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File: sutekh.jpg (45 KB, 546x421)
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Let's get one of these threads going. No fucking schizoposting, no fucking role playing

>be me
>about 9 years old, live in the middle of white suburbia, washington state
>middle of summer vay kay
>be a fattie little kid so stay inside and play vidya all day
>be playing ocarina of time
>stuck in the water temple
>remember buddy next door has the strategy guide at his house
>leave living room, go to bedroom
>get dressed
>tell mom where i'm going and that i'll be back soon
>walk down driveway and see two guys in suits with clipboards walking down street
>one really tall guy with frizzy hair and a shitty goatee, one smaller pudgy guy with a bald head and paperboy hat
>papermidget smiles and waves, says hello to me
>i nod and keep walking
>go knock on neighbors door, ask to borrow strategy guide
>he goes to get the strategy guide
>from his front porch, i can see my front porch, and the two guys are walking up my driveway
>friend comes back, gives strategy guide
>thank him and go home, two suitguys are knocking on door
>mom answers door and talks to them, i walk in between them and go inside, it's time to beat the fucking water temple damnit
>can hear conversation between mom and suitguys, apparently they are a team of carpet cleaners
>mom brings them inside to look at living room and hallway; we have two dogs and both have pissed the hallway a couple times
>they talk and the suitguys leave
>think nothing of it
File: shadow.jpg (49 KB, 800x500)
49 KB
>stay up late playing ocarina of time, now moving onto shadow temple
>lights out in living room except tv and little bit of light coming through blinds from the porch light
>loo loo loo, playing zelda is my favorite thing to do
>suddenly hear doorknob rattling
>look over to window, can see silhouette of man in window
>set controller down lightly
>heart is pounding, palms are sweaty
>i ate all the fucking spaghetti
>stand up slowly and tiptoe to window
>lift a blind about quarter of an inch and peek through
>its papermidget and tallfuck
>hear voice behind me say "look out"
>heart stops, turn around
>is dad
>dad is holding remington 870 and pointing at door
>i stand up against wall away from door
>can hear suitguys arguing outside
>dad racks shotgun
>they run away

its not much but it scared the shit out of me as a kid, someone trying to break into your house like that. looking back robbers were dumb and had no balls, not a threat really, but it was a bit traumatizing
I’ve been looking for this kind of thread for a while. I don’t roam /x/ but I might need some answers

>go hiking with my dad and my soon to be brother in law
>pretty remote área near a mountain pass
>start hiking, ours is the only car parked there
>route is pretty hard, steep and full of rock areas
>smell like metal from time to time (not sure if related), same smell as when you smell house keys
>stop to have a snack
>route is 6 hours long, we’re pretty much halfway done
>start walking again
>thick fog starts coming down the mountains and descending towards us
>decide to call it quits bc we don’t want to be one of those retarded hikers that need rescue
>hear “screams”
>not actual screams it sounds like a mix between a man screaming and a truck horn, I wouldn’t know how to describe it better
>stop and look at each other
>brother in law, who is a bit ahead is looking towards a rock formation about 50 meters behind me
>tall man standing on a rock, looks like he’s all dressed in a brilliant black coat
>standing as if when a goat stands on an almost vertical rock, but makes no sense in this case
>kinda looks like he doesn’t have a neck
>opens his? mouth and same scream/horn again
>we’re shocked, don’t know what to make out from this
>screams again and slowly starts raising his arm pointing at something on a rock next to him
>gtfo and start coming back
>we heard the same noise a few times, sometimes from behind, sometimes coming from right next to us, sometimes in front of us
>might be the sound echoing but I have the feeling whatever it is it’s following us at incredible speed
>like we’re almost sprinting down the mountain and it sounds like he’s outrunning us
>get back to the car in record time
>look back one last time
>can make out a couple of dark shades moving at the top of the mountain, but I’m not sure if I’m imagining things, might be just trees

So wtf was that? Post any questions you might need answers to to get more info
File: download (16).jpg (84 KB, 517x741)
84 KB
>be me
>degenerate loser in university years
>take ambien from friend and drink to stay up and see what it does
>after a while just sitting in my room feeling very strange
>look to my left, its literally Larry Bird in his prime pic related
>very positive good vibes, just standing their in his warm up sweats spinning a basketball
>yell to roommates in next room 'guys its larry bird' (they know what im doing and it was pretty funny at the time)
>after a while just taking in Larry Bird, i suddenly get the deepest sense of dread and cosmic horror
>Larry Bird is the only source of light in the room, the rest is dark, cold and ominous
>out of my peripheral vision, I notice a female figure in a dark dress standing in the corner looking directly at me
>Larry seems to be some kind of positive guide, he tells me whatevr you do, do not look at her. Do not look at her
>im shitting myself, literally tears coming down my face because im so scared
>suddenly realize i feel as though ive entered some kind of spiritual plane and my guardian angel has for whatever reason taken the form of Larry Bird, knowing that whatever was in the corner was coming and planning to do horrible things with my soul
>black out and wake up the next day
I know its just a drug story but there was something a little too vivid and profound about this hallucination. I will never forget it
If they could get in front of you, why didn't they do anything but scream?
Ambien made me hallucinate a little man climbing down my friend's curtain and strip off all my clothes
File: demon castle dracula.png (408 KB, 480x480)
408 KB
408 KB PNG
Haven't had a lot of paranormal experiences (my notable ones were easily explained by mould induced psychosis, i used to live in some really shitty houses), but I have been stalked and gangstalked a lot. Not by feds or anything that interesting, mainly just retardo women and their friends.

Again none of them are paranormal or even that spoopy, but if you guys are interested I'm happy to elaborate since I have nothing else to do right now
>be 35 yo me
>at therapist because exwife is harpy
>EMDR therapy
>therapist says "go to your happy place"
>imagine grandmas house
>suddenly very grey outside many clouds
>the house is empty
>I'm so alone
>I'm just a baby
>im so lonely and scared
>getmeout.exe; failed
>I feel trapped, alone, and scared
>deepest exestintial fear I have ever known
>will never see grandmas house the same
>haven't been back
>its been 5 years
ambien is a horrible even drug, surpassed only by benzos and fentanyl
my experience with Larry Bird was the beginning of realizing we are not just playing with chemicals in our brain and it all means something
File: FATHER.gif (1.05 MB, 1000x833)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB GIF
>me and little brother are going home from our cousins house
>its a 11:00
>alone on the street
>our house is 15 minutes
>feel kinda paranoid
>suddenly we notice this women
>feel watched and stalked
>think to myself "hey maybe it just some random women walking to her home"
>to be sure me and my brother change the sidewalk
>she changes the sidewalk too
>change the sidewalk again
>she does too
>ok she is definitely following us
>fast walk to a side street
>we are out of sight from that women
>begin running to our home
>we made it safely
spent 10 minutes in a bathroom when i was a kid and parents claimed I'd been missing for over half an hour. They had even checked the bathroom that I had just come out of. I guess it's not really my story tho. They're the ones who were scared
>on metro home one night after watching a movie at friend's house, it's a weekday night at a quiet station so there's literally basically nobody on the train
>A few stops after the one I get on, this lanky guy with a scruffy beard and a really cracked out vibe gets on and sits down in the same carriage as me
>just fidgeting, rubbing his face, mumbling, classic druggie shit
>already uncomfortable because I have a few more stops but he's probably harmless
>dude stands up and starts walking up and down the carriage, then pulls out a pocket knife and starts getting louder, doesn't even really talk to me or acknowledge me, just waving his knife around and talking to himself
>decide fuck it, I'm bolting at the next stop
>doors open and I jump straight off while he's not looking
>he follows me
>turn a corner and there's two police officers, before I can say anything the fucker came running around the corner with his knife
>officers proceed to tactically beat the shit out of him and cuff him

then later on that night I fell down the stairs in my house. weird night
Holy fuck capped
File: 1626521138736.jpg (212 KB, 1181x1536)
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212 KB JPG
i encountered a nigfoot in my yard and the foreest behind it
Here are some good spooky stories to listen to
I got a degenerate drug story that made me reconsider all life choices
>be me
>degenerate loser in university years
>take two tabs of the strongest acid ive ever done without telling anyone and all by myself
>shit starts hitting me wildly
>turn on rap music because i love the music video visuals while tripping
>songs start taking demonic twist
>back out to youtube home screen
>all the thumbnails are different rappers with their hands pointed to their temple like a gun as if suicide
>refresh screen
>all thumbnails mocking my favorite game apex legends
>grab weed and papers
>i can roll a j under any conditions
>weed begins disintegrating in my hands literally like the fabric of time and space was falling apart and the weed was turning to sand
>tears streaming down my face as im forced to evaluate life choices and then its when it happend
>burst of light outside and my room starts literally spinning
>im met with my own consciousness impersonated in the wall
>tells me to kill myself
>point at it and scream fuck you fuck you fuck you
>turn on jordon petersons depression video. he saved my life.

i know pretty gay and lame but still has lasting effects on my psyche
>on laptop in the living room
>the only light on is in the kitchen, but there's no wall separating it from the living room so my spot on the couch is decently lit
>couch faces a mirror
>I glance up at it and see someone in it walking right through the fucking kitchen
>this wasn't like one of those shitty youtube videos where you kinda see a shadow
>this looked like a short, frail person with long hair
>my first thought was it was an intruder
>but when I jumped up and checked everything there was nobody there
I hated hanging out in the living room/kitchen by myself for the longest time.
It was a man door hand hook car door
I've got a non-paranormal one. Requires a little bit of a setup tho
>gf and I had a terrible breakup years back
>decided we couldn't live together and I moved out
>no place to stay so I crashed in my car
>then my car crapped out on me, totally useless, and I was suddenly living on the streets
>still working tho
>living motel to motel (finding friends to stay with occasionally but I've got retarded pride, didn't want to burden them)
>one night, get off work and make the long trek to one of my usual motels
>this stretch of road is weird
>it's a high-traffic zone, but only during the day, so there are all these strip centers and businesses but they're all closed up by the time I'm out of work
>the walk is really fucking dark
>anyway, this car passes me going the opposite way on the road
>I hear him slow down and bust a u-turn behind me
>glance back and see the car approach
>the guy pulls up next to me and asks if I need a ride
>I tell him I'm good thanks, my motel is down the road
>I lie and say my friend on his way to pick me up
>"Nah you don't have anybody coming for you. Hop in"
>I tell him I'm good and he revs up and pulls the car into my path, blocking me
>"Get the fuck in the car, now"
>I take off fucking running
>I assume the dude's got a gun, but I also figure I'm fucked no matter what I do
>I know there's a little whorehouse down the road that's open 24 hours (pls don't ask)
>if I don't get run over or shot I figure I'll just hide in there (this was my plan folks)
>whorehouse is on the other side of the street, tho
>I make a break for it across four lanes and a fucking median, just hoping that some random car doesn't come barreling down the road
>glance back and the dude in the car doesn't move
>I get to the other side and keep booking it down the shoulder
>glance back again and the car is now cutting across the four lanes and median, chasing me

fuck, cont.
>there's a ditch on the side of the road
>run into the grass and hop over the ditch, hoping the fucker will follow and ruin his car
>he does
>doesn't ruin his car though, he actually clears the ditch
>but I hear a pop
>blownout tire, thank god
>I hop back over the ditch and keep running down the shoulder
>dude can't cross out of the grassy area due to the ditch
>won't be able to cross either until he hits the whorehouse parking lot
>meanwhile the grass is slowing him down
>begins to lag way behind
>I just keep going for another 15 minutes, trying not to slow down, hoping this fucker doesn't make it back on the road before I get to the motel
>he doesn't, and I never see him again
>but fuck me if I ever book a night at that motel again
It's tall gentoo
Do zoomers really. Do they really?
kek stfu
Perhaps they were just fucking around.
>Therapist triggers a new trauma instead of curing a previous one
What a jerk.
>tactically beat the shit out of him
Actually lol'd at that.
File: tableflip.png (26 KB, 300x300)
26 KB
bumping for moar. remember no roleplaying ie shit like >>29245561
I’ve posted this one a couple of times before, might take 2 posts
>be camping with friends innawoods
>3 guys and 2 girls
>we’re planning on camping next to a big lake that’s about 7 miles away from the parking lot
>stop just for lunch and snacks, we’re alone the whole time, which is normal because it’s mid november and it’s a pretty isolated area
>get to the lake at 7-ish, it’s pretty dark but manage to get the tents done fairly quickly
>munching on some candies when one of the girls points at the other side of the lake
>is that a person?
>I can’t see it at first, but yeah, there’s someone in a red trench coat walking towards us
>no flaslight, no backpack
>mind you, it’s about 9 pm mid November, it’s cold and dark, we figure out it’s a person just because of the moon
>gets closer, it’s actually a girl in her mid 20s, pretty attractive
>acts normal, tell her to spend some time with us
>again, normal girl acting normal, the only unusual thing about her is how she arrived to our camp
>I would have sweared she was hitting on me
>anyways, we talk for a while, smoke and have a few beers but at 1 am or so she says she’s leaving
>wtf are you talking about bitch you can’t leave I’m the dark in the middle of butt fuck nowhere
>she’s convinced she’s leaving
>we lend her one of our flashlights and a snickers bar (important later)
>leaves, but doesn’t use the flashlight, we can’t see any lights coming from where she walked towards
>we all feel guilty, shouldn’t have let her go
>the girls keep saying there’s nothing we could do to make her stay
>attempt to call the police, but no signal
>decide to go to sleep and hope for the best for her
>next day
>clean up our shit, make breakfast and start heading back
>nothing weird on the way back, discuss about the girl from time to time but that’s it
>we’re all worried and feeling guilty
>about 1 hour before arriving to the parking lot
>hey, is that her?
>a red trench coat between the trees
>thank goodness she didn’t get lost
>as we approach her we realize it’s not her, it’s just her coat hanging from a tree branch
>fear goes to 1000
>what if she was kidnapped? What if she’s dead?
>start looking around the tree where the coat is hanging from to see if we can find anything else
>we find what we assume is her T-shirt neatly folded on a rock, what we assume are bird bones and a half eaten snickers bar
>no trace of her tho
>we start theorizing, but we all agree we should get back and call the police
>go back to the car, we’re alone the whole time, no more people or cars
>contact the police, tell them everything and spend the afternoon at a local bar talking about possible theories and outcomes and waiting just in case the police need us
>they tell us they’ll let us know if they need anything and go back home

To this day we have no idea what happened. As I said we have a lot of theories, but none checks all the clues and weird stuff. Not really scary but the whole ordeal has a very eerie feel to us
You need to be 18 to post on this site.
>No fucking schizoposting
File: legandfootkitchen.jpg (13 KB, 626x472)
13 KB
I was about 8-9 years old. I was playing in my living room with a small ball, being careful not to break anything. The ball went under a couch and I ducked to get it out. The part of the living room where I was playing has a direct view of the kitchen, and when I looked up I saw part of a leg and a foot peeking out from the kitchen like pic related.
The shoe was dark brown and incredibly well polished, almost shiny, and looked very fancy. I could see part of his dark grey sock and he had brown dress pants (a bit less dark brown than the shoe). I felt overwhelmingly scared and ran to my mom's room. I ran looking down because I didn't even want to look at the fucking thing again. I told my mom that there was a man in the kitchen and she thought "oh shit, it's a house intruder" and went to take a look. I followed her and there was no one in the kitchen. I have to mention that my dad was not home at the time, he was with my older sister. To this day I've never understood what the fuck happened or why I saw a literal disembodied leg. I'm not role playing, I saw that shit with full detail.
Pair of faggots you could’ve double teamed that slut. BOOOOONNNNNNG
Dr who villan is what sutek is

Ocarina came out in 98. Even if he played it ten years after release as a 9 year old in 2008 he'd be 22 now.
>all thumbnails mocking my favorite game apex legends
Damn that's some spooky shit
how big was the shoe?
File: mandracore sighting.jpg (1.03 MB, 3035x1500)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB JPG
>be me
>neighbor's motion light wakes me up one night
>inexplicable sense of dread is heavy in the air
>peak out windows to see what triggered it
>check window facing neighbor's, nothing
>check window facing backyard, something
>cat-like creature sitting at tree closest to window
>back is too me
>staring off towards other neighbor's yard
>roughly size of a juvenile mt. lion or a large bobcat
>thing realizes it's being watched
>turns its head and looks directly at me
>sense of dread goes into overdrive
>thing has an almost man-like face
>bestial but still human-like
>face has coloration similar to a mandrill's, red and blue
>can feel absolute malice radiating from it
>roar's silently at me, revealing at least 2 rows of stiletto dagger teeth
>sense of dread goes even further beyond, finally super saiyan 3 fear
>as it "roars" feel a pulsating pressure around skull
>pressure increases in intensity and frequency the longer it roars
>vision begins to darken
>quickly lose consciousness despite my best efforts to stay awake
>share story on /x/ a few times in the last decade
>anons postulate that its "roar"/vocalization may be infrasonic, which would explain the sense of dread and loss of consciousness
And that's my encounter with a manticore during an early 90s summer in Fargo North Dakota.
Pic related, perspective from childhood bedroom with mspaint edit of "mandracore" and neighbor's motion light.
My sister committed suicide when I was 13 and she was 20. She killed herself with pills and left a suicide note. She mentioned lots of people in her suicide note, but not me. Anyway, about six months later I move bedroom to the one next to where she killed herself. I start to have difficulty sleeping. And then when night I look to the foot of the bed and I'm terrified - it's my sister, with blood coming from her mouth (ike how she was discovered dead), with the suicide note in hand, maybe trying to explain to me why I wasn't in the note, but I couldn't hear anything. I know it wasn't a paranormal event - it was just a waking dream or something - but still fucking scary. I was petrified.
>be me
>around 1am
>a weird banging coming from outside wakes me up
>i look out the window, nothing
>figure its a deer or something
>almost got back in the bed then i hear somekind of a scream
>sounds like a mix of a baby crying and wolf howling
>piss my pajamas (literally)
>jump get back to bed
>still pissing myself
>paranoid as shit
>didnt sleep for an hour then passed out
>ask my folks in the morning did they heard anything
>only my dad heard some banging and that all
>my cousin starts to fuck with me and telling me that "drekavac" is out to get me
>i start to cry

thats pretty much it, that sound is sill engraved in my memory and for the rest of my life
Do share.
Never happened. Know why? No Kermit Peterson video ever truly helped a soul.
>open a bag of Doritos (cool ranch)
>full of pringles
How does this even happen? Oh almost forgot
>pringles smelled like blood and copper and friend kept trying to lure me into the forest
Let me guess. Coomer?
>turn on rap music because i love the music
>all thumbnails mocking my favorite game apex legends
Stopped there. Fuck zoomers.
Its sad isnt it. Hos profound change happened because of the stress from being oppressed and mocked because of his favorite video game. Sigh Zoomers.
saw Hatman once
>working at outdoor bar
>it's late, I'm getting ready to close up shop
>suddenly become aware of a presence
>turn around
>black, smoky figure at the bar
>I freeze
>the shadowman has piercing yellow eyes
>overpowering stench (sulfur?)
>"Say bruh lemme have one a tham mango whiteclaws"
>blood runs cold
>I can't move, can't speak
>"say bruh y'all sign aint say closed yet, I could get one of tham thangs off ya?"
>my face is dripping sweat
>heart is a pounding drum in my ears
>but even in the moment, I find it weird that nobody's ever mentioned how the Hatman wears a fitted, flat-brimmed ballcap with all the sticker still on
>"Mane I ain't got tahm f'all dis shit"
>in a wisp of smoke that smells of marijuana and filthy blankets, the hatman vanishes before my eyes
>I rush to close everything down, worried he'll return
>then gtfo asap
>I refuse to work night shifts from then on out
But even when I work my usual mid shift, I every now and again catch a glimpse of the Hatman out of the corner of my eye, asking for a peach Crown
Another time, I worked at a strange event hall for spirits
>volunteering at what I think is a soup kitchen (for school)
>doors open
>the place begins to fill up with dark shadows
>lean, lithe, long-limbed black things
>clearly not human
>but then, what are they?
>bewildered, I watch as they line up to receive what I now know must be ritual offerings of casserole and cornbread
>offerings to — what? unclean spirits? the dead?
>an unearthly aroma swirls around them, like menthol and malt liquor, like sweat rich with venereal disease
>they're all unhappy with their portions, and with the offering itself
>"don't be stingy nah, po' a lil extra fuh me"
>"mane issa same damn shiet again"
>"cain't none a these muffuckas cook worth a damn!"
>they chew their meals like savage beasts, wrapping giant mouths and lips around their spoons, shouting in some indiscernible language
>>"wish my dick would get stiff as this damn cornbread"
>"Mmhmmm, HAH!"
>the entire spectacle lasts roughly an hour
>I'm too astounded to do much during this time, I just watch and serve them their offerings
>then, the spirits leave, just as they came, muttering and grumbling and hollering and laughing
>before long, the hall is empty
>but even long after they've left, their otherworldly odor lingers, the last evidence of their presence and my glimpse into the paranormal
>Be me
>Horny as fuck kid (11-12)
>Come across succubus summoning ritual
>Fuck it
>Do ritual at 3 in the morning
>Nothing the first couple days
>Suddenly experience my first sleep paralysis
>The most pleasurable feeling I've ever felt to this day washes over me
>Eventually able to move again
>Freak tf out and do a banishing
>be 35 yo me
>at therapist because exwife is harpy
>EMDR therapy
>therapist says "go to your happy place"
>imagine grandmas house
>remember buddy next door has the strategy guide at his house
>leave living room, go to bedroom
>get dressed
>tell mom where i'm going and that i'll be back soon
>walk down driveway and see two guys in suits with clipboards walking down street
>one really tall guy with frizzy hair and a shitty goatee, one smaller pudgy guy with a bald head and paperboy hat
>papermidget smiles and waves, says hello to me
>kinda looks like he doesn’t have a neck
>opens his? mouth and same scream/horn again
>we’re shocked, don’t know what to make out from this
>screams again and slowly starts raising his arm pointing at something on a rock next to him
>gtfo and start coming back
>suddenly we notice this women
>feel watched and stalked
>think to myself "hey maybe it just some random women walking to her home"
>to be sure me and my brother change the sidewalk
indiscernible language
>>"wish my dick would get stiff as this damn cornbread"
>"Mmhmmm, HAH!"
>smell like metal from time to time (not sure if related), same smell as when you smell house keys

Not sure if this is relevant but metal doesn't have a smell. What you are smelling when you touch metal is the odor of your body oils decaying on contact with certain metals like iron. The iron in blood when exposed to air can also give off this smell.
> Be me 17
> The gay parade is on at my town
> I walk down an alley way to avoid 'people'
> Shit a dead end
> A demon runs up to me and I black out
> I wake up with a sore bleeding ass and some sort of cream leaking out my butthole
I think I was abducted but i'm not sure bros what do you think?
did you buss
not true, i will always defend peterson as being a man who truly touched me with his message when i was in my darkest depths. it stopped being cool to like him a while ago, but i dont care. even if hes a stepping stone to the truth, he is a relatively good man with a good message
>then later on that night I fell down the stairs in my house
my man can't catch a break
Usually I am a very skeptical person who does not believe in the supernatural, but I simply don't have an explanation for what happened to me and it fills me with sickening terror when I think of it again.

>Be me, young teenager on holiday at a private villa in Italy (my stepdad at the time was quite wealthy). An old and flat house in the middle of nowhere.
>Wake up in the middle of the night suddenly and for no reason, filled with dread. Luckily my brother was sleeping in the same room as me, so I wasn't so afraid of the dark at the time.
>Impossible to go back to sleep, so decide to do some reading
>Walked out and into the living room and sat on the sofa to read, feeling watched the entire time.
>Typical creepy old room with a grandfather clock that would ticktock in the background
>After a while I move back to the bedroom to try and sleep again
>Standing facing my bed, with my back towards the open door, with the pitch-dark living room behind it
>Suddenly I hear and feel someone literally SPRINTING in the living room
>Like, the sound of heavy and bare feet running along the wooden floor from the center of the room in a straight line towards my back
>I was frozen and it only took about a second before the running stopped to a halt about two feet behind me, and I could literally feel the air move like you do when something suddenly comes to a stop and leaves some momentum still in the atmosphere. I could literally feel how tall the thing was from this air, and together with the weight of the running I could guess that it had the form of a young guy.
>Instantly turn to see an empty room
>Basically shit myself, and luckily still manage to get some sleep that night only because my brother was sleeping next to me.

To this day I can replay in my mind the vivid noise of bare feet running towards me in a frantic sprint, and get chills up my spine. Not a supernatural person at all really, but this got me.
>weed begins disintegrating in my hands literally like the fabric of time and space was falling apart and the weed was turning to sand
kek, based entities BTFOing a zoomer pothead
>be 10 yo me
>living in the outskirts of a big city
>there is a near forest touching the city
>very common to play around, comfy safe place
>one day decided to kik some pinecorn and follow it's path
>start walking on wooden floor covered in dirt, shitty bushes and garbage (this is a city place in the end)
>Extra step and i fall through some rotten wood slab
>fall into squishy floor, muddy feeling
> not a big deal, is deep but i can reach to jump out with some effort back
>notice my sneakers wet
>see blood on them
> notice the whole place is full of blood bags, mostly empty, several dozens of them maybe
>there is all kinds of crap, nothing out of the context of a city garbage
>get out of there
>sneakers are full of mud as well
>before getting home throwing them into the thrash outside because of afraid of punishment
>never recalled this event as bad vibing
I can't believe this happened to you too. We're like brothers.
File: x-5.jpg (29 KB, 399x385)
29 KB
you are right but my brother is fucking retarded at fighting
My drug story

>On about 5.5g shrooms
>Decide to jerk off
>cum once but felt like I should go agai
>dick shrinks to a super micro size
>as I lay there trying to restart it, i feel disgust
>go to the toilet and its all covered in fractals yet everything feels 2D
>look in the mirror and I see my child self
>i strip and I see weakness in my body but my body felt like a hologram
>inside layers of fat, i saw a beautiful marble statue of an ancient god
>I felt like shit for treating that god bad
>joined gym the next day
>started eating better
>enrolled in courses
>generally happier with myself

This was earlier last year and I'm still doing well.
I was suicidal before this happened but now I actually like myself and accept myself better. Gf noticed it too and mentioned how shrooms made me happier.
nobody wants your drug story here dude, i simply mentioned i did drugs and there was an /x/ context theme to the hallucination. you're just shitting up the thread now
File: PEY3BW.jpg (808 KB, 2000x2667)
808 KB
808 KB JPG
>be 15 yo me
>sleeping over at a friend's house
>friend lived in a huge house in the middle of nowhere
>both of us smoking on his trampoline in the backyard at 1AM
>the sensor lights at the other side of his house turn on
>whatever, probably just a fox or something
>it turns off suddenly
>starts turning off and on
>friend says it's never done that before but we think the bulb is just blown or something
>then the light stays on, and a sensor light at the front of the house turns on
>we're both pissing our pants
>sensor light directly in front of us turns on
>no animals, not a burglar, nothing there

No idea what caused it, could have just been the lights malfunctioning, but there was other spooky shit happening in his house, so who knows.
>be me just now
>almost 2 AM
>sitting alone in the dark
>listening to some cold wave music of my favorite artist that I just found passed away
>feeling pretty sad
>just staring into nothing and listening to music
>a cardboard box falls behind me
>no wind, no cat, nothing to knock it over
>go to /x/ and see this thread

I mean I'm not scared or anything, and this story isn't really scary in general, but I guess real "paranormal" stories aren't that creepy.
>had to take my mum to the hospital the next morning for a pretty serious surgery
>had a dream that I was in a hospital elevator on the 8th floor.
>I get in the elevator, press the button to go down,
>the doors close
>the elevator starts to plummet to the bottom
>dream feels so real, like I am really there and thought I was gonna die
>as the elevator "crashes", I see pitch black and immediately wake up heart pounding
>i pick up mum and drive to hospital, kinda freaked out
>we have to go to the 8th floor for her surgery. I did not know this beforehand but knew it in my dream
>we go up via elevator
>I had to go back down to get her stuff, since she was going to be staying a week or so for recovery
>i take stairs back down because im fucking creeped out
>I get her stuff out of car, go to get back on elevator to go up
>as soon as door opens, the lights in the entire hospital and several surrounding blocks go out (I could see around thru the open parking garage sides)
>it was pitch ass black because 5 in the morning in winter
>realize later if I had taken elevator down instead of stairs I would have been in elevator when power completely went out
I was fucking freaked out for months after that. That dream was divine intervention or some shit, no other way to explain it
>continuing sitting around in the dark listening to music
>tabled sitting on my bed that was out of battery suddenly turns on by itself
>freezes at the lenovo logo for a solid 30 seconds and turns off

Ok now I'm a little bit freaked out.
based dad
Thats awful.
Sorry for your loss.
Weird sighting anon. But i must admit i am fucking keking at that image. It's a work of artmyyan
Weird. I typed the captcha in the wrong place and it posted o_o spoopy
File: goncern.png (9 KB, 253x199)
9 KB
Good story.
fucking hell, shit like this makes me glad that my neighborhood was nothing but grass and dirt before it was settled
You just mixing all the stories?
He is. It's tradition, anon
hot metal with no oils on it smells the same, its the metal.
precognition is a beautiful and worthy experience, thx for the story
They were carpet cleaners- what are you on about?
>No fucking schizoposting
Sorry I didn't realize the next post was a continuation of the story
it was phone
It was going to open the door and get on the floor
Play ball some more
Get on the floor
Suit guy's fucking some random whore
big big shoe
very big
>Oh almost forgot
>>pringles smelled like blood and copper and friend kept trying to lure me into the forest
They really
Actually laughing out loud. I love this thread.
This thread is gold, enriched plutonium, even.
Wow. Sorry
>be me
>watch Joe Rogain's episode on Bob Lazer
>remember that he's a big DMT advocate
>decide to try it for the first time
>long story short, I'm in my room trying DMT for the first time
>realize I can astral project
>I can go anywhere I want
>I randomly see a room, like I'm looking down at it through the roof from above it
>it's a small room; it looks like an apartment
>see a young kid
>he has a lot of hair in the middle of his head that sticks up, and like a buzzcut on the sides
>he seems really freaked out; my empathy is heightened because of the DMT
>I suddenly start getting what seems to be his thoughts into my head
>he's worried about what people think about some vidya he's playing
>don't worry buddy we've all been there
>he pulls out a small bit of weed
>disintegrate it with my newfound spirit powers
>lol get fucked kid
>get a real job
>I fuck off back to the astral plane manifold
That's me. Thanks for giving me some post-mortem plays on Spotify, nigga. Real shit.
Captcha: SP00P
>Anon harasses kid for weed after taking DMT lol.
>Bob Lazer
Why did this stupid shit make me kek
>Joe Rogain and Bob Lazer
I know but Bob Lazer is particularly retarded to me idky. I just laughed again typing it. I must be stoned like every other degenerate in this fucking thread
The scream is called a claxon yell or claxon screams due to its reminiscence of a claxon horn.
It appears to be commonly heard during encounters with Sasquatch.

Seems like a pretty typical encounter all in all.
Thanks for sharing.

Where was this?
fuck off chass bait
Hope things are better for you now, anon.
I remember seeing you post this a few years ago. Pretty strange encounter. Seems almost like a being from another world/dimension.
You know, telling people not to do something will make them want to do it more. What a fantastic thread. Also, I may have posted some of these on twitter.
other spooky shit like what?
what's wrong with chass?
File: 1538908972507.jpg (1.15 MB, 2160x2160)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB JPG
I don't think that is outside the realm of possibility. Thanks for remembering my story, since I first shared it on /x/(first time I ever shared it with anyone tbqh) back in I think 2013, I've been searching for answers. So far, despite trying to spread this story far and wide even on r*ddit, I've only ever encountered two anons on /x/ and /k/ who have had similar encounters. One was some Swede who was obviously larping (had an "encounter" with the mandracore the very same night he went out to look for it [after reading my story] and tried to pass off a days old, scabbed over scratch as a legitimate, fresh wound from the creature) and the other was a /k/ommando from Texas. There is a somewhat popular Youtube channel(NightTerrors ~64k subscribers) that picked up my story. Although they got some details wrong and after trying to contact them to set the record straight, to no avail, I have written their channel off as sensationalist bullshit. Tried emailing Bob Gymlan about 7 months back but I never got a response from him.

The /k/ommando though, his encounter was similar, as far as the appearance of the creature in question is. Except for some details. The creature in his encounter was very similar to my own. Lion body, bestial human face. But his creature was ~12' long and it seemed to "glow in the dark". As in it had the same glowing green hue of glow in the dark paint.

All I know for sure (despite years of research and reaching out) it that, outside its appearance and silent "KO" roar, is that this thing was corporeal/physical since it triggered my neighbor's motion light. Oh, and my brother saw it too. He brought it up one night, unprompted, after we had been drinking together.

I've had a few other paranormal encounters like UFO sightings and whatnot. But since I wasn't particularly scared during them I don't think they'd be fit for this thread.
>saw a "star war" and other UFOs
>"ghost" sightings
>precognitive dreams
The Youtube channel in question I am almost positive lurks /x/ and /x/ archives looking for video material then they embellish the stories they find in the hopes of hooking more viewers/subscribers.
File: BILLed.png (502 KB, 600x692)
502 KB
502 KB PNG
i have a few this takes place at my grandmothers lands she lives in pasco FL anyways its not too crazy but its real so

>by 10 durring summer chilling with new puppy less then a year old
>walking with dog to talk to my cuz whos in the work shop like 500 feet away
>leaves grandmothers house walking past area were cars are park
>walking by hear a growl to my left and turn around
>see a small looking person that looks like it has a swamp ghillie suit on and says somthing that i can understand
>dog yeeted within sec of the thing i follow dog
>whole time looking back at the thing with some fucking creepy smile walking/runing in a weird slow way following us watching me
>face slam into cuz f150 cause alarm to go off he comes out like wtf
>i tell him there was someone behend me he looks around cant fine notting
>whole night felt off doggie would not leave my side/scare
Sorry for the shit ending but that was one of a few things that happen i have no idea why it was being a cunt to me and the new doggie or what it was but i never felt dread before that day.
Might be a good thing you never saw it again or learned to much about it. Even if it’s a frustrating mystery, something like that may not want to be known. It could even be a demonic entity for all we know.
File: download.jpg (12 KB, 300x168)
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My run in with a Qori-Ismaris (hyena man)
>be me
>be 9-10
>be on trip to Somalia with father to meet grandma
>spend my days playing around and coming home alone at night
>one day cousin asks to walk me home
>he says there are cool thing that live on a hill near town
>agree to go with him
>we walk around and now it pitch black night
>use small flashlight I use to get home every day
>we hear rustling in a small shrub as we see a shape lurking in the corner of the path
>see human footprints all over
>cousin keeps walking around and I run after him
>see a hyena with human feet
>we lock eyes
>immediately ditch cousin and run the fuck out of there
>run all the way to the out house in my grandparent's compound
>sneak my way back to the hotel my dad and I are staying in
>spend the night wide awake
>next morning and for the rest of the trip don't see cousin
>it has been 11 years years since then
Funny that, I've had a similar experience with lsd but the guy was Agum II (I was reading about the Kasssites at the time) and the entity announced itself as Tiamat
File: swerve knave.png (3.98 MB, 1131x1989)
3.98 MB
3.98 MB PNG
>something like that may not want to be known
The "expression" on its face when it noticed me watching and the absolutely malicious "aura" it was radiating would definitely support that notion. But all my life (probably thanks to this singular encounter) I have been a Paladin, for lack of a better term. And I would not be a very good paladin if I didn't try to learn as much as I possibly could about not only the evils I have heard about but as well as those that I have encountered firsthand. Knowledge/intel is the most important part of battle.
>tfw the majority of the women I've dated have been "witches"
>tfw these witches have seen the strength of my "aura" not just on myself but my weaponry as well
>tfw someone you've just met confirms you walk the path of divine justice and retribution
>It could even be a demonic entity for all we know.
I hope I don't sound arrogant but, I am eager for a rematch. I'm not a child anymore. And undoubtedly this thing isn't either. But whatever this thing was, it was pure evil. It doesn't belong in this world and the longer it and its kind are allowed to roam free the longer innocents are doomed to suffer.
That's Trumpy.
Samefag gtfo
>No fucking schizoposting
I suppose he's mad at you for ditching him, but you guys share the same experience.
fascinating. I love stories like this honestly
I've had dreams like this. They're really sobering
reminds me of a story I read how someone was home alone and saw their dog walking on their hind legs and talking. Only happened once, and never again

>me and my cousin are pulling an all-nighter, playing Runescape trying to mine a lot of ore to make $
>at about 3 AM we both hear the sound of a doorbell echo through the house - but it's not my doorbell
>it's a classic "ding dong," and while it's hard to put my finger on it something about it sounded "evil"
>we are both really freaked out, but we try to blow it off and keep playing
>about 15 minutes later we hear a huge "THUMP" at the front door, where the doorbell sound came from
>sounded like someone / something had thrown itself against the door
>we're both like "fuck this" and know we need to go upstairs, but know we need to pass the front door to do it
>we get upstairs, reminisce for a couple of hours and try to forget - but we both remember it to this day
>never got an explanation for it
File: arry_Bird_L_grande.jpg (17 KB, 400x600)
17 KB
Based Larry Legend
File: TUNS4560_md.jpg (12 KB, 330x266)
12 KB
>be me
>working at YMCA as a gymnastics party host
>am alone in gym with birthday kids mum
>co-worker is out grabbing lunch
>chatting with bday mum
>cylindrical soft shape (pictured) is standing upright nearby
>see someone dash and jump into soft shape and duck down
>me and mum notice
>tell mum it is just my co-worker and go check the soft shape
>it is empty
>turn and ask mum if she saw someone jump in
>she says yes
>both stare in silence for a while
>all thumbnails mocking my favorite game apex legends
holy fucking based
Not him but both kinda based? I suggest getting better weaponry though. And consider something with range. Especially since your beast seems to have some sort of psychic or sound based attack. Also as someone else who has dated "witches" I suggest never again. I dated two and though I have a thing for them still two bad experiences was enough.
Reposting my greentext about one of my handful of trips.

>eat some shrooms, jam out to music until I start to feel it kick in
>start to see waves and patterns on the shit around me, most notably an elderly man with a beard and a missing eye
>looks like a waterfal is coming out of where his right eye should be
>other things I see include smiling dogs with toothy grins that resemble Mayan artwork
>close my eyes to see how trippy the visuals would be
>see my arms and legs as black and scaled, ending in talon like claws
>look around with my eyes closed to be greeted by dozens of eyes and gnashing teeth that belong to silhouettes of beasts
>if I single one out and reach towards it, it turns tail and fucks off
>a few open their mouths at me and tell me to dive in and be reborn
>instead, visualize myself getting up and chasing after one of the silhouettes
>pin it with one of my talon feet
>lean in and swallow it whole
>feel an amorphous mass travel down my throat, didn't bother opening mouth to gulp in air, just visualized it
>feel something settle in my stomach
>open eyes and wonder what the fuck just happened
File: 1624839646565.jpg (127 KB, 778x1024)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
>eat some shrooms

Stopped reading right there you fucking druggie faggot. Unironically kill yourself.
How much did you fucking eat man holy shit.
>has the same temperament towards meth and herion as he does natural plants

Being a puritan is just as faggy anon
Less than a 16th of an ounce
>saw green hand reach for me from the sofa when I was about 8
No one believes me.
Then you either took something else as well, are schizo, or are a shaman or some shit lol. Less then 2 grams does not create that sort of response. I know people who have taken 4 or 5 grams and while they saw fractals they had no visual hallucinations like you describe.
Not the same as yours, but reminds me of mine. I've shared it before
>walking through nat'l park
>taking pics
>hear a series of thumps and turn to locate source
>see these round stones (about the size of a fist) rolling in single file into a large log on the ground
>as each one goes in I hear another "thump"
>the single file of stones disappears inside the log and I go over to investigate
>the log is empty
It's probably a mix of shaman and schizo, I've seen some and experienced some shit. Had a witch put an ethereal eye in my right palm that I can physically feel and can visualize with my third eye, as well as a spirit that I met as a toddler that's made appearances throughout my life.
File: 1911 vs Mark23.png (955 KB, 540x960)
955 KB
955 KB PNG
Oh I do have firearms. Just didn't post any of them. Since swords and maces feel more "paladin" than a gun.
>Also as someone else who has dated "witches" I suggest never again.
Agreed. Been single a few years now and unfortunately all I seem to attract now are witches. Been pretty lonely but not lonely enough to date another witch.
Perhaps whatever this was, was trying to give/show you something if it was pointing.
Anon that's not what he meant
>all thumbnails mocking my favorite game apex legends
damn the demons seem pretty based this time actually lmfao
File: image0-2.jpg (220 KB, 537x634)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
you mean rape?
Unfathomably based vanquisher of evil
Posted this in the wrong thread

>be me 10 years ago
>waiting for last train home around 1 AM Sunday night
>train arrives
>look right to the rest of the train while getting on the last wagon
>see no one but a single other girl getting on the train
>girl seemed to look exactly like me
>get in train, sit down slightly appalled
>wagon I'm in is completely empty
>30 minutes until the next stop
>no reason to be moving inside the train
>doors to the other wagon opens
>three people enter my wagon
>the girl in the center accompanied by two men
>where did these men come from?
>analyze the girl subtly
>she looks exactly like me, same clothes, same boots, same facial features and long brown curly hair
>they avoid eye contact as if I didn't exist and stoically keep walking towards the very back end of the train
>why would they go all the way to the last bit? nothing there but a very small hall and exit door
>freak out and start chanting hindu prayers in my head
>15 minutes pass, 30 seconds before the stop
>stand up and walk towards the very back where those three went
>there's no one there
>am I fucking hallucinating
>get off train
>cabs in queue
>bad feeling about the first cab, took the second one
>tell the cab driver wtf just happened, he didn't charge me for the ride
>cab driver is a local, adds that he never saw the other cab before
>two weeks later
>read in the papers that a man has been caught, accused of driving around in a fake cab and linked to the dissappearance of young women
>photo in papers was the cab from two weeks ago
>8 years later
>find random article about "seeing your doppelganger is an extremely negative omen of death"
Nothing paranormal but freaked me out for a good four seconds.

>walking through Cathkin Braes Country Park’s forest with dog in Glasgow, Scotland
>feeling at calm with the woodlands, just enjoying a nice evening
>look to my right and see this black thing standing (pic rel) about 30m away
>seems like a hulking figure with broad shoulders
>no glasses so vision a bit fuzzy
>shit myself for about four or five seconds not being able to tell what it is
>finally seeing some sort of weird entity after consuming endless /x/ stories
>realise it’s some sort for fallen down tree/stump
>take picture to show friends and remember scary sight

One day I will see a cryptid or an entity
is this the guy from System Shock 2? I bought this game but it's too much of a gamer game to me, too complicated. I wanna play it tho.
it was about 5 or 6 years ago this incident happened. im hoping someone here can shed some light on what exactly happened.

>be me, 18 years old
>two friends and i are in the busy section of town just hanging out
>town is old as fuck and goes back all the way to the late 1800s
>there is a legend in the town of a park that used to be a graveyard
>legend has it the graveyard was smack right in the middle of a neighborhood and the people thought it was an eyesore to look at
>the town decides to turn the graveyard into a park, but for some reason never removes the bodies from their graves, so yea
>i convince my friends to come with me to said park to see if the rumors of phantoms and sightings alike are true
>when we get there we sit on a bench on the right side of the park
>the park is split in the middle by a small road, one side being lit by street lights and the other pitch black
>we talk and have some laughs
>nothing is happening
>we move to the other side and have a seat
>there is still light where we decide to sit because we are pussies
>we talk some more
>friend 1 is silent
>hey anon, what the fuck is that
>i look in the direction of where friend 1 is pointing and i see nothing
>he replies again
>dude what the fuck is that
>i look again and see a figure
>this figure is tall, taller than a house, in the shape of a candy cane, and is pitch black
>my heart begins racing because i cannot believe what i am seeing
>friend 2 can't see anything because he forgot his glasses at home
>friend 1 and i sit in silence watching the figure
>as i am watching the figure, i notice the ground below looks weird, simmering almost?
>the best way i have described this, is when you are in the desert and look off in the distance and the heat is so strong the ground moves in waves
>the figure is coming towards us at a very slow, snail like pace
>my friends and i decide to leave and walk back to my house
>as we are walking friend 1 and i take glances behind us
cont. in next post
Spookie. I love "eerie double" stories
cont. from last post
>we get to my house, crisis adverted
>i let them sleep over because their houses are far and it's 12am
>friend 1 and i can't sleep so we stay up and chat
>friend 2 cant sleep because of our chatting
>as we our talking we hear a cat hiss and then my gate rattle
>friend 2 looks up at my window and says
>dude what the fuck is that
>i tell him it's just a cat go to bed
>dude that isn't a cat
>he then keeps his eyes on my window for a few more seconds and decides to lay back asleep
>a couple days later we recall the incident with some our other friends
>i ask friend 2 what he saw at my window
>he said it was a black figure that looked like it was holding a pizza box on its head
>he went further stating when i told him it was a cat he accepted it so he can fall back asleep
>now mind you my room was about 8 feet off the ground

the incident was brought up two years later at a party. friend 1 claimed that when we were walking back to my house he saw the thing following us, and said it had red eyes. deep. piercing. red. eyes.

we dont go near that park anymore
This is one of my favorite /x/ stories.
After my mother died our family fell apart. One night I was at my parents house and I heard someone dancing on the roof (The roof was flat). It was super loud and went on for a really long time. I woke up my Dad and it stopped. He never heard it. A few weeks late my brother heard it and everyone just brushed it off as drug use. A few years later my dad was on the roof and I asked him to walk around on it and it sounded totally different then what I heard that night. It was much softer. I honestly think whatever I heard had hooves. That was the only paranormal experience I ever had.
Good stuff. Please share some of your theories, it's a pretty weird one.
File: 1572989766725.jpg (30 KB, 680x510)
30 KB
It's a frightening world out there
File: ww2-nurses-600x463.jpg (61 KB, 600x463)
61 KB
>be me
>around 11-12yo, in early middle school
>out of school, heading to my mom's office (I need the keys from her to get home)
>she's a doctor
>her private office is in the second floor of a decrepit, creepy, old building
>at the entrance of the building, you have a relatively long and tight, dark corridor, that leads to a stairwell
>at the stair's foot, I see 1 guy In a wheelchair, I don't remember his face, I remember he had a lot of bandages. He was waiting there, fair enough, the corridor is pretty tight, and I assumed he was being kind
>he was accompanied by 2 nurses at his sides. I don't remember their appearance but I remember they were black and really cute.
>They had an odd attire, short skirts, red cross on their hat, pic related is close enough.
>This is a big red flag since I live in an islamic country. Nurses with short skirts are rare enough, red crosses are not a thing.
>have some small talk, nothing unusual
>I look down
>they're looking back up and smiling
>I just assume they went out from my mom's office
>get to my mom's office
>talk to her about the weird people I just saw
> She knows nothing of it, she thinks I'm crazy
>I look down, nothing, I run down the stairwell, nothing
>I go out the building, look left & right, nothing
>go litteraly around the whole block, nothing
This really happened
Did your dog jump in the pond just before the forest? Mine does and I can never fucking get him out of there.
here's a spooker. i hope someone can shed some light.

>be me, go camping with friends
>we have fun, first night comes
>awoken in the middle of the night from something crying super loud around the campsite
>im not an experienced camper so my knowledge of animals calls is very minimal
>but what i do know is this wasn't any animal i've ever heard
>it sounded like something imitating a human child
>it reminded of me of the baby goron cry from majora's mask
>it was very eerie and my friends heard it as well
>one of my friends said he felt like hands were pushing in on his tent
and that there were people walking by our site
>friends the next night could not sleep

for anyone who asks where we were camping, it was in the San Jacinto Mountains in california
Could've been a fox screaming. First time I heard a fox screaming at night I genuinely thought someone had left a baby outside.
Bobcats can sound like this as well. Plenty of em in California
well now i wanna know what he was pointing at. maybe he had something cool he really wanted to show you
My scariest experience was me getting molested. I can't even remember who did it. It's affected my love life forever.
fukking kek
People like you shouldnt take LSD
How do you know you got molested then? You remember the act but not the person?
File: SHODAN.jpg (27 KB, 304x326)
27 KB
No, anon, it is not. You're thinking of SHODAN, pictured here.

My pic is Sutekh, the Doctor Who villain from the serial "Pyramids of Mars"

I can't believe this thread is still up almost 3 days fucking later. Please keep posting,
Doppelgangers are one of my worst fears, my worst being stabbed to death. I'll probably die from being stabbed by mine/my wife's
God fucking damnit. somebody always brings it up :^) " sounds like you got robbed by the wet bandits" i mean they were probably just as stupid as those idiots.
>my favorite game apex legends
>at granparents house
>notorious for having one room with bad vibes
>no one liked to sleep there
>horrible nightmares and flickering lights for anyone who does
>only one way into the room passing the living room
>mom chatting with grandma in living room
>sees my toddler sister walk past them
>into the room she goes
>clear as day
>mom goes to check
>room completely empty
>window shut, too high for toddler
>under bed empty
>closet empty save for coats and weird crystal ball
>check rest of house
>sister m.i.a.
>goes out to garage where father and grandpa are working on truck
>sister there
>the boys say she was there with them for hours playing with Barbies
I'll add to this one. I still don't have a good explanation for this and the rational part of my brain thinks it was just someone fucking with us but if any of you have input feel free to chime in

> be me
> 18 years old, just graduated HS
> myself and 5 friends decide to go camping up north the summer after we graduate
> friends are mostly stoners, I had plans to enlist in the military and didn't partake personally
> one night, a few people wanted to go out into the woods a bit to smoke dope
> figured I'd tag along as I wasn't tired and had nothing better to do, didn't want to be alone
> walk out a bit into the woods with a couple of flashlights, maybe like 10-15 minute walk or so
> friends light up, I autistically stand there
> get this really distinct feeling of dread/terror - can't explain it as it seems to come from nowhere
>shine flashlight around, see nothing spooky or anything
> think nothing of it
> feeling persists and I tell myself that I'm just psyching myself out being in the woods at night
> friends finish lighting up, we decide to head back to campsite
> as soon as we start walking back, one of my friends asks why it's so quiet
> she's right - there's no sound at all. No crickets or anything, which is extremely unusual here
> kinda getting freaked out now, tell my friends we should just hightail it back to the campsite
> all in favor
> I decide to stay in the back of the group in case someone or something is following us, periodically shining the light through the trail we had just come from
> do this for about five mins, I remember this distinctly
> turn around, shine flashlight at a tree
> head of a dog (looked most like a German Shepherd) is looking at us leaning from behind a tree, probably about 100-150 feet away
> at least 6-7 feet off of the ground by my estimation
> whattheabsolutefuck.jpg
> as soon as my light shines in its face it ducks back behind the tree
> shit bricks
pt. 2

> don't want to panic my already high friends, tell them we need to move
> doubletime it back to campsite, things are fine and normal
> ambient forest sounds at night are back
> rest of the camping trip goes smoothly, no more run ins with whatever the fuck I saw

At the time I just assumed this was someone fucking with us, but I'm not so sure. The creepy thing that I specifically recall were the eyes - the glowed when the flashlight hit them. I don't know how you could replicate that with a mask or something.

This happened in the northwoods of Wisconsin, near the Michigan border. Like I said, if any of you guys have any ideas I'm open to hearing them. I've done some googling and found stuff about the MI dogman and that sort of thing but I'm very skeptical of stuff like that in the first place
Why do you think the college mascot is a wolverine? You guys have werewolves in that area.
Never heard of a dogman attack before, even from the natives, so at least it wasn't something else.
There are far worse things out there.
They have werewolves, not werewolverines
>my dad and uncle danny had a fucked up childhood
>grandpa was an abusive alcoholic
>used to wail on dad and uncle danny all the time growing up
>on grandma too
>one day grandma got sick of all the beatings
>blew grandpa away with a shotgun
>rip gramps
>dad ended up pretty normal but uncle danny is fucking nuts
>has always claimed that he could see ghosts and demons
>used to tell me that his ex-wife was a real life witch
>after they broke up he started getting sick all the tim
>dad said uncle danny blamed it on his witch ex-wife
>he used to go to some "healer" to get protection from her
>but he'd go through these periods of increased paranoia, saying she was coming after him
>this always culminated in some sort of "attack" where uncle danny would be hospitalized
>doctors never found anything wrong
>said it was likely just stress, and recommended meds
>uncle danny never go on meds tho
>periods of paranoia would still hit every now and then (about twice a year maybe)
>always ended with a hospitalization
>his "attacks" usually happened in a public place, like a bar, where he'd start freaking out and claim she was after him
>then he'd go unconscious
>anyway everyone just thought he was nuts, and dad begged him to get on meds but uncle danny absolutely refused
>kept going to the "healer"
>one day, the guy straight up told uncle danny "she's too strong for me" and told uncle danny not to come back

What happened to uncle Danny? JDWYX
>so one night uncle danny is going especially nuts
>calls dad up on the phone saying "she's coming after me, she wants to kill me"
>dad is freaked out, thinking his brother is going to have a fucking heart attack
>races over to his house in the middle of the night
>uncle danny is holed up in his room, armed
>he almost fucking shoots my dad when he comes through the door
>he's almost incoherent, keeps babbling shit and saying "I'm going to die tonight"
>dad is pleading with him to put the gun down and leave the house with him
>planning on trying to get him some help or something
>then he sees someone's shadow move past the window
>a few seconds later he hears the front door open and slam shut
>thinks, "oh fuck, this bitch actually has been stalking my brother"
>leaves the room to go confront her before realizing "fuck she's probably got a gun"
>but he never sees anybody
>as soon as he leaves uncle danny in his room, the bedroom door slams shut
>dad tries to get back in but the door's not budging
>then he hears some weird shit
>first, uncle danny fires off a shot
>but then it sounds like he's yanking the trigger but the gun isn't firing
>uncle danny starts screaming
>then there's a LOUD sound that visibly shakes the door
>then silence
>dad is finally able to open the door and you can guess the rest
>rip uncle danny
>his gun is still in his hand, he's got no wounds or scratches or anything on him
>his eyes are wide open tho
>looked like he just died of fucking fright
>worst part in my dad telling me this story was the way he described uncle danny's screams
>said it sounded like a baby crying
>"I hadn't heard him scream like that since we were kids"
>>Be me at about 9-10 years old walking with my brother to get home late at night

>>Take the alley, it's a shortcut, still quite far from home. Girl comes running in front of us crying and screaming, bloody, pleading for help saying "he's gonna kill me he murdered her"


>>Usian bolt run down the alley,

>>look back, some mother fucker is chasing us, but it's dark so he's kinda like a shadow.

>>still running, look back again, he's gone, guy comes out from behind a fence and zig zags to another fence.

>>He's falling too far behind.

>>Finally we hit the road that takes use to the large field once we cross it we're pretty much home

>>Tell mom what happens, she calls the cops.

>>Cops come, ask us to take them there.

>>Take them there, show them the alley where we saw her, theres blood.

>>They take us home.

>>It takes them a day but they find the girl but wouldn't tell us any further details.
Damn looks like she got the ol' Ted Bundy Special. Fucked up story
File: 1620193347552.jpg (34 KB, 600x600)
34 KB
Got a hearty chuckle out of this anon.
Elevators don't fall when they are out of power. You could even cut the cable holding it and It would stop within less than a second. Also, hospitals always have at least one hydraulic elevator, wich wouldn't even move at all without power.
really? those illustrative microsoft paint images really creep me out. i love it when anons do this when they tell a story
>spooked by unlit streetlamps

We really don’t know. One of the girls is convinced it was a murder, but I’m not convinced, the fact that she was all alone in the middle of nowhere and without a flashlight doesn’t make sense to me. She didn’t look malnourished or hurt, or even remotely insane, she was a normal girl, nothing weird about her except what I just said. The snickers bar as always triggered me, somehow I feel that’s the weirdest part, but it’s most likely she didn’t like it or she was allergic. One of my friends said she was probably looking for a place to kill herself peacefully and we just crossed paths, was looking for the perfect spot, took one last bite at a chocolate bar and overdosed or something. We didn’t find a corpse, so that would mean she overdosed and then walked for a while, which also seems unlikely. Police never contacted us back, so we know nothing. I mean, it would have been nice, but they won’t call you back to tell you what happened, they just told us we could go because they were going to keep searching and that’s it.

Anyways, I know it’s not much, but if any of you has any theory, I’m more than happy to read, you may come up with new stuff we never thought of
>mainly just retardo women and their friends.
Honestly I'd like to hear more about this because I feel like similar things are happening to me.
She didn’t eat the snickers bar because she had already eaten the birds. Maybe she would have eaten you too.
>Be 12 years old me
>Shoot hoops and practice dribble by myself at gym class
>Remember nothing out of the ordinary
>Just remember shooting hoops and dribbling alone while other kids did their own thing
>Gym teacher was a hands off kind of lady, let kids do whatever they wanted
>Gym ends and lunch is next
>I'm taken aside by my homeroom teacher while going to the cafeteria
>Gives me a tray of food and tells me that I'm not eating at the cafeteria
>I ask why
>She says something along the lines of "for what you did at P.E"
>Don't inquire further because I'm too hungry

Until the end of the day, I was in the principles office. I was told that I took a kids finger, and bent it in the complete opposite direction it was suppose to go. I remember hearing from my dad at the end of the day that the kid was in the hospital.

I responded by saying "it was an accident" because I was in shock and thought denying it would get me in even more trouble because they would think I'm lying.

I have no idea whether I was framed or whether something neurological happened to me. One kid that I trusted told me that he saw me do it. Years later I confided in my mom about how I don't remember doing any of it, and she said it might have been the adderall I was taking at the time.
has anyone else experienced this phenomenon? I remember periodically I would "black out" (what I call it) when there are short periods of time when I do things I don't remember doing.

>be me
>15 years old
>coming home from school one day with parents
>the entryway required you to walk through the kitchen to get to the living room
>walk by the fridge which had a small lamp on top of it
>hear parents yell "WHAT THE FUCK ANON?!?!?"
>turn around
>lamp is on ground with the lampshade beaten in
>don't remember any of it and parents don't believe me
>years later
>be me
>19 years old
>at shitty job
>chilling cause it's quiet all day
>coworker asks if I'm okay
>yeah wtf why
>he asks why I just shouted no while refilling magazines
>wtf I haven't said anything for the past hour

Not yet... He's a bit too timid right now (six months old), but I imagine he will soon lol
You have warm dishwater IQ holy shit. Stop saying shit you have no idea about. Metal most certainly has a smell.
Fucking christ, retarded.
>You have warm dishwater IQ holy shit
Fucking kek.
Why the hell does that make sense?
I'll fucking bet he touched you in your darkest depths
I work as a machinist, not only do metals have smells, different metals have different smells and its affected by temperature too.
How about some work related bullshit fags?
Hospitals are weird buildings and often there are weird rules/specifications in regards to the building. Also they are built in fucked up ways so people can't just walk in/out or get to different floors easily without the elevator. And even then half the floors are locked out. Good for patient safety, shitty for anyone that needs to get around quickly without a card/key.
Bad side is you gotta dig up a lot of shit on your own, get plans that are damn near blank except for where they want shit, nothing marked on where existing things are.
Good side is OT is pretty easy to come by because things are so fucked up and we can't be disturbing the hospital/patients.

>Get to do some remodel/renovation work at CPMC in S.F. Just another fucked up hospital remodel. Luckily I be a electrocution, so I get to be involved in all sorts of fun/weird behind the scenes shit.
>'Anon, you're gonna demo the basement. I'll get you some Labradors, you mark out what you need knocked out and make safe.'
>'OK, so how to I get there?'
>'By going down stairs Anon.' (laughs and walks off)
>Since there is no direct route to go down stairs I have to find out which elevator actually does go down to the basement.
>Talk to the various non-medical employees, mostly 4' tall Filipinos, all chatter faster than John 'micro-machine' Moschitta.
>'I'll take you downstairs Anon, I'll show you the way'
>Head to the middle set of elevators, go up one floor, get out, go over to the 'main lobby' elevators, go down two floors, walk over to the third set of elevators...
What kind of Legend of Zelda Lost Woods shit is this?
>...get off what I thought was the 'main lobby' level, walk around the backside of the elevators down a ramp that then leads us back all the way so we are now in the basement area but at the main lobby.
>'And this is how you can get down here to this level without a key card.'

File: jaysus.jpg (69 KB, 828x623)
69 KB
I'm so disorientated that even with the plans in hand, and knowing which elevator shaft we are at, I'm still turned around.
Glancing at the plans I'm still not sure where anything is, if these plans had anything less on them they would just be white butcher paper.
Only lighting is the elevator lobby area where we are. A couple of open double doors(North) leading to the staff locker room area has light spilling out. Everywhere else is pitch black. Old florescent lights aren't putting out much, maybe 2700K in the lobby. It's about 9A.M. but there are no windows and it is dark. If someone told me it was 3A.M. I would be hard pressed to argue without a watch.
Elevators face a faux polished coffee stained brick wall, 70's style, a couple of locked double doors to the East, two open double doors heading West, and an open hallway leading South.
'Where is the old radiology department?'
'Bor-Bop,head down the South hallway Anon. It's at de end.' Almost sounded like he said dead-end.
Start walking towards it and I find myself now leaving the safety of the lights, their soft buzzing the only comfort.
'Where is the light switch for the hallway?
'Bor-Bop, it's at the end of the hallway Anon.'
'Can you show me?'
'Nope. I bring you this far.'
It's only now I realize he has only moved forward enough so that the elevator doors can close, he's still standing on the brass/bronze OTIS service plate in front of the doors. He has not 'entered' the lobby itself.
Looking down the hallway after 20' you cannot see anything, turn on my flashlight and it was just an abyss, it absorbed the light, it was a black hole.
KASCHUNK! I look back and the elevator doors have opened and my Filipino guide has stepped back into the elevator, punches a button and watches me as the doors close.
'Well if this isn't creepy as fuck I don't know what is.' Just talking aloud to myself while looking down the South corridor.
'They're superstitious the building staff won't go down there.'

the only people who hate peterson are either deranged, seething, purity spiraling, 100 iq, unironic neo nazis who are mad he didnt name the jew,
and seething, left, degenerate, nihilist, literal faggots/trannies with substance abuse problems that are seething because peterson helped some people pull themselves out of the hole, crabs, bucket, etc
normal people are indifferent to him or can appreciate some of his work for what it is
>"FUCKING SHIT!' I spin around and there is a nurse in scrubs standing in the staff hall doorway with light surrounding her.
>'A little jumpy, aren't we, Anon.' If she weren't that chubby cute I probably would have decked her or thrown something.
>'Little warning next time that's all. Do you know where the light switch for the hallway is?'
>'Sure do Anon, it's right here.' Walking over to a bank of light switches, she flicks on one of the switches. Nothing happens.
>'Maybe it's this one.' She flips on another one. Nothing.
>Well, that's why you are here isn't it, 'Sparky'.' Standing there with a shit eating grin on her face.
>'Yeop.' Turn back around looking down the hallway and I just start flipping the half dozen switches on and off.
>'Maybe if you nurs...' I look back to where the nurse was standing not 2' from me and she's gone.
>Look down the staff hallway, look down the East corridor. No one.
>'... fuck this... fuck this indeed...' the heavy dread that had been building is gone. The black abyss of the South corridor is now just an unlit hallway. Like one of hundreds I've walked down while troubleshooting power issues >in the past. Start walking on down the hallway, get about 2/3s of the way and come across an open door to a large unfinished room. T-bar ceiling in place, no tiles, and about 1/3 of the lights working. In the corner is a >laborer sitting on his beat to shit Igloo cooler. Passed out, he's probably been here since 5A.M. waiting for gringo to show up, me.
>'Hola' he half wakes up and responds in Espanol.
>'This isn't the radiology department is it?' Clearly it isn't, its some disused meeting room, but it feels like a gutted ballroom. Floor has been scrapped of covering and the wall paint is peeling off, we're underground so no >windows. Just the yellowish glow from more 2x4 lights that are half functional, I don't think any of them had more than a lamp illuminating with the classic odd one blinking away.
>'Esa manera..'
I was assaulted by black people and the Jewish democrat legal system didn't do anything about prosecution. Because I'm white and Jewish people hate us.
File: Great.gif (354 KB, 400x300)
354 KB
354 KB GIF
>He points his fat finger at an open door in the south wall of the room.
>'Oh so we'll get started then?'
>'Pinche..'we'...(muttering in Spanish) pendejo... 'we'' He's not amused at the idea of work, but is now walking past me and grabs the only chair in the room, a comfy looking office chair on wheels in the middle of the empty room. As he continues on with his muttering he positions the chair in the corner near us. As I'm watching him he points towards the south door, still muttering incoherently, then the corner of the room, and finally the middle of the room where the chair was.
>'Mirar, gringo.'
>'Watch? Watch what?' Just as I'm saying this my new friends eyes open up and he's clearly watching something behind me.
>I turn around and the chair is back in the middle of the room. I didn't hear/feel anything.
>'...pin..*BELCH*...pinche, pinche fantasmos, gringo...' between my Filipino guide, mystery nurse, my new 'hermano', this chair doesn't phase me.
>'Ghosts, it's good that I'm Catholic then, eh?' Something in the corner where the chair was put makes a thump. There's nothing in the corner except a bit of rubble from the room.
>'Catolico? Bueno...(more drunk slurring/muttering)... salVAdos...' As he does an exaggerated hands praise, now I realize he has been clutching his left hand the whole time. I can see it's a Rosary.
>'Well it's getting close to break, I'm gonna head up, you want anything from upstairs?' I turn about to check out the rest of the room before leaving, turn back to face my Labrador and he is already sitting down finishing a banana.
>'No...*BELCH*' and he proceeds to chuck the banana peel into the corner where he put the chair. '.... pendejo...' I watch the peel fall onto the pile of rubble, look back to him and he has already passed back out.
>Head back out into the hallway, it's not heavy, but it is darker. Just about make it back to the elevator lobby and I hear the distinct sound...
So she just walked straight to the "intruder" without calling police beforehand?
She couldn't keep up with you guys or did she take another route?
bump lets keep it going
>retarded anon and his brother missed out on /ss/
Look into any opposition figures who "died in hospital".
Most metals objectively don't have a smell on their own. They don't give off any particles.
File: 1606205759005.png (285 KB, 629x608)
285 KB
285 KB PNG

Probably a wild black metal band shooting their music video
File: Lewis.png (37 KB, 168x175)
37 KB
shit not long but fucked with me
>Be me
>12 o'clock at night
>reading a nice book before i get sleep
>have window open because weather is nice as hell
>have fantasy ambiance playing to fit with the book
>i think i hear something
>turn music down to see if i can hear what it was
now for some context i live in the woods
>i hear people fucking talking
>my mind starts racing to make sense of this bullshit im hearing
>i turn off my reading lights and look out the window
>see nothing
>hear rustling and more talking
>i could not make out what they where saying but i heard different voices 4 sure
>im pissing myself at this point
>see car headlight drive off
>stay up till 4
>no more sounds the rest of the night
thats it but just the other night i saw some fucking red orb outside my window so who the fuck knows what the deal is
I've always liked them too. This one in particular is just really funny to me. Still eerie, but that foot is so detailed for an ms paint job lol
I don't take meds but I've never heard of that sort of side effect. I had an ex whose uncle used to sleep-eat while on ambien. but that's specifically a sleep medication. Never heard of medication blackouts while awake
>B me
>42yo dude
>been seeing shadow things /shapes
>wife makes me see MD, refers me for MRI and tests
>all comes back negtive
>seeing a shrink next week
>I am not going nuts
>these shadow shapes seem to be playing on my fears and are very goading now
>wife is very scared for me
>She doesn't see them
>WTF is going on /x/
Yeah. No metals oxidize, retard
sorry bout my atrocious writing skills lmao
File: 1542650358104.gif (1.44 MB, 200x206)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB GIF
>of conduit being thrown and hitting the ground. Typical falling pipe on ground movie trope. The hallway is empty and I haven't brought any materials down. My Labrador was already out cold so it wasn't him so I do what any moron would do. I call out to the noise.
>'Who is it? Don't be throwing things around here, either help or stay out of the way.' Like a 'fantasmo' is gonna listen to the living.
>Hallway is definitely darker, can't even see the light from the open door of the meeting room. Spidey senses are not kicking in so I'm just staring into that black abyss of the hallway, at the threshold of the elevator lobby.
>'Uh, hi Anon, boss said to go downstairs and see what you need, so here I...'
>Without looking I put my hand up to hush the new guy, The boss did say he would send someone down around lunchtime, whatever.
>Still standing in silence, watching the hallway, looking for any movement or change.
>'He said if I found you... to get you for... lunch.'
>I'm still just looking down the hall and put my hand up again to hush the guy. A moment goes, probably longer than I'm sensing.
>SCH!!... I finally turn my head and lock eyes with the new guy. He has turned white as a sheet and the elevator doors are closing.
>UNK!!!..doors have closed. What the hell does he mean for lunch it's only break time... whatever.
>Hit the elevator button and wait for the slow people mover to finally get down to the Basement
>Get up to the cafeteria where the boss is, look at the time, its 5 minutes after 12. That can't be right...
>'ANON! Wha...(starts to laugh)... What the hell are you doing down there?' He's already chuckling pretty good.
>'Just trying to get familiar with the jobsite. Why?'
>'That new guy just came back up *laughs* here and asked for his check, he's gone. He's terrified, what did you do to scare the crap out of him?'
>'Nothing. Met the Labrador, then I heard a noise down the hallway and was checking it out.'
Lol. I'm enjoying this
>and talking
Do you remember what the dog said?
I believe it's called dissociation.
I have experienced the same sort of thing a handful of times, though it's always when I'm doing something mundane.

It's like my body was on auto pilot, my mind just checks out, and I'll have no recollection of what I did.
File: 34534.jpg (9 KB, 199x254)
9 KB
When I was a little kid. 8 or 9 years old I was a almost abducted. When I was younger my mom and my step dad and my brother had left me home alone for literally 5 seconds to step out to pick some things up. We needed bread other amenities and my older brother was bored, so, he decided to go along with our parents. While they were gone a phone call came into the house. It was a landline at the time, anyways, a person called up and told me that my parents had said that they (the random strangers on the phone) could have a gallon of milk.

So, me being a dumb child, I stepped outside with the milk to see a car parked across the street. They started to pull up into the drive way when my family returned and literally chased these people off.

To this day I have no idea who those people were and my parents filed a police report but nothing ever came of it. I am convinced that I had an encounter with the finders, personally. A child abduction cult.
Spooky. I don't see why you think it was the Finders though. Could have just been some kidnappers that were watching you.
I liked it
Thank you, based fren.
Not exactly scary, but
>working a shitty warehouse job
>I'm pretty new
>old black guy gets hired only a month after me
>name's Pete
>I notice that he seems kinda off, like he's not all there
>never does any fucking work
>just stays out back behind the warehouse stapling and hammering and taping together useless spare items
>building a trash sculpture basically
>finally ask someone about him
>turns out Pete's an ex-employee
>all the others knew him from way before I started
>he'd worked at the warehouse years ago but "lost his fucking marbles" and ended up in a halfway house
>before that, Pete used to be a warehouse manager in charge of deliveries
>kind of a head guy, well-respected
>people said he was really fair and never asked anyone to do something he couldn't do himself
>one of those rare, one-in-a-million managers
>one day there's some bullshit that needs to be done overnight
>Pete says he'll take care of it
>the next morning, he's found out back behind the building
>the back of the building doesn't face shit
>just a big wide open field with a crumbling freeway built on it
>the freeway was never finished, so it just comes to an end in the middle of the field
>very surreal actually, gives off urban-dystopia vibes
>when Pete is found, he's just staring at that big open field and freeway, repeating the same nonsense to himself over and over
>long story short he ends up like half-retarded
>also tends to fall into these "daydreams" from time to time, repeating the same babble to himself
>Pete can get around and do little everyday things
>but he can't take care of himself too, and he can't hold a job
>my boss always liked him, so he hired Pete every summer to help him out
>Now, Pete gets paid minimum wage to sit out behind the warehouse, building his sculpture
>when he isn't doing that, he just stares off into the field, repeating the same nonsense to himself

>so one day he's doing that shit
>the next day he doesn't show up to work
>boss asks around
>they say he disappeared from the halfway house
>his roommate didn't hear him leave that night
>nobody else saw him leave either
>that same morning I find his sculpture demolished
Like I said, not scary, but I wonder what happened to the fucker
Can you stop being retarded and smell some pennies then a steel plate.
File: Jaguarnagual.jpg (26 KB, 196x509)
26 KB
My father told me that many years ago, around the 90s, his brother claimed to have seen what he referred to as "a jaguar man" while he was working as a trucker. Due to his job, he often had to go through long stretches of road that were surrounded by forests (I'm talking actual rainforests with huge trees, the type of ecosystem where stuff like colorful exotic birds and monkeys are a common sight) while doing deliveries in southern Mexico, near Central America. One late night, while doing a delivery in the state of Quintana Roo, he caught sight of what he thought was a person standing in the road. As he slowed down, his headlights illuminated the figure, which resembled a bipedal jaguar with clawed human hands and bent legs. The moment he got a good look at it, he was hit by an intense wave of fear. In his own words, "it looked unnatural, wrong, like something that shouldn't exist." The beast turned to face him and stood still for a moment, glaring at him with eyes that looked like those of a man, without blinking once. My uncle was petrified. He felt pure hate emanating from the thing, like it absolutely despised everything about him. It then slowly walked into the forest, never taking its haunting gaze off him. Once the creature disappeared from his sight, he regained the ability to move, and immediately got out of there as fast as he could.
When he told everyone, most of the family did not believe him. They thought that he just made the whole thing up, but he kept insisting that he was dead serious. My father, too, was skeptical at first, but, upon seeing the genuine fear in his brother's eyes whenever he recalled the event, began to think that there might have been some truth to his outlandish tale. Of the rest, only my grandmother believed my uncle's words. She was raised in a small town, and knows a lot about the old myths and legends. She told him that she thinks the strange creature was a way/nagual, a sorcerer taking the form of an animal.
This one fucked me up for some reason. I think I had a similar experience when I was a kid.
File: 912eqHUDwwL.jpg (912 KB, 2560x1920)
912 KB
912 KB JPG
yikes. I'm from fargo and was terrified of the manticore as a kid. My dad still will harass me by sending this picture.
he wanted to show you that you left the stove on
Clearly he was pointing out the evil spooky spectrals of dead hikers coming to fuck with you because they’re vengeful
I got a lil weird one from when i was in hs
>be me
>neighborhood has little community park i would hang out at alot with friends etc.
>hanging with gf at the time and her friend
>we are playing with one of those big workout type kick balls
>me n gf sitting on the grass facing towards park entrance
>gf's friend talking with us while she faces opposite of entrance
>within a second friend's face drops


>i wasnt scared, but all 3 of us sprinted back to the car
>i thought it was a joke but the friend was dead serious
>whatever, we go back to my place then i say goodbye to gf n her friend
>gf tells me they drove by
>the ball is in the drainage ditch at entrance
>the ball was across a bridge maybe 40 yards away from ditch before we started running
>gf says they saw flashes but no source
>oh shit she wasn't playin
>while talking with gf i suddenly remember something
>years or some months ago i remember random pattern of flashing outside my house
>wasnt stormy and it was silent flashing
>the flashing looked like it was coming from the staircase of back patio
>still a mystery to this day

Thats what i roughly remember, but i bet it was just some perv or guy taking pics to break into houses.
spooky flashing homeless perv trolled y'all asses
Nev boy?
One night I read a bunch of skinwalker stuff off of /x/, I was living in an old house outside a town in southeastern Connecticut at this time, it wasn't exactly rural but they was a decent amount of woods around and a small patch behind my house. I was trying to sleep around 2-3AM when I heard the pack of coyotes that was in the area running around, they'd dash straight through my backyards and then across the street to my neighbors to go into that patch of woods so it was pretty normal at this point, nothing to worry about. A few minutes later I hear on the side of my house what sounded like something climbing up the side paneling like a squirrel would, surprisingly it did not wake up either of my dogs. It quickly made its way up the paneling to outside the 2nd story of the house right outside my room, then made it way slowly around the side right behind the wall where my bed was and where I was currently laying freaking the fuck out, but not moving an inch, I had black out curtains closed well so there was no way I could see a shadow or it could look in. After it made its way behind the wall of my bed, there was no more movement. I stayed there, eyes closed, not moving for probably an hour or so, hearing nothing. Eventually the sun began to rise and I felt at ease enough to sleep. About 30-45 minutes away there is a small Indian reservation on a bumpy ass road, I went thru it once on the way to an ice cream place on a farm. Never heard those coyotes again, must have left the area.
>be me with a childhood friend
>hiking innawoods following some abandoned train tracks
>see and hear lots of birds
>also get within 10 feet of a doe and her two babies going to opposite direction as us
>buddy keeps telling me he feels like we’re being watched and that he’s spooked
>chalk it up to him being a city guy who never goes innawoods
>he eventually gets me to stop because he is freaking out
>as I’m trying to work him through it I notice something strange
>no birds, no deer, not even any bugs
>look around
>flanked on both sides by bushes that lead into dense forest with tall trees
>eyes stop on a bush to our left that’s moving slightly
>can hear heavy foot steps that stop when my eyes meet the bush directly
>my mind thinks predator
>get my knife out and tell buddy to hold onto my backpack and slowly walk back to our starting point
>I watch behind us, he watches in front of us, and we keep a calm and slow walking pace while hearing the foliage on the left move
>eventually our car comes into view
>sprint to it, hop in, start car, speed off
The rational side of me wants to say it was a cougar or something, but part of me thinks there is something more to it. Does every animal, birds and insects included, hide and shut up when a cougar is around?
Maybe relevant, probably not, there is an unsolved serial killing in that same area and not too far away police found a dungeon and an escaped human trafficking victim.
This the Cali-Oregon border? Animals will definitely stop making noise if there’s a bear or something prowling around. And mountain lions do seem to enjoy stalking and scaring outdoorsmen without attacking them.
Washington state in northern Lewis County. Pic related is the tracks (sorry if image gets fucky i’m phoneposting). There are abandoned trains too. I think it’s some sort of tourism thing but i have been going there for a long time and have only seen an active train come by twice.
One of the trains
>be me roughly 8 years ago
>going on a semi-road trip kind of thing with some friends from another state
>driving down the highway
>it's getting pretty late and dark
>we decide to stop at the next exit and look for a hotel to crash at
>exit 21
>there's no city name, no road signs other than 'exit 21' no businesses et cetera
>already getting an uneasy vibe but we're tired so fuck it let's see what we can find
>not a car in sight, understandable it's late and we're in a mostly rural area
>one direction of the road is completely gone, not even closed off just basically nonexistent, it's just trees
>fuck it take the only other route
>road shortly turns to what feels like dirt
>dark so it's hard to see anything but we eventually start seeing at least some buildings
>no lights on, not even so much as a street lamp
>I'm already telling my buddy fuck this turn the car around I've got bad feeling.jpg
>he agrees, starts turning around
>other friend freaks the fuck out saying he saw a figure roughly 50 feet away from us holding something
>we hear this weird loud noise, almost like a car backfiring but hard to put my finger on it
>buddy slams on the gas and bolt out of there like it was a GTA mission
>I happen to glance out into the trees as we're going back down the road we came from and see several dark figures
>we're all basically screaming our lungs out at this point
>finally get back on the highway
>drive for probably 10 miles before we finally stop off at a fucking civilized spot
>check into a cheap motel
>guy behind the desk, real chill black guy with an accent (pretty sure he was jamaican) asks us if we're from out of town
>tell him yes and ask him what the hell is up with exit 21
>his eyes jumped like he had just felt a tumor
>"didn't you boys see da sign at de offramp?"
>"uhhh my friend we didn't see any damn signs at all"
>apparently the "town" had been abandoned a while back and there had been "keep out" signs put up and even attempts to block off the road
>guy tells us "you boys betta thank God you made it out of there"
>tells us some several people over the years have gone missing near there, including some children recently

Probably the scariest experience of my life. Friends and I still bring it up sometimes.
>tall man standing on a rock, looks like he’s all dressed in a brilliant black coat

Any chance you might have actually seen a mountain cat?
Fucking spooky. Any clue why it was abandoned in the first place? Never hear of an entire town dying off over night for no reason.

No idea, m8. I actually tried looking it up and couldn't find anything. Haven't even been back to anywhere near that place ever since.
>worked at this hole in the wall pizza place a while back while I was in college
>tiny joint, sorta charming, but also a pretty old building
>one day was closing up after a lunch shift and my manager has to leave in a bit of a hurry had to go pick up her kid or something
>anyway she leaves me the keys to lock up as I had to be back the same time she did for the next shift that day
>had to take a shit pretty bad after I was done with my work so I went to the restroom
>while I'm on the can I hear what sounds like footsteps out in the dining room
>think it must be the owner, he tends to come and go randomly sometimes
>finish shitting and go back out to see nobody there, nobody in the back either
>later ask my manager if she had forgotten something and came back
>says no
>tell her what happened
>nothing at all was missing, nothing stolen
>just some ghost apparently wanted to fuck with me while I shat, least it let me drop my pants first
>be me
>a bit of a foodie
>friends tell me about this hole in the wall pizza place
>tiny joint, sort of charming, and the building has an old school aesthetic
>miss lunch but figure I can get an early dinner
>she a lady leaving so I figure they must still be open
>head inside
>totally empty
>walk around looking for an employee but can’t find anyone
>give them 1/5 stars on Yelp

>P i N e C O RN
>dated this girl a few years ago who when I met her was living with her grandparents down in the fucking sticks, like a complete bumfuck nowhere hick town
>one night meet up with her and some of her friends at a taco place a few towns over from where she was staying
>later on take her home cause she didn't have a car
>after hanging out with her for a few hours have to leave
>it's dark as fuck out
>could barely even get my GPS to work out in this shitty area
>drive for what felt like half an hour down a bunch of tiny roads surrounded by trees on both sides
>and the worst part was it was extremely foggy, like this looked like fucking Silent Hill
>driving through all of this barely able to see a damn thing even with my brights on
>praying to God something doesn't run out in front of my car and wreck me
>finally make it out of there and back onto a bigger open road that was clear

Not exactly paranormal but fuck me that was a terrifying time. I shudder to think what might've happened if my car broke down or something.
Cool. I grew up in Pasco but never saw anything like that. Spookiest experiences I've had were visiting Dade city. Nothing cool, just bad feelings.
Just wanted to comment about Pasco. I don't get to meet many who know it.
It’s crazy what a little bit of spooky atmosphere can do to a road you are used to taking. A little bit of fog or some heavy rain turns a peaceful woodland drive into a horrifying nightmare where you grip your steering wheel for dear life and pray your way back home. It’s happened to me before too on roads I’ve been on my whole life.
Actually, we do want a drugs thread. Much better than the usual /x/ crap
You're not a Paladin, you're a sad baby who had a bad dream.

Go drink hard liquor until you stop having these brain farts.
File: Barn Owl2.jpg (703 KB, 1383x1579)
703 KB
703 KB JPG
>awoken by bright light
>sense of dread before seeing anything
>vision of a not-quite-right-animal
>silent communication
>sense of vibration
>sudden involuntary loss of consciousness

I'd say you had an abduction experience and what you recall is a screen memory.
retardo maximo
You are a bad dog. You should consider having yourself castrated. You'll happier.
File: Screenshot_1.png (843 KB, 525x793)
843 KB
843 KB PNG
I've posted this before but the thread died shortly after.

>be me
>about 6 or 7 years old, really young
>live on a house with an almost football-sized backyard
>incredibly barren, so use it during holidays or when family is over
>have family over for bonfire one night
>for some reason go to the far end of the backyard
>backyard is fenced with heavy overgrowth, large bushes and foliage
>go with cousin who has a flashlight
>cousin turns on the flashlight in the direction of the fence
>see a man peaking out of the bushes directly in front of us with no face
>completely smooth, and he's doing a pose with his hands on each side of his head
>instantly ran thereafter
>pic related is the pose

At the time I didn't think much of it because I was a stupid kid who thought this was my uncle or something doing a prank on me. This was just one paranormal event out of many I had at this specific house.
Okay so here it goes, I've lurked here a long time, I've wanted to post this experience here forever, but for some reason I was just apprehensive. But here it goes:
When I was young my family took me to Italy a lot. We'd stay at our home at the foot of the alps in a small town. My uncle would come and take me overnight sometimes to his farm that was a few hours away so I could hang out there. On this one occasion, I did what I always did if I did not fall asleep on the car ride - I looked around because everything was cool and old and different. We were going through all the backroads first, it was early on in the trip. I was looking out the back window of the car and this woman in a white gown stepped out of her house. We were going maybe 15 - 20 km at most I think, but at that moment my sense of time really warped. I was in a trance. She followed the vehicle. I didn't say anything, I remember I couldn't do anything but looked, and she followed us. Nobody else noticed but me. Just all in white behind the car, but robotic-moving. Like she was possessed or something. Anyways suddenly we turned onto a busy highway and that was it. My mind was too young and sheltered to have been able to concocted something that specific as a false memory, I think. I was really young and sheltered, I don't think I had the imagination for that at the time. I didn't say anything to anybody either, I almost thought it didn't happen. I even remember thinking, when I started getting into paranormal shit at a very basic level, that I had no experience whatsoever with anything spooky. Eventually though I remember it suddenly as if I knew all along. The old lady walked right out of her old ass house and just followed me.
beautiful place.
and i’m pretty sure it was a sasquatch.
the sheer amount of stories that mirror yours lends much credibility to it.
the silence is what i’m trying to figure out.
i’ve been in the woods only once where everything became “silent”. no wind no leaves rustling no bugs nothing. even my footsteps sounded muted and i remember feeling like the trees were watching me.
i do wonder what the scientific explanation is for this. how does it happen? very curious stuff
Pretty weird desu.
look up Port Chatham in alaska
the entire town abandoned the place basically over night in 1949.
you can still go visit it it was a small city almost.
wild hairy men were killing people and terrorizing the people until they couldn’t take it anymore
I've got two stories for you. One happened a few months ago, and the other a few years ago.
I'll start with the more recent one.
I was spending a weekend with some friends at a house in upstate New York, the hostess had grown up there. Said that her family owned pretty much all the land for miles, nearest neighbor was about 10 minutes by car. Most of it was forest, and a clearing where the house was. Fast forward to the first night, and after dinner, we split up into 2 groups. Some of us that wanted to go on a moon-lite nature walk, and some of us that wanted to build a fire. The hostess said she'd rather stay with the fire group, to make sure that nothing gets too out of hand. She gave us a little lowdown of major landmarks in the forest, to make sure we don't get lost. And, off I went with the nature walk group.
Some time later, we're pretty deep in the forest, and we find a fallen tree. It fell in such a way that it was leaning on another Y shaped tree, at an angle that was climbable for me, but no one else. Despite my friends warning me about hurting myself, I scampered up the tree. It was pretty high, probably a few feet below the top of the tree coverage. Looking around, I saw a small light in the distance, with what looked like flames licking over the tree line. I thought that maybe the other group had already lit the fire. Climbed down, mentioned it to my friends, and we moved on. We got back to the house, and the fire was not much more than a campfire, definitely not high enough to poke over the trees. I asked them about how it had gone down, but they said that it never was that high, that they only just lit it a few minutes ago. I was confused, and told the hostess about what I saw. She kinda laughed it off, but told me not to wonder about it. Was really out of character for her, and kind of threw me off. I tried to bring it up with her about a month later, but she said I shouldn't ask, and that it didn't matter.
This one is from a few years ago, I was maybe 15 at the time. I grew up in a pretty nice white suburban neighborhood, so I pretty much walked the whole thing regardless of the time of night. I was coming home from a friends house around maybe 1 in the morning. This is a route that I had walked at least 100 times, I could do it with my eyes closed, so I knew I was going the right way. But, once I made the last turn onto what should've been my street, it looked unrecognizable, and almost off. I stood there and tried to make out the houses and cars, to see where I was, but the more I looked the more a sense of panic swelled in my stomach. Eventually, it got to be too much, and I freaked the fuck out. It's honestly hard for me to explain, I had never been that afraid in my life, and haven't been since. I ran without much regard for where, until I made a turn and noticed a familiar 7/11. But, the light was off, and it looked like the store had been abandoned. I had seen the store open and clean earlier that day, so it only made my fear worse. I kept running, and eventually, ended up at a park a few miles from my house.
An important note is that I definitely don't think that I had covered the necessary distance, or in the right direction, to end up at both of these places. Maybe I was just disoriented.
I hid in the parks public bathroom until the sun came up, and my panic subsided. I called my parents, and asked them to pick me up. On the way back, I tried to explain to them what I had experienced, but they thought I had tried some kind of drug, and laughed it off.
Top fucking kek
Sorry, not real
>late 80s
>go visit dads family in old village in mexico (like have to shit in a hole for a toilet)
>sister and cousin are out walking around one night
>they woman in all black is standing near some trees
>they get fuck out of there and run home
>sister says she could see the ladys top half but not her bottom
Whats crazy is I've heard a similar story from a friends dad who grew up Mexico. Bujas man
extremely based post
If you do encounter it again, I wish you the best of luck.
What was your brother's experience with the entity?
I might have been abducted by aliens or had some kind of out of body experience

>3ish year old me
>Crazy child, always moving and getting into things
>mom is getting a shower and let's me stay in my room while I wait
>Finishes shower and finds me with the window open and one leg hanging outside
>Room was on the second floor
>Not gonna let this kid kill himself instincts go into play
>takes me out of the window and either that night or the night after my dad barred the windows
Fast forward a few months
>Be asleep in room, Bambi credits rolling cause that shit was the best
>Wake up to bright lights suddenly behind my closed eyes
>Eyes open and the two windows have an intense white light coming through them
>Two silhouettes wearing robe-like outfits with high collars beckon me to window
>Don't remember questioning where the bars on the window went, only remember walking towards the window.

At this point, you're probably just thinking "oh, this idiot is freaked out by a weird dream he had as a kid." And if the story stopped there I would definitely understand.
>Next memory I have is me standing in some kind of vessel
>Same silhouettes sitting at weird looking control panels
>Dumbass kid self unaware that this is when they usually bust out the probes
>Ask "hey can I drive?"
>Remember the silhouettes making the motions of laughter with no sound
>Somehow told No without anything being heard
>Next I remember looking down and I'm standing on either some kind of screen or maybe just a panel of glass but whatever the explanation I can the entirety of the roof of my house
>Notice that a tree limb had fallen onto a weird part of our roof and damaged it
>Earlier in that week we had a nasty thunderstorm
>Next thing I know I'm waking up in my bed
>Parents swear to me up and down they had no idea the roof was damaged until I was telling them at breakfast the next day

Still not sure what happened, but it drives my lust for /x/ shit
Reminds me of the japanese noppera bō
On two legs? Nah. There are no mountain cat in that area
Anyone has a convincing scary story YouTube video or podcast? I want to shit huge bricks but all I can find lately is wendigo/skin walker stuff and it’s pretty boring
underrated post
File: 1573015251091.png (117 KB, 500x544)
117 KB
117 KB PNG
>Well, since your guy up and quit on us you can help me with +BS in the old building down the street.
*third building in the first post picture*
>We eat lunch and head on over to catch up with +BS. We had two guys on the job, both with the same fucking name. +BS designated himself as '+BS' because 'Nobody likes -BS.' He wasn't wrong.
>Boss radios +BS, 'B, you got a copy? Over.'
>'Go ahead.'
>'Myself and Anon are gonna head over to you in a few minutes, you gonna be back from lunch. Over.'
>'Yeah, I'll be here in the lobby, just come in through the front doors. Over.'
>'Great. We'll see you in a few.'
>Head out to the old building, normal traffic, a few people on the sidewalks, get to the building and all the windows are milky you can't see in for shit. Get up to the main doors and my boss pulls on the handle. Nothing. Not nothing like it's locked, nothing as in the door doesn't budge or rattle. If you've ever tried to open a door that has been painted shut for the better half of a century, you know what I mean. Might as well try and open the side of a wall.
>'What the hell, this door should be unlocked for the public... Hey B! B!' Boss starts yelling, grabs both door handle and tries to yank em, neither budge.
>I note the building and the doors seem off, it's real, but it's not. Boss stops yelling for a second and it's dead quiet. We are on California street and it is silent.
>Not just silent but still, no wind, no birds, nothing. It's like we are on a set. Look across the street where there are shops and restaurants, there is no one. I look back at my boss.
>'What the fuck kinda Langoliers-type shit is this?' He's looking around now as well, his face contorts to deeply concerned..
>HOOOOOOOOOOOOONK!!! A box truck that I swore was double parked is now flying down the street and blowing its horn at some blue hair pulling out in front of him. at that exact moment all the noises and motions come back.
But who was door?
Keep it up man. This shit is intereating
File: blyat.jpg (4 KB, 109x120)
4 KB
>>29282042 >>29282156 >>29282297 >>29282505 >>29284688 >>29292385
>Restaurants across the street have people going in and out of them like normal, the street is bustling again with people.
>Boss and I both stare at each other, before we can say anything the front doors to the building swing open.
>'Hey retards, you guys don't know how to open a door?' We stand there dumbfounded at what just happened.
>'What's wrong you two love birds gonna kiss or ya gonna get your stuff?' We walk into the lobby and grab a box of material and a couple 500' rolls of wire. Still in silent shock as to what happened.
>'You guys alright, seems like I disturbed your staring game. Maybe next time you go get drinks for lunch stay away from the hard stuff.' +BS throws another roll of wire on top of the box I'm carrying and we take off.
>'Nice talking with you guys, I can't get a word in edgewise with the amount of chatter from you two.' We start walking back to CPMC main building, get to the front stairwell and Boss puts down rolls of wire he was carrying.
>'Anon, what the hell just happened back there? Did you, did we... O.K.*points at me* fuck that shit. Let's get to the office and check out the plans.
>'I'm still trying to figure out how it went from 9AM to lunch. I went down stairs, met up the laborer, headed back up for break and that's when I ran into the new guy and it was lunch.'
>'So you told the laborer what you needed done?' FUUUCK at this moment I realize I didn't give my Labrador any kind of instructions. He's probably still down there, fucked out of his mind, possessed, or worse.
>'Anon, you did give him instructions on getting those light stringers from the G.C.(gerneral contractor) so we can actually see down there.' The fuck I did, but fake it til you make it right?
>'Sure did, left the plans down there too just incase he wasn't sure where he needed to leave the lights.'
>'Good, here take this roll with you.' Plops another roll of wire on my box of already overfilled shit.
I’m sorry man, try to ignore them
>abandoned train cars
sounds like where Laura Palmer got murdered
Ok no bullshit on this one, this is the only real “spooky” experience I’ve had.
Backstory: went camping the previous weekend to the time of story, friends and I kept chirping skinwalkers/wendigos, saying stuff like “fuck em, ima fuck it up if I ever see one, etc etc” nothing happened but one of my native friends said that was extremely bad juju and we shouldn’t mess around with that shit. “Yeah whatever.wav”

Flash forward to the following week

>buy new shotgun, decide to go shooting after work on a weekday
>usually full parking lots are empty
>only pass one truck on road, he’s leaving pluz zone
>get weird gut feeling, decide to ignore it and keep driving to shooting spot
>pull up, dead silence, gut feelings still there but decide to ignore it again and go shoot
>shoot off a box of slugs before it starts to rain/get super foggy
>decide to pack it up and get ready to go home
>gut feelings gone
>drive around a km down the road before I decide to pull over
>gotta make sure guns locked up and have no ammo laying around in the case
>as soon as I get out I get the worst feeling of dread/fear I’ve ever encountered
>feel like somethings watching me
>look around but can’t see anything
>intense silence / almost feels like the air turned heavy
>ohshit.jpg, pretty scared for some reason, never felt this way before
>leap back into car and start it before hauling ass down the road
>gut feeling went away

May not be super scary but I have never felt anything like that again or before.

Pic related to how my surroundings kind of locked
i have seen that dog man face irl when i was about 6 years old, i'll remember it all my life, is there an actual name for that thing ??
Elevators dont fall when power fails, but maybe something would have happened if you had been inside and fulfilled more circumstances of the dream.
>Joe Rogan
File: nuh-uh.gif (2.9 MB, 200x170)
2.9 MB
2.9 MB GIF
>>29282042 >>29282156 >>29282297 >>29282505 >>29284688 >>29292385 >>29292542
>'Get back downstairs and see how far along he is. I'll be down shortly.' I grab my now failing box of material and head down to the basement via the maze since I still don't have a card.
>Doors to the last elevator open and the South Corridor is lit up. There is some cantina music coming from a radio and two laborers are moving various items around and clearing the way in general.
>Run into 'my' Labrador. He's sweeping away humming to himself, and appears to be extremely sober. Not disturbing per se, but not at all what I was expecting to see. Light stringers are hanging and burning(on).
>'Hey, Amigo feeling better?' My Labrador looks up has a smile on his face.
>'Yeah, it's nice to have all this lighting down here finally. You got that up really fast, dunno why everyone was taking so long to do it.'
>I'm stuck. What the in the fuck is he talking about. And why the fuck is he speaking perfect English now. I inspect the stringer, how it's hung, where it's going and how it's wired up. This is the way I would do it...
>'Yeah, heh, can't get anything done in the dark.'
>'You did Anon. I can't believe you walked into that room without any lights and were able to work.' He points to a side room where I, apparently, had connected the lights to. Also my gangbox and all my tools are down here. When the hell did that all happen, how did it happen? The service elevator large enough to get this gangbox down is on the opposite end of the building and down that East corridor that was also lightless.
>'Oh Anon, do you still have my (furniture)dollies, I'll need them for tomorrow.' This is just getting dumb, what fucking dollies, why would I have his... laying against the gangbox are two dollies.
>'Here they are, sorry about not getting them back to you.' I hand them over with a stupid I-have-no-idea-what-the-fuck-is-going-on grin.
What about him?
File: Not the good Geiger.jpg (6 KB, 246x205)
6 KB
>>29282042 >>29282156 >>29282297 >>29282505 >>29284688 >>29292385 >>29292542 >>29295604
>'Gracias!' OK so he does speak Spanish. Check out the gangbox, all my tools are in it, plans are rolled up on the shelf. Fuck-it might as well see what else needs to be done.
>I unfurl the plans and it is covered in notes, my handwriting. 'Panel NP-03 is buried behind existing wall, corner of main meeting room. Will need to demo existing walls to access.' When the fuck did I write that? Flipping through the rest of the plans I have marks and notations everywhere, these were nearly blank plans, they are fairly complete now. There is no way I did this, especially in just a few hours. Walk around with the plans in hand RE-familiarizing myself with the basement layout. Each room down the corridor has a steel security door with windows, ~18" high, ~6" wide, with chicken wire in the panes. Doors are locked and I don't have a key. Use flashlight to look in via window
>First door is wall to wall to ceiling full of school desks... why the fuck is there a room full of school desks in a hospital?
>Second door, is setup like a classroom, desks laid out in rows and a teachers desk at the head of the classroom. Raise up light and for a moment the reflection of two eyes at sitting height at the teachers desk appears and then dash off to the left and are gone. Well fuck that. Raccoons must have gotten in there. I'll check the opposite side of the corridor. Only one door, light switch on the outer wall. What is this British Isles shit?. Flip it and the light inside the room comes to life. Not a very large room more like an executive broom closet. To the right a fume hood, a bit crude looking, lots of beakers and measuring cups are left inside it. To the back a counter, cabinets, and several devices. To the left unidentified instruments and a 50's era looking Geiger counter. Grab the door handle and it is locked.
>'Hey Labrador, do you have the key to this door?'
>'No, but I do!'
File: F that.gif (666 KB, 480x360)
666 KB
666 KB GIF
>>29282042 >>29282156 >>29282297 >>29282505 >>29284688 >>29292385 >>29292542 >>29295604 >>29295822
>Boss comes out of fucking no where and is laughing.
>'Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh, today has been weird enough.'
>'What are you so spooked about Anon?' He starts cackling away. Pulls out a set of keys and unlocks the door. As soon as it's open you can smell the '60's.
>'Whoa, I don't think anyone's been in here for a while.' A thick layer of dust is on everything, what appeared to be beige counters are really yellow. Boss man grabs a beaker and graduated cylinder.
>'Holy shit, these would make a fantastic bong.' Boss man is a functional pot head. Without pot he's a straight up asshole, with pot he's an overly animated motherfucker. Fume hood in on a cart that is built into room.
>'I dunno man, half this stuff looks like it's covered in asbestos.' Most of the hospital remodel requires abatement work. Floor tiles, ceiling tiles, even the fucking paint gets tested before anything is done.
>'OOoo, Anon check this out. Always wanted one of these.' He picks up a Geiger counter.
>'Lets see how fucked we are, shall we?' Cackling away, he clicks the Geiger on, neither of us think anything will happen as this thing was probably last used back in '66.
>'Fuck this.' I promptly get out of the room and watch as boss fiddles with the switch on the Geiger.
>'How do you shut this off?' He slams it on the counter and it promptly dies, does a quick spin and closes the door. 'Well, the plans did say the walls were lead lined.'
>I look past him and now realize that the security glass in the door does have a yellowish hue. Shit.
>'Great, so I get the radioactive haunted floor that needs abatement. Not too sure I'm getting paid enough.'
>'Oh, yeah I was gonna see if you checked out the morgue yet, Anon.'
You're writing skills are fine anon, I enjoyed your story.
>>the best way i have described this, is when you are in the desert and look off in the distance and the heat is so strong the ground moves in waves

You guys definitely saw a real demon, this is what you can usually see on the spiritual plane with your third eye open. You can usually see a figure that looks like those gas waves in the air before you see it fully 'materialize'. Btw don't ever mess with your third eye unless you like being tormented by these bastards.
it sounds like you were just tired and saw a real bobcat or some shit but his face was too dark to make out and your mind was playing tricks on you, and this combined with you being a massive pussy caused you to faint
>>29282042 >>29282156 >>29282297 >>29282505>>29284688 >>29292385 >>29292542 >>29295604 >>29295822 >>29296231

>'What morgue? There's a fucking morgue? Will I have to remodel the morgue?' Kinda a bit done with the hospital for the day, not panicking but not enjoying the fact there are a couple hours unaccounted for.
>'What, you didn't smell the hamburger down here? *laughs* I hope you weren't getting hungry.' We head up the now lit South corridor. On the East wall after the double doors leading into the corridor is a recessed door.
>'I don't remember seeing this...'
>'Well it's been here the whole time Anon!'
>'...on the plans.'
>'It's a hospital, they all have morgues, how could they not?' We walk into the morgue 'lobby', it's just a wide corridor about 10' x 10' that divides the 'kitchen' on the north and the freezer room to the south.
>'Hey, I wonder who's in here.'
>Freezer room has ~12 doors on the western wall. These are older freezers, rather than drawers like you see in more modern morgues which may be only 1'x2' these are massive cabinet doors, easily 3'2 if not larger.
>'You're not gonna open that are you? It's still an active hospital.'
>'I don't believe in God or any of that shit, you worried about hantavirus?' Boss grabs handle of second from the end, bottom door. *yank* Door swings wide open, can see inside the whole unit. Not individual cells, just a big >ass freezer with sliding shelves.
>'Holy shit, this must suck up a bunch of power to run.' Boss sticks his head in and looks in side the unit,
>'Hey Anon come check this out.'
>'I don't think so Boss.'
>'Looks like someone left their lunch down here, want some Anon?.'
>He proceeds to slide the tray out partially and brings which has a medical orange Igloo looking cooler, about the size of a typical picnic one, not a beer cooler size.
>'I don't think that's anybodies lunch. Probably should leave it be.'
>He dismissively swats his arm at me, opens the cooler and looks in.
Pretty grateful the spookiest things to ever happen to me were some vivid dreams.
Only unexplained weird thing I can personally recall is when I was a teen. I was in my room and my father was in the living room. These rooms share a wall. We BOTH heard a crashing sound like a bunch of dishes or glass shattering. It was a TV. We each ran into each other and yelled WHAT THE FUCK. No signs of structural damage or pipes. So weird.
"1 millionth post on the mandela effect" - probably
but here goes:

In William Goldings The Princess Bride, it mentions that this story is just an "abridged version"..."of the "original" (i.e. fictional) Princess Bride, written by S. Morgenstern (a fictional person). The literary device let Goldman gleefully write only the "good parts" of his own story."

The problem is, I very vividly recall details of a coherent longer version that my Grade 5 teacher read to us when I was first introduced to the story. They include, in no particular order (and some of them might be in the book and I am just remembering them not be in the movie, but only one or two of them):

>A much more detailed backstory of Fezzik, in childhood and growing up to become a feared wrestler before being found by Vizzini in Greenland.

>Far more detail on Inigo Montoya as a boy, and his father crafting the sword for the Six-Fingered-Man (though some of this detail is in the book, just not at the length I recall).

>The scene on the boat heading to the Cliffs Of Insanity where Princess Buttercup jumps off the boat (screeching eels, sharks) has a very large dialogue[?] between Vizzini and Princess Buttercup's "thoughts" (it is really a monologue from Vizzini, where the reader gets to know what Buttercup is thinking) where she is considering swimming away, and Vizzini is convincing her the boat is the safer option due to what is in the water.

>When The Man In Black is climbing the cliff after the rope is cut, he climbs the smooth, sheer section by punching his fists in to the rock for grip; a practice he trained months for.

>Much more detail and story on the ROUS's and the fire-swamp in general.

>When Buttercup falls in to the lightning sand, Wesley goes after her, but first grabs hold of a skeleton hand of someone lost in there before. He screams, filling his own mouth with sand, before reaching Buttercup.

And many more.
File: bump.jpg (89 KB, 300x300)
89 KB
>Be me
>20 something white dude
>Fucking around in a little patch of woods in a college town, going to my usual smoke spot.
>See someone there.
>He's just staring at me.
>Looks pretty normal but something's off. Giving off some downright evil vibes.
>Dealt with homeless around here before, don't want to again. Turn around and walk off.
>Don't hear anything until 3 months later
>See the guys mugshot on the news.
>He had been looking for a woman to kill for a while and finally found one on a golf course less than a mile from where I saw him
>Realize that if I had been a woman, he would have killed me on the spot
I'll never forget that aura he had. I knew he wanted to kill someone without knowing a thing about the guy
>Be me
>Went to my maternal family's hunting cabin in northern Pennsylvania
>Family gets trashed on shitty bear and wine coolers
>I take two bong rips and wonder into the dry creek bed behind the cabin
>Trip on big rock
>Get disoriented and climb out of the bed into the pine trees
>See shiny thing half-burried into the dry pine needles
>My high ass thinks it's jewelry
>Walk up to it but it stops shining
>Can't fucking find it
>Start digging in the dead pine needles
>Hear something not to far from the left of me
>Mfw I think I'm about to get eaten by a bear
>Slowly get up
>Back quietly down to the river bed
>It's steep
>Slide one leg down the band, it makes a little bit of noise
>Drag my other foot down the bank but I'm still fucking high and it catches on a root
>I fall into the rocks making a loud ass noise
>Don't hear anything, not even the toads or crickets
>Roll over on my hands and knees to get up
>My palms are scraped up and bleeding a little
>Feel my shorts get yanked down
>Mfw a werewolf fucks my ass and fills me with his wolf cum
>It's been six years now
>In college and get flashbacks every time I see a bigger guy
>Traumatized and wanna fucking die
>white suburbia
Honest actual white people are statistically unlikely to talk like that, you know. Caucasians are the least racially identified ethnic group on the planet. Majorities of several demographics are likewise raceless. I think at this point the majority of humanity doesn't have a race other than 'human'.
>town is old as fuck and goes back all the way to the late 1800s
Lmao, imagine being American
File: Done fucked up..jpg (9 KB, 268x188)
9 KB
>>29282042 >>29282156 >>29282297 >>29282505 >>29284688 >>29292385 >>29292542 >>29295604 >>29295822 >>29296231 >>29297262
>'Well, this is not anybodies lunch Anon.' He cocks his head. 'They don't do transplants, do they?' Peers his head closer into the open lid.
>'I don't think so, this is a children's care facility. I don't think they would stuff any usable organs in a fridge in the fucking morgue.' I'm not getting anywhere near that container or those fridges, fuck that noise.
>'So what the hell am I looking at then?' He's still cocking his head back and forth trying to determine what exactly he's staring at in the bottom of the orange igloo.
>'Well, there's also a maternity ward upstairs, and isn't -BS working in the new NICU facility?' Come on asshole, put two and two together...
>'Yeah, he's upstairs on the other crew... What's that got to do wit... OH GOD! OH SHIT! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!' I can't help but start to laugh at the look of horror on his face.
>'I thought this was somebodies lunch, I just realized I've been looking at the face. It's got a face! Why the fuck does it have a face!'
>'So, you've been staring at a dead fetus for the past three minutes?' Still trying to wrap my head around why he would think it would be anything other than a corpse.
>'Why is it in a lunch box? Oh this is fucked up.' He starts dry heaving, closes the container, slides it back in and latches the fridge door. Hunched over holding his knees. This fucker is gonna pass out if he keeps at it.
>'It's not a lunch box, its an insulated transplant container, didn't you think it was weird it has lockable metal latches?' It's hard enough to not start to sympathetically start to hack.
>'Come-on, didn't you want to show me something in here that we are going to work on. Fuck sake, what if someone came in when you were oogling your lunch.' We walk over to the 'kitchen' area on the North side.
>'Aren't you ever curious Anon. I mean, when are you ever gonna be in a morgue again?'
I’ve spent a lot of time hiking in the Warner Mountains where Cali, Oregon, and Nevada all meet. 95% of the time it’s a nice area to hike that’s still pretty isolated and everything’s great. But I definitely know the “I’m being watched”, prey-like feeling. It can get very unnerving and make it easy to psych yourself out.
File: 1535918399140.jpg (29 KB, 350x328)
29 KB
>>29282042 >>29282156 >>29282297 >>29282505 >>29284688 >>29292385 >>29292542 >>29295604 >>29295822 >>29296231 >>29297262 >>29302038
>'Hopefully when I'm dead. Come on man, that's just wrong. What if somebody came in while you eye-fucking that babies penis.'
>'Hey fuck you Anon... shit I don't know if it even had a penis.' Looks back and starts to turn back around to the fridge.
>'DUDE! Are you fucking serious? Come on, let's get this walk through done before anybody shows up. Plus this 'kitchen' is already a bit fucked up. Gonna drag something home from this god forsaken place.'
>Walk over to the examination room 'kitchen', compared to newer facilities it is old and tiny. Most will have two or three 'tables' that resemble a narrow air hockey table, lots of holes for drainage.
>Some more modern facilities will even have several sink bays amongst cabinets up against a wall, the can just wheel your corpse up on a trolley to do whatever and get you processed. More detailed exams will use a 'mount'.
>These mounts are immovable, more like an island in a kitchen. Air hockey table, sink, rinsing faucet, and occasionally a few smaller sinks to hold organs during exams.
>Morgue is tiled in that polished brown brick. If you've ever seen a McDonalds or Burger King that has not been remodeled since the '80s you know the look. You can smell the cigarette stank.
>'Kitchen' is actual brick but it's that fire brick that you see on the back walls of older fireplaces. It's not pretty, but its durable, these bricks have been coated or fired in a way that they are semi-gloss. Probably easier to clean.
>'We are gonna need to blast through the floor to bring the new power feeds to the new panels that will be installed down at the end of the hall. And that's gonna be right about... here.' He points up directly above the mount.
>'Are we really gonna have to work directly over the sink?' The ceilings are pretty high, there is no room for a man lift. Gonna be on a 12' ladder on uneven floor.
>Although the room is small it is heavy. Just walking into the room there is just this feeling of heavy sadness, not evil, not cruelty. An almost peaceful sadness, you could just let go.
>This room is a threshold.
>'Stop grabbing my ass Anon!' I've been writing down notes for measurements and what will need to be done to get the job done.
>'Boss(holding up pen and notpad) I can't grab your ass. Maybe the old examiner is still hanging out here and likes the cut of your jib... or maybe rib.' Boss hates any notion of an afterlife.
>'That's not funny Anon. Besides when you die you are DEAD, THAT'S IT! If you believe in that afterlife shit then you are wasting your life!'
>'AHEM!' We both turn towards the morgue lobby and one of the security guards is standing there glaring at Boss and subtly shakes his head 'no'.
>A moment later a lanky fucker in a black suit a size too big walks in, hands clasped in front of him. Head slightly tilted forward.
>Almost looked like 'Death' from Supernatural. I get a queezy feeling. Following six feet behind him was one of the medical staff that gives 'bad' news. In a children's hospital.
>He just glares at both of us, this is a guy who normally walks around with an air of peacefulness and calm, looked completely pissed. A flash of hate. Puckered my asshole.
>Clergyman is behind him speaking to someone, two men walk in side by side. One clutching the other, brothers I suspect. One stern faced speaking with the clergy and medical staff in soft tones, the other broken.
>If his facial expression was that of 'The Scream' there would have been some comfort in it. They all make it around the corner to the fridges, Death has taken his normal position in such a situation, clergyman is the buffer >between the brothers and medical staff. Papers are being shown, the last page is flipped up.
>'Sign here, please...
Off topic comment: I’ve just been reading through these stories and listening to YouTube narrations of 4chan stories. Why are all stories like
>be me
>decide to walk a 2 mile route next to a local mall
>there’s one pine tree next to the paved road, so I bring my Barrett M82, my lightsaber, two panzer divisions and a few dreadnoughts just to be safe

Like I’m genuinely interested, is this people who’ve never been outside? What do they think they’ll encounter? Is it because their peeepee gets bigger when they think about guns?
Fuck it
I'm not a paranormal person but I haven't found any logical explanation for it, its my dad story by the way
>Be teenager
>Sleeping at girlfriends house on the floor
>See old woman walk by at night and give dirty look
>Wake up in the morning and tell gf parants about it
>They show picture of dead grandma
>Said she dies when gf was a baby
>Still hasn't left
>Gf dad talks privately, said he was driving home late and looks in rearview and sees her smiling in rear seat

My dads not spiritual and has never said shit about ghosts
oh yeah, its all schizo
jordan peterson seems to have a powerful marketing team
Very few stories in this thread are like this. They’re mostly unexplained things that people saw. Not a lot of tough talk, except for guy claiming to be a paladin.
ambien sounds lit
what's the generic name for it
amazing post anon 10/10
Smell this*unzips dick*
no foxes sound like a woman being raped.
I was 15/16 and had sleep paralysis
>be poor so I sleep on top bunk
>sleeping in the room by myself though
>shoot awake in the middle of the night
>hear voice in my head telling me "you've got to go it's coming"
>try to move but of course nothing happens
>feel this presence coming down my hallway about to enter my room
>trying so hard to get up and gtfo
>voice in my head just keeps saying "it's coming we have to go"
>finally manage to roll on my side and then pass out

>wake up again, same night
>no idea how much time passed since I passed out
>hear the same voice tell me it's coming for me
>feel the same evil/dark presence coming down my hallway towards my room
>try to move as best I can
>have the most incredible sense of dread and despair I've ever felt
>i expected to look over to the edge of my bunk bed and see it staring my face to face

>nothing happens but I flop like a fish
>fall asleep and wake up the next morning
Just regular sleep paralysis, but I've had that a lot and it's strange that I woke up knowing something was coming for me. I was afraid to sleep for a while after that.
>retardo women and friends
Maybe you just chad and they want to mire?
Here's one of many things that stick with me.

>be 17/18
>vibing to music in the living via headphones
>everything is chill
>suddenly hear a very deep, demonic voice call out to me over the music
>freak the fuck out and rip my headphones off
>run straight to my mom's arm crying like a baby
>she asks what happened
>I calm down and tell her
>She says I'm likely really stressed and should get some rest
>Does what she says but never listen to music via headphones in the house again

That's not the only thing either.

>Had a french door, old and heavy af, fall on me in some weird way.

>Had a light bulb explode near me.

>Heard what sounded like my dead aunt calling out to me

>There were bloody footprints leading from one wall in the upstairs
of the house and fading off into the downstairs of the house

>Younger sister witnessed an insect-like demonic entity standing at her room door

>Some force knocked my grandmother's old, heavy last supper painting off the wall

There's likely more but I haven't had a chance to ask my mom what she's experienced.
where u from?
yeah I second this

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