lower the ears sit on the head, the longer is takes for them to come to a decision.

Think of a person who wants to buy a new car one day, and so he gets up and buys one on that day vs a man who spends weeks or months weighing the pros and cons and comparing prices and value etc before even walking into a dealership

Picrel shows high sitting ears. See how his earlobes end before the bottom of his nose? This line is a good marker for discernment. If the earlobes extends lower than the bottom of the nose, they need time before coming to decisions.

* not to be confused for wit, the facial feature I’ve explained regards the time it takes to come to a decision, not thinking on your feet like wit (that’s another facial feature I’ll share later)
I’m so glad you’re back!
you come off as rude or unfriendly only to those who are not honest with themselves because they can feel on a subconscious level that you are a threat because you can and will see clear as day through their bullshit and it scares them

about to post your feature analysis, bear with my adhd ass
You are always looking inwards and objectively at yourself. your brain is a menagerie, questioning everything at all times, and not necessarily is an esoteric fashion.
You are expressive and enjoy talking about your inner thoughts and feelings.
I’m your professional life you neither like nor dislike being the center of attention contrary to how you do not like much attention on you in your personal life.
Slightly more pessimistic in your personal life than in your prof life.
Generally pessimistic life outlook, however, this is offset by a passion for life that fuels you to seek new experiences every day in your search for more because until the day you die, you will seek knowledge and new experiences
You crave a high level of both emotional and physical intimacy in your romantic life; a superficial relationship is aversive to your nature.
You typically finish what you start, seeming to always find a second wind about 3/4ths of the way through a project.
You are more likely to judge others than yourself. Not in any way easily swayed by the popular opinion.
Your passion is to find the ‘new’, forge new paths, keep advancing. Thusly you are not the type to join the military, become a public servant, or perform any job for “the better good”, instead you are on a more isolated path in this life, not really able to understand any group think but an expert at masking when around normies.
You have a fairly powerful aura and presence, def not a beta but not a gross alpha
Meh, fairly trusting of others in the sense that you give others the benefit of the doubt. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me, can’t fool me again.
You value autonomy for yourself and for others.
Never one to micro manage or give a fuck what others are doing unless it impedes on another’s safety/ rights.

Too long, continued:

You’re one of the realest people someone could meet, but it’s incredibly tiring to feel so misunderstood by others because your nature is too real for this clown world, and so it gets hard to not feel pessimistic, and this is why you will be searching the globe in pursuit of real connections and real experiences till the day you die
I can delve even further if you post your ears but I know it’s creepy to ask for that lol so I’ll just ask for a preliminary; are your earlobes connected to your head or are they separate? Do you have ridges in the cartilage of your ears, and if so where?
File: ear.me.png (120 KB, 236x423)
120 KB
120 KB PNG
you are very spot-on, you are the real deal..here is my ear,the other one is exactly the same,I hope its a good reference.
You are correct,im a kind of a loner but now a mean one, i try to help those who come to me for help.
Don't post your face on this website, people can cause serious harm spiritually just by having a recent photo of your face. Fair warning.
Alright guys, time for another round of post your real identity on 4chan. go!
A face that could explode a village and get away with it.
Right? I don't think these people understand that this website isn't actually anonymous, and a photo alongside with an IP means people with too much power on this site can fuck with you to the extremes.
File: 1654925895875.png (120 KB, 467x365)
120 KB
120 KB PNG
probably by accident because i'm that clumsy
I honestly don’t know if these replies are made by other fellow anons because there actually is a real possibility of danger that they’ve experienced when posting your face and they want to warn others,
Or if they’re just NPCs who spew this shit to feel good about themselves for warning others because “they know better” despite not knowing what the ‘dangers’ could actually be or if they even exist
I have proof that there are people on this website that can monitor everything you post. Whether it's a mod or a glowie, idk. What I do know is that no one on here is actually anonymous. And if you start talking about things that are not "approved" by the general consensus, they will try to fuck with you.
Don't worry, people post regularly on /soc
/soc/ isn't a board that hosts topics that this one does.
Y it gotta be this way. I belieb you
even if you delete your post, your image is still archived.
Lots of people say this website was compromised when moot left, or around that time.
not OP but:
you look like someone who avoids violence but can smack a nigga if need be
Well you look like a friendly, joker-y guy with a few tricks up your sleeve
Not him but I don't care for my shitty life
File: polface1.jpg (33 KB, 563x611)
33 KB
I'm serious about this one pls read
omg he really earposted
you know the best thing about glowies? they don't affect people outside the US.
Try posting on /b/ for the first time if you never had see what happens. What happens is weird shit I don't have any explanation. Doesn't happen on other boards
Spot on. Long time funposter and class clown; i'm also a wizard with computers.

I am a man of peace until I'm not. But I do like kick boxing and used to think real life was DBZ when growing up.

If you want a less shitty life you can ping me on Discord. Encrypted in rot13.

Random /x/ question:

Are you an air sign? :D
Big energy. Big personality. I don’t think that anyone you’ve met has forgotten your face and voice.
There’s a subtle neuroticism that you easily disguise and camouflage fairly consistently, and with incredible ease when speaking to a large group of people which you probably do on a regular basis.
Big social life. Others would call you a Family Guy.
The most frugal nose I’ve seen since I can remember! You cheap
Despite the fact that you love being the center of attention, you do not like talking about your feelings or the mushy stuff. You’re a closed book, possibly able to truly and completely open yourself up and be vulnerable with one, maybe two people in this lifetime.
Generally an upbeat vibe that’s infectious.
Active mind, long roots. You do not just ‘appear’ anywhere, you’re a central piece on the table of life wherever you go.
When you get an idea for a project it goes like this; tiny whiff of the idea presents itself to your senses, the most subtle of a breeze, and if you pick up on it and connect with it, you then feel a passion overcome your being and a fire in your belly, and you start it. Your passion/ fire/ interest usually fades or disappears halfway to 3/4s way in, but you damn well finish what you started even if you don’t fuck with it anymore.
You like romance and being in a romantic relationship; if you could be surgically attached by the hip, you’d in all honesty be okay with that because you do not like to be separated.
The opposite sex finds you sexually attractive.
You forge your own path and disregard tradition and old ways
Nosey nosey, but only because it’s fueled by your innate curiosity
Easily bored.

I think you could be a sociopath and I mean that in its actual definition and not the BS most people think it is. It’s not a bad thing bc it gives you a superpower, but u already know this
With 4chanx you can still see deleted posts also. I can still see his post and pic. Just to let anons know.
File: 1396390000879.png (302 KB, 702x828)
302 KB
302 KB PNG
Loads on my birthchart if I remember correctly.

That's spot on mostly. Thank you for writing this out!

>I think you could be a sociopath

It's mostly playful, but sometimes you have to hit people over the head with your toy gun when playing war.
I know that type of stuff is happening, I experience it on a daily basis.
Do you have a throwaway that I can send pictures of? I'm not comfortable posting face here
Gemini by any chance?
Tell me about her
File: ddsdssdsd.png (941 KB, 688x598)
941 KB
941 KB PNG
what can you read about me OP?
you have no swag an you look cheesy as hell
File: Elliot_Rodger (1).jpg (87 KB, 992x744)
87 KB
Tell us about the man the myth the legend
arrogant, proud, jealous
Working with grainy quality and limited view here, but here’s what I got

You are like a satellite dish for ideas. Because so many different thoughts and ideas are flooding your brain constantly, the ideas and beliefs that you do remember and retain stay with you, locked up, and deeply impact who you are as a person
And because so much information is always coming and going it gives you the unique ability to rapidly explore various opinions/ sides/ theories/ perspectives on any given situation and you use this to your ability to change your outlook to feel better.
Equally a sharer as you are a listener
I can’t see earlobes well, but appears that you thrive when you are close to your family/ loved ones vs long distance
File: 20220408_112922.jpg (1.95 MB, 2944x2208)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB JPG
I'll bite. My girlfriend actually had the exact same ability as you. When she looked at a picture of Yuval Harrari, she said his energy was demonic.
Fuck, what a pouty, whiney, cry baby, punchable face.
Complete honesty here is that I do not remember this persons name or exactly what he did, but I vaguely remember that he hated women? I remember seeing his huge baboon lips pop up daily a few years (?) back

This man has loyalty for one person only in this world, and that’s himself. He pledges no allegiances and he looks out for only himself. He’d throw anyone, doesn’t matter who, under the bus to save his own ass.
He is an incredibly emotional person, volatilely emotional. He doesn’t just feel emotions, they hijack his whole being and overcome any sense of logic or outside guidance.
You can not talk any level of sense into this person.
He is stuck in his own beliefs and ideas and theories and he is rarely if ever diswayed from his own beliefs. Like talking to a wall.
When he sets his eyes on his target, there is absolutely nothing that could stop him from succeeding in his pursuit to kill his intended prey. Get out of the way, or you’ll get run the fuck over.
He doesn’t like to listen to others, only capable of thinking of his own current situation. with an outlook that is perpetually negative and glass half empty
I’ll post throwaway email acct after i make one
You hold no reserves or inhibitions. You make your presence known to everyone in your radius, at times becoming quite the obnoxious joke.
Big fucking dick energy. You are one bold motherfucker, and rarely can anyone get a one up on you or defeat you; you always get the last word, no matter fuckin what.
You easily establish a connection with others via eye contact in conversation; doesn’t matter their age, background, race, etc, you just naturally connect by seeing them for the human being that they are, not better or worse.
More likely to judge others than yourself.
Generally have a realistic outlook, keeping it real at all times, not afraid of disappointing others because you greatly value authenticity over appeasing lies.
You very much like sex and sensual pleasures. Having your sexual desires met is high on the priority list. You need it like food and water to feel your best
The line between humbleness and arrogance is a line you will teeter through out this lifetime
You enjoy talking with people but prefer to keep things light hearted, never delving too deep as it brings you great discomfort
You fight for the people, provide for your community, have a need to serve and protect your community.
I’d be willing to bet that you’re part of a paid or volunteer position(s) as a firefighter/ emt/ lifeguard/ law enforcement/ military type. You have the face of a public servant and a behind the scenes warrior for your people.
Overall an optimistic outlook on life, full of hope. Jolly.
Appreciates the differences between men and women, valuing their respective strengths and nature.
Don’t rock the boat baby. That’s your motto. You do aim and tend to go with the flow, but your boundaries are firm and inflexible and so you’re easy to dismiss others when they behave in a way that you perceive as disrespectful or degrading
You love spending money and enjoying luxury here, right now
You notice little details in your surroundings and when the most minute thing changes
Think fairly fast on your feet, witty enough to anoint for a surprise speech or toast and effortlessly nail it
Once you lose passion for a project, you’re likely to taper off and ghost asap. You don’t hang around when the fires gone.
Here’s another face reading tip for those ready to learn -

The distance between a persons eyebrows and their eyeballs corresponds to their sense of wit. The shorter the distance like picrel indicate someone who thinks quickly on their feet, never missing a beat, never caught off guard or unable to remain cool as a cucumber.

The farther distance between eyebrows and eyeballs indicate more wandering thoughts and spaciness. They aren’t quick with the comebacks and they need to ample time to ‘think on it’ before drawing conclusions or formulating an answer
Limited here due to angle of face and invisibility of the ears, but the basics I got are
shes a fairly calculated, precise, and controlled personality. She meticulously plots and plans her every action with intent and purpose.
Checks and balances.
Cold and calculating.
She is absolutely aware of her natural sexual charm and charisma, and she utilizes it to her benefit. She makes them beg and beg but she never gives in, rather she strings them along until they have nothing left to give, lying straight to their faces.
Financially secure, has $ cushion
She would never allow anyone to see how she is naturally incredibly critical of herself and she holds herself to such high expectations that she hates herself for not living up to these impossible standards
File: IMG_20220806_151939.jpg (2.06 MB, 2448x3264)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB JPG
Is this guy a psychopath?

Are you still making readings?
Not to rain on the parade but if you don’t want your stuff up here.. forever, essentially, then dont post it here. If OP posts a throwaway email, use that instead and be wary of glowies.

Deleting your post just hides it on here, does nothing to stop the archive.
This person gives me off vibes…
His thoughts and actions are governed by his external environment. Unless provoked there is no action.
Cold personality.
He will begin a project with minimal effort, picking up speed once he sees how it will indeed benefit himself.
No long term thought processes
Yes. Will periodically check the thread through out the day
This OP.
oh my ha this will be fun. All I know about this person is the general vibe of the poplar meme, an immature and attention seeking, grown up hallway monitor type of npc zombie

this person is very emotional and he is driven by said emotions
his outlook is an uber realistic one, albeit this realism is chock full of those emotional laden undertones, therefore this person is not capable of looking at anything in this life in an objective, logical fashion that is not tainted by his own feelings and emotions
“buT tHAts nOt fAAir!!!!” just popped up in my brain
he is scatter brained, however unlike previous anons who I explained have endless, constant thoughts and ideas flooding their brains, this persons scattered ideas are not ones that benefit himself or mankind - they are rather seedy, insipid, useless ideas and thoughts that in all honesty chip away at his sanity over time, unbeknownst to him unless he has a RADICAL awakening and takes back control over his mind for himself
he has so, so much he wants to say and talk about regarding his emotions and inner world, but he is not a good public speaker nor is he able to effectively communicate his thoughts with others in words.
I kinda feel for the dude, because he is just not really talented in any way shape or form and he has absolutely zero charisma/ game/ sense of authority, and the worst of it is that he whines and pouts about how other people don’t listen to him but he truly isn’t even aware how bad it is for him because he’s a pseudo awakened person, like that iq chart he’d land in the middle like a good NPC wearing his mask and boostin regularly because he can’t comprehend higher iq thought processes/ sift through the bull shit
Glownigger data mining thread
Herbs all field
Face reading tip -

The size of a persons ears correlates with how good of a listener they are, both their actual desire to hear the information someone is providing as welll as their ability to retain said information

picrel depicts small ears; the ears of a person who listens to no one, concerned only with what he thinks and what he wants. He has no interest in gaining knowledge. He is not a natural student. Not one to be interested in bettering himself or learning new ideas. “Can’t tell me nothin”

On the other side, large ears on a person mean that they are a natural and lifelong student of life. They thirst for knowledge and wisdom and they are great listeners. They want to know more and soak it all in

As we age our ears are a feature that continue to grow. My theory is that perhaps the longer you spend alive on this earth, the more you see and do, the more you realize that not a one of us really has it figured out, and the ‘work’ is never really done, knowledge and wisdom are things that simply accumulate over time and learning new ideas/ beliefs can change your own life drastically. So, you listen more and talk less as you age.
Pretty spot on
To piggyback off of last post and cb’s prominent brow bone -

in both that pic and picrel, notice their prominent, jutting brow bones. almost caveman like and a feature thats best observed via side profile

A person with this defined, outward, caveman esque brow bone is the epitome of masculinity.
giga chad
the dude who gets all the chicks without even really trying because chicks pick up on that pure, raw, testosterone fueled manliness that seemingly emanates from the guys pores.
risks include a short fuse before losing their temper, inclination towards feeling intellectually and physically superior and grandiose
Not likely to trust a woman’s input or opinion
Oh great, now the worst pic possible of me is still on there
if you are gravity falls guy then i dont think it was a bad pic at all. ur an attractive guy

t. a smokin hot female
Gravity falls guy?
What does it mean when someone have one earlobe attached and the other separate?
your response to my reading was with an image of Mabel from Gravity Falls
attached earlobe = strong family ties

earlobe unattached/ not connected to head = nomad, not one to get caught up in family ties nor do they put priority or value on family

Right side of face = professional life or masculine side. How you display your self to the outside world

Left side of face = personal life or feminine side. Your real, true, inner self.

A person with mismatched earlobes may experience ambiguity in regards to their family/ professional/ social/ personal lives and may struggle to keep a balance because they are torn between their varying desires and ideals
Thank you. Very insightful.
Damn zoomers
pro tip :

when I say right side I mean your right side (no stage right)
same as medical field when referring to left and right
File: IMG_20220806_203240.jpg (3.6 MB, 2592x5760)
3.6 MB
3.6 MB JPG
Ok do me pls.
Though I think it's more about facial expressions cause I have pictures where I have completely different vibe.
you should go back to china.
ive never even left the united states
my passport is blank
ah, I totally confused you for the dude who also deleted his pic after posting.
I never saw yours until now. if ur the chick who deleted their pic then this is for you

intensely shy, reserved, and plagued by never ending inner turmoil
i say all of this while being aware that you do look like you’re sick and ill, but be assured this reading takes that into consideration and has no effect on my interpretation
very trusting of others to the point of being gullible
id be willing to bet you have chronic tension in your neck, shoulders, and back due to stress
the intimacy you form in relationships is neither too deep or superficial, kinda in the middle
easily attract partners
innately believes in recognizing and appreciating the inherent differences between men and women and values their more traditional roles
Not necessarily a workaholic, but you do be wageslaving away mad hours of your life at times to make ends meet
you do get in your feels a lot of the time, but find attempts at expressing your feelings futile due to never being able to find the right words to express yourself, further confusing and misconstruing what you meant to say, and so you’ve learned to just say fuck it and not even try because they’ll just never fuckin get it anyways

- to be continued cuz I reached post limit -
due to your natural sensitivity id like to proclaim this disclaimer - i have no intentions to hurt ur feelings purposely. i see many similarities between you and i and u can overcome 2 by owning the fuck out ur own bs and making ur disadvantages ur bitches, make them work for u and serve u vs take advantage of u
godspeed anon, hang in there, grab onto any ounce of hope and joy that you can find within yourself and attempt every single day to replicate it and exaggerate it and make it bigger and bigger
momentum is as awesome as it can be debilitating; if u got negative, toxic mindset/ behavior/ life thats been in control for years and years, theres a whole lot of momentum behind it, keeping it going
u gotta grab the wheel, or the reigns, of ur life back for ur self so that u can get that sizable energy momentum started in another direction
I have the beginnings of a pol conspiracy meme guys

do u see the predictive programming evident in picrel? appears to have been photographed at a minimum 15 years ago
u got khaki booty white man wearing a based af american flag shirt ft next to a women in the forefront wearing an outfit depicting the colors of the rainbow

predictive of globohomo and its takeover of america and the flag?
yes im getting to yours i probmis
Thank you so much, how did you know that? Nobody ever takes me seriously in life and if they do, they just want to hurt me in some way. I am basically pic related.
Godspeed too anon I'll be cheering for us both behind the scenes
so ive never actually watched anime and have an unnatural aversion towards it (?) that i ponder regularly. I have a vague memory from my pre-verbal age that feels gross and dirty that is associated with anime blaring in the background. I try not to think about it too hard
I watched a studio jiggly gerbil (i know thats wrong but its close) film once and I did like it
so the character in this photo means nothing to me lol but i appreciate the sentiment
File: Tina-1.jpg (16 KB, 250x430)
16 KB
Sorry my bad, sorry if I brought back bad memories
Maybe this example is better
File: face.jpg (86 KB, 960x1280)
86 KB
Read and I will delete
in pursuit of easing the minds of those who remain skeptical of my claims and skills despite at the same time wanting to believe without feeling resistance,
my life path and experiences have all given me the opportunity and privilege to experience & see & do & say things that the average person only sees in the movies or that they dream of experiencing when they go to sleep, and I’ve been invited into the homes of & interacted with & socialized with people of various different socioeconomic group/ race/ iq/ gender/ ages/ etc, and so ive studied faces of all kinds, hundreds of thousands of different faces ive communicated with and watched and witnessed,
so ive had lots of practice with this skill and ive had a unique life experience thats provided an endless stream of opportunities to practice and perfect
you never outgrew bullying, stuck living in a perpetual form of hell bc u just dont know how to grow out of it or rise above it
what a fucking loser
Let's face it. /x/ have to be the most handsome board of all 4chan. Each one of you who faceposted look amazing. Meds not taken definitely a looksmaxxer.
Wtf why are you reposting our pictures
Very interesting thread, I'll try and upload a pic if OP's still doing these later on
intense, laser like focus and determination
positive and hopeful and youthful outlook on life
you ooze stability that is fueled by a passion for giving your body its optimal chance to perform up to its highest potential
you effortlessly hypnotize the women around you into wanting to take their panties off and you give them a need to wipe up the floods
Big alpha male energy, but there’s an intense and just as strong stream of calm that runs beneath, so you appear to be effortlessly confident with a calm and self assured presence
peers look up to you
people remember you, even if you only made eye contact once
strong, deep, beautiful, chaotic, dark, strong presence
others naturally follow your lead and automatically sense you as a person of authority
u enjoy all eyes on you
you give projects your equally undivided attention from start to end
more likely to be self critical than critical of others
haha yes much better
ja feel
Haha thanks that's very flattering altough my ego needs to be torn down not built even more.
i am stamped as well with an effortless, natural sexual charisma and charm.
exuding this type of energy is without a doubt something to appreciate and feel blessed for having, but sometimes it gets frustrating when everyone of the opposite sex around you imagines fucking you and lusts for you, some less subtle about it than others, because you never know for sure if theyrr being nice because they like you or if they’re being nice for a chance to fuck you later
an overwhelming sense of grossness has overwhelmed my senses
this man is one of pure logic. his own logic that is
black and white reasoning
his outward appearance and how he views his own self is steadfast, logical, justified, noble, and humble
however those who peek behind the closed doors and read between the lines will see and bear witness that this man’s words and decisions are absolutely mad and insane and way past the line, but you were hypnotized and drowsed out by his words, speeches, talks of ‘logic’ and what’s fair
when you wake up this man has already disappeared *poof* because any public displays of humility are simply unbearable for him to endure so he flees and runs and hides before he’s got - he never faces the consequences for any negative actions, no backlash because he ceases to exist in that peoples perspective

so much more to say but even getting to this point was exhausting
can someone link the previous thread?
File: ...jpg (41 KB, 640x640)
41 KB
Do you want to do this?
full disclosure here - i have no idea who this person is or where they are from
its always felt like my brain has had a shield that prevents any type of historical facts/ dates/ times from being absorbed or recalled, UNLESS a topic catches my interest and I delve head first into research. odd looks of aghast at my lack of historical knowledge is just a normal thing that occurs in my life
all that said to explain that I have no political affiliations or leverage by keeping it real and truthfully analyzing the persons face, not reputation or by political bias

i assume this person is a controversial, politically affiliated person in some country’s military?

so that I don’t run out of room in post, going to continue analysis in a pt 2
>going to continue analysis in a pt 2
ok waiting
i need an example of the opposite
anon the face youre talking to is an ai generated image do not waste any more time
that face responsible of churchills resignation/demotion from first lord admiralty :D
**of admiralty
id like to put it out there how I formulate my responses for each reading real quick - ive been reading and scanning and analyzing innumerable faces for well over a decade. the more hours you spend perfecting a craft, the better you get and naturally more efficient/ faster. thats why my readings are like a layered tapestry, woven from all the parts that create the whole personality both the visible and the hidden aspects vs
a black and white numerical list of immediate facts that correspond with each and every single feature
when I was brand new to this wisdom, it makes sense that i was only capable initially of being able to look at and read maybe one or two features on a persons face at a time as I was learning them.
you do not become the master of your craft or top in your field overnight
nobody besides you & yourself only see and witness the countless hours uve devoted to your craft/ specialty, learning and practicing and experimenting.

those who fail to find themselves a life long, self bettering, topic/ idea/ activity that evokes from them a zest for being alive while at the same time pushing their comfort zones, inspiring them to enjoy the process of not being perfect at first, determined to continue learning the damn craft, are
missing out because they can not genuinely believe in the authenticity of such skills because they can’t comprehend the infinite possibilities when one dedicates long term time effort and energy towards a craft/ expertise
I guess pt2 not coming. :( ok
Could you do mine?
youll be pleased and delighted (maybe horrified ? ) to know that the clue you provided is essentially useless information from my perspective and gives me absolutely no advantage what so ever
i aim to keep this reading brief

the words are coming to me rather rapidly so expect a possibly scattered timing of replies as im liable to post replies in a seemingly erratic fashion
>gives me absolutely no advantage what so ever
yes. I am aware of that. I didn't want to give you clue. Just want to say fuck off to other anon.
I would very much appreciate a reading from you, this is me.

I hope the collage of pictures helps.
File: collage1.png (2.26 MB, 1776x992)
2.26 MB
2.26 MB PNG
SORRY I forgot the picture...
here we go for realsies

steel reserve
death over dishonor &/ or disloyalty
honest on the home front
can be a shiesty or cutthroat or conniving coworker/ employee/ subordinate
honest by being upfront immediately about his weaknesses or baggage and extinguishes all doubts or suspicion that he may have ulterior motives/ personal agenda

stay tuned
not the main anon but you straight look like a pedophile, a board transient, and need to go the fuck outside
thank you, looks correct :D
>coworker/ employee/ subordinate
he was wayward.
Bump for my face to be done
committed, dependable, a provider
He says what he means and he means what he says
considers pinky promises as an important commitment
takes secrets to his grave, remains loyal and maintains his dignity/ self respect up until the very very end, even when face to face with dark forces and unimaginable atrocities and adversarial influences that others would have so easily succumbed to and begged and buckled their knees in feeble attempt to save their own little pathetic, mediocre, meaningless life
if u r 8882 then uve proven correct my interpretation of your chin that i will now share

your chin alone (with just the one first initial glance and no further visual examination) tells me the following about you - and plz remember my words are blunt because they convey more with less with more connection and resonance

fuck dude, i dont mean it as an insult and i have to keep it real - the words “little shit” come to mind
narrow mind, narrow viewpoints, narrow window of focus, incapable of looking at things from someone elses pov or to walk a mile in anothers shoes mentally vs physically
think the 40 yr old who only knows living with and off of his mother, the type who has the audacity to talk shit to his mother about anything after hes squandered years and years that could have beenspent to project him literally anywhere else in this whole world that is not his mothers home away on inaction and lack of self control
Pls anon
Nah I’m 8720. But still interesting to read about his face
fuck, those digits wont let me ignore
so here goes

overall vibe i got - simple, honest, reliable, dependable, faithful and small minded woman.
shes content with the knowledge and wisdom she currently possesses. simple folk. disdain for vanity or the pursuit of any esoteric knowledge that is deemed unnecessary
conservative values all around, uncomfortable with any type of public displays of affection, needs her space in a romantic relationship and does not feel comfortable with emotional intimacy
steady mind and steady tongue, never the one to ‘air the familys dirty laundry’ for all to see; appearances are of the utmost importance alongside good manners
holds in and represses oh so much, the burden on her heart builds over the years and if she does not address this she will just become plain bitter, bitching and moaning to all that will listen how her ungrateful kids never visit their poor old mother or answer her calls,
when she should instead look in the mirror and honestly answer the following- would she enjoy spending time with her own self?

picrel is a pic I captured a few months back at approx 22:30 eastern time. there are absolutely no filters or edits/ additions/ alterations to this pic
picrel im reading would look at the photo on her phone and go “meh, thats kinda weird, doesnt look right” and delete or ignore it, never thinking of it in the future, vs ppl like us that congregate here would be utterly fascinated and in awe of such a photo, their imagination and curiosity combining to pursue all possibilities for purely expansive pursuit and interest, leading to an increased consciousness that only those awake are even aware exist?
i hope everybody posting their faces unironically in this thread gets a no knock raid and their dog is shot in front of them
be honest with me anon,
have you ever been diagnosed autistic or been described as landing on the spectrum?
i have faith in you and in your ability to rediscover happiness, a sense of purpose, & joy again
until then i see you and your struggle and hidden strife that you camouflage irl
you dont need to continue feeling and spewing hateful garbage, and you don’t need to validate your past mistakes or transgressions when ur truly ready to ‘cut the shit’ and come back to us - just leave it where it happened and learn to do better. Live and let die. It only becomes an issue when someone decides that it is an issue——-
did you learn how to write like this in fag school?
dino face here is a good example of the opposite
If you lose some weight you'll have no trouble finding a relationship. You have the potential to be handsome anon, no homo.
Curious as to what you see here...
I,ll fill you in on who she is etc, after your observation post
File: 380925.jpg (26 KB, 270x405)
26 KB
woops meant to post the more neutral face, to make it harder hehe
i have a theory that if i had indeed gone to a fag school then my grammar and literacy would be noticeably more sophisticated and elegant
File: GCU pfp.png (181 KB, 328x365)
181 KB
181 KB PNG
A pic of mine form a few years ago
cool thanks, no rush
Your mother will die in her sleep
Photo is a couple years old but try read mine please
OP you may be interested in this channel which focus on the details of faces In the model industry.
Lots of discussion about why a face may be deemed attractive vs unattractive

No I haven’t
I wonder if men with unusually masculine features throw off the reading sometimes, like mass mikkelsen or cillian Murphy?
File: l-intro-1643909529.jpg (431 KB, 1600x900)
431 KB
431 KB JPG
File: my photo.jpg (126 KB, 800x600)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
sounds fun here u go
File: 20220807_102508.jpg (1.1 MB, 2576x1932)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB JPG
Read me, fren.
Hopefully this is good enough. I’m realizing I have zero pictures of myself.
Wow you just described me so well
I fucking love physio-anon so much brehs
You are the light in this cesspool of larpers, schizos, and succ fags
>Note - face must have neutral expression (no smiling or making faces), full visibility of the face (including the neck, oh and ESPECIALLY the ears, helps), no angles or very minimal angle. Needs to be good lighting, good quality, basically a decent front facing selfie type pic. I will ignore pics that do not follow criteria because I will not be able to get an accurate reading.

Face reader savant is not gonna be able to do anything with a photo like this fyi.
Too dark, low resolution and half your face in covered by shadow and hair.
Face reading comes from what sort of an emotional baggage one is displaying through his active facial characteristics.
Same works with posture, movements and etc.
File: IMG_20220807_180732.jpg (144 KB, 681x917)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
Do her pls
Do you have some sources/reading material on this subject so i can learn more myself?
Im very interested, especially to combine it with some other disciplines.
Id post me but theres pretty much no pictures of me at all in public digital space and id like to keep it that way, you got a discord by any chance?
OK I'm curious
File: de8.gif (104 KB, 437x430)
104 KB
104 KB GIF
p-please respond
OP here and checking in for first time today

unless the thread gets archived, i will come back fo mo readings in the morning. if it becomes archived i will start new thread

on an unrelated note, i saw eminems new album cover today and hot damn they dont give a fuck about being subtle with their imagery anymore
they said “fuck it, jam that bad boy chock full, balls to chin, with our super cool club secret signsz”
picrel is an excellent source for the novice
i could post an interesting facial age map image chart from it if theres interest
Can't be bothered to monitor his own thread, and likes "eminem"... OP is a loser.
>be me, in the 3rd grade, obsessed with marshal
>listen to The Slim Shady LP on a daily basis once i acquired a walkman and smuggled the cd from friends junkie mom
>stuck in cabin with extended family members for days bc thats how xmas week was celebrated
>accidentally leave walkman out on living room coffee table with The Slim Shady LP cd in the tray and ready to go, headphones plugged in
>uncle decides to see what im listening to all the time
>cue track 1 “This is a public service announcement brought to you by Slim Shady, Slim Shady does not give a fuck what you think etc….”
>if uve never listened to that 33 second skit go do it
>uncle spills the beans to my pg 13 grandfather who doesnt even like the word crap by putting headphones on him and pressing play
>grandfather confronts my mom and asks why 10 yr old me is listening to such explicit stuff
>mom snatches all my cds and had to hold hands behind back when she approached me so she wouldnt physically beat me to death

shady is my original forbidden fruit
File: AntonCorbijn2.jpg (699 KB, 3068x3447)
699 KB
699 KB JPG
What can you telll us about good Jeffrey?
anon u are correct

a related snippet of knowledge - things like eyelash and eyebrow hair length/ direction of growth/ thick or thin/ texture give a decent amount of information, potentially enough information to consume whole reply

if i were to write out full, in-depth readings for each person, i would be liable to go on and on post after post analyzing one single anon until i told to move on because theres just so much written on a face and the information is a rapid streaming
i have no idea what exactly discord even is or how to use it
can any anons confirm or deny that it is indeed still possible today to create a throwaway anonymous email address ?
File: 20190529_120521.jpg (1.51 MB, 2592x1944)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB JPG
My brow is like this and yes... It's accurate.
It's kind of scary accurate.

>Short fuse
>Sense of intellectual and physical superiority (whether or not it is true and based)
>Not trusting of what women think as much as what men think
>Women swoon over me (and it confuses me because it's consistent with me; not really my behavior or presentation)

It's interesting because friends I have with a thick brow are similar in all these regards.

You sir, are quite legit.
File: IMG20220807233558.jpg (3.23 MB, 3456x4608)
3.23 MB
3.23 MB JPG
Do me pls, was taking a shit, neutral face expression, I'm not a psycho or something
pro tier tip to fine tune your game, class and appearance - thank me later

>purchase a fabric shaver
>use it for an instant, visible upgrade of all of your clothing that looks old, worn, or ragged
>makes ur old, favorite, worn in sweater look like it did when you bought it home
>expert level tip: learn how to laundry strip

why i share this with you - its information that is usually learned from women but in a nagging fashion so u probably have no idea about this stuff also because ur not likely to do traditionally female oriented tasks or actions so u think things like taking care of your skin or nails is gay
I had considered posting about this wisdom in the past but i would never commit due to anxiety over knowing that i would more than likely lose interest and attention easily after posting, i gain it back but days later, leaving anons hanging and thinking they wasted their time and attention on some stupid juvenile larper who has nothing better to do than make shit up on 4chan

then i had a thought and realization that i feel better knowing that others, maybe even just one person, may stumble upon my posts and words and become inspired, new passion ignited, because they resonated with words that i formulated and then shared with the world. this feeling overshadows any negativity that an impatient, glowing, helpless hive controlled anon may spritz in an attempt to poo poo on everyones yards
File: Snapchat-104980230.jpg (1.06 MB, 1728x3446)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG
Will wait for morning thread, thanks for reading OP!

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