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Why do I get terrified when I’m close to astral projecting? I get to the vibration phase sometimes and can will myself to exit but as I’m doing this I become terrified and stop. Is this a natural response to the soul leaving the body as it mimics death(Or if you’re skeptical the brain’s perception of death)? Alternatively could this mean that my body/spirit is warning me to stop due to health issues and emotional baggage? It’s somewhat frustrating considering I can get to the vibration stage with relative ease.
I'm trans btw if that matters at all.
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didn't read any of it
here's your to do list for today:
1. remember trump lost
2. seethe
3. cope
4. take your meds
I tend to do an etheric projection before an astral projection. While you are inside the etheric double, you should turn around and look at your physical body. You can sometimes see entities or the physical representation of bad ideas around the body. If you want to go further you must figure out how to get rid of these entities, either by speaking the holy names or by solving the issues in your physical life.

Don't be afraid, it's all in your head.
Are you doing this in bed in the dark? Several years ago, I spent every night trying to astral project. I did this for months and one night, I started to feel it happening, except it wasn't astral projection per se, it was sleep paralysis which is often accompanied by intense anxiety and fear. I knew this because I had experienced SP a couple times before this. Each time, there was a kind of vibration feeling, almost electric. I imagine proper technique for astral projection includes measures to avoid sleep paralysis, but it wigged me out bad enough to drop the project entirely.
>Is this a natural response to the soul leaving the body as it mimics death

This is basically what you're experiencing. When that happens, relax into it and let go.
Just follow these steps:
-swing your arms from side to side
-come on it's time to go do the mario
-take one step and then again,
-lets do the mario all together now
Got any resources on how to do this safely?
I have struggled to project for years and after following this guide i got to the vibrational stage the second time attempting it. Highly suggest looking into this. https://obe4u.com/files/the_phase.pdf

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