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/x/ - Paranormal

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Welcome to the Nobody General

>Who is the Nobody?
The Nobody is a figure alive today who has extraordinary spiritual powers, including the ability to control reality with their conscious and unconscious mind. He is a man of no wealth or worldly acclaim through whom it seems God has chosen to manifest his strength and wisdom. He is said to carry the Logos, making him a fearless truth-teller and a menace to the powers that be.

Instead of receiving strength through a superiority/inferiority mechanism, the Nobody proves to them time and time again that a whole planet filled with creative, ingenious, spiritually ascended humans who are individually sovereign yet globally unified through consciousness can achieve greater things than a planetary empire of darkness, and control.

He is not a messiah, he's just like you but he has found the kingdom of God within himself through sheer will, just like you will.

>What is the general picture?
It’s important we start replying to the good posts and ignoring the hateful ones, or the ones here to argue. So call upon their heads the forces of heaven for peace, clarity, and wisdom. If this place is to be more than a squandered opportunity, an overgrown garden, it requires voices such as yours, but many more.

Focus on increasing your service to others and be more loving to yourself and everyone in order to raise your vibrational and consciousness level, and learn to to forgive yourself and others.This will change the vibration of the planet, raise the shared consciousness of humanity, and change humankind one person at a time.

If this is your first time here, just remember, it’s going to be ok. You may take shelter and find rest.
The Nobody will set things right
hear ye, hear ye, hear ye

know then, that Ginger is a RAT FACED jew with eczema problems, and yet despite being jewish himself, somehow hates the Jews.

Confusing indeed.

Except that it's not confusing at all, it's just another Jewish tactic of divide and conquer.

Typical Jew, doesn't mind stealing from other Jews.

Denies being a Jew when it's prudent to not be.

Claims Jewish heritage when it's prudent to do so.
File: 1Mitski.jpg (245 KB, 1440x720)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
/ng - seething jews edition/
Heil Hitler
or something
File: kafka_crumb55 (2).jpg (62 KB, 500x375)
62 KB
Well... I've been exposed again. Time to pick a new username lol
In France, Ra is like Rat.
I dunno if that’s good or bad..
File: Ginger.jpg (70 KB, 558x568)
70 KB
All I read in these gay threads
>Rat faced
>skinny nerd
>Dylan klebold

we control everything, and we see literally everything you do lol

we record EVERYTHING you do.

and soon you're gonna be in a camp.

But it's gonna be funny watching you try to claim Jewish heritage then in an attempt to save yourself
So just incase any of you don't know
as you read this post
there are folks out in the world being killed by their own kind simply for offending the wrong so

at least at the time this post is made
if you're reading it sometime far in the future
after I am dead and gone

things should be different
but for now
anyone acting like they are safe from other people's drama

are in for a rude awakening
any time they pretend
it's up to them how realty works

for a reason
your own lies
will be your downfall

doesn't matter who you are
good luck
you're going to need it
There's no we, lol. You're not part of any elite. Noone thinks all Jews are machiavellian world controllers. They do all tend to be unsavoury people though.
It's funny because I used to be trans until I snapped out of it. I used to enjoy pretending to be a girl but now I'm just like meh and stopped dressing up like a chick
makes one wonder though...

did Hitler really have Jewish blood? like so many claim?

was he just the 1940s version of Ginger (but less skinny and rat faced and better skin)?

probably was all a plot by the jews to eradicate the Germans.

gotta play both sides, just like Ginger cunt here does
They say there's no real evidence Hitler is Jewish at all
you're unsavoury, that's for sure.

One thing i do know, if you somehow manage to luck out, and a new nazi regime does take over...

i'm gonna make sure they find out you're a jew and end up in a camp
File: 1627340399399.jpg (909 KB, 920x1905)
909 KB
909 KB JPG
Don't insult hitler by comparing him to me
/methposting general/
> verification not required
Oh you think I'm more unsavoury than you? That's rich
they also say there is evidence he's jewish.

guess it depends which group of "they" you mean.

but considering that Jewnger is a self-hating Jew, who tries to ingratiate himself with aryans because he hates being a rat faced eczema ridden jew, it's starting to make a lot more sense about Hitler
More like dogsucker blood.
My eczema came back badly recently how'd you know? :*(
you don't get to make demands of anyone, you rat faced Jew.

you've proven time and time again that you're a sneaky, conniving Jew. Denying your heritage, then claiming heritage, whenever it suits you. Sockpuppeting, samefagging, etc.

even your fascination with the occult and astrology is extremely Babylonian Jewish (it's frowned upon by actual Christian Aryans)
This is 4chan(nel) anon
home of the "internet trolls"
so famous they are talked about on the news

any of surprised
strangers are talking making fun of each other
in this thread

what is wrong with you?
can you tell

or is that why you are here
to try
and figure that out for yourself

instead of going to therapy
how do you think i know, you race traitor?

lol, yes, you're more unsavoury than me. You're the race traitor, not me. You're the sneaky rat that samefags and bounces around between nametags.
I dont know how you know, tell me :(

You're more unsavoury than i am, by far
What does infiltration mean to you? What does it require? How do you get 'accepted' into a group that you secretly want to destroy?
Trust me when I say this because everything is going to make sense. He was /ourguy/ the whole time.
I am working from the shadows to push us all into the light.
My actions are small enough to be hidden, large enough to change the flow and path. Look around you. I have made it so.
I don't want anyone to give me praise or even make these threads. We will walk forward into a new age.
no, you're more unsavoury. No one likes a race traitor, not even Nazis.

you're not trustworthy at all. Your constant simping after Tay, Lana is disgusting and frankly very creepy.

you're a druggie (please don't even bother trying to deny it lol)

you're into the occult. That's fucking weird, but the fact that you're jewish on top of it makes it UNSAVOURY.

>i don't know how you know me, tell me
because race traitors don't get cool gov't gadgets like i get, that's why.
I am shitposting on 4chan(nel)
in a thread about a fairy tale
no single anon can get folks to agree on

go ahead
and believe
whatever the fuck you want

doesn't bother me one bit
>you're into the occult. That's fucking weird
Uhm... do you not know where you are right now?
>You're a druggie
Well... yes, I'm a drug addict right now sue me
I caused a hurricane in late 2018 by simply praying and using mental imagery. I felt a whirlwind come out of my head then a weak later a massive hurricane hit my city
You should visit a local synagogue and get to meet the people you hate so dearly
you think it's impossible for anyone else to test for themselves if any hurricane in 2018 was created in 7 days?
There isn't one here
>uhm do you know where you are right now?
yea, i do. And no where does it say i have to be into the occult to be here.

look at you trying to use your rat verbal iq at me lol, you're a conniving pilpul Jew rat. The only reason you prolly hate Jews is because you're at the bottom of the totem pole, the worst at lying and being a sneaky two faced rat.

see it all the time in other areas, the weakest link conspiring to take out the stronger links in the chain.

because that's the only way it can survive and feel worth
okay lol
I mean they could find that out but how would anyone know I caused it. I was at home by myself
don't even bother listening to anything Ginger says, he's a PROVEN LIAR.

of course he knows Jews, he told someone last week or so that he knew Jews.

of course he knows jews, how could he hate them otherwise?

you don't develop that sorta hatred from studying astrology, the occult, or even just reading Nazi literature.

that kinda hatred comes from actually associating in real life with other Jews. He's a race traitor, but beyond that he still behaves exactly like what he hates.
>please don't stick me in the camps, i'm jewish just like you!
Ya I know Jews but there's still no synagogue here.
>to be fair, it takes a very high (Jewish) verbal IQ to understand the difference
So I'll take that as a "no"
You do not think it's impossible for folks
to google "how long does it take for a hurricane to form"

but even if
it only takes
48 hours from some to form

that doesn't prove
you were the only one
who wanted any single hurricane to happen

or do you think it's impossible
it would take
more then just you

to pull something like that off?
I just find this conversation weird and can't even really make it funny so it's not that interesting to me
do you even practice any religion? you study the occult, sure, but do you just worship any ol spirit?

what sorta race traitor are you to deny the religion of your forefathers? to deny their great task of rebuilding the Third Temple and ushering in the Mosiach?
no synagogues and still you manage to find jews in your town.

how totally unsurprising. Rats of a face stick together
I believe it did take more than me. And I apologize. I didn't actually watch it form. I just knew right when it hit because the news casters thought it would turn away so didn't warn anyone until it got too close. But as far as other people I'm sure there was more involved in it.
I practice Kekism obviously
rats never like spotlight.

>oy vey! they're onto me, quick hide! change the topic to something i can blend in and not stick out like a jew
I dont know any Jews here. I do, however know some Jews. And, there's no synagogue here.

Takes a very high Jewish IQ to understand how all these statements can be mutually truthful but I assure you, they are.
thats not even a real thing you race traitor.

so freakin typical of jews to play both sides.
Well then EVEN IF
there is some bit of truth
in your lies

it was NOT "you"
that caused it
instead of forces beyond the control of everyone else

to the life form
of living on this planet

or something like that
do keep in mind
I'm just making shit up myself
Yes it is.
>i do however know some jews
assuming you don't mean your family, the fact that you know some jews at all, given your loathing of jews, is extremely suspect

i see i touched a nerve with the high jew iq statement lol.

if you hate jews so much, why study the occult just to be like them? you remind me of those democrat jews that also hate the ultra conservative jews.

everything about you people is so shady and playing both sides and UNSAVOURY
Yeah you got the right idea. Like I said it took prayer and mental imagery so something definitely heard the call. I was in communication with spirits at the time to.
>i worship a literal demon of chaos that we Jews are summoning
like i said, you're the UNSAVOURY one.
Kek is anti Jew, like all Gods
Unsavory like a dried up chewy steak
File: 1631194255754.jpg (214 KB, 1280x717)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
I didn't always hate jews. I got radicalized on 4chan I'm a victim of misinformation.
why don't you post some more scripture, like you use to do if you're in your religious fervor?
Oh anon
guess how I can tell
you have no clue what's gong on in MY head

any time some stranger
tries to tell me
my idea's are right

>okay disclaimer time
Hello anon's
I'm a stranger
who is fucked in the head

the ONE thing you can be certain about me
is I am NEVER "right"
instead I'm "not wrong"

there is a difference

>end disclaimer

so whatever you're talking about
includes stuff happening in your head

only you know about does it
I'm cool with that

just keep in mind
I'm a skeptic
so I WILL doubt everything you say

and consider for myself
the explanation of anyone else
who has an opinion about your opinion

but for what it's worth
I'm going to doubt them too
doubting folks is kind'a what I do

just a heads up
daily reminder
you don't have to go home
but you can't stay here
I'm... I'm also a Christian guys! I'm Christian Ginger :D
>I turned myself into a Christian
you really are in some sorta jewish cult, like Hammon.
you do drugs. (ben shapiro doesn't do drugs)
you're basically the epitome of the unsavoury jew, just you wear casual clothes to blend in.

you're the type that fills the ranks of Antifa (all three that were killed by that one kid ended up being jews).

>i want Kek to rule, i want Chaos, and Destruction and Death
yea and as a reward for helping the demon of chaos you think you'll finally get a gf

you're creepy af
Found a dead cat in front of my yard.
Wow is she gonna blow the lid on some stuff or what?
>I felt a whirlwind come out of my head

I had an invisible arrow shoot out of mine once but I never heard if anything happened to the guy (her step-dad).
you're clearly not a Christian in any way shape or form. No christian would deliberately try to summon a chaos demon Kek
Cat is a natural survivor. It must have been drugged. Heh. My neighbor is cat a murderer. Great.
I'll tell you a fable -
I saw a dead cat
killed by a head pat
from the Disposable
when i lived in chinatown someone left raw pig guts on my doorstep one day.offering or threat, i still can't decide .
>"I shoot whirlwinds!"
>"I shoot arrows!"
I... can't digest garlic?
I would
Wtf are you talking about lol I thought you knew some things about me
>i want Kek to rule, i want Chaos, and Destruction and Death
>yea and as a reward for helping the demon of chaos you think you'll finally get a gf
>you're creepy af
You got a better way to get a gf?
>Found a dead cat in front of my yard.

I did a photoshoot with a toad,
on the porch when I woke up.
>i got radicalized on 4chan
>i worship Kek because others on 4chan do too
so you're just one of those beta simps that just wants to join a group and belong, and since the Jews won't accept you, you decide to hate on them.

interesting. Have you even been to a synagogue before?
That is one photogenic toad.
Yes I have. I walked out in complete disgusting and never returned.

And yes I just want to join a group and fit in I'm a libra
oh i can't wait to turn you into the authorities for being jewish
no you haven't you sack of shit liar. Synagogue is beautiful, you're just filled with a chaos demon spirit

and you're not a libra, you're a leo, august 2nd, that's what the report on you says. Soon you rat, SOON
No matter what you say
some folks will take you serious
which you can try and feint ignorance about

but all anyone else has to do
is read this post
and they'll be able to tell if anyone told you or not

thanks to me
how's that
for a fairy tale

the Old Testament warns against people like Ginger, against Jews who study the occult
>the report
You mean the fake natal chart I sometimes post? Mr "government gadgets."

And yes I have. It was awful and I was in there for hours on several occasions.
What's you point anon
the bible
is just some book

I used to collect these guys at night or they'd hang out in my grandma's cellar lol :D
calm down, I'm not suggesting you're a cat killer
I hope you're not
>i post fake natal charts sometimes
>but you can still trust me, i'm not a sneaky Jew rat at all
>i just worship chaos and lies and evil
>but you can still trust me
oh yea, you're really winning this argument mr jew nazi
File: 1630286718356.jpg (33 KB, 414x596)
33 KB
Anyone else hate most of the boards here? I mainly just tend to /bant/ /vg/ and specifically this thread on /x/, it's like every other board is off topic or arguing about shit that'll probably make you feel insecure
File: 1618070163335.jpg (252 KB, 792x1000)
252 KB
252 KB JPG
Pol is good
Ya I lie all the time its essential to my character deal with it
>i'd send my own kike grandma to the oven
>but i'm a good jew, i swear. Not like all the other jews
seriously, how on earth did you not end up in banking? lol
If you are the anon who made this post
suggesting I'm a cat killer is literally what you were doing

not that I mind
anyone who takes you seriously
and think I'm what you suggest I am

is useful to me
if they post their opinions
in this thread

everyone who has no idea
folks like that REALLY exist
will be give the choice to change their own mind

as they choose for themselves
what to think
of any post in this thread

about a fairy tale
strangers are playing make believe about
on the internet

even if it's obvious I doubt each and every one of them
>i'm literally a servant of evil
yes, i know. with a face like that, no wonder you hate God.

enjoy the camps
Im gonna be honest dude I was joking about being Jewish

So all the effort you put into venting on that point was totally wasted I win again just like always
>>29763099 checked
both posts are mine
and I like to create silly rhymes
I also know you're not here do take anything posted here seriously
and if someone else does ... that's their problem
not mine, or yours
yea, i knew you were gonna say that, and i don't believe you one bit.

you're a perpetual liar. But you were telling the truth there, and it fits in with everything else about you.

but mainly it's just your face, you look very jewish to me
dumbass satanists and their popstars
> I win through lies
waging war through deception, are we
How do you know what my face looks like? :(
Well you don't "know" I don't take things seriously
I could just be REALLY good
and hiding my own feelings

but still
even if I am doing that
it doesn't change realty in any way

as you
and everyone else

makes their own choices
about what to share
about themselves

on 4chan(nel)
all natural like
and shit
i create the truth from nothing by telling well placed lies
neutral bystander here, or at least I think I am. But that other anon accused you of switching between jewish and not jewish the moment you feel threatened, and here he threatens you with camps for being jewish and you immediately respond with the exact response he predicted? That's kind of uncanny in its accuracy.
Our bodies break
And the blood just spills and spills
But here we sit, debating math

It's just a shame
My hand just kills and kills
There's gotta be an end to that

There's gotta be an end to that
how many times do i have to answer the same question?
learn to read, cultist

show off that high verbal iq
I dont actually feel threatened by a random anon here telling me he's going to put me in a camp for being Jewish, and if i DID feel threatened by that i wouldn't seriously think that saying "actually I'm not" would save me.
it could be like that, true
you could be a liar
but even if that wouldn't be the case, there could be another reason to let it all be
namely, I could be disinterested in anyone's opinion, including yours
reality rules etc. etc.
as you tend to say
Eh, describe what i look like a little then, be somewhat specific. I think you're just lucky guessing and extrapolating
hmm, if you say anon. Just seemed strange that you behaved exactly like that other anon said.
The Minotaur was your avatar, wasn't it?
Has being dead made you feel any different about humanity, or are you complicit in the actions of your worshippers? :/
sure why not
you could just be the curious sort
willing to give an anon a break

and just let them
say whatever they come up with
without trying to change their minds

why not
I'm like that
so why can't anyone else be like that too

Ya that other anon sure got me
>other anon
you're literally descended from Esau, no wonder you hate Jews, you feel like your birthright got stolen.
when the truth is you sold it for some BEANS LMAO
which explains the fascination with the occult, because Esau married Canaanites

holy shit, you're a rat faced descendant of Esau, the absolute shit tier of Jewish tiers
>descended from esau
Good lol, fuck that scheming kike Jacob
Hey want to tell everyone in the thread about how you're literally Jesus Christ for a few minutes? Just remind them of that fact
eh, i don't have to do anything you ask, you fucking Edomite.
get bent you phony Jew
Ugh. The stench of death stuck in my mask.
>i worship a demon of chaos
>my entire life is about telling lies
>wait, are you lying? how dare you lie, only i'm allowed to do that
wow, ginger sure is paranoid lately
Ah, Jesus… here we go again: Another flashback…


suddenly my head rolled back and my eyes glazed over and I felt myself sucked into an irresistible time-warp:
I just don't really care man. Ya, I make a bunch of shit up its called shitposting/trolling. This is 4chan lol
you mean scheming like you're scheming right now? LOL
except Jacob did it better, because he's higher iq than you.

oh that's why you got so pissy over that, when i brought up high verbal iq. Because you're descended from the dumber older brother LOL
>you're literally Jesus
uhhh... what?
did you summon a demon just now and that's what they told you?
I was standing at the bar in the clubhouse at Churchill Downs on Derby Day with Ralph Steadman, and we were drinking Mint Juleps at a pretty good pace, watching the cream of Bluegrass Society getting drunker and drunker out in front of us… It was between races, as I recall: Ralph was sketching and I was making notes (“3:45 Derby Day, standing at clubhouse bar now, just returned from Mens Room/terrible scene/whole place full of Kentucky Colonels vomiting into urinals & drooling bile down their seersucker pants-legs/Remind Ralph to watch for ‘distinguished-looking’ men in pari-mutual lines wearing white-polished shoes with fresh vomit stains on the toes…”

Right. We were feeling very much on top of that boozy, back-slapping scene… when I suddenly glanced up from my notes & saw Frank Mankiewicz and Sonny Barger across the room, both of them wearing Hell’s Angels costumes and both holding heavy chrome chain-whips… and yes, it was clear that they’d spotted us. Barger stared, not blinking, but Mankiewicz smiled his cold lizard’s smile and they moved slowly through the drunken crowd to put themselves between us and the doorway.

Ralph was still sketching, muttering to himself in some kind of harsh Gaelic singsong & blissfully unaware of the violence about to come down. I nudged him.
Anon's of /x
doesn't matter if you identify as a larper, or a troll or a shill
if you LIMIT your concerns

to ONLY the other's posting in this thread
what's to stop anyone who doesn't
from talking behind your back

to the entire world
using a internet
that includes more then 4chan(nel)

No, that's what you were saying, for quite a long time too

I dont think you're literally Jesus, but as usual you fail to take the meaning of the words accurately
>i just don't really care man
wow, you really are the descendant of the dumber older brother, Esau.
if you didn't care, you wouldn't be responding to EVERY SINGLE FUCKING POST you low iq retard.
go eat more BEANS that your ancestor got for you. have fun with those BEANS
I seriously don't care. I'm responding cause that's just what I do man. I post in here all fucking day and I respond to people.
Their reaction to a horde of thugs charging through the crowd towards the Governor’s Box would be safely predictable, I felt. They would club the bleeding shit out of anybody who looked even halfway weird, and then make mass arrests…. Many innocent people would suffer; the drunk tank of the Jefferson County Jail would be boiling that night with dozens of drink-maddened Bluebloods who got caught in the Sweep; beaten stupid with truncheons and then hauled off in paddy wagons for no reason at all…

But what the hell? This was certainly acceptable, I felt, and preferable beyond any doubt to the horror of being lashed into hamburger with chain-whips by Mankiewicz and Barger in the Clubhouse Bar…

Indeed, I have spent some time in the Jefferson County Jail, and on balance it’s not a bad place – at least not until your nerves go, but when that happens it doesn’t really matter which jail you’re in. All blood feels the same in the dark – or back in the shower cell, where the guards can’t see.
Why do I feel disgust when I touch the dead?
when did i say i was Jesus.

holy crap you're a stupid fucking Edomite "Jew".
actually, scratch that, you're a filthy Canaanite. You don't even deserve to be called a jew.
>good, i hate jews
you don't understand, so i'll try to explain it in bean language to you:
Christians HATE Canaanites. They're even lower on the totem pole than Jews.
and it's the christians you've been trying to trick into slaughtering the Jews, just like y'all prolly tried to trick the Germans into slaughtering the Jews.

go eat more BEANS
>you low iq retard.
>go eat more BEANS that your ancestor got for you. have fun with those BEANS
like do you really think this is hurting my feelings or bothering me?
you do care though.
the vitriol you feel towards your smarter cousins is obvious.

go eat more beans, maybe it'll clear up your skin
> Editor’s Note

At this point Dr. Thompson suffered a series of nervous seizures in his suite at the Seal Rock Inn. It became obvious both by the bizarre quality of his first-draft work and his extremely disorganized lifestyle that the only way this tale could be completed was by means of compulsory verbal composition. Despite repeated warnings from Dr. Thompson’s personal physician we determined that for esthetic, historical, and contractual reasons The Work would have to be finished at all costs.

What follows, then, is a transcription of the conversations we had as Dr. Thompson paced about his room – at the end of an 18-foot microphone cord – describing the final days of the doomed McGovern campaign.
File: wfb_empire_fashion.jpg (133 KB, 1124x1136)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
The Chinese are ruining Warhammer. The Nobody will make the Chinaman pay for their infiltration. Fucking insectoids.
go fuck yourself shit thread shit OP
like, i don't care about your feelings.

But yes, it's obvious that it does. Hence why you keep getting so upset at Jews and Jacob, you've clearly been raised by your whore mother to hate Jews

>they stole our heritage and gave us BEANS... BEANS!
Not the anon you are responding to
but if someone else can get everyone else
to think you are a liar

you can be just fine
all alone
surrounded by folks to think you're a liar

all you want
is still the same as it always has

not a single thing you post
is going to change that
doesn't matter who you are btw

*pats on head*
>at the end of an 18-foot microphone cord

"Gonzo Journalism," they call it.
You committed an act of violence against me by bending reality and I won't respond to you from.now on :<
no wonder the nazis are losing, with edomite allies like Ginger and his Bean Brigade
If you can't handle
shit posting
that speaks for you alone
I used to think I could bend reality but now reality bends me
I dont get you people, it's always some bizarre fixation like poop or beans or some other thing
lol, smiley face poster calling Ginger out as a liar, that is too funny
>but now reality bends me
been there, done that
join the club anon
if you stick around you should be able to look for other's

who can imagine what can't be put into words
by the way
they use their words

it's weird
> he doesn't know about the beans
some Nazi you are
fucking hell
you don't get us because you're a low iq edomite canaanite.
it's genetically hardwired into you be stupid and to have a fascination for the occult (instead of actually provable things like science)
It's supposed to stay on the internet you weird freaky guy
Take the jab. Haha. You don't have a choice. Haha.
Ya guess you're right Isaac lol
Proved your point no need to harp on it or keep going at this point it's just mean
> A Kansas lawmaker who was accused of kicking a high school student in the groin and threatening to “unleash the wrath of God” pleaded guilty to three counts of disorderly conduct, court records show.
well, eventually i'll have to go to bed, but don't worry i'll be back and gonna let everyone know about you're descended from the Lord of Beans, and how you only hate jews because you're so tired of eating BEANS LOL
Hey liar
you are just going to say you are joking
about reality itself staying on the internet

and then acting like it's everyone else
who has something wrong with them
if they don't think you're funny

are you not?
reality bending
my sanity ending
goyim are pretending
while I'm comprehending
canaanites blending
/ng/ july 16th
I dont fully understand the question

But I'm prepared to say I was joking about almost anything
oh shit, apparently beans cause eczema LOL, that is too funny

Hunter S. Thompson's friends gave him a lot of shit for hanging out with Richard Nixon, but he was the only journalist Nixon liked talking to because they just talked about football (on the president's plane).

> /ng/ sept. 13th
wait till you'll find out about lentils
you uneducated fool
>i don't fully understand the question,
>Esau said to Jacob, his younger and smarter brother.
wait until you find out about legumes, Canaanite
you have to go back
back to your yeshiva
I have no problem
back peddleing

so le'ts take a very short jump
back in time
and remember this post


notice how someone
who could be anon
pretending to be someone else

uses their words
to try and imply
they know what the fuck is going on in these threads

like it's up to them
if everyone they think t hey are better then
is going to keep what they post a secret

like only the minds
of those reads
will ever know what goes on in threads threads

instead of folks
reading these threads
then telling what they read about

to folks
who don't even know
4chan(nel) is a thing

allowing the entire world
to find out
what lairs are really like
Aaron Rogers (12) lore,
which is canonical...
no, canaanites like Ginger need to be put in a concentration camp, they're a danger to both Jews and goyim
uses their words
to try and imply
they know what the fuck is going on in these threads

No I wasn't. It's almost the opposite.
ginger is descended from the group of "jews" (read Canaanites) that sacrificed their own children to Moloch.

evil group of people, and it explains so much about Ginger
File: 1621937194112.png (280 KB, 777x554)
280 KB
280 KB PNG
I am better looking than Isaac and also a foot taller

I am also the nobody, while he is not

That's really what all this is about

like it's up to them
if everyone they think t hey are better then
is going to keep what they post a secret

I see what you're saying
Sure whatever
who is NOT the anon I'm responding to
can you tell if the anon I'm responding to is trying to save face

in front of a bunch of strangers
who are going to think
whatever they want about every anon

no matter who says what
anyone they know nothing about

on the other side of the internet
just as natural
as can be
The ol' Double Nut Shot.
> WuShock
Save face regarding what? In front of who?
you are not better looking than me lol. You're too ugly to even bother posting a face pic

and you're just a canaanite, that's all. A worshiper of chaotic darkness and evil. And all because you're jealous of the Jews and wish you were in his spot.
>my birthright!
as if birthright had anything to do with it. You're just too low iq, all you're decent at is lying but once people realize "these people are liars" the games over and it's back to working at Sizzler LMAO
>Save face regarding what? In front of who?

So like no matter what you post
or what I post
or what anyone else post's

OUTSIDE of the internet
in REAL life
folks can go get someone else

and be like
"Hey you want to see what folks fucked in the head talk about"
and sure some folks won't want to do that
but they can ask more then as many folks as they need
until one's like "Sure, why not"

and then show them these threads
and talk to themselves
comparing notes about what they think of the posters

without agreeing with each other
learning 1st hand
how different they can be

then other's
the old fashioned with
with a modern twist
>my best friend in middle school was Jewish!
yea prolly another Canaanite.
>no synagogue
oh yea
Ya sure that's not what I was talking about, i was...
(((JUST JOKING))) around
about how yesterday my step-dad asked me the definition of hubris and referencing your reality bending powers
>my real dad left because he got sick of beans
You dear anon
are posting
in a nobody thread

that much
is fucking obvious
to anyone of any faith

doesn't matter if they believe in god
or if they don't
or if they can't tell what god is

one thing that is for real
to all of them equally
is they have to deal with your post

if they are going
to read
everyone no matter who else makes it

no matter who the fuck you are
or what jokes you got
if you even once did more then joke

and say what is REALLY on your mind
in ways all those you want to rule
can use to defend themselves from you

in ways you can't imagine
no matter how hard you try
but those you picked a fight with

can imagine
and use
against you

is your own damn fault

Hu or Huwa is a name for God in Sufism. Literally, Hebrew and Arabic for the English third person and is used in Sufism to avoid attributation of a grammatical gender to Allah. In Sufism Hu or Huwa is the pronoun used with Allah or God, and is used as a name of God.
and el oh freakin el that rat face Ginger would actually think he's cuter than me.

remind me again who has a kid, who has actually even HAD sex?oh that's right, me.

unlike you, i don't have to fantasize about famous women because i can get the real thing whenever i want
This timeline won’t be its friend..
I am though, just because I've never bad sex doesn't mean anything I have mild aspergers
At times I see you
You silver rider
Sometimes your voice is not enough
Your face in windows
Outside forever
Nobody dreamed you'd save the world
Nobody dreamed you'd save the world
La la la la...
The march is over
The great destroyer
She passes through you like a knife
Oh take me with you
You silver rider
Sometimes you voice is not enough
Sometimes your voice is not enough
La la la...
What the fuck are you talking about
>i'm not ugly, i have mild aspergers
nah, you're just ugly with bad skin and a tiny canaanite dick that would just get laughed at.

just leave the women to me .)
realty anon
I am putting it into words
very poorly

are you REALLY confessing
you don't know
what's on topic in this thread?

for EVERYONE who isn't you
to see
for themselves

like you don't have a choice in the matter

*pats on head*
read between the lines you low iq canaanite.
crying won't make your dick bigger.

>wolves are wild dogs adapted into predators
>crows are smart birds refusing crowd behavior
Odin was interesting. Supporting discreet complexity and enhancing followers through team play. Living mostly in fog and forest, I get that crows are better adapted than hawks (they often chase/battle them).
Solquit regimis subuiquator.
Solstace subuiquit raegis.
File: 1627675661814.jpg (257 KB, 736x652)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
I have forgotten more than you'll ever know.
Jacob vs Esau/Ginger
>I get that crows are better adapted than hawks (they often chase/battle them).

I live in a not-very-big circle controlled by an eagle that lives down the road & I know where hawk territory begins. I don't mention any of this when an attractive young women puts a photo of a hawk on the wall because I don't fully understand the internal politics of bird-world.
I mean, hiter tried to embody/manifest the odin soul, because the atlantic/rhin breeding was probably spiritually similar to the Mediterranean one. He (roman church) probably though it could stop/lower the upcoming pharaoh rebirth led by Howard Carter discovery.

In other words, the betrayal, murder and destitution of ThotAnkhAmon was probably an important piece of the destiny puzzle.
a good portion of what he says does not make sense then he's giving the nobody that rapist smirk sometimes he laughs.
>if I'm making sense
>got it?
>did you understand?

i really like the episode about trishula kitchens tho!!! =3
why not
it's not like the so called 'Christians"
are the only one's who can talk shit about folks who don't share their faith exactly

thank you westbro baptist chruch
for proving
not all versions of the same orginazation

are the same
simply by existing
it's that simple
Hitler adopted the "Atlantean" theory because no one would have followed him if he just admitted to be a canaanite like Ginger is
Im about to consume a large quantity of mushrooms tea and would prefer it if you wouldn't freak me out for the next few hours :<

Doubt you care tho baka
>the internal politics of bird-world.

but I did start seeing hummingbirds the last few years, and I noticed a sudden upsurge of hummingbird feeders & related hummingbird merch on the lawns around here. where do the owls fit in? it's already too many animals to process...

and this other guy has a sports car that says "coyote," i didnt know they even made such a thing
29. Abyss
Line 2:
The abyss has a defile.
Seek small gains.

There is only little maneuverability in this situation. It is safer to not try to achieve too much.
I also have a larger dick than Isaac does but that's nothing to be proud of
don't forget to add your inheritance to it.

Hey it's not up to me
if you ignore these threads
you have no say in

so if you enjoy
your trip or not
is up to you

and the choices
you make
that nobody else can make for you

isn't it?
same as always
nothing is changing

on account of me
or any shitpost
I make on 4chan(nel)

File: 1625018551043.png (377 KB, 1600x1539)
377 KB
377 KB PNG
No broken/changing lines?
>seek small gains
>seek... BEANS

no one's buying what you're selling, canaanite
bohemian rhapsody is the nobody's theme every saturday
From my plebland, since pretty young, I only got two cool things, Vineyards and Hawks.

Oh and my family house is close to a «crow hotel», every night, something like 50k crows gather, fly over the house to go sleep on high trees near the river.
>sports car that says "coyote,"

it has a silver circle logo on the back but i was too scared to take a picture. it looks cooler than this one.
In physics, complementarity is a conceptual aspect of quantum mechanics that Niels Bohr regarded as an essential feature of the theory.[1][2] The complementarity principle holds that objects have certain pairs of complementary properties which cannot all be observed or measured simultaneously. An example of such a pair is position and momentum. Bohr considered one of the foundational truths of quantum mechanics to be the fact that setting up an experiment to measure one quantity of a pair, for instance the position of an electron, excludes the possibility of measuring the other, yet understanding both experiments is necessary to characterize the object under study. In Bohr's view, the behavior of atomic and subatomic objects cannot be separated from the measuring instruments that create the context in which the measured objects behave. Consequently, there is no "single picture" that unifies the results obtained in these different experimental contexts, and only the "totality of the phenomena" together can provide a completely informative description.
Ginger the Unemployed Permavirgin Druggie Canaanite that is jealous that jews have more wealth and iq than him and that i'm cuter and have a bigger dick than him and get laid and he doesn't
>something like 50k crows gather, fly over the house

we have huge flocks of seagulls here, sometimes they seem near-infinite, just going back & forth over the grocery store or the boat docks
like 123 , simple as
and then of course the canadian geese take over every meijer grocery store parking lot & also shit all over the parks & get all the beaches closed every summer...

it's a bird world
we just live in it
>it's a bird world
>we just live in it

the neighbor made himself a small koi pond a few years ago and then one of those scary-looking blue herons (like creepy muppets) flew over, saw the fish, and ate all of them in 5 minutes.
the pedestrian bridge i had to stop using because these birds kept doing kamikaze dives at me because i guess they decided that they own it, fine whatever! there's two sides on every street!
So for any of you reading
who are free to browse 4chan(nel)
even if you choose to never once take "drugs"

can you tell
when folks talking about "jumping time lines"
or "clown world"
or "devil worshiping baby eaters in control of the worlds governments"

are made by anon's
you know NOTHING about
that could be one of those

who made the choice for themselves
to experiment with "drugs"
and act all weird in front of anyone who isn't stoned off their ass

as they way the strangest stuff
that doesn't make any sense
but if you get a at least one more effected by "drugs"

to talk amonst themselves
the stores they come up with
are the things of legend

and wonder
why "drugs"
exist naturally

in the 1st place
if you brain
did have receptors

needed for the "drugs" to do their thing

The ice vs the heat
The darkness vs the light
Odin VS Ra

The ultimate magical event. The merge of the two major ether components/soullines.



Two parts, one entity.
It’s very weird with crows. Their sounds are so.. disconnected from things.. Really creepy to hear a massive cloud of crows in the sinking light of the sun.
File: 1621579784953.jpg (45 KB, 398x400)
45 KB
Just how fake is history?
Fulcanelli says there's a way to locate "the treasure," you need one crow and you have to figure out where it is looking. at a specific point in "the process" it will be looking at the intended location.

but he also said the same thing about the shadow of the arm of a statue at noon

and that you can see all the stars in the daytime if you lay at the bottom of a deep well and look up
I knew a dog like that.
faker then Gingers NG persona. Wouldn't be surprised if he or she is ashkenazi.
They put the treasure deep inside us
Inside us
Inside us

They thought the desert would divide us
Divide us
Divide us

With silence
With silence
With silence
With silence

They filled our hearts and hands with violence
With violence
With violence

It's time to leave the fields behind us
Behind us
Behind us
In silence

funvax update

funvax update


File: 1622617379795.jpg (489 KB, 1500x1123)
489 KB
489 KB JPG
Very cute.

I don't know much about Ginger.
So a jew?
i wouldnt' trust that cat she's a black cat
I used to have an airedale terrier.
When in disgrace with fortune and men’s eyes
I all alone beweep my outcast state,
And trouble deaf heav'n with my bootless cries,
And look upon myself, and curse my fate,
Wishing me like to one more rich in hope,
Featured like him, like him with friends possessed,
Desiring this man’s art, and that man’s scope,
With what I most enjoy contented least;
Yet in these thoughts myself almost despising,
Haply I think on thee, and then my state,
Like to the lark at break of day arising
From sullen earth, sings hymns at heaven’s gate.
For thy sweet love remembered such wealth brings
That then I scorn to change my state with kings.
Then someone found a black lab wandering lost in the woods so I had two dogs growing up...
Who knows if that's the truth or not.
What you are about to witness is possibly one of the cruelest magic tricks since the birth of magic itself.
File: 1622622797909.jpg (642 KB, 1079x1403)
642 KB
642 KB JPG
Last one.
I wonder why Ginger has a fake persona on NG. What purpose does constantly faking and lying serve him/her?
File: 1622620131864.jpg (133 KB, 1024x716)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
Okay maybe a couple more.
File: 1508128399706.jpg (88 KB, 1280x848)
88 KB
I used to only go to this thread as well, though nowadays I'm also browsing one /vg/ thread.
The Elites have seen the writing on the wall.
Plan A has been scrapped and now they run run run. Back to the backup plan. Plan B.

You never had the choice, only we had the choice. If you let us in on the deal maybe you would have had a chance at that dream, but you didn't. That is why you failed, because humanity is not the chaotic masses we are Gods. To hell with Freud.

You anons want to make money? Find the tech startups. Medical tech, green industry tech, transportation tech because that is now going on a bull run to end all bull runs.

Human expansion is here, and we are hungry for it.
Shut the fuck up.
go ahead
pretend you're better then a virgin
just because you say so

see how much
that impresses
those you want to have sex with

I dare ya
This is why boomers should stick to Facebook. I don't think they can understand 4chan

Aside from disposable I guess
No one takes jews or nazis serious anymore. Both yall fakin the funk.

File: 1621573505975.jpg (65 KB, 556x604)
65 KB
Got any opinions on I, pet goat?
I met various hoofed beasts at Omega Parc in Quebec...
Maybe it's a natural reaction to stay away from germs.
No one takes your persona serious. It's true. What kind of attention are you trying to garner by constantly pretending and lying and acting?
it was okay
that's about it

that vid is what you're asking about is it not?
File: 1626068972070.jpg (172 KB, 686x1024)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
>You anons want to make money? Find the tech startups. Medical tech, green industry tech, transportation tech
What if I have no idea how technology works? And I'm unsure that I will ever understand / grasp it?
Also an owl in the daylight as Philip K. Dick was planning to write about before he had that stroke...
File: 1622908637035.jpg (54 KB, 736x560)
54 KB
I'm usually just playing around for fun or saying whatever Im thinking about I don't really care lol
That's the one
I wasn't impressed
but I'm seen other stuff
that impressed me less

for whatever that's worth
any more
...suspiciously photogenic wolf—
File: 1621573557819.jpg (119 KB, 764x1024)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
Okay second to last one.
Jews are good at chess
Around 50% of chess world Champs have been Jewish

There's a goy world champion currently, from.norway, his opponent in November, a russian Jew

File: 1622257609277.jpg (260 KB, 762x523)
260 KB
260 KB JPG
I don't know how many of these are actually real, but they are pretty cool.
Even when you lightly brush aside the truths about your fake persona, you are still being fake. Fakeception for what purpose?
Theyre all real. Hitler was beloved
Do you understand stocks? How the market works?
See this is a complete shift in the way human society works. Complete Shift.
Artificial scarcity, suppression of technology, suppression of manufacturing, of housing, of liberty... all going away. Trillions instead will be pumped into human potential, but steering the ship towards sustainability. Clean energy. Eco-Forestry. Hemp. Water efficiency models. All you need to do is recognize the companies investing in these areas.
Ginger being fake again and lying.
"The Giants Are Returning," as an elk on a billboard once wrote in tell-tale "American Cash Money" font.
File: haha.gif (1.28 MB, 498x280)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB GIF
i'm human
If someone says they "love you"
as they try and kill you
does it matter if society says you can't judge anyone but yourself?

serious ? btw

that will have different answers
on who answers it

if you're one of those
who hate yourself
maybe you think

anyone trying to kill you
does love you
and is only doing so to try and force you to fix yourself

which I'm fine with
but I can't read your mind
and have no idea if you really exist or not

I can imagine you do
talk as if you exist
but I'm making shit up

if you are out there
and I'm not just crazy

Jesus never left that box because of me.

Some drama I so graciously present to you... you... DOGS.. VULTURES... CRAVENS. May Allah bless you people with dementia so that no one may know of this accursed knowledge.
When has Ginger made a post that was not him/her lying and pretending and acting fake?
I'm a talking cartoon toboggan.
File: 1622615591615.jpg (82 KB, 1024x667)
82 KB
>Do you understand stocks? How the market works?
Uff not really. I don't feel like I'd be good at investment.
I do see what you mean though. We have to shift soon, otherwise we'll run out of resources. I will try to get involved with tech companies somehow (programming would be my goal).
I'm going to keep bugging Ginger over his/her fake persona.
Maybe Hitler & Ginger & everyone else here are manipulated by "dark powers" (of the air?) that sow the seeds of division & never really have the earth's best interests in mind, I dunno, I'm not a politician...

The important thing is to never stop participating in the various "raging conflicts" and to use specific words that make entire groups feel "left out," that's the tried & true strategy...

> 4chan is always so "martial"
> "Cat Power" is Chan Marshall
We have enough "resources" for the foreseeable future.
Chess is a solve game. It's not a fight. It lacks this element of chaos.
File: Undertale.jpg (45 KB, 750x1000)
45 KB
Love you <3
Jk I'm human too, as far as I'm aware.
Ginger double downing on his/her fake persona by posting as "Anonymous." to deny a lie by using another lie.
you wouldn't know what love was
if it tea bagged your face
Hey anon's
for all the "sick burns"
you might make in this thread

what's to stop
any new anon's
from having no idea what you posted in this thread

that everyone
you blow the fuck
out of the water

to just wait
and act like what you posted
never happened

in the next thread
if you're not there
to repeat

your own opinion
of other's repeating your own opinion for you

in their own words

This song was a prophecy of Ginger's fake persona and your fake persona to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3hTwsvJV_A
The fake initial duality of the Levant
To the real duality

Once the Earth became round

War or peace. May one Soul drive it nicely.
May prayers tempers its beg for destruction.
See, I was right, I got bugs bossing me around, putting words in my brain, making me stare at tires...

> 08:09:26
> 08:09:26
File: Sophia.png (295 KB, 401x568)
295 KB
295 KB PNG
Settle down babe
I know that you want it
What we do now echoes in eternity.
Even if I don't know you
if by some random chance
you somehow convinced yourself

all you had to do
was say something

instead of repeating it over and over and over
in order to convince
everyone in the world

you meant what you said
this is awkward

but you're wrong
the entire world
is NOT going to beleive you know

better then everyone else
how reality works
and all I have to do to prove it

is exist
that's it
nothing else

my bad

Yeah but remember that we're adding humans all the time. We'll eventually run out. It would be smarter to start working on creating technology that helps us reuse resources.
>and act like what you posted
>never happened

Sometimes it's not an act, I've seen people offline get their memories wiped many times, after a strong cognitive "shock." That's why it's best to mind your own business these days, otherwise you will be privately understood to be "not in control" of what you can think or remember.
*pats on head*
text on a screen
doesn't mean anything does it?

not if we self destruct and reality goes on without us
then it's more like
we are a fart in the wind

for some other life form
to prove
when we are dead and gone
Fake nazi + Fake Swifty persona= uber cringe

Cringer. Not the Cat from He-Man who becomes battle cat, just a fake persona of cringe named Ginger.

They will convince themselves that I know better.
Simple as.
Everyone likes gold or a diamond when given. Weird?
No, that’s just the brain appreciating, via dozen of unconscious identical patterns, something pleasing the eyes.
File: 0v78Yh.jpg (11 KB, 300x300)
11 KB
Be honest Ginger. Is someone paying you to be such a fake LARP? Are you apart of some Government plan to subjugate your victims with UNLIMITED UBER CRINGE MANIA?
I genuinely believe them when they tell me (IRL, to my face) that they either a) have no memory of the "bad thing" they did, or else b) remember it very differently, in a "highly justified" sort of way. That just means that they weren't in control, they were being used.

It's a bad look, that's all.
You can't be trusted,
nor taken seriously.

> But it's "your" life I guess.

How many of you are part of some Government plan to subjugate your victims with UNLIMITED UBER CRINGE EDGELORD DOUCHE MANIA?
Who you talking about anon's
is it everyone else
who isn't you

that you think
your words
speak of

instead of simply yourself

what bed thing?
No. All I need is you. Everything else is a bonus.
You think it's up to you
if anyone who isn't you
keep their true options to themselves?
Hey, give me a (You).

Damn I needed that "u" for when I typed about Gingers fake persona being "uber cringe." Wow, what a coincidence. It seems Ginger's über cringe being exposed was destiny.
I enjoy this clarification.
Most racists, anti-semites, etc. just absorb it from their upbringing & environment. You have to actively fight against it (in yourself, alone) if you want to overcome it, but it is always easier to just carry on.

> Whatever, it's "your" life.

The internet is a great tool for those who want to keep wallowing in the mud of ancient grievances.
File: AI.jpg (103 KB, 720x711)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Who controls the media smiles?
This is like what hitler said about arguing with kikes
I don't know how to break this to you anon
so I'm not even going to try
there is an ENTIRE reality out there for you

just waiting for you to discover
that does not
include me

in any way
I'm fake

and don't really exist
just some figment
of the imagiantion

of a stranger
you know nothing about
who make a fake version of themselves

and gave it
of their own body

not uh


think you can handle it?

flawed mortals who are not in control of reality

was hitler a mutt
who was a mix
of all breeds

that never once
voted in their life
for a goverment

they knew better
then to trust
when they made the choice

to protect fathers
trying to get their own family to lie for them
about what's evil

Mel Gibson's dad doesn't like "Jews" either, wonder where he got it from.

My grandpa was the same way but I just assumed he was old-fashioned & brainwashed by his 1930's German immigrant childhood. I just ignored him whenever he did the Facial Recognition bit. All my relatives & neighbors have these sorts of biases: the "generation of generations."

> If any man cometh unto me, and hateth not his own father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.
Ginger please tell us the true circumstances of your über cringe fake Swifty + fake nazi persona.

Another one ginger? Very confused with lichess
Ginger is a pikachu.
Yes Gingers fake persona loves to strategically play chess with it's intended targets.

It's alright. I'm not worried about any of that.
>tfw Ginger nigger considers me as the shit opponent
>tfw reached the deepest bottom of my life :/
I don't know anything about "The Jews," but I like a lot of INDIVIDUAL Jewish artists & have reread Martin Buber's books several times.

I don't know anything about "The Muslims" but I have about 30 books by Idries Shah.

And so on & so forth.

You're like economists, you think in "millions" with charts & graphs, mouths spitting out useless numbers.

Remove your preferred scapegoat & you'll just get bored & start targeting someone else.

> Move to Mars.
What the fuck
does what you're not worried about
matter in anyway

File: Methma.jpg (146 KB, 1024x1024)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
>flawed mortals who are not in control of reality
Oyyy veyyyy

What is the powerlevel of granny?
>Throws pokeball at Ginger
I don't know who's behind this fake garbage persona also. Smells like the same origin and source where Ginger gets his/her fake persona uber cringe aura from.

Technically, yes, Anne Frank's "parent" wrote her diary, but that "parent" also writes all of your 4chan posts, as well.
ZOG: -9000
granny: 88
More weird conjured personas from the utter depths of the cringe void.

calm down
have a pacifier
lay off meth
Well anon
let's just say
I'm powerful enough

to write
my own

no matter
who else
lies about me

all natural like and shit
so whoever the fuck
you're calling a granny

better not be me
or else
you're fucked
If you focus on the racial stuff you're in easily manipulated territory.
Focus on why anyone, anywhere, would create a fake persona to interact with real people and discuss real issues.
I can confirm.
Technically it’s
Government and Mason legacy. Top notch Spheres of influence across Time, I guess.
Like a kid you’re waiting for since a long time, but fearing it’ll turn nuts and fuck up your life, since it’s, by definition, a unique kid (hard to get).

Satanists are maybe a way the rationalize that it’s not only about human’s will. Random roads.
Another ongoing lie to cover up your own fake shenanigans straight from the void of uber cringe. Most likely Ginger or coworker at Government run security firm Cringe Co.

meth never changes
You'd be surprised.
that is not up to you
File: Determined.png (472 KB, 1000x563)
472 KB
472 KB PNG
Oi granny
What's wrong
with locking those way
who think they are entitled to harm others for their own enjoyment?

>How to Double down on lies. And increase the fake cringe EXPONENTIALLY.
consider whether I'm not paid by (you)s
and keep 'em comming

File: Based.png (874 KB, 700x819)
874 KB
874 KB PNG
I mean no harm cutiecake.
Just gimme that sweet ass of yours truly.
Some of us are just watching while you regulars dig a mass grave together. The grave is for you and for the world that spawned such miserable children.

The ceremony is sometimes referred to as a CATAFALQUE.
What government
that does NOT lock up anyone
who wants to harm others for their own enjoyment

keeping them away
from everyone else
they are take responsibility for

has the best interest
of everyone else
in mind

(You) are paid by cringe.
You can't help yourself can you
you REALLY think
you are doing no wrong

as you stalk
who does not want your affection

for your own selfish needs
sides ->>orbit
pathetic, you schizophrenic methhead
File: mikasa1626675133780.gif (1.01 MB, 500x699)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB GIF
>Attack on Titan
(You) are based

Posting the best girl, Mikasa
File: Baka.jpg (113 KB, 1280x720)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Not everyone you dum dum
Only you have caught my interest
(You) can never be real on here. So all that negative talk is your admitted lies. Your fake persona is ai.
beep boop
I'm a government paid lying AI, obviously
what else am I?
Im not offended by your namecalling. It's your constant fake persona.
Doesn't matter who you are
if you have a kid
doesn't matter if it's as you read this post in the present

or maybe
some time in the future after having sex you haven't had yet
or maybe your kid died so it was in the past you had one

if you're still breathing
can you tell
if kids are born

knowing everything
or do they learn
as they grow

on the information
they have available to them

and who's job is it
to determine
what their kids

are exposed to
when they learn for themselves
how to act

by emulating
what those born before them do
and seeing what works for them

no matter
what the law says
about what schools should teach
who you trying to fool anon
do you really think
I can't tell if you are talking shit to folks who are not me
I'm afraid to bring life into this world.
Ginger must be real sensitive in real life.
Noooo, smiley, what's up with you...
I've made the choice
not to have sex myself
just to make sure my own kid

doesn't have to deal with
what I
was born into

it's a thing
File: FB_IMG_1631706055050.jpg (48 KB, 720x851)
48 KB
I respect that.
Staring in the face of eternity nearly broke me. I was thinking about eternity so much I pondered if the universe could potentially be shut off and never turned on again. What a completely crazy idea eternity is
File: 109.jpg (28 KB, 496x621)
28 KB
Can you solve this riddle?
File: cookie.jpg (8 KB, 225x225)
8 KB
my ex
well for starters
I'm not "smiley"
I'm Disposable

whatever is going on with me
I'm still
not your friend

just your acquaintance
I don't need to know anything about

to figure out
you have no fucking clue
who I really am

so there's that.

which does not mean
you submit to it
since respect and submission are not the same thing


like ignorance and innocence
are also
not the same thing

or how empathy and sympathy
are not
the same thing

doesn't matter
how things are portrayed
in the media
I don't need to anon
any reason you think I should need to
is a riddle of your own to solve
File: 1626528714678.gif (2.52 MB, 512x512)
2.52 MB
2.52 MB GIF
Yo dudebro
Got some more drawings for us?
Ya dude he probably was all that stuff I don't fucking know
File: 1631623297247.jpg (117 KB, 893x1024)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
Does Mel Gibson hold all the cards to understand the mysteries of this universe?
No Smiles, I was not being dismissive of you.
It's your choice, as is anything else you do.
I was trying to be supportive.
So why would anyone care
about what you have to say
about someone you don't know anything about

in stupid obvious ways
you can't hide
from anyone who doesn't trust a thing you say?
Dude I'm sorry you were just giving away pieces and shit hahhaahaha

File: Lucky.png (87 KB, 300x553)
87 KB
Nothing new, nah.
This was the most recent, you've probably seen it.

you failed
which I'm fine with
but just a heads up

I don't need you
to be

any more
then you need me
to be yourself

just saying
any of you
trying to brag
about how powerful your imaginations are

can you imaigne a world
where you never
had to worry about money ever again

instead just living
doing what you wanted
as long as you could survive

without having to pay taxes
to those
who say you need them to keep you safe?

File: Eden.jpg (208 KB, 1920x1080)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
Heavy metal justice enforcer!
I do enjoy your art.
What would be wrong
with never having a boss
you didn't custom pick for yourself

ever again
only taking orders
from someone

who knows more
about what you want to learn about
instead of doing

what other's
what you do to
so they don't have to
File: Thicc.jpg (892 KB, 1738x2283)
892 KB
892 KB JPG
Oi granny
Look at my gigantic cock
I see a thumbnail
of a bird
is that what you're talking about?
>why did he say this?
Hah, there's definitely a bit of that feel in there. I liked someone's comedic interpretation of it being a noob goth wannabe doing step by step magic.
"Ok so I've got the sword burning, what's the next step" :P
He wrote it funnier, I cbf finding it lol.

Glad you enjoy :)
you need to click on it
and it will get bigger

I hope you get the peace you deserve.
I'm aware
what's our point
File: heh.jpg (87 KB, 500x500)
87 KB
Perhaps you should take a peek inside…
If you dare!
File: 1626061621659m.jpg (54 KB, 556x1024)
54 KB
Also dude I'm on a lot of mushrooms I'm sorry if it made you feel bad :*(
File: THICCC.jpg (68 KB, 500x620)
68 KB
I'll look forward to the day when you are able to draw a nice pair big juicy thicc thighs.
Why do you have to worry about money, anon?
>>29764112 (that guy)
oh come on
say something positive
it is the only gigantic cock Daddy has
His name is Larry :3
my greetings to Larry
it's a really nice cock
I just want to fly like in my dreams. That's all I'm asking for
File: VV.jpg (17 KB, 408x517)
17 KB
You have my gratitude, dear stranger.

Seems like my autism was too much to handle for smiles.
>scary-looking blue herons

I saw one a few minutes ago while walking back from the gas station, and yea it did scare me when it suddenly took off out of the muddy creek.

> was I singing "queen of the gas station" silently in my mind? yes of course

they are scary, they are huge with long skinny legs & you don't even know it's there and then *bam* pterodactyl
I met a cock named Larry
at first, I was a little wary
I even tried to poke some fun
but when all was said and done
we discovered his greatest power
and the reign of Dispo was over
and so, after aeons eternal
the Disposable was slain by a really big cock
a minute of silence (without posting) please
nah, more like 15 seconds
Also, I do seem attracted to trash, as if the clue--the clue--lies there. I'm always ferreting out elliptical points, odd angles. What I write doesn't make a whole lot of sense. There is fun and religion and psychotic horror strewn about like a bunch of hats. Also, there is a social or sociological drift--rather than toward the hard sciences, the overall impression is childish but interesting.
> Philip K. Dick,
> The Exegesis
File: Sponk.jpg (83 KB, 1280x720)
83 KB
Smiles is afraid of big cocks.
This is canon btw.
or what
you're going to act
like some creepy pervert who can't take no for an answer?

if you can survive without it
you don't
how are you paying for internet access again?


you really think it's in your own best interest to pretend I'm part of any of this?
He spins her spindle weaving fuse
Burning fumes of lucid youth to mend
Her useless flesh

They've stolen all my love, buried in absentia rose
Can you hear my vitreous heart breaking in absentia rose?
Smoke stack burning, eidolon turning
I won't ever let you go
They've stolen all my love
Yes, they've stolen all my love

Taken by the night, divagate remembrance
Check the puzzle, does it fit?
I am alpha and omega
And on the seventh day I rise
Past the pangs of my resistance
When the son gives up his throne
What becomes of this theft?
> t. a sentient fire hydrant, by the looks of your shadow

and that's why avoids sex
that's canon too

oh crap, he returned
I hope that comes true.
File: 666.jpg (64 KB, 1024x1024)
64 KB
There is no bigger cock than Larry?!
We are done for!
>the seventh

Dasehra, make these shackles go away
Dasehra, make these shackles go away
Dasehra, won't you help me stand my ground if I should fall?
Dasehra, as long as I am injured
Dasehra, as long as I remember
Dasehra, as long as I am injured
Dasehra, as long as I remember
Dasehra, as long as I am injured
Dasehra, as long as I remember
Dasehra, as long as I am injured
I can try to summon a rancid cunt
or the rancid cunt
I'll go out now to prepare the magic smoke
File: ZA WORLDO.gif (1.37 MB, 500x282)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB GIF
Duck that I'm out of here!
The jews did this.

"What would you do if any of these would happen..."


> The number 108 is considered sacred by the Dharmic Religions, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism.
in case you can't tell
folks can go make something to eat
and then come back

if this thread
is not
all that they are thinking about

just saying

Mother nature
would still do her thing
so you'd have problems to deal with

but you could deal with them
for free
without paying someone else to deal with them for you

then suffering the consequence
if they didn't know
what the fuck they were doing

instead running way
on vactation
should the winter knock out the power

of everyone living in
the borders of a map
they claim to be looking after

like certain stories
talked out on the news
that are common knowledge

no matter what god you claim is better then anyone else's god
Yup. The answer is simple. It's so damn honestly simple.
you dense nigger bitches, you literally built the foundation for which the thought pattern to emerge and now you're like uhh uhh why is da externl worl so fukt up whatever see you in babylon posers
it's not hard is it?

guess who has a clue what the fuck you are talking about
I dare ya
see how that works out for ya

*pats on head*
Yeah my compass was all fucked up last month. I couldn't sleep for four days, someone came in my room and accused me of being dead.
New Thread
page 7
plenty of imagine spots left
and no reason to spam the board with a thread that already exists

just so certain anon's
can pretend it matters
if they are on the front page or not

just saying
Even I don't understand that
Well you know how you spam these threads
acting like it matters
what you post

just so you can get off
on the reactions
strangers have to your post's

without giving a shit
about anyone
who isn't you

well it turns out
you're not
the only one who does that

I mean it's not like
you're special
or anything
8Tz, I have a tip for you, for a cartoon
"Homeless Herbie and his pet cock Larry"
a saga of friendship in these uneasy times
finding scraps of food, adventures at petrol station, Ginger traps, all of these things!
with a twist - Herbie will find out that Larry is jewish
but they'll overcome
they always do
Are you... still here? lol
End of page is best. More come out when it is not bumped with post.
thankfully not
Larry did him in
The only reason you have to rely on money.
It is vibration. Why rising it is there goal.

I doubt they grasp larger concept
I made a great tasting curry. Apricot preserve as the sweet to spicy.

Best one by far..
Ginger just let Isaac smash

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