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Redpill me on technomancy
you must worship the ommnisiah.
Basically Rowhammer applied at random.
Music note timing symbol all your heavy metal. Maybe someone sees your future and blesses technomancy.
/g/ here. i don't know what technomancy is, but technology and computers especially are definitely magical. by chance circumstance some savannah mammal figured out how to capture lightning in rocks and quickly after mastered distance and time.
now, if one knows the right words and how to speak them they may influence millions' or billions' realities overnight. if that's not magic, what is?
/g/tards unite
I wish i could do something to accelerate the process of transhumanism
True technomancy will not exist until the existance of quantum computing. Spirits and spiritual powers can manipulate RNG, that's why a lot of divinations are based on RNG methods. Ideally you can conundrum with spirits, who in their spiritual interactions can also manipulate the RNG in divinations. Technology now is based on transistors and logic gates, true RNG does not exist in computers. Quantum computer works in principals of multiple states and random observations. I cant explain it well in a sentence, but quantum computing will have real RNG involved that, in theory, can be manipulated the same, and technomancy will rise in prevalence
be the change you want to see in the world
put magnets in your fingers

it's the internet

summon knowledge with technology? yup

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