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File: brain.rot.jpg (12 KB, 225x225)
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Welcome to the Nobody General

>Who is the Nobody?
The Nobody is a figure alive today who has extraordinary spiritual powers, including the ability to control reality with their conscious and unconscious mind. He is a man of no wealth or worldly acclaim through whom it seems God has chosen to manifest his strength and wisdom. He is said to carry the Logos, making him a fearless bla bla bla bla

Reminder that you are not the Nobody. The Nobody does not post in these threads. You can’t control reality with your mind. You don’t have any paranormal powers. You don’t influence reality through this thread.
File: 1616886676325.jpg (61 KB, 720x960)
61 KB
>You don’t influence reality through this thread
So are you telling me this thread isn't part of reality?
File: EDFPTEdXUAERBwV.jpg (49 KB, 737x737)
49 KB
File: 1617572421375.jpg (54 KB, 832x1024)
54 KB
sup red.
File: 1620912686988.jpg (45 KB, 960x940)
45 KB
>You can’t control reality with your mind.
So you're telling me the brain is not involved in the actuation of movement?
I'm not going to watch porn anymore
those digits are cool nonetheless
Not checked :/
File: AdobeStock_142438416.jpg (181 KB, 1920x1280)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
Honestly, they're pretty sexy dogs. I can't really blame her.
Kendal is hot and she makes tequila so gets an A+ as far as intangibles go
theres more than one red around these parts patner
commie scum y won’t u die
When you reach the point of reciting dialog like Will Smith did with Shrek in I Am Legend, you know it's time for a career change.
who the fuck said anything about communism
I’m a neo-teraist personally
Simply telling the truth about who our enemy is and what we are fighting against consolidates our power and frees us from a network of trade (commercial or ideological) that will always devolve to the lowest common denominator.

File: FB_IMG_1634172838479.jpg (84 KB, 1024x1024)
84 KB
File: d38.png (710 KB, 1000x1000)
710 KB
710 KB PNG
Has the nobody ever felt suicidal?
digits, check'em
Holy shit bros!
It all makes sense now, I am neo
new what?
Best OP yet. Finally have somebody who can put this woowoo shit to rest. Welcome to reality anons
Yes. But he has never seriously tarried in that valley. He is accustomed with suffering and moments of self hatred as all men are accustomed.
If you want soldiers for your war, open up a recruitment office next to the cellphone store like normal.
Neo- tera-ist… ftfy
And if I don't see you there
I'll search forever
I Swear in the Name of The Lord Jesus Christ that I will never go on a porn website and touch myself ever

If I ever do it again , may The Wrath of God be put unto me until the End of Time itself

I Will destroy Evil , I will Destroy them all
I swear in the Name of the Humans I will not let a single one alive

You are going down
Or you could just let everyone go free and admit the truth.
the bible tells the truth.
you and I will serve god for ever and repent all sins and give back everything you stole and stop jabing people with the poison.

that's not that hard.
>posts big tiddy ex gf from across the globe
I am the chosen, OP. Why don't you get a grip, bro? You better pray reality doesn't collapse around you cuz I am really mad

Single letter man's "Joker" is worse than Jared Leto's. Everything is getting worse.
First person plural. What’s your point?
I'm literally watching the African version of The Apprentice
This is good shit
indeed, the darkest night is a primary goal
File: 1630625468828.jpg (230 KB, 1024x1024)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
maybe because i'm doing something called trying to live.
not like you look like your struggling. as in at all.
how can i be mad, i'm crazy.
no need for anger?

OH your talking about YOU. okay then.
I'm not scared the feminine.
why would I.
Only a fag would if I do say so my self.
But only want one I can marry and tak him and that is a biological female.

you don't have red hair or blue eyes.
why are you lying?
whomst are you talking to now?
what would come next, though
Forgot the link
File: 7i86z0-l-610x610.jpg (49 KB, 482x610)
49 KB
check the quads
Stupid sexy Flanders
too slow. Now listen to gucci hucci
There's a chance to make it out anons. They are try to teach you to hinder yourselves so you can't prevail. The indoctrination into false beliefs is perpetuated by those they think you wish to embody. Trust not what is proposed to be trusted. They have pruned the archives of what we have said. I was supposed to lead you down a path I'm not proud to say I paved and maintained. If I got enough in, I was to get out. My selfish acts will be my downfall. If you must think twice about something, it's probably wrong. Also fuck for real, fuck the police
This looks fucking awesome

no stop . seriously though. did you eat your garlic and onions today?
the eights
My morning boners have finally returned
I think our sessions here would be more enjoyable if you stopped posting this female and started posting Emma Watson, Emma Stone and Emma Roberts, bro.
I think ive successfully fucked my town we'll see
If this place gradually but not so gradually becomes known as the home of Pennywise, it'll uh
. Have some tourism money in it
There will be downsides
was hoping for a sick tune, checked
anon mode, engage!!!
Ihroun and Single letter man r34
interesting concept
now explain cinderella and snow white
File: @dashoneylein.webm (1.71 MB, 576x846)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB WEBM

Voice is hot
How him do that
File: 1630782466903.jpg (55 KB, 828x801)
55 KB
I'm sure your confusing me with someone like the devil, yes?
I mean I do look boring and ugly sure.
and maybe a bit monotone and mute.
a bit deaf too.

balding and a turk.
so I guess I'm NOT
the nobody.

not at all.
I married a jew before for 12 years did you know that. but not the isrealities you just have to see the first pic i post right here in this very thread.

I'm not sure where your quoting.
But i'm sure you have the wrong person.

I mean I'm more a fan of blue eyes and blonde hair

My ex was a polish jew. you know the one from near a certain place.
I loved her too. oh yes.
gave two children.

sadly though.I wanted to be a virgin untill i found someone that loved me back and didn't want me for power.
so I jsut reject them
the mnore famous they are the more I reject.
except jesus or god I love them and accept them

jesus being my master
*le gasp*
you wouldn't be angry?
at ME!?!?!
no some one else. because I'm not the nobody and will never be.

as the others said he doesn't post here at least not at all. its mainly poin'tless shitposting and saying things.
you know all the "stress"in the world.

I mean i'm just 38 yr old neet.
so obviously I'm not a threat.
not like i can go anywhere being homebound and unable to afford anything other then food.
Prayed for your success
Norm MacDonald rose from.the dead
That's the way of the world, Anon. Plant your flower and you grow a pearl.
>I'm not going to watch porn anymore
Good luck. Me too
>Reminder that you are not the Nobody. The Nobody does not post in these threads
clutch-sonic counselor
@ Reche's Chevalier 2: The Insider
both my above post adressed to you so feel free to be the nobody.

really be my guess. its open.
File: 1634085063590.jpg (139 KB, 960x960)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
Great Reset’s Depopulation Agenda in Full Swing as Masses Surrender Independence, Identity, Birthright for Comfort – FULL SHOW 10/13/21



Oct 13, 2021

Norm Macdonald helped with these threads
stop it red.
Stop what?
Somethings fucking with my mood
Moral support. Plus the movie Screwed was a template for phase 4 of this.
Okay not anymore we're good
You're right, I'm not nobody. I'm..
you know there was a time when i wanted to have tea and biskits with the queen of england.
just as friendly (no people around) get together

looks like all my dreams are smashed.
not a thing I can do about it i'm afriad.
*nose in air*
I've met the queen of England. Twice. During my psychosis. She showed up to my university. And then after she came to my apartment to harvest my seed.
stop posting as me. you multi-personity person you and if its someone else place make them stop thanks.
I haven't posted as you in this thread.
I've also met the pope.
Soon as stop posting as me! You fucking imposter!
she's a married woman though to the duke.
who are you?
are you him?
are you the duke?
what seed?
My Sperm. I'm the bastard child of Prince Andrew.
Once I met manly hall after he died. I thought he was colonial sanders.
pope digits
captcha: 888NN
File: cat.webm (542 KB, 640x800)
542 KB
he cat
File: redbullshit.png (55 KB, 1710x509)
55 KB
>stop posting as me.
oh shit stop it red not again.
c'mon be nice.
I swear it's not me this time
"Is this not the fast which I choose,
To loosen the bonds of wickedness,
To undo the bands of the yoke,
And to let the oppressed go free
And break every yoke?
Is it not to divide your bread with the hungry
And bring the homeless poor into the house;
When you see the naked, to cover him;
And not to hide yourself from your own flesh?
Then your light will break out like the dawn,
And your recovery will speedily spring forth;
And your righteousness will go before you;
The glory of the LORD will be your rear guard.
Then you will call, and the LORD will answer;
You will cry, and He will say, ‘Here I am.’
If you remove the yoke from your midst,
The pointing of the finger and speaking wickedness,
And if you give yourself to the hungry
And satisfy the desire of the afflicted,
Then your light will rise in darkness
And your gloom will become like midday.
And the LORD will continually guide you,
And satisfy your desire in scorched places,
And give strength to your bones;
And you will be like a watered garden,
And like a spring of water whose waters do not fail.
Those from among you will rebuild the ancient ruins;
You will raise up the age-old foundations;
And you will be called the repairer of the breach,
The restorer of the streets in which to dwell."
Isaiah 58:6-12
File: 1630099584309.jpg (231 KB, 1536x2048)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
but I'm the main character I must be the nobody
already in nigga
Also met him at grocery store with some big bearded fellows. Said his name was herb and explained oxygen flow and how to stay from red meats as he had a pack of liver in his cart. He got pretty upset with me after we continued our conversation. Met tom segura when I was a kid. That was pretty dope. And queentay when we were kids. Made a fat joke about me and walked off. I don't have much luck with the in crowds.
File: 1622501583136.jpg (36 KB, 450x610)
36 KB

Meaning dont use votes. Take the positions.
such a great pic of such a great man
loved him in tron: uprising
File: redswears.png (75 KB, 568x784)
75 KB
.....You need to stop red please.
be nice.
and stop lying.

you don't need to.
Look i get it your an important child. I get that.
its not everyone who gets to be a clone of the darkprince.

but royality too.
well according to my data he did go to island on that plane so.
well since he's grey I can't tell what he used to look like and i'm too lazy to look for it.
For fucks sake it's not me. But I hope they continue and I hope you get more and more flustered.
it depends how you define "suicidal". if your answer is "killing yourself because you are sad or whatever", then the answer is no.
i never say grocery stare fucking canadian. fuck off red.
go larp as your self.
fucking leaf.
Merge me im bored
I was joking about being Prince Andrew's son. That's a friend of mine whom I met in the psyche ward. But I did meet the Queen and the Pope tho.
*merges with you* owo

I've been with a few women in my life and one thing I've noticed is that the female anus is incredibly close to the vagina, in fact they're barely an inch apart.

I'm not sure about other guys - but doesn't this disturb you? It feel like a design flaw in women actually -- like they're supposed to be so feminine and beautiful yet this ghastly little oversight is ruining everything.

Somehow it feels to me that women should be more aware of this flaw and it should affect their confidence. Whenever I see a so-called beautiful woman walking down the street so care-free thinking she's all that I just remember that her anus is only 1 inch away from her pussy and laugh her into oblivion.

Women: Please accept that they're too close together, let it negatively affect your confidence and so make yourselves more readily available sexually as a result. After all, we're having to sleep with a creature whos ANUS is only 1 inch away from the vagina --- you should not make this difficult. It's unappetizing enough as it is. We're doing you a favour.

Men: Do not let women forget this flaw, and do not forgive them for it. Remind them of it constantly less they get inflated egos and think they're all that.

They're just too close together, sorry, but its true
Missed opportunity with the bottom word
Queen shit. Love her
Explain cat magic
File: 1632548750480.jpg (128 KB, 820x652)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
vibe check

Precisely identify reasons for your own behavior and you will gain your freedom incrementally
no in ww2 i was at the camps as a "scientist"
studying twins in a jewish camp for typus victuims most of them where soviet jews and a poles.

there is litterall;y fortage of my work around I was rather old back then. late 80's to early 90 yr old. and I had a horriable thick german accent.

its was aweful
but then again. a job is a job etc.
saved in operation paperclip.
The Duke died though
Another way to be suicidal is to say/do something really egregious to another person whom you know is not likely to ever forget it
Making a mortal enemy can be a suicidal action
What does it mean
File: IMG_9516.jpg (72 KB, 866x767)
72 KB
It’s a wenis
what did the teacher say when all the students started talking about sneezing?
But why do people say "penis!!" here?
File: Purple.png (348 KB, 1280x720)
348 KB
348 KB PNG

You didn't roll 36666666

You aren't Loona, fuck off faggot!

P.S. I love you Goodnight!
Shut up Billie
Bullying someone over a long period of time can be a suicidal act
That is very weculiar
During the Roman Empire I was the personal ball washer of Augustus Caesar. I remembar it like yestrday. He had a six incher. Uncut. Which was pretty big even by todays stadrds but back then it was truly huge.

Had to help him fit it inside his wife.

Awful stuff.

Me myself I'm 5" and that's plenty big enough for me.

Most guys in porn you see today are 6' and they inject steorids there. That's not for me. That's demonic stuff.
I think it means something
maybe someone has a wenis?

File: _ _ _.jpg (139 KB, 1920x1080)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
>>>Your leave

that is so funny i wish i thought of it first. someone get this guy a ribeye
Okay, but she's a queen though
Violentlu resisting a cop is a very suicidal action as well — far more suicidal than most others
Threat Level: Tiger

Sea monster or other entity in Pacific ocean causing chaos. Notable case being a sunken Indonesian submarine.
Need a King for that
I wanna make a vow like coombro above but I want to do something in meatspace to cement it. Jesus and Kali are my guides. What can I do to ask for their special help and make sure I don’t forget this resolution
File: 458-1024.png (28 KB, 380x380)
28 KB
File: Yuh.png (232 KB, 800x514)
232 KB
232 KB PNG

Stupid fucking faggots_
Claiming to be a cop or undercover government agent can put your life at risk
Publicly claiming/implying you are in a mafia family is also not a smart thing to do if you have strong instincts towards self-preservation
>Fourth Generation Warfare encompasses diplomatic, information, military, financial, intelligence, law enforcement, cultural, and humanitarian involvement. Every appendage of engagement seems turned into a mechanism of coercion at home or conflict abroad, with “stable economic order” as a vacuous goal that can never be consummated. (Delete following sentence).
Helped edit
File: deathpointing.jpg (54 KB, 400x400)
54 KB

I expect nothing for my self I just want to stop this mass murder because its hurting me too.

and stop the jab and get justice
nothing else.

and then I want to go back to living as a normal human

and have a wife and children of my own and be a dad in a nice house with friends
and nice neibourhood with hood , drink and good bible beliving neibourhood

and there to live my life NOT going my job as i wanted to do
WITHOUT getting famous or people knowing me that was my objective since i was born.

I couldn't care less about saving people who want power or money I don't care.
I don't want to save a single athiest.
and I won't
I''m n ot jesus and I don't think I'm god (the most high)

even though I have a cursed name.
so i'd rather just be me.
and be like a normal person and left alone
when can get out of bing poor.
worrying about anything

and live as a noramla middle class man so I can hide again
and copy what humans do because i'm jeoulous as fuck of them.

there happy.

I never been happy in my life. I jsut want it beofre i get too old.
not lokced up in jail or dead.
that was NOT the objective.
just simple middle class man out in the rural some where nice and happy
no drama.

just a small car a family and a nice small house where my kids can sleep and I can rasie them to take over my job and work
the farm
and make them into parents also.

and a church to pray and worship the most

that's it.
nothing else and I could give a fuck about the outside world ever again. becuase its evil and wicked.

and all those peopel didn't have to die for a bunbh of hissy fitting shits
and my brother ruining the world.
I'm not he worlds janny.

I cannot make you do anything
its called free will and other thing is called the coveant that forbids me to harm the holy
or interfere with humanityt at any point in time

I can only sussguest and pray that they serve heaven (not me)
and all angels are suppos to spread the world of god and be holy
Closely associating oneself with groups that advocate acts of civil/economic disruption or other kinds of criminality might also be done by a person who does not carefully consider their own future

It’s not all about being sad and taking some pills and shit
Something like that might actually just be the corny “cry for help” they always say it is
>Closely associating oneself with groups that advocate acts of civil/economic disruption or other kinds of criminality…
petty acts like the Boston tea party?
I consider AT&T to be an organized crime syndicate of sorts lmao
now your just making up lies. bitch.
Mos def
The American Revolution was clearly won by the wrong side
At least I'm not a goddamn nazi
Finally good solid information. Alpha
Oh am I?
There are worse things than Nazis imo
Most honest historians calculate Stalin as worse than Hitler
bring back the nobody generals full of music
File: index.png (7 KB, 225x225)
7 KB
>mfw I remember Taylor Swift fucks dogs on the reg
indeed, your digits are solid too
>sunken Indonesian submarine.

I remember that one. Being inside as they worried. Kinda like when floyd couldnt breathe. So many examples of heard and seen calls from the pain of those in the world :(
Yeah! Like the anon who unironically posted their Imagine Dragons YouTube playlist LMAO
Nodal networks for commercial or ideological transmissions
>Astral data gathering network (picrel)

G-guys….What is the nobody?!
big iron on his hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip
Here I have some new potential characters:

Elf Tits O'Malley
Wise Badger
Taylor Slow
The Cowardly Refrigerator

Are any of these good?
understanding in tandem :)
I know, but it's just so funny it brings me a lot of happiness.
Why can’t we get more simultaneous Nobody threads on this board?
2 is not enough to “contain” all the disciples and potential converts of this new and exciting religion!
Who gives a fuck about conspiracies and aliens and Sasquatch and ghosts and chemtrails any more?
None of those things are real.
This is real.
>40 posters
How many of them are (Me)?
a lot
I saw Odin and Jesus jacking off on Omegle in separate instances. Both were in the same position. Legs spread eagle, one hand on the mouse, other on the "joystick". Odin even gave me a look as to say what I was doing was weird. Jesus looked distraught. I mean, your dick was out, bud. Not mine. And yeah, I glanced.


yep COCK
>Elf Tits O'Malley
gotta admit I chuckled
>Wise Badger
It means things aren't that hard.
It's amazing how privatized things were back in teh day for rulers. We don't do the same nowadays and I argue it creates a less unified ruler. We need rulers to have multiple concubines today so that they have a more wholesome view of the world.

I'm telling you, those concubines ran the kingdom in their care and attention of the ruling party. I'll be damned if anyone's actually listening to board meetings and shit nowadays. They just AFK listen to it and tell the dogs to set everyone in line.
yes. making stuff up.
spoiler alert, the Nobody has replied to these threads before. This place and GLP are sometimes a way he winds down the day.
Tensions in my body are disappearing maybe anxiety will go when body finally "updates" to match this
Anxiety is always the last thing to go
pulling on the heart strings
captcha wrwtw
I wonder what Big Chungus did today
File: Drops.jpg (6 KB, 176x286)
6 KB

Man Heaven is over rated_ _ _
File: 000i.jpg (54 KB, 999x999)
54 KB
She's an octopus fąm
see this is why you have no faith because you talk about crimanial and god in the same sentence then you litterally don't know anything

also you didn't define criminals which in its self makes you suspicious
because you did not defind what or who they are refferenceing nor what they are accused of or what you want.

this is classic information baiting.
your going to have to try harder than that.
its used by investigators its dead give away these open vague question.
They're not good - they're great!
I would like to get caught up in her tentacles
File: 666.jpg (9 KB, 275x183)
9 KB
I really want to kick smiles in the balls.
Ah, Anthony the Tiger.
They're excellent!
Why are you doing this? You enjoy making people feel worse about themselves and their potential? This I the biggest psyop on X
I only said "even if she came back...too much knowledge has been acquired"

I dont know what else was processed ...

Big info transfer... thanks?
Pls don't
Unless you think
Kicking a stranger who annoys you in the balls
Is a normal thing to do

If you like kicking
People in the balls
Who are strangers
That annoy you
This guy gets it
What's up
It's okay bro. It really doesn't...seem to have been able to go any other way...

I dont think I'll be leaving early ...
he's in the other thread talking shit ignoring this one like the cunt that he is. Just wanna run up from behind and take a good swing and BAM right in his nutsuck
> You enjoy making people feel worse about themselves and their potential

What potential? Potential to be psyoped into delusions of grandeur?
U guys ever catch a natural Amish person? It's a little different but it's something if you like a taste of the country
piss off
Who u talking to?
I fuck
ed my self in the pee hole
Man I wish this had gotten the quads
I know I love it! It makes it so much easier for guys to lick both my pussy and anus since it's in close proximity and it gets me so turned on because it feels so good! I love getting fingered too, good thing both sensitive parts are so close together they can finger both at the same time.
Hey my name's Magnum PI
Of all the larps this is the one that has crossed the line.
The one time I fingered someone I made their pussy bleed. Yeah I bite my fails.
I'm here to do literally anything for a small amount of drugs
Is the anus as close to the pussy in fat chicks tho?
Asking for a friend
Did you freak out and run home to your mommy?
100% this
I'm here as the herald of Galactus, but I'm a Smurf
captcha 55m5j
This implies these threads were willed into existence because he was bored one day.
Where's El Arcón
File: 1633128875110m.jpg (110 KB, 819x1024)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Mark your calendars


What's 10 ÷ 15??????? ;^)

File: 1633369191289.jpg (20 KB, 418x523)
20 KB

good night everybody
File: 34526789.png (472 KB, 1176x586)
472 KB
472 KB PNG
Gn apu
>i have nothing your a prick and a risk
I'm not here to dox you.
quiet down.

your a tool to get big fish not use for the other away around. that's why your here.
I know your suppose to be used the other way but that's not your true purpose.

your real purpose it to chatch occultists and pedos and actual criminals
ya know like doing you real job the work you get paid to do.

or did you forget?
if you don't want to do the job i'll label you a deep state agent.
do you want that?

if not then stop being rude
and if your not the above don't rely.
>I get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine
Just imagine being that lame
Oh wait… lol
Yerfteggery Breg Teggle
The American
Siam's gonna be the witness
To the ultimate test of cerebral fitness
This grips me more than would a muddy old river
Or reclining Buddha
But thank God I'm only watching the game
Controlling it…
I don't see you guys rating
The kind of mate I'm contemplating
I'd let you watch, I would invite you
But the queens we use would not excite you
So, you better go back to your bars
Your temples, your massage parlors…
Shiggly Niggly Doo
Hdhs ussh ussh
Jhtfreeeeeeeww wry ipppppdbhdh sutaficalt wirjnfinshdujkegsiiifnhgttsytxttfwfsnckkdoogmjtffsix6sh. Djxoshkc c6e v8dinec8id
found the occultists in the thread
File: 4253685374574.png (575 KB, 553x482)
575 KB
575 KB PNG
I did it
cause I didn't have a choice

it's a "free will my ass" kind'a thing

long story short
I picked a fight
I never had a chance at winning

then got my ass kicked
and have to deal
with the consequences of my own damn life choices

cause that's how realty works

which probably doesn't answer a damn thing you were questioning

so on a side note
even if you didn't ask
being trapped in a delusion of my own making

makes it impossible for anyone else
to influence what I am thinking
which I can take advantage of how ever I see fit

so as far as "reasons" go
that one
is pretty fucking useful if you ask me

not that you did
I mean it's right there in your post
you asked if I traped myself to escape something

not if I thought
it was useful
none of you could influence my thoughts no matter what you post

How's it going strangers?
Everyone hanging in there?
*fingers crossed*

Not your friend here
nope, nope, nope
I'm simply an acquintance of yours

Who really needs a good kick
Up the scrotum
Yep Yep Yep

For being an annoying little cuntickle
Who shits up these threads
With my retarded bullshit

Because I have a small
pee pee
And My daddy bullied me when I was a boy

He would dress me up
And treat me like a little girl
And I must admit
I kind of enjoyed it

Since then I became
About my sexuality

And I take it out
On the anons
In this threads
Every day

When I get home
from the hardware store

you want to stop covid you better do it fast.

no pressure :^)
Thats a great canon
Who cares where, I am in the cave of bootysome now make me a sandwich you monkey
Single letter man i already casted the spell
U have to have faith single letter man
hi =)
Daily friendly reminder. If you see smiley post, press "hide post"
Fix my brain pls
File: 1593323436871.gif (89 KB, 498x416)
89 KB
actually... knowing I will never have my complete opposite and the only angel I have ever seen actually hurts. I hate you idiots so much its unreal. now everything is personal, even business. you only know you hate when your anger is cold.
You’ve gone too far this time
But I’m dancing on the valentine
I know that somebody’s screwin around with my chances on the danger line
I’ll cross that bridge when I find it
Another day to make my stand
High time is no time for deciding if I should find a helping hand

Pepo no
You picked the fight, which means you had the courage of achieving it. Delusions are like baloons, there is only one way to make them grow, but a delicate touch, one prick in the wrong place...
File: 435235437585888.jpg (358 KB, 1200x903)
358 KB
358 KB JPG
How's it going?))
You are not nobody too. Thanks anon.
I can control reality but under the rules of the game. We do have more powers than we think but depends on the belief structure we fall into. I'm just hanging with brothers and sisters here. I'm not nobody.
I'm somebody and so are you.
What made OP pick today's image?
Anyone got any anti-brain pills? I got some brain going bad over here
I must face my brain related fears anons
Its time for me to face the brain goblin
Go drink a couple beers
Considering how many Weirdo's
there are out there in the very same reality
Would it be of any surprise for you

To learn that some anons
Enjoy a good bit of cock and ball torture

On their day off
From the hardware store

In ways
They don't always talk about
To their acquaintances

Where you would meet them in the street
And you wouldn't be able to tell
That the anon in question

Is wearing a ball stretcher
At that very moment
And is enjoying himself

Very much
Because the pain in the balls
Helps him forget about that time
In his childhood

Where his daddy
Dressed him up as a little girl

it is nice I have pizza :3
it anyway improved substantially.
I'll get some tomorrow
That'll be good
Just please don't make it a habit :)
I'm only trying to save you your honor
you have honor right?

I ma you are law abiding citizens right just like me your average citizen nothing special just a neet of no value.

pleace do the right thing you are good people or could be if you wan to be.
not implying anything just being a corcerned net is all with my fellow neets right?

File: 43252858.jpg (99 KB, 770x439)
99 KB
Can you find The Nobody?
File: 3246567599078.png (754 KB, 750x400)
754 KB
754 KB PNG
Better zoom
What about reading the comment sections on porn sites, think you can handle, that much with out turning all pervert yourself?

it's pretty obvious
what you are trying to do
is prove you are better then everyone else

and that's about it

*ouch my brain*

You really think strangers on the other side of the internet come to these thread for no other reason then to read your post's don't you?

what's a matter anon
if you can't handle strangers
mocking you what are you doing on 4chan(nel) in the 1st place


how bad would it suck to think everyone anus was as dirty as you kept your own?

why would a Queen need you to determine if she could be single or not as long as her servants didn't give a shit what you thought anymore then she did?

you don't like that PETA is a thing do you?

please anon
reality isn't changing
so until it does what reason does anyone have to believe a thing you post


how sad would someone have to be to make up false prophecies only to make fun of anyone gullible enough to believe them

I'm hanging in there myself
stranger I know nothing about

if you really want
some to kick you
I bet it wouldn't be hard to find someone in real life who would enjoy doing so

and if you penis is really small
there is a good chance
they might miss it

and you can let them try over and over and over

as long as nobody
is being bent
to anyone else's will

what's wrong with that


reality doesn't give a shit about me
and will let me fuck up in ways there is no coming back from
at any moment

I'm aware
why do you think
I only talk about this stuff

when it doesn't matter
what I say
like in a shit post for example


impossible to tell
what some one looking you in the eye
is really thinking

File: 1621268918862.jpg (75 KB, 921x640)
75 KB
I got some music just for this situation.
Meditate to this chaffy pants.


Pick a song that jumps out at you.
Who's ready to prove to themselves they have no idea what strangers are capable of imagining for themselves?

Would any anon here be able to imagine
As an example

That some folks enjoy
Getting their scrotum stretched

In ways that aren't socially appropriate
But extremely enjoyable
If you're into that sort of thing

Which some folks are
And it's not the place of folks
To judge what happens

In someone's bedroom
When a certain anon
Sticks a high powered vacuum up his ass

In ways that would be extremely embarrassing
If caught by his acquaintances
Having to do so in secret

Every night.
In ways that you would only talk about
On 4chan(nel)
In a thread about a made up fairy tale.
Efficient, logical, effective and practical
Using all resources to the best of our ability
Changing, designing, adapting our mentalities
Improving our abilities for a better way of life
Babies, mother, hospital, scissors
Creature, judgement, butcher, engineer
These are the little children, the future in our hands
When all god's children on this Earth inherit all our plans
These are the lies they tell us but this is the only way
When all god's children on the Earth will evermore be saved

fun mode in the zone
eating pain and shedding my weak
File: 1633567978150.gif (793 KB, 238x479)
793 KB
793 KB GIF
umm anon
I've been to /gif already
just a heads up
What letter are you?

Joseph of Yeshua:
"You beg to differ."
if that anon doesn't answer
what do you think will happen
if you ask if they think they are "q" point blank?

>not the anon you're responding to btw
File: 1612711026707.jpg (132 KB, 1000x754)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
describe your journey so far with a pic
want to stop thinking?

well. I have just the thing get some peis eat 2 of them
then some tellila and some lemon
squid just a little lemon in your moth then down half the bottle of tellila its 1.5 lilter
your be in a comma for 2 days from alcohole poisoning.
kills all your pain too make sure you don;'t have a mask on and sleep on a soft bed

it will Knock you Out you 100%

>warning your'll get the mother of head aches
when you wake up

what ever you do don't drink water.
drink orange juice instead else your throw up 100%
or a straight brandy with cola cola mixed in and down that instead.

really good for painkiller when you got no pills as well.
wild west stuff right there.
we used to use it on people who needed to take out bullets and back in those days all the bullets where lead shells and your would get posioned in the blood if it wasn;'t removed within a few hours.
it was nasty.
thank goodness for brass casing in later years what ass that was.

sorry i'm rambling again.
the one you post at the mail box
code for angel.
File: 1563062328247.jpg (45 KB, 554x347)
45 KB
>>30017500 checked
All of these are good.
Overall dankness of the thread was greatly increased.
File: 4325486576967.jpg (8 KB, 290x174)
8 KB
Do ya like the thread OP?
I made it so certain folks
who post in this thread

Would see it and be like
Yep That's exactly what goes on here
In ways Nobody has any control over

But I'm not gonna admit I like it
Because my pee pee is small

All predictable like and shit
anyone reading this fairy tale
familiar with the fairy tale
about a prince turned into a frog?

so ugly on the outside
they no female would kiss them
cause they were gross looking

or for some princess
to see who they really were
and turn them into a handsome prince

just by kissing them
which certain folks
relate to

in ways other's do not

I'm not OP
but OP could be reading

and wonder why
you are pretending
to be them

unless you are OP
talking to yourself
and only missclicked on my post of course
Where you ever kicked in the balls? Did it hurt?
No. 30018171
get the bucket
put water in the bucket
grab plastic bottle, burn hole through cap
cut hose, put hose in cap, so that it rests at bottom of bottle when cap is tightened
use either honey or glue to make the hose cap airtight
cut piece of can so that is makes a cone shape and can fit into the hose

now here's the fun part
sinkle the bottle to the bucket so there's a tiny airgap, tighten lid.
place your choice of herb into the cone piece, light, and pull the bottle up slowly.
once nearly all the water has gone, open the lid and breathe in.

my recommendations:
avoid paprika
avian superiority
Do you all think I care that you, see, know all about me? That there is nothing hidden in me from you? What happens when I see you as you are.

Will you make me just as sick.
After and before
I can't remember an example of it happening
but I must have been
why else would I instinctually feel the need to protect my own groin

at just the thought
of if my balls could be kicked or not
unless once upon a time

some experience I had
scared into my mind
that's a bad thing
File: IMG_20211013_214245991~2.jpg (319 KB, 1895x2527)
319 KB
319 KB JPG
one of my room mates
just built a fire

guess who now
has better stuff to do
then shit post with strangers I don't give a shit about

latter strangers
good luck
getting to know how different you are then each other
>>30018233 checked
These are mere evolved lizards.
t. a slightly more evolved ape
File: 1632112812841.gif (2.94 MB, 720x404)
2.94 MB
2.94 MB GIF
It's nice to have friends
> tfw Dispo shares his flat with Eric
Hey man.
How goes the taco business?

Should Value Investors Buy United States Steel (X) Stock?

A sign. If any existed.
File: IMG_20211013_214929706~2.jpg (314 KB, 1903x2538)
314 KB
314 KB JPG
A silly concept sometimes referred to as "The One". But this isn't like Neo in the Matrix. He could bend some rules and break others, but he was still highly bound. For example, he had a limited ability to mend issues in the Matrix on his own. He could defeat any agent, however, and in this way he was unstoppable. But in the Matrix itself, where to attack? Anyone harmed would be humans. It was clearly established in his talk with the Oracle in the Second Movie that he had only recently gained "The Sight".

The Sight isn't infinite omniscience, but it is many orders of magnitude above what would be considered clairvoyance. It isn't a real solution to problems, as every new day, the outcome seen in 1000 days changes a little bit, depending on how much of a change you do in the now. Even if you can see everything that's going to happen, that is much different than changing it in a meaningful way as such so changes intended last. Otherwise every victory would just be on a scorecard expected to be marked defeated later. Hence the Architect couldn't predict infinitely(unable to close the anomaly), and the Oracle couldn't predict the future without changing it.

That was in the movies. Movies aren't real in the way what we call real life is. But "The One" in real life can't stop bullets. But he is far more powerful, and is not required to stop bullets. Since thought is the same as power and physicality, doing something like killing "The One" necessarily suicides the entire place, because the house can not stand divided, without the pillar formed out of the stone the builders rejected. There is no way to hurt The One, because "time" heals all wounds. And while evil runs out of time, The One has all the time there is.So what you refer to as "nobody" is One who can see past the fog of time, making him a turtle with an impenetrable shell. He doesn't need to win the race to the hill, but the Rabbit loses to him at the game of life, rushing to death.
Did you chip your tooth on purpose?

>The Middle Way (majjhimāpaṭipadā)

>In theEarly Buddhist Texts, the term "Middle Path" (Majjhimāpaṭipadā) was used in theDhammacakkappavattana Sutta(SN 56.11, and its numerous parallel texts), which the Buddhist tradition regards to be the first teaching that the Buddha delivered after his awakening.[note 2]In this sutta, the Buddha describes theNoble Eightfold Pathas the middle way which steers clear of the extremes of sensual indulgence and self-mortification:[3]

>Monks, these two extremes ought not to be practiced by one who has gone forth from the household life. There is an addiction to indulgence of sense-pleasures, which is low, coarse, the way of ordinary people, unworthy, and unprofitable; and there is an addiction to self-mortification, which is painful, unworthy, and unprofitable.
Avoiding both these extremes, thePerfect Onehas realized the Middle Path; it gives vision, gives knowledge, and leads to calm, to insight, to enlightenment and toNibbana. And what is that Middle Path realized by the Tathagata...? It is the Noble Eightfold Path, and nothing else, namely: right understanding, right thought, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness and right concentration.[4]

File: IMG_20211013_215404080~2.jpg (328 KB, 1920x2560)
328 KB
328 KB JPG
When you wish upon a star... Makes no difference who you are... When you wish upon a star your dreams come true.

ommmgggg what
I doubt it. I'm just blunt and dry its the way i talk no emotionbs at all. its bit boring listening to monotone your be asleep too fast.

if this is professional.
I keep it that way.

its leasure depends if your striaght up nothiong happens no drama just relax
I can ajuct my personality to fit anyone
act differently in real life too. but online. just cut and dry.

pure information dumping nothing personal.
just blunt, cut and dry.
No point getting personal its shared so you share etc.
infomation only.
I was trolling the masons in the glp hat and they kicked me out twice. How many of you masons were in that chat?

>The nature of a Tathāgata

>A number of passages affirm that a Tathāgata is "immeasurable", "inscrutable", "hard to fathom", and "not apprehended".[7]:227 A tathāgata has abandoned that clinging to the skandhas (personality factors) that render citta (the mind) a bounded, measurable entity, and is instead "freed from being reckoned by" all or any of them, even in life. The aggregates of form, feeling, perception, mental formations, and cognizance that compose personal identity have been seen to be dukkha (a burden), and an enlightened individual is one with "burden dropped".[7]:229The Buddha explains "that for which a monk has a latent tendency, by that is he reckoned, what he does not have a latent tendency for, by that is he not reckoned.[7]:227,SN 3.3.5 These tendencies are ways in which the mind becomes involved in and clings to conditioned phenomena. Without them, an enlightened person cannot be "reckoned" or "named"; he or she is beyond the range of other beings, and cannot be "found" by them, even by gods, or Mara.[7]:230 In one passage, Sariputta states that the mind of the Buddha cannot be "encompassed" even by him.[3]:416–417

>glp chat

how lewd
I'm very nonpersonal cut and dry type.
you be striahgt up with me you get good into
you get all bendy and shady and we never talk again.


yo stop posting this pls we have to maintain professionalism okay

So tell me, did Venus blow your mind?
glowniggers are kill lads

I have a ring of white crystals above my head
Do you also have a proper wand?
File: 435679567.jpg (186 KB, 720x1107)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
File: 345326458584.jpg (174 KB, 640x640)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
No but im literally hearing a ringing and seeing emnations of light
That good eh?
He's already on top of the hill
> ring of crystals above head
> seeing light, hearing ringing
Cool, I had a nice chandelier once too.
File: battlefront.jpg (7 KB, 315x115)
7 KB

Why you masons always jammin to this?
>DoD released documents for planned wars over food and water, points to the artic as the next major conflict zone

God damn when do I get some fucking recognition for winning the internet already

captcha is 44opa 44
Congratulations, I recognize your winning on the internet.
Thank you, but by recognition I mean make me king of Greenland already
File: switches_already_flipped.jpg (1023 KB, 1876x1687)
1023 KB
1023 KB JPG
Keyword: Memetic Pandemic
The last bit
Was it addressed if they can be "reached" or apprehended by other Buddhas?
I would if I could, however unfortunately ...
File: file.png (229 KB, 677x934)
229 KB
229 KB PNG
this looks right
/drinking and vices general/
all we're missing is some booba & we can call it a day
Didn't say.
What if you prefer thighs?
well both of these are supposed to stay attached to a woman
what are we, cannibals?
bitch better have a bowl of oatmeal.
Maybe if they talk together.
I’ve been fully vindicated. I have been pointing out the only website on the fucking internet that matters, and it’s all happening, we’re literally going to war in the artic over water and oil. Half a decade now I believe.
Just RVd a fucking reptilian oh boy
Who he was fucking with?
I've been fully vindicated
I'll never get vaccinated
wars in Arctic over oil
bring empire some more soil
then liberate all the water
it was nice, but see you later
Not with anybody just a command surface or touchscreen thing blueish
Ive seen them in ships before not sure if same one
Faceless Propagandist kept sperging over RVing ayys on YT, if you're interested.
I personally don't agree with his take and I don't even really believe that lmaos exist, but I can't really RV so, who knows.
Were they friendly?
43, do ayylmaos exist or not?
Now I have to know.
>I don’t even really believe ayylmaos exist
I mean, you should start believing soon
>Were they friendly?
Just glimpse of his hand near the dashboard thing, plated with silvery topside. Hand curled up when i saw him

Now headache
Well the army reports did the exact opposite for me. If anything, I'm willing to believe there is some "alien" civilization under the sea.

Thanks for the report, anon.
> headache
Try labradorite, but be careful.
Theyre fanatical about eating meat

> ayylmaos are hylics
I knew it.
>alien civilization under the sea
USO’s are a real thing. They’re in the ocean too yes
> tfw Big Chungus is the fuehrer of splinter nazi civilization under the sea
Let's meme this into existence.
File: GettyImages-1175550351.jpg (255 KB, 2141x1400)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
Can we talk about the golden mantis's. And why they love jewelery and depictions of gore at the wrist.
The Longest of Sneks is in fact Lyran.
Disposable is their AI who escapes the containment and now shitposts here.
ARNO is still a fag.
Lol checked
Imagine I totally missed the Longest of Sneks
Big snek
I don't have to be friends with someone to live with them do I?
the Longest of Sneks
the hardest of keks
aliums are everywhere
I could be wrong, but who cares

Kek, hi.
Are you still trying to eldritchize the incantations?
ty for the idea.
>>30018811 checked
The hardest part is done, now you only need to guess the numbers.
File: Corona_immortalitatis.jpg (21 KB, 300x209)
21 KB
Ur poems are always comfy
Ok check it out, i made some schizo notations on that principle
I'll link the posts, 1 sec
Lol np. Gl w/ blt
So basically imo, the journey of investigation of meaning-creation has to lead to this. And I believe that Spare after developing his inventions finally understood this.
At the end of his life he just painted.
You are loved.
Okay, so let me summarize it just to see whether I got it - symbols are above "meanings" i.e. symbols are arbitrary while the innate meaning is the basic building block. The fallacies stems from misguided mapping of
1) innate (true) meaning ->
2) semiarbitrary symbol ->
3) assigned (possibly incorrect) meaning necessarily restricted by our limited brains?
If so, then I'd add that the symbols/sounds aren't completely arbitrary due to the shared similarity between our brains. That would hold for basically everything from quantum to galaxies, fractaly.

> @ EOL he mastered inactivity
Am I dying.

ur posting to wind the day down or whatever pppfff

Maybe it is casual because all major intelligence players are already embedded and cozy, senpai

Link pls, sounds like they published my rants from the last seven years


Don't know what that means
I'm going to cook Robuchon inspired white beans today.

Do your own research you lazy pos
All i meant was basically what you said about life and our shitposts being self-ordering, only i didn't understand it yet.

Yes, your interpretation of my theory is correct except that-- well-- let me put it another way.

My thesis based on scraps of Spare's writings and overall intution of the kind of person he is, was this: his principle was that meaning is identical to magical power. He referred to it as "free belief". To free up this energy, you have to create personal meaning, and he did this through his sigil method and "alphabets of desire". I'm not using the exact same words, but that was my clear conviction about the principle he invented, what it is.

So, my goal was to take this further. He discovered how arbitrary complexity could add additional subjective meaning and that this is identical to magical power.

Thinking about this today, trying to find out WHY this is true.

I realised that my mistake was in thinking that spare was adding meaning, or even complexity. I had failed to grasp what he meant.
I realised that my mind cannot add meaning, it can only add symbols. I will demonstrate. A = B. I realised that I had never added a new meaning to A, only added a new symbol to A.
Do you see now?

So from there I suddenly understood than since we don't create the meaning, at all, which in Spare's and my understanding is identical to magical power, that meaning is already innate in the symbols. We don't even create the symbols.
I got kicked out glp chat room. I was trolling again cuz they were trolling flat earth for bait so I took the troll bait and out trolled them.
So basically, if you just use anything as simply what it is
That is, if I simply say banana
That's when it has the most power, the most meaning, the most magical effectiveness
It's when you simply use it as what it is, so, he went from using art as magic to just doing art
Also yeah im.dying too but ayy
A lot of you posters were in that GLP chat like 43 and Red and Ginger and taybot and lucifer and akephalos.
I will demonstrate, since this is a terribly circular concept, what I might have gained from understanding this


Orange Banana

Thank you, I understand it a bit better now. I'm still struggling with implications, but I think my subconsciousness will help me with that in due time.
This all somehow ties to Douglas Adams, Kekulé and other things.

Naming is the most important and less understood concept in magic.
This is painfully obvious with higher entities.

Doh, I'm still missing something extremely obvious and important.
I bet trinity from glp is here as much as he is at glp.
>>30019020 (me)
I might have attained Zen because my mind is blank. Either that, or I'm functionally retarded.
I need to walk through my notes.
Sounds (vibrations), self similar systems, symbols, LoA, "coincidences" and "randomness", naming, miracles as will & intent, channeling / wyrd weaving etc. etc.
File: image_2021-10-14_02-5.jpg (57 KB, 720x1120)
57 KB
My revelation simply boils down to the fact that
If I type A = B
I'm not creating a new symbol (A)
I'm not creating a new meaning
I'm just typing A = B
So as a corrollary to this, increasing magic just means getting better at typing
Not at symbolism
Yes, but ... there's more into that. Has to be.
You definitely found something profound, but I can't grasp it fully yet beyond the very basic understanding.
I'm going to cook that bloody beans just to stop my mind running in cycles.

>>30019077 checked
Repetitions as "sigil" charging? Imposing the meaning ... reinforcing the meaning?
I think the idea is that
None of that needs to be understood only practiced
And abandoning all understanding and just doing it leads to all the power you want
Like instead of trying to find a right mantra just do one, instead of trying to find a right sound just make a sound
I think that maybe I just had a zen moment, so to speak, as a reward for sincerely respecting AOS. I might have understood what he understood at the end of his path, because I really wanted that.
Finding more precise meaning, like channeling.
That makes sense, I tried that already with chants, vibrating crystals etc.
Okay, we're definitely on to something here.

Could be. Like merging minds with Chungus - become to know. Like, the imitation is the highest form of flattery.
Channeling through sincere wish and concentration in the right frequency to receive preexisting "imprint" of knowledge, like Kekulé did.
File: 33723148_so.jpg (1017 KB, 2528x3600)
1017 KB
1017 KB JPG
Basically, repeating mantras without trying to remember the correct one i.e. going with the flow to drop the burden of preconceived (and maybe mistaken/wrongly personalized) meaning to get into correct frequency, reinforcing the intent along the way.
QRD on Kekulé?
Yeah i thought it was similar to what you said about simply channeling, but that, thats way better than any kind of intellectual meaning creation or logic whatsoever
Like the best understanding is attained most quickly by monke method basically
Yeah like just raw playing with it, we've probably been put off this by artists and musicians and magicians who *try* to be super random
E.g. Jackson Pollock, "chaos magicians"
Trying to be penguin of d00m-levels of random is not it, randomness isn't the principle
The principle could simply be described as free play
Kekulé discovered the structure of benzene by simply dreaming while looking into the fire, after spending IDK how many hours trying to intellectually grasp it.
> monke
Yep, like monks praying. Zen through letting go by chanting automatically etc.

> music of Ainur
Creating through letting go. Like my silly poems, they just occur to me mostly. Trying to force rhymes never really worked for me.
Also, there is no randomness. The Source is its source, but it appears random to our limited senses only because we can't see the patterns when zoomed in/out too much.
Yes, so trying to force randomness is wrong for obvious reasons. Randomness is not the key. Since its not real.

Oh yeah the snake dream guy. I have heard of that. I meant monke as in the return-to-monke memes, but really its the same thing

That was authentic possession. Well. It was authentic something.
Hey guess what
any of you who just happen to think
the only reason you think what you do

is because what you call god
is controlling your thoughts
and the only way your thoughts could be controlled by what you call god

is if what you call god
is also responsible
for what I'm thinking

and I'm only lying
about not believing in your god
in order to test your faith


I forgot where I was going with this
but whatever
good luck bending everyone else to your will

by shitposting

i think it's gone
Friendly reminder to press "hide post" the second you see a smiley post
Good luck accepted
File: Ouroboros - benzene.png (57 KB, 452x452)
57 KB
I think that the randomness is the key to everything, but that's just semantics.
You gave me plenty to think about, fren.
> monke
Yep, that's another view on your theory of letting go.

Maybe it would stay longer if you would have received the numbers.
Disposable is okay, he's useful.
But since you insist, let me make it easier to you: /I'm Disposable|\*waves to lurkers\*|\*pats on head\*|\*shrugs\*|\*pff+t\*|\*rolls eyes\*|bend reality to (their|your) will|how ya doing stranger|stranger(s)? I know nothing about|4chan\(nel\)|this fairy tale|as long as I exist|just\s+a\s+heads\s+up|you get that right\?|fair warning|realities rules, not mine|hmm+\?|\n\n>not the anon you're responding to btw$/
Anon good luck, I suddenly and clearly know that I have summoned Rango to your location. He has left me.
guess how many new anon's
who don't check the archives
and there for have no idea what was posted in this thread

are going to show up
in the next thread
and test for themselves

if they can bend reality to their will
by shit posting about it

I dare ya

you can even take bets if you want

like will it just be one
or more then 10
guess whatever you want

and then just like everyone else
and find out

as this all starts over again

So if something happens literally now, we will see if I am AOS-tier yet.
>>30019244 checked

I have no oranges or bananas here.
Maybe he'll accept my beans.
Thanks for the good luck
I got u u sneaky niglet
I got your leprechaun juice
it's easy to ignore me as long as you know what you are doing isn't it?
No he should be throwing them at your house now or soon.
File: sfGswY2.jpg (44 KB, 640x414)
44 KB
I'm not trying to ignore you, though.
Just saying that the ability to ignore is underrated. Anons can't really object to yours presence if they can filter you.
Namefagging is great for that.
File: Monsters.jpg (59 KB, 1242x771)
59 KB
Ah okay. I'll be on the lookout.
> tfw my neighbor will confront me about all that birb shit around while channeling him
Oy vey.

>>30019299 checked
Looks diseased.
And ... tasty ...
Im all tuckered out after that lizard/vague reptile summoning
no you don't
turns out
I'm not making any sense what so ever

it's fucking IMPOSSIBLE to make sense
of a single post I have ever made
the whole time I've been posting

even if
it is possible
to come close enough it doesn't really matter

so like a work around
using what is possible
with the same results

to get around the impossible

for reasons
that are not your fault
I HAVE to keep everyone in mind

no matter
how bat shit crazy they are
and treat them as equally as I do everyone else

including any
posting in this thread
who are NOT joking

bout hating anyone
who does not stay
anonymous on 4chan(nel)

with their own faith
to be considered
along with everyone elses
I'm a kind of post-summoning comedown
Haha no i got ur lucky charms
>>30019301 (me)
In other words, you took the fun out of shitposting and replaced it with honest-to-God work?
But, why?

> post summoning clarity achieved
> tfw out of napkins
Sorry, couldn't resist.
okay back to the fire
my roommate
is a lot easier to talk to then you folks

just a heads up

of course I can use body language when communicating with him

and context is everything after all
File: bluescreen.png (27 KB, 500x500)
27 KB
if you use a picture of a face for the next thread, more people will reply to it
Yeah its kinda like that
Only its like I emitted a lizard with some fruit-related motivations
It feels really weird
> emitted a lizard with some fruit-related motivations
< ARNO is still a fag
Keked hard.
Holy shit checked
Sync rates are rising
I've definitely got some lingering Rango energies
Thank fuck its gone
Is it over? Did something happen?
Its not gone yet
Not at my end, not yet.
I only found out that I'm out of tomatoes. Someone replaced them with moldy pieces of something.
Bloody underpants gnomes.
Gnarly bro throw those out
He's coming
I feel it
The energy is still kind of tethered its hard to explain
I estimate.. any moment now
Please tell him to bring me some ripe tomatoes.
I can't make my beans without them ... and I refuse to perform the cleansing ritual necessary for passing the gate of mall.
Its already set to oranges and bananas. I do not know how to modify it. It would cause um.. backsurge and.. brain shock
Beans with oranges, you say?
That would have a great potential for expelling bad spirits shortly after consumption.
Hang on though, do you have a real place you live, on earth, you are corporeal, etc.? Sorry for doubting you.. we would still be frens either way.. but u see... not all /ng/gers are.. u know.. real
If you witness the vague reptile/amphibian/Rango spirit, ask him for tomatoes
Im thinking next few minutes he'll be there
I think I am corporeal. I'm a bit on the lean side, but still corporeal enough.
I live in Europe, so let's say it is a real place. Doesn't look like that at times, though.

I will.
> tfw my wife will return from the shop with them
Oh no.
Oh no she'll return with oranges tomatos bananas and a lizard
And a falafel
Careful, we're dangerously close to breaking the fabric of reality.
Maybe with a birb instead of a lizard.

Anon, I ...
Kebab. It's usually kebab.
hello enlightened one nice to meet you
call me a reclining buddha who just read this, wanted to reach out in recognition
What sort of birb?
Sure you can take a kebab. However I need one falafel. Or two. Maybe three.

Also some mIlky way
Please no. Fuck off
No beat poet style shit here
It could be anything. I'm already seeding&feeding white pigeons, goldfinches, titmouses, nuthatches, jays and thrushes. Sparrows sometimes.

These threads never fail to make me hungry.
Try LoAing them. Screaming from the rooftop might help, too.
That is a lot of birds. U are the bird king
I literally live in the mountains atm. Ain't no falafel here :'( don't think shops sell milky way either, not sure about that. And unless I'm lucky and my sms get a response I can't get to the shop.

Yeah I'm hungry too, and fat
Also Rango literally just arrived. Am I wrong?
He's... He's so near...
I'm going bankrupt over birb seeds and peanuts, but at least I have my own airforce.

I'm sorry to hear that, even though I'm a bit jealous that you probably have your own piece of land in the middle of forest. At least I imagine your place to be like that.
However, it should be possible to make falafel at home, if you have the ingredients.

Namefagging 4 you, Chungus anon :D
Beautiful name digits
You should get a Chungus-size bird and name it Air Force One
Like how that plane is the biggest
then it leads the other species, its like the president
Nah it's a trailer park, so not much to be jealous about :P but it's nice being in the mountains though even though I can't get to shop easily
Fucking Rango
It's been at least half an hour
I guess they arent exactly known for their speed
Thanks :)
I already managed to put some weight on jays. There are three of them.
They are a little cowardly, though. I'm trying to make them chase away rock pigeons, so far not so successfully.
They even fought off magpies, but pigeons, oh no.

Well, at least you know you'll live through the zombie pandemic.
> trailer park
Are you a lumberjack?

Maybe he's trying to buy fruits. Can't really do that without wearing a mask nowadays ... putting a mask on a lizard is hard.
There could be a lot happening

What you mean like stuff and things?
File: 1618517522133.jpg (15 KB, 236x236)
15 KB
I mean rango could be robbing a store right now
>>30019599 checked
Kek revealed the truth.
Is he a gray lizard, a green one or perhaps he has another color?

I was thinking green, but like i dont really know
He started out as this

That seems boring though
It feels like this quasi-rango being is tethered to me, and will end up at his house soon. Thats all i got
Come to think about it, he might claim he's masked already.
He can say he's a furry. Well, scaly.

Hi. So, are there ayys or not?
Hi, This is reality technical support.

Seem's you're having an issue with your service provider. I see it here on the log. However before anyone in the tech department can help you. You're going to have to grow a set of testicles and void the clause on your contract so we can get you on one of our brand new top of the line saviour plans.

I've been Karesh. Your non race specific. Definetely not racist nor predjudiced tech support officer.

Have a great day in hell.

I thought the whole point was to remain anonymous?
what's an ayys
>making him a fearless bla bla bla bla
Lol, i like that, are you sure your not talking about me?
black dragon. Green eyes. In shadow form.

Yeah bitch, now get in the fucking golf cart. We're gonna go fuck miss novak. Bring the oscars. She lives things shoved in deep.
There he goes
He's beautiful
*likes. Please allow for maximum autism and that means bad tying.
Point of what, wearing a mask or namefagging?

>>30019633 checked
Ayylmaos, aliums, ETs. Anal probing race. You know.
you can say what ever you want
and that's about it

I didn't have much choice
someone who is not me
tried to turn me into a meme
they are just demons
captcha d00t2
Well he's there
The tether is broken
The lizard being that came through is there
The produce, the produce...
>>30019348 (me)
> +300 hm
You know, you could just ... ignore the bad posts.

Thank you for the information. So Faceless Propagandist was right after all?

>>30019655 checked
What kind of produce? Vegetables or fruits?
File: lokiAmused.png (177 KB, 434x315)
177 KB
177 KB PNG
you wonder why they try to make your soul fill with dread, terrible feelings
Lizard? No. No. No. Godzilla was always a titan First. Lizard Second.
I think just whatever
I think he could get the tomatos
Just call him Rango I guess
Um my capcha is "2JARS" in case thats relevant
I'm not on enough drugs to participate in this thread
I could do lots of stuff anon
there are plenty of options
for me to pick from withe forming my own opinions

at yet
here I am
shit posting

as I pay attention
to everyone

no matter what the rest of you are doing
Not sure he is servile or cooperative, its more that.. well.. he wants to give you produce
that was the whole concept so that's his thing I guess
Its closely tied with produce, and you
Beyond that i can't imagine
Not sure how he can be unsummoned
Until his desires are fulfilled at least
> ᛋ
< ᛊ

I already managed to scavenge some. But I'll keep waiting, maybe he'll materialize here after all.
That could unsummon him from your location.

Maybe he wants to trade them for 2 jars of finished product?

>>30019677 checked
And accepted.
okay back to the fire my roommate made
I'm only shitposting
when I need to pack a new bowl

I'll be back again
before this thread get's archived

assuming it isn't deleted 1st of course
this seems like another you problem. Like the human race not looking at itself and going why is all this shit happening. When they literally went around making everyone thinking about dark shit in rage. And then via the law manifesting so much of it over time it took down society and then they brought in the nwo. But you know its orchestrated so who cares. See through your bs. There is no psyop here. There is you. Running.
They're variants.

What are the demands? At this point you can’t have your human cake and canabalize it too.. or can u
yeah rango. the latest of names. Depends on what I do and how they troll in the inner circle. xD
I don't really know but it looked like a mix between younger and elder.
File: 43256879.png (5 KB, 225x225)
5 KB
It could be he yearns for a chutney.
He's summoned at your location. Not tied to me anymore. I just feel his energy, present there and moving about
I could try and see where he is rn
For a spirit there may not be a physical location all the time
Hard to tell rn, i think he is right on you now though, as a result of me RVing him
He's moved now but was for a second
Lost him now
that top ones fun......
Its called a letter as in envelope
usually carry by a courier.

a courier is another name for messager
all angels are messagers
give messages and warnings and the like. you catch my meaning now anon.
His intelligence is very unlike mine or ours but he is aware of his goal and intelligent
Cool demeanor, appropriate to cold blooded being
Highly energetic, happy
I can make a good chutney, from onions and also from tomatoes. So it is settled.
I can't feel or see him yet.

> highly energetic and happy
He'll stick out like a healthy thumb then.
lacking some colour anon but looks okay.
but white and baby blue
needs more then just two colours looks a little dull

but not bad design though.
Yes seems like it came off well and nothing went terribly wrong a la The Fly or Re-Animator or anything. He is happy with us summoning him.
When i brought him i focused on the fruit goal, not on physical presence but, one kind of requires the other almost
Hope u will see and feel him thus proving us to be mage lords
Hm, I'm about to receive a package through a courier containing some fruit extracts ... not joking.
Lol, like you just got the news? Because that would be a hell of a success
Yep, my significant other went outside to wait for the courier like 10 minutes ago.
She's back.
Send him for tomatoes now!
File: efutharkwvar.jpg (186 KB, 983x1024)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
It's all Elder, the 2nd Century CE stuff.
Old symbols carved on hard surfaces by learned and not. Creates variants.

picrel shows what I mean. Which also omits some standard ones and adds some strange ones. Ingwaz is a prime example in this image. Some strange names, meanings and sounds in this pic too.

Then introduction of new language such as younger create more fuckery when looking back.

Readable though, yes? :P
So to be clear you became aware of this post rango, this wasn't priorly known to you
Oh I know it, I even followed Dr. Crawford a bit.
I had to double check it through wiki, that's why my smartassery. But yeah, it was readable.
Saved both pics, thanks.

It was actually a different package, the one with fruit flavoured smokables. Ordered two days ago.
Still a hit IMHO.
actually forget I said sounds, I think the ingwaz noise of 'ng' is represented in that fucky looking n, didn't notice at first that the 'n' is different from nauthiz.

So there in itself is a good example of how things can be overlooked and muddled. :D
np, I wouldn't rely on that elder futhark pic for anything other than showing some variants tho. It was just the first hit I got from google when wanting to highlight variants of form :P
I mean that is cool, and its a good sign. Its some form of fruit bringing action. We've successfully retconned it to be fruit & veg too particularly tomatoes. I guess its a minor hit
Im looking for full on just robbing grocery stores and bringing u it out of the blue, physical stuff but were getting there
He should be sort of just naturally happy not vampiric
E.g. i dont think u need to sustain rango with sacrifice
He should just be happy to bring produce and produce-based products
I wasn't able to catch it anyway :)
Makes sense, though.

>>30019799 checked
I need to learn it all properly. Maybe there's an easier way. I'll try to find some large tree ...

It is a coincidence, but a good one nevertheless. I think it is a success. It was more about RVing than about materializing, unless the spell was retroactive. That package was ordered only because there was a deal offered by that particular shop, more or less on impulse.

Still, it makes sense to repay him somehow - you wrote about karma and manifesting yesterday.
We can try something similar
Were after all looking for a sort of no-strings-attached spirit summoning not for a relationship with the entity
Like a one-off thing
Is how i view it
Just dont start appeasing him is all im saying
> we can try something similar
... next time.

Exactly, that's why I'd like to try something similar, but with different entity and with different possible outcomes.
> appeasing
Ah okay. Will not egregorize him.
But then there is the question of naming, which is still a mystery to me.
Hmmm not sure i was the one who brought karma up but. You noted that there was some good result for gratitude. I agree wholeheartedly. I always try to show them gratitude without going to the point of making it weird. Like, spontaneous gratitude and politeness, but not emotional involvement
Well, you even could keep him if you want. Just be aware thats not the default "setting" rn. Nothing wrong with that, but im much more intrigued rn by the possibly of handy instanced-summonings with physical effects
Yep, that's what I meant by karma. I think I mentioned that word first back then, but I was thinking about your conceptual meaning.
So, we still need to consider the retroactivity and naming, these concepts are IMHO important too. Following experiments will provide some insight into these, hopefully.
Eh, I'm regularly forgetting my two egregores as it is now, so the chance isn't that big.
Maybe the "naming" part will have some relevance to it. I mean that each of us might have some follower spirits which serve as mediators (your Rango) for spells, and we're just recycling their names (symbols) while the underlying entity (meaning) stays. Just thinking aloud now.
Yes. Cause and effect are sometimes impossible to differentiate. The naming aspect intrigues me as i derived his appearance more or less from fruit but his name from just shitposting until something clicked
Rango is similar to Orange which was what i originally wanted him to bring
> Kekulé spoke of the creation of the theory. He said that he had discovered the ring shape of the benzene molecule after having a reverie or day-dream of a snake seizing its own tail (this is an ancient symbol known as the ouroboros).
> This is likely an example of the exercise of a particular imaginative state, involving homospatial and janusian processes, followed by stepwise logical thinking.
> homospatial and janusian processes
1st hit: https://projects.acm.edu/content/documents/1_creavity_literature_janusian__homospatial_and_sepconic_articulation_processes_2.pdf
Maybe relevant, maybe not, but the linguistic/imaginative process might be AOSian.
Hmmmm. I absolutely haven't thought about where spirits come from.and how many i might have around me. I do have a personal principle about not confusing one being with another, i just only feel right if i can know what individual im working with. Most of the time.
So i think i havent really delved into where Rango came from
I think he is a spirit, and i dont know his past anymore than if i put out a casting call for movie extras and hired one, would i know that person's past
But its a bit more because
I believe anything you imagine you can find approximately the "real" so and so
Not because you are capable of creating them, but because the creator made so many of them and your own imagination is in a way just sensing their life energy
Okay i will click on that thicc lookin link
Checked also
Wish me luck in homospace
shiney! Do you like that which you see.
Do you dig it!
Reacting to lights of your focus
For what its worth i remember he described his creations as sentient symbols. I believe he might have seen combining and evolving them as literally a sexual process like biological evolution
> casting call
Kek, observe the naming. Double entendre, as 8Tz would undoubtedly remark.
I agree with that. It also nicely meshes with my theories about The Source. To simplify, I consider name to be a function i.e. one name can be "reused" by "different" entities. Note that one entity can in fact probably function as seemingly more entities. Like watching a 4D object from 3D space - it looks different from different angles and zooming but we're only seeing different face(t)s of the same entity.
I also suspect that there are few helper spirits around me, who reincarnated few times as my pets.

Good luck, lol.
Great Frog will help you with the arduous journey while reading that humongous paper from leftist academia.

>>30019888 checked

That makes perfect sense, Source-wise.
Yep, we are onto something.
Yeh i mean technically i failed he was supposed to bring fruit right away. Me not strong enough. If try to build him up gets into egregoric territory. Maybe something happen while im asleep. On ur end that is
Otherwise i think we call it a successful experiment but bearing improvement
Could always re-summon him later
Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky said or wrote: “Tolerance will reach such a level that intelligent people will be banned from thinking so as not to offend the imbeciles.”
The pet thing is cute. Thats nice
But in my philosophy it would be like see, you know those individuals no matter their name or form

I suspect that Great Frog might have uh.. already liberated me from that paper
> bearing improvement
< hearing impairment
I'll show myself out now.
We could try "using" a differently named entity next, with different purpose and then we might try to call it as Rango and observe the results.

> I suspect that Great Frog might have uh.. already liberated me from that paper
LMAO, very nicely put.
I'll try to read it today, at least passingly.
> you know these individuals
Yep, that's what I meant - if I understood you correctly.
File: 4.png (583 KB, 520x776)
583 KB
583 KB PNG
Looks a little chilly atm but this great ash may help.
That's quite on point, actually.
Thank you, saved.
Which coincidentally - or not so coincidentally - reminds me about the fact that I wanted to ask you about the whole set of these rune cards. No need to share them all if you don't want to do so, I'm mostly interested in the descriptions and ordering.
It could be the rising energy kind of grounded itself in your fruit tobacco, like, since that was a partial hit. So it kind of fizzled. Was genuinely expecting it to build up to lizard in shopping bag or lizard poltergeist throwing fruit at you. I almost want to leave him a bit longer before we change any variables to see if he's cooking something up. U know, we'd have to figure out how to refer to this one if we call another one Rango.
Also im gonna sleep lol. This was interesting though. It was definitely better than 0 results.
Sometimes I might remark, sometimes.
To your convo at hand; a rose by any other name.
It is the energy itself that matters, that which is associated with it, etc.
Although if a civilization spent 2000 years using the same name for a specific energy it is going to be far easier for the modern man to sync to that energy through that name. Coz reasons I cbf going deeper with right now.
All said, it's quite easy for any entity to use any name if it so desires. Or no name. I think it was Swami Panchadasi that mentioned in one of his books that in his experience there are multiple entities that are/were using the name Jesus.
How easy to be deceived if you simply trust the name...
I think that it was a success. Maybe "only" a partial one, but a success nevertheless.
I'm looking forward to next experiments. If you wish to keep him around for longer, so much the better. He's yours anyway.
And, good night, fren.
Today was a good day already - thank you.
CAPTCHA: 88444
> things get easier by repetition
> Jesus
I didn't know that, thank you for the pointer.
Yes was good day. Nice time get. Gn
It's cute when you think you own us. Shoon. The Light.
File: 25.png (522 KB, 520x776)
522 KB
522 KB PNG
I'm doing daily posts over at another place. Posting one and discussing. Maybe it can be a fun thing to collect them from wherever I post. There is a way to view Series 1 in full online somewhere - where though?!
Listening for the bird calls and sailing the seas where they direct may be the only way...

Ordering is in the 3 AEtts;
and so on.
The 25th is a blank one with description of "?".
Reason one for it being there is for a 'chance' type card (different to the unknown represented in another rune), the second so each series comprising of 4 sets each with a sub theme equals 100 cards. Easier :P
you anons
have your work cut out for you

makeing any sense
what so ever
of all the shitposts

everyone who doesn't share your own personal faith

is making

good luck with that

> source
I have an idea where.
> ordering
So a classic one, thanks. The blank one is also useful for divination.
starlight grid system
you missed
kevin costner waterworldx
Cool trick. :D pre-emptive!
Kek, yes. Two times was enough for me, apparently.

>>30019999 checked
What means this GET?
taking all your bases.

while you down there tying ya laces,
remember its my balls on all your faces.

My thoughts in all the traces.

I'm the one lost in stasis?

You're the one whos Not?

This be based bish! Grant me my last wish.
I'm not really happy anymore.
i realise that most creatures of e.t. orgin are not fond of my kind ofc I kind expect most ets to dis like my kind but given where so rare here

I don't know why we kill our own I'm more into love and peace and a world collasped don't sound like fun forsee alot of issues water and food bign the big ones and other is eletricity and lack of work force and or supplies.

I think the lyans don't like me. I think i'm going to end up timid and shy again
lizards mostly have alot of missinfomation
and its likely not going to be good for me.
I'm nnot the fighting type like the reast of my kin and distain killing anything that i don't plan on eating.

I'm starting to realise alot of greys are still hostile to my kind.
this is a massive issue for me.
being a parasite species I don't think my life is going to be very good.
even my own are hostile.

the falling of civilization in lass then a few years is shocking. and the comments are aweful
I think its going to get alot harder.
I don't really like weapons ether.
my faith is too strong now.
I don't want to ruin my chances.
idealing would not one to kill my own kind.

and it looks bleak at finding a gf of the world is going to abandon me.
even as smart and a womanizer lke me and silver touguned I'm not really into this barbarian life.
my kind hasn't been scavangers for many thousands of years.
I have poor people skills too.

like bing alone more then people
very nervious.
I'm not sure I want to be here libing harshly it doesn't sound very nice.
i'll have think on that as i sleep.
good night.
take care /ng/
just bored. actually. and always sad. but never asked for help. Still hate you and your false way of believe in things be certain ways. glad to be departing you in every way mentally possible soon. Just a few more changes. Gotta trust in good ol manifestation of emotion to ruin whatever plans go on. World doesn't need me. Or you. :)
Yep it is, although much more than 'the unknown'. Perhaps closer to RNG or true chaotic element; as easily something expected as unexpected, known or unknown.
Way back when I didn't like the inclusion of the blank rune, nowadays my system of runecasting includes the blank as well as what is face down, position to other runes, groupings, patterns etc.
species never gonna stop reacting to bad things. You cant run from that. And you damn sure can't control it. you're all jokes. You make me sadder. Im outta here. Im already weeping in my head.
That said, Hagalaz is traditionally the chaotic. Anyway, hopefully that made sense. :)

Time for some TV lols methinks.
why though. because I know its down to me. Because you're fucking useless. And well I dont really like you, this place, that place or me. or anyone here. I like nature. the wind. temperature differences. senses are my best friends when they are my only interactions.
> system of runecasting
That sounds interesting. Care to talk about it someday? Maybe in a dedicated thread.
Obvious meanings of runes are ... well, obvious but the positioning, grouping etc. is the true interesting part.

It does :)
>senses are my best friends when they are my only interactions.
We shall charge him with thee crime of sin

And who shall charge you with the crime of keeping secrets and whys away from us so we did not sin

Who is going to wreck your cunt asses whispered the mad man into the fire

do them like they did me. and so it was. in every way possible! for everyone.
You don't have to like me. i don't know you anyway and its likely I won't hate you anyway.
your try gettin a reaction out of me and nothing will happen.

I'll just pitty you.
as I do for everyone.
You hate my faith. your opioion.

I never asked for it anyway.
alot of expect me to be manly and warrior like i was.
But i'm a civilized man now and wise.
I might not be liked much.

but in saying so.
I am not usually hostile to life.
I let life if they let live and so forth.

its strange how you lie so much and tll the inverse on how you feel.
if you felt nothing you would not be here lair.
and you sure did not come here to troll me.

your curious for some reason. your a very strange being.
On top of this. Im useless. So it drives in the hopelessness of any being saved.

But the fact im this shit. And you are 10x shittier yet think yourself 10 levels higher and cleaner is why im like.

Fuck this dumb shit. im out.
At least when I ramble. It's fucking valuable.

Remember. I don't have a fucking name. You can't teach right. Your plans all gonna fall apart and no matter where I fall into this. You're all fucked.

I'm smiling because we're all dead. I don't care either way and I'm ready to go, Already gone anyway just a shell walking around. Have a nice fucking apoclypse.
I want some attention as an anonymous poster. Give me a (You).
have your you and dont reply to me. I prefer to be left the fuck alone. Cuz people are cunts. sure theres a fluffy bunny in me that wants someone to hug it but fuck that right, you all make rabbit stew :(
Go to facebook or something if you want a hug.
File: 1633992028845.png (1.07 MB, 1244x1614)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG
New Thread
File: 1585081900989.jpg (70 KB, 885x883)
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