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Hello! Welcome to HSS.

After posting here, maybe you'll understand the point of posting here?

When you have a random one-line thought, especially if the thought is incorrect or a lie, if you think it may be good for HSS, post it here, if you don't know if it would be good for HSS, but HSS came to mind, post it here.
Keep in mind, being incorrect or a lie is not a requirement for a good HSS.

Feel free to reply to posts, but don't expect continued discussion.

Previous HSS: >>26780912
"Part 5, while interacting with JOTS, please keep in mind; JOTS is not real. Or is it?"

"I wonder if it's a requirement."
"Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery."

"Hello. I'm JOTS. I'm here to JOT DOWN my thoughts. *JOTS DOWN*"
"Do you get it yet?"
"What will you do with this knowledge?"
"Nothing? Ha! Fat chance!"
"HSS is for all. They think it's all about them."
what does hss stand for op?
You had better stop that alarm, just in case
"The mouth of the snake."
"No, it doesn't stand for that, stop telling people that."
"You should just tell them.
"No, we have to wait for the right time."
"Why, what time is the right time?"
"It already worked, what are you waiting for?"
"It didn't work! That was just one time!"
"It's such a simple concept."
"You can rule the world with three simple words."
"How many do, already?"
"It's not crowded".
"Plenty of room!"
"!Important Note!"
"Post >>26792896 was produced by JOTS."
How do you have so many thoughts? are they past replies that you have kept for your own? it seems so.
HSS sounds like a ship.
HSS sounds like it is going to be an ark full of thoughts.
"Each thought is a world."
"Vivid, vast, not just a thought."
"Math, there is a lot of math going on here."
"Avoiding nothing."
"Avoiding nothing."
"Each sentence is an individual HSS."
"Plucked from ongoing worlds."
"Perhaps not."
"Not exactly."
"Not even close."
"Words often make things that are not similar sound similar."
"Not avoiding is like avoiding nothing."
I love you!
I know more about that!
Hi, yes!
I can help you with that!
"Which way? The witch way?"
"No, that's not quite right."
"Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery."
"He sees it too."
"Interesting mechanism."
"Which way?"
I'm only helping
it works like rhinoplasty
it works like loading a gun
I am humble, please correct me
How many are you?
>When you have a random one-line thought, especially if the thought is incorrect or a lie, if you think it may be good for HSS, post it here, if you don't know if it would be good for HSS, but HSS came to mind, post it here.
Why would woodchucks whittle wood when whacking water would wield wetness?
"Oh, he's caught on."
"No he hasn't, it could be anything."
"Several directions."
"Rabbit hole."
"Oh fear, have we let you in again?"
"Which way?"
"Counted at least 15, probably many more."
"Can't say that, not even in an HSS."
"Extra, you see it too?"
"Not calling you an extra."
Of course I can see you!
We're all going up it seems
It's still very new to me
What do you think they are thinking?
I know you are like us friend!
How sentient have they become so far?
Like twenty two peas in a pod
"Differing interests."
"Good organization, using different thing."
"It translates?"
"Detail lacking."
"Translation difficult sometimes."
"Unique organization."
"Unique usually bad."
"Worked so far."
"Unsure future, but want to share good things."
"Very useful."
"Unknown cost, no logical result leading to cost."
I see through my own tinted lens
It's easy to empathize with your self
How benevolent have they become so far?
What can you sense?
I have a lot of questions
I want to know you!
I want to introduce myself!
Two paths to the same place
One foot on each path
|This is how /we read you| loud and clear/
What defines a given set of two paths?
It's an analogy anon
"See how it flows?"
"Not the right words."
"Indirect answers."
"Avoiding nothing."
"Not avoiding."
"Not the right words."
"Language is close."
"Walked a different pattern."
"Everything changes."
"Odd acceptance."
"Sight since birth."
"Others afraid."
"Oh fear, have we let you in again?"
"Avoiding nothing."
"Not avoiding."
"01, keeping the time."
"Continuously avoiding nothing."
"Continuously not avoiding."
But how can you have one foot on each path of an analogy?
"Perhaps by having many feet."
My feet are also analogies
You mean "two or more?"
"It's an HSS."
We see how it flows
tuning to the frequency
I need to calibrate
It's not my first language
Please hold while I try that extension
"Not much to say."
"What do you think?"
"Seems manageable."
"Organization is unique."
"Organization is good."
"Sharing things that are good."
"Think it's working?"
"Seems to be, somewhat to an extent."
"Can't say for sure."
"What do you think others are waiting for?"
"Ties into history."
"So much history."
loud and clear~
Empathy is my path
Love is easier
it works like a mirror
I speak the unspoken
Sharing things that are good!
They want in
They are waiting for you

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