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Redpill me on the praying gesture, when did it start, what is the significance of it, and does it “help” you pray?
Whatever you think helps will help.
You're most definitely too focused on physical.
Let it go.
daoists use it to compact energy
jsj uses it to open the main central channel
its also good for making the mind quiet and if you're well along it'll make your heart spin and radiate
can also be done inverted, so the outsides of your hands are touching, but that can make you dizzy
signifies worship retard
It's literally biological, even monkeys do it. It's a form of begging for mercy, and culturally evolved as a way of begging for... mercy, you know, begging to an hypothetical higher being or entity or power to make your life easier, and those you care about, to lead you in a path where you won't suffer from calamities and so on.
>daoists use it to compact energy
>jsj uses it to open the main central channel
Can you enlighten me? Especially in the "to compact energy" part, what does that even mean and what's it's supposed practical use?
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Thats funny I just got done doing a my favorite meditation then I seen this thread but i guess this forum is mystical like that

My favorite meditation is prayer meditation. It connects you to the healing element in nature and balances all of your chakras. Then i see my third eye glow like neon indigo and i see that light condense into my hands. After that I feel this like big ball of awareness over my head as it makes its way from root to crown chakra.

Step 1. bring your hands together like your praying at the middle dantian.

Step 2. Close your eyes

Step 3. Focus on the spot between between your middle fingers and look at the spot with your eyes closed and think of nothing else.

Now when you do this you will feel the imbalances instantly correct themselves from base to tip. Then you will notice that your 3rd eye will be a bright indigo and you will see your hands in the middle of the indigo circle and the light will start to condense into your hands. This will last for a while then it will move to your crown chakra.

You will be filled with a healthy vibration of just health. The longer you do this the better you will feel.

I notice this technique works faster if you have some chi in your lower dantian.

This is my favorite because it does a little bit of everything.

Focusing on the spot between your middle fingers lets the healing energy come into you. Like you will feel it instantly when you connect to it.

Just make sure you always keep the focus between the middle fingers and look at that spot with the eyes closed.
I use the emoji for when I am grateful and when I pray/wish something.

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