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In my research of trying to better myself and improve my overall being, I'm dabbling into occult shit related to Spirits, namely that of the Demon class.
So I'm being a good little book worm, reading, researching, doing the shit that gets you absolutely no pussy lol.
and I come across the following book (picrel)
>The Lesser Key (1916)
By Dr. L.W. de Laurence

and I'd suspected this due to other grimoire writings stating the following;
>(Knowledge necessary to exercise the magical arts)
That person, male or female, who wishes to dedicate their spirt to magical arts, must possess a true vocation for it, putting all their will and good faith into the exercises and practices. It is very important that the spirits you invoke are kept in your thoughts...Else, instead of benefiting from the invocation, you will be punished
[The Testament of Cyprian the Mage II]

and another grimoire which states something along the lines of;
The Spirits will come to the person in the manner of the summoner.

That is to say, Based on how You are as a person (Honest, Manipulative, Gentle, Harsh, Nice, Mean) this is how the Spirits will interact with you. now that might not be saying much to most but I ask you to contemplate this;
If 2 individuals can call on the same Demon but be greeted with 2 different interactions,
Person 1 (a general good person) says "Oh, <such and such Demon> was really helpful and kind. like a Grandfather figure or something"
and Person 2 (a generally nasty person) says "Oh! <such and such Demon>... WOOOO!!! He's powerful and helped, but he's a tricky bastard to get to work with"

this should tell all of us (us = people interested in this type of thing) the importance of the science of Spiritual communication but mostly it should give us all a big fucking hint to the nature of not just Demons, or Angels, but of YOUR OWN spirit and even that of the Creators(God).
OP here again,
something to add.

You know how Dr. Skinner is just absolutely Metal with his approach to ancient great powerful spirits? how he try to 'trick' them into thinking he's King Solomon and just overall subjugates the fuck out of the spirits (based on his methodology and procedures)? and how it NEVER fucking backfires on him?

It's because of his mindset when calling these being forward.

furthermore, I'll go a step further and say that Dr. L.W. de Laurence missed one vital portion, the mind these spirits come from is the collective unconscious and through the individual mind of the summoner, the Spirit then is 'painted' or 'filtered' through that mind and thus will come to the person in the manner they are.
Lol damn, a nigga drops some legit solid /x/ thread and crickets.
Guess next thread I'll bait you fuckers in with typical shill opening then redpill you with the knowledge like a date rape drug.
That is common agnostic or atheist interpretation of the world. Not trying to denounce the idea but to give more depth to it. Human mind can create things into existence, and we are all intertwined in this web od archetypes and symbols communicating with themselves. Most of our brain is unconciouss, we have only like 5% access to input/output of our brain. Even "gut feeling" is deeper since gut floura and bacteria secreets serotonin to make us feel uneasy or "easy". Everything talk to each other, we simply have too little of view into it.

For instance, ever since I started to pray to God and Jesus I felt less urge to wrath and sinning in general. And I feel disgusted when I do. It is wonderful to live a more easy life. I would say Jesus saved me from my ugly past life.
>This isn't new, newfagg
Lol I'm sorry for my excitement but me realizing this was big to me. but I understand what you're saying.

>w have only like 5% access to input/output of our brain
I disagree with this 1,000% and feel this is a wives-tale which refuses to die.

But I see where you're coming from.
Most anons don't sort threads by creation date. Also this subject doesn't interest me.
The 5% thing isn't an exact % and has been misrepresented.
You can access any one section of your brain, any individual % can be accessed.
It's doing it all at once that's the hard thing, total brain synchronization is what enables a lot of the magic.
That's what people mean by 5%, not exactly like you'd think or it seems, also isn't exactly 5% that varies quite a lot.
lol true.
I disagree with your explanation,
before I ever got into occult studies I remember the belief was you only use 5%.
You saying this saying was misrepresented because it was based on magic is not something I'm going to believe without some substantiating evidence to back that claim up.

Furthermore, in my studies - no where does it mention either explicitly or subtle that the entire brain is bought into 100% utilization to get and gain the sought after results.

Not sure where you're getting this information from friend.
You use all your brain. 100%.
In cases of brain damage there is plasticity and other areas will take up the slack. Not idea; but it works. You are using the whole thing all the time. Maybe you don’t use it so well.
>You use all your brain. 100%
lol exactly.
The entire brain is functioning at all times even sleep if there is no traumatic brain injury.
Personally I always take offense to the saying "We only use 5% of our brains" lol, it triggers me
>You are using the whole thing all the time.
Most people aren't activating their social skills when studying math.
Most people aren't using their math skills when socializing.
No harm meant but I believe you do not know what you're speaking about.
The brain doesn't single task things,
if what you're saying is true then when studying math your heart should cease pumping and other body functions should cease to work when doing other functions.
Ritual Interaction with demons where the intent to obtain some other thing is the main focus I’d agree. they are very agreeable and match your beliefs. They’re bent that way. If the intent is specifically to contact them and communicate with them they behave differently. Don’t ask me why. they don’t feel different, they just gain a personality.
Demons don't exist.
It's all in your head.
>Don’t ask me why
OP here,
I appreciate you sharing your experience.
Can you share more?
and explain deeper on what you mean by they behave differently?
is it a good or bad difference?
do they seem 'agitated' by being asked to manifest outcomes or things or they seem 'agitated' by the expenditure of energy to bring about the requested things?
lol come on bro, you can't even attempt to troll better?
if you've read my OP you'd see you're about a day late and dollar short to the "We get it" party lol.
but beyond that, your usage of meme's to reply as opposing to adding to conversation proves you've come in this thread to do nothing but attempt to derail.
that's sad brother.
>posts shitty retarded thread
>no one responds
>"woooooow reeeeeallly???"
Go cry to the demons in your head about it
File: OKaren.gif (538 KB, 480x480)
538 KB
538 KB GIF
>proves you've come in this thread to do nothing
Is this where you prove demons exist?
I'm waiting.
Also, I always post a pic when I respond or add intelligent commentary to a thread.
So, that makes you incorrect again.
Must be tiring to be incorrect most of your day (life).
How does one manage?
It’s like they gain free will in their behaviour. One is business one is casual? They’ve never remarked on things I’m doing, no matter how frivolous or retarded my request were. They just do it. I’ve never had them be agitated over using their power.

Here’s An example of how they behave differently if you call them up specifically for them to be there. I summoned Belial during a steak dinner to send the emotional experience of a fine steak as an offering for a successful ritual result. He chewed my ass out for ordering a soda and being chained to my addiction to it.

In my experience they love bringing their dominion into the world. Dominion being what they have power over. They like to experience the physical world through you as well.

I’ve never had a sinister demon show up, though I haven’t summoned any of the edgier demons specifically to meet them.
File: 3003138.gif (690 KB, 320x240)
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690 KB GIF
demons and spirits have to be separate entities from your “self” or otherwise they aren’t really demons or spirits
he probably put that in there because the trend of the time was to handwave everything away with the appearance of rationalism, even though he has no basis to say that anything that he summons is solely created by his mind either
File: yvr_630.jpg (66 KB, 1200x630)
66 KB
Over thousands of years humanity has invented at least 20,000 gods,
whom devotees have sought to appease by the sacrifice of their produce
and then by human sacrifice,
usually of children.
A couple of such events are included in the Bible.
Christians consider that thousands of gods have not existed and do not exist.
Atheists just add one more to the list by including the god of the Bible, Yahweh.
Of course that also applies to
the nonexistence of devils, demons, angels, ghosts, spirits, cherubims,
seraphims, unicorns,
cockatrices etc that
the Bible has invented.
they are not
they are immaterial hence they interact on this level through our subconscious
they are litterally feeding off their emotion of choice as they are brainless emofags
no logic or reason here, just pure vampirism emofaggottry
they have no form and some can hack our brainlets when we are not vigilant
most are things tho, artificial, created, tulpas,
demons are rare and fully sentient and living...
practically nobody encouter them because no one is worthy, they dont give a shit about bums and edge lords with nothing to lose... they like good people they can turn bad
>Most anons don't sort threads by creation date.
is this place 4channel or reddit?
I think you’re really confused
When the Bible mentions the gods of other nations, like Baal it never says that he wasn’t “real”, it just states that they were not the true god
a third of exodus is Moses doing a literal magical tournament with the Egyptian priests
File: 1650758894982.jpg (78 KB, 700x836)
78 KB
>Bible mentions
It's a comic book.
Don't take your bible literally.
This has been reddit since 2012.
People think that spiritual beings rebelled against God first but it could have been humans and spiritual beings at the same time
are you the op? how do you read a manual on how to summon demons and call the Bible fictional? lol
daemons. Look up the greek idea of daemons. Similar to how we think of them in computers as well
In regards to the topic of malign beings influencing humans, this (the link I’m about to post and the link in the image(s)) are all you’ll ever need:

Much of the Bible isn't fictional - it's totally biased in favor of the YHWHist POV. Books like Daniel were written hundreds of years after the alleged events. "His" prophecies fail after the time it was really written in. The same thing for Revelation and, Isaiah - their prophecies failed after it was actually written. The Xtian's faith that it must be true keeps them coping and saying it's all in the future as they have to reinterpret these fantasies constantly because there is no acceptable alternative for them.

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