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File: killing god.jpg (14 KB, 272x185)
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If a god/gods or god like entity exists should it not be the mission of every single person who wants to be free to destroy him? even if its moral teachings and laws where in line with our own it we would by necessity have to destroy it in order to ascend or be able to impose our own will upon reality
Cyclical garbage, waste someone else's time.
How did you come to the conclusion that imposing our wills on reality should be our goal? That's the spirit behind modernity and look where that's gotten western civilization. We've imposed our wil on the earth and now we have climate change and a mass extinction. We've imposed our wills on social structures and now we have the breakdown of the nuclear family unit, the intergenerational family being a thing of the past, rampant nihilism, drugs, crime etc. We tried to impose our wills on the difference between the sexes and now we have a society where women slut around until their eggs dry up and then live in misery. We're in the process of imposing our wills on biology to the extent that people are trying to become the opposite sex, we're sticking pig organs in people and trying to implant wombs in men. And from that we've gotten 41%/50% and new diseases and we've barely been at it for 10 years.

Humans aren't God. We're led by our base desires so much of the time that us trying to twist the entire universe so that it lines up with our "wills" always amounts to gratifying those lower desires at the expense of what's actually good, meaningful, beautiful, natural and healthy.
God isn't a part of existence.
Wrong and failed
He's right, God doesn't exist according to Classical Theism, not like created things exist.
>That's the spirit behind modernity and look where that's gotten western civilization.

you mean the most prosperous and only civilisation without mass hunger and war? cope moron the modern world is better because we have imposed our will upon it

>We're in the process of imposing our wills on biology to the extent that people are trying to become the opposite sex

why should i care? i dont want to chop my dick off and be a troon and it dosent matter to me. all of human history is us trying to imposing will on our biology thats how mankind has advanced.

this kazinskish hatred of "western society" is such a lame shtick. go live under a rock somewhere and stop bothering people with your neo luddite bullishit
>muh prosperity, muh peace
Yeah, how amazing that people don't have to work and fight anymore. Now instead of having organic communities and civilizations that do meaningful labor and engage in any kind of heroism we're free to sit in an office chair and code all day before we go home to Netflix, meaningless hookups and existential despair.
you can't kill something that exists outside of space and time OP.

and time where no being can travel to because he was the first and only.

its not possible by any means to destroying source without killing your self remember that source or god as you call him cannot be attacked unless you want to lose your soul.

there are lesser beings that do this without him trust me on this.
your soul and body are not designed to attack the source you will never be strong enough not even with all the powers in the universe it will be instant death.

and besides god doesn't hate you enough to want to hurt you.
this is truth.

I know this and I am the third most powerful being in the cosmos telling you this.
its suicide anon.

theism only covers atheist point of view
god is a living god in real life. this is no joke.
Living =/= existing in the sense that created things exist. His life isn't like our life or any form of life we can comprehend, His sight isn't like our sight or any form of sight we can comprehend and so on, applies to all of His attributes. You need that apophaticism/via negativa or you end up doing what atheists accuse all theists of, worshipping an anthropomorphic man in the clouds.
very heroic to die of dysentery at the age of 16
God wants someone else to destroy him and take his place. But it's impossible because the creation is a disappointment
omfg how many times do I have to explain this shit GOD IS NOT A PERSON, it's not a fucking man, its not a fucking entity its not a something you can talk to an shake hands with its fucking energy the source, the force whatever you wanna call it but its not a being jesus fucking christ
we ascend by rising above duality and reincarnating until we learn all our lessons an get it right an release all of our karma not reincarnating as a punishment you want to reincarnate because its how you ascend
God's not energy either, that's just as materialistic as saying He's a person or a planet or a stone, just sounds better to us because the idea of energy is newer and less well understood.
jesus christ you people are so stupid
it sounds better because it's right or at least a more accurate description of what god really is
File: 1638471718792.jpg (44 KB, 720x900)
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>sky daddy issues the post
LOL didn't read.

here is something I say to all the favors of athiests/theists/agnostics/ etecerta

>If you don't believe something exists then you are never going to believe it.
>not even if all the proof in the world exists.
faith is
faith is the belief that (certain thing/persons/deity/"g_d") exist (without knowing/certainty it exists)

that is faith.

you cannot be convince or converted to have faith or learn about it you have this in you
>because it comes from the self.

these questions/answers are a waste of time without faith. child.
this is why statements is something god or angels never answer

as these are mear guess work. not even the greatest angels know fully who god is.
that is how vast he is
it is even beyond an archagel like my self and michael
and trust me both of us have asked this question to our selves and questioned each other but nether of us could come up with a defined parameter's for him because the truth is he is undefinable

I my self am a non caporal being lving in a human flash vehicle talking to you right now.
that is all you fleash bags are jsut a vehicle for other beings/souls/ enities to use.

you are not your body.
you are your soul.

this desotries any and all athiest arguements straight out of the gate.
It would blew you mind how many bodies I can in habbit at any given time at the exact same time.

and trust me. he (GOD) is far beyond that.
You can never know these things because even the smartest angels can't figure it out.

and trust me ALL of us have tried to understand him fully. and we all failed.

Yes I have seen him as a ball of light
bigger than any known sun so pure and so wonderous its murder for any non celetial being to lay eyes on his face.

and enegry but he's more then that. its beyond words anon there isn't enoguh words to describe even the best angels have all tried.

but out descriptions are not enough nothing can be enough.
you cannot understand.
its not possiable for our minds to understand
Listen, I'm not the guy you responded to but even I can see your response is retarded.

People clearly end up believing in things once all the proof is presented, that literally how we advanced as far as we have as a species.
"Look at your dead god! it wont save humanity a second time!"
" I am Ghaul! I claim what is mine!"
"More...I NEED MORE!"
" You failed your Traveler. You let your city die. Give up! You've got nothing to fight for, nothing to die for."
" I pity you. You know nothing of sacrifice, nothing of worth!"
"Traveler, Do you see me now?"
>If a god/gods or god like entity exists should it not be the mission of every single person who wants to be free to destroy him?
I would say yes. I've always felt this weight over my entire existence, and I believe the only way to experience true freedom is to kill God and/or become a God.
Idk why I'm bothering to argue with an unironic schizo but define "exists" for me.
>should it not be the mission of every single person who wants to be free to destroy him?
That's why we came to this godless realm - to live out these fantasies.
When you have exhausted this silliness, you'll be given a path back to Godhead.
>people believe when proof exists
bullshit. lies.

unless it comes from goverment sources you will never believe anything and anything classified like my self will never be mainstream ever.

don't make me laugh.
you are naive.

the mainstream plebs and academia, scientific community are kept in the dark on purpose thought out the cosmos for this reason.

anyway I have to go. later.
>unless it comes from goverment sources you will never believe anything and anything classified like my self will never be mainstream ever.
Some things can be proven all on your own (if you have the resources). The more complex the issue, the more resources it requires.

Nobody needs convincing that air exists, because just you breathing is an "experiment" to confirm it's there.

Or you can get a fan and turn it on (you feel it on your skin, so there's obviously something invisible being propelled towards you by the fan).

I don't know what conspiracy shit you have in mind when you say what you just said, but I'm not here to argue with some retarded schizo.
>if it isn't believeable (insert mental illness)
>if its beyond physical or soemthing i can use my five senses on its not real.

okay hylic way to prove i'm right.

yes you are wasting time. good bye athiest.
>if it isn't believeable (insert mental illness)
More like:
>If you don't care about testing something to see if it's real you are probably mentally ill and you only care about fantasy
What % of the population actually died from diseases back then? When you do the math it doesn't even add up to 1%.
Get fucked basedfaggot
Do the math.
And you wonder why He won't just reveal Himself. He knows people like you exist and will go out of their way to try and kill Him, even though that's impossible.
all these anime kiddies thinking it's so cool to "kill god" because God is always just literally a colossal punchman that gets punched harder by a little punchman

do you really think God is going to turn into a giant punchman for you to duel after you level up and beat TPTB? This isn't a children's story.
sounds like a pussy
Deuteronomy 7:2
would you preffer to be a farmer on some shitty coastal village in Europe then some day muslim pirates kill and rape half of your family but you and the other half is send abroad to be slaves?
I don't like this souless modern world, but i don't like either what was before. Nature and physical world are a piece of crap.
Beat me in chess first. Too bad. You have no powet of your own. The best of Humanity is still not you btw.
File: 1612467754671.jpg (130 KB, 889x499)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
God is YO DADDY!
>>>vg is that way O brave tarnished
Gnosticism is luciferian garbage, cartesian dualism is fake af and this world isn't meant to be perfect, it's a test.

I can agree that some people take it too far of course. The premodern world wasn't all spiritual wisdom, tradwives in wheatfields and organic community. But I'd rather live in a society and age where literally everything around me wasn't trying to psyop me into being as evil as possible, where people realized that objective meaning exists, that there's such a thing as God and spirituality, where they didn't ignore death like we do (because they literally couldn't, it was all around you back then).
This is such a small view of things. God is your ally, God is the only force that can help you escape the demiurge
God is the demiurge and he forces me to exist so that he can dominate and abuse me and make my life hell. The only way to stop him would be to kill him somehow.
>God is the demiurge
*Satan is the demiurge

"God" is Yahweh, is Satan. The true God wants to help you defeat him, but first you have to help yourself
>and this world isn't meant to be perfect, it's a test
How are you so sure about it? It makes little sense to be honest.
>everything around me wasn't trying to psyop me into being as evil as possible
I agree that this society and these times are garbage. But don't idealize pre modern times when you were thrown to war against some foreign idiots because your lord said so.
I don't know how is it better to 'not ignore' death because you have a lot of family members and acquaintances dying to some absurd causes like surgeons not knowing it's a good idea to wash their hands before opening you up.
It's all a fake progress, we're still in this fucking wheel of suffering.
I can't play chess

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