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Am I possessed?
Spent 15 years in my parents basement at first it was just a little comfy
Thought I'd be out of there after 1 year of working
2 years past, but I'm working and going to the gym
3 and 4 years pass and I'm getting depressed
Then out of nowhere 10 years pass and I'm still in the basement, everytime I tried to move out something would happen in my life that would make it more difficult, to move out.
After 10 years in the basement I developed alcohol addiction you see I never drank alcohol in my life then all of the sudden I started drinking in my basement
It was weird bros I started drinking..
I had never any experience with alcohol so my first buy was some USSR vodka my first time I remember exactly, I drank it and felt the burn.
I kept drinking my first night and i couldn't stop, I had nobody to talk to. It was just me and a bottle of vodka in the basement.. I didn't even know how much to drink or anything like that.. I simply just finished the bottle and felt euphoria for once. I ended up vomiting that night but I never looked back I got hooked onto alcohol
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Have you tried moving out of basement?
Childhood trauma and spirit attachment. You'd know if you were possessed. Check out Terence Palmer spirit release therapy watch his YouTube channel videos
>live in bacement
>show attic
>yes, yes you ARE possessed
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Watch and enjoy please. I am sure it is karmic. Dr Hakwins expalins that alcohol supresses the lower emotions leaving joy happiness etc left when you take drugs/ drink. He says this is your natural state, so drop the booze and start meditating, praying and using the release technique devised by Lester Levenson to achieve your goals.
Yes, it is entirely possible you have a demon attached to you. Demons love drugs and alcohol, especially liquor.
When you consume alcohol, it weakens your aura, which is a protective barrier against demons. It weakens your mind, and makes it easier for a demon to operate through you.
If you feel addicted and unable to quit drinking, you must earnestly pray to God to take the addiction from you. He will do it. Forcefully tell any demons to get off of you, and that they are not welcome. Smudge/sage the basement and even the whole house, again while telling any demons to leave and that they are not welcome.
It is easy for us to avoid problems and tasks in our life by using alcohol. It's seems overwhelming to say "I will never touch another drop". But you have to put it aside long enough to address some life goals. Can you stop for a week? A month?
Another thing that almost every modern human is addicted to, are screens. Be it your phone, your TV, your computer, video games. Try unplugging it, even for a day. You will realize how strong of an addiction it is. If you are not drinking, and not staring at a screen, it will force you to be productive.
Good luck, anons!

>t. in the same boat, trying to fix myself, and help others
Right now sell all your possessions and just leave the basement. Go far away as possible

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