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File: Blasphemy.png (11 KB, 489x228)
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I had a holy encounter with Jesus Christ. It wasn't in a dream or anything, it happened in real life, being alert and sober.

Shortly after this overwhelming experience I was radically changed as a person in many different ways. I got set free from a bad alcohol and porn habit. It wasn't the only experience, I had prayers answered the exact minute i was done praying.

Anyway, I really liked God, but then I started reading more and more in the bible, and I begun to see God more and more as a monster. Someone who will burn 98% of mankind in hell for all eternity. Instead of just making them stop existing, he will torment them for a billion years, then a billion more. Started to see how you have to crawl and apologize to for existing every fucking day and feel like shit just for being who you are. Not to mention that there is no security of going to heaven, since many people will say on that day "Lord lord, did we not" and Jesus will turn them away. Christians also can't agree on anything. Do you go to hell for not upholding sabbath? Half says yes, half says no. Now add a hundred more disputed doctrines.

Today, despite having met Jesus, and experienced miracles, I blaspheme his name everytime I wake up. Existance is objectively a nightmare, since hell is real and most people go there forever. I hate God, he rigged the whole game to be as shitty as possible.

I'm contemplating getting the courage to blaspheme the holy spirit, so I can be damned for all eternity, where majority of mankind are going anyway. So, has anyone here committed the unpardonable sin? What happened after you did it?

>pic related, this guy uttered a few words and now he is damned forever, what a petty fucking god
fake and gay
what did he say tho
animal crossing is a game about not resetting and how you establish your own character among a network of other characters
How did it happen tho? Did Jesus just decide to come to you like that? There must have been a reason.
I met Jesus on the bus once. He told me the meaning of life and gave me a pretzel.
You are just another serpent.
What you practiced is not Christianity. Christ’s sacrifice is wholly sufficient, and continually praying for forgiveness cannot and will not save your soul. Only Christ can, and you can choose to accept the free gift of heaven or not. Prayer is not meant to be a stand in for sacrifice.
File: 1605529317534.jpg (776 KB, 911x1250)
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776 KB JPG
The bible is full of lies, twisted and misinterpreted over the decades of 'translation' and the worst excuse of all: "modernization".
Don't get me wrong, it was once a holy book, CHANNELED directly by disciples of a higher entity.
Nowadays...Eh. You gotta take whatever serves you, in the whole sense of the word.
You gotta be a fool to take every word of the bible literally with 100% accuracy, but as some other anon said, this post is kind of suspicious and seems a bit dishonest desu. But if you are serious about the blasphemy thing, think about a small bug crying out loud cursing you in the worst way the lil bug can, you will most likely smite him.
Another serpent
Just offering another perspective:

I think God wouldn't base your eternal fate based on whether or not you believe in a story. Especially since there are multiple stories to choose from each claiming to be the truth.

I personally am not an atheist materialist, but it's as valid a lifestyle choice as any other. Frankly, you are harming your mental health looking at life through your current perspective.
Hell was designed for Demons
To protect us
It's not burning
It's the absence of God
It's the Gnashing of teeth
All that's Left is your Mortal Sin
Gods wants to protect all Humans and had his Son who is also him in the Flesh Take on all of everyone's sins and sins they will commit, You must sin no more, know that Sin is wrong,
You must develop a soul
Meet with people
The Chruch is in us,
He doesn't want to torture us,
That burning hell is hell un Earth when Babylonians Bring forth Demons into our World and Cut away our Souls from Him,
Rejecting the Holy Spirit is, The Holy Spirit is what makes you understand God, what makes you connect to him, Blasphemy on Him just makes you unable to want to contact God, If you still do then you haven't Lost the Holy Spirit,
Everyone can Find God
And Find God Again
Like We're Living in Babylonian 2 Basically
Trust God
He's Truthful and 0rderly
All Sins can be Forgiven
Please fuck off. We are all human beings searching for the truth, meaning, and how to live life. We're not "evil" or "serpents," we are human beings shaped by our environments, experiences, and genetics to come to our current beliefs at this point in time.
File: Archangel Michael.png (1.18 MB, 1158x761)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
OP please read all this information.
do NOT trust religion. ALL religion is CUUCKED TO HELL by satanists. All prophets are false prophets, all "gods" are false gods and false idols Both good and bad people wrote in the bible. The bible has been intentionally mistranslated, and many parts have been outright removed entirely.

science is the religion of TRYING to understand the universe
Just trust in GOD, and love and worship only GOD. do not fall into the trap of worshiping religion by accident.
File: hamsa template.png (19 KB, 445x429)
19 KB

I'm interested in hearing your holy encounter op. I think i had some holy, higher than "astral" encounters with angelic beings. Never one with christ jesus though..but asking him or archangel michael to break me out of sleep paralysis works.
Cant believe you get paid money for this
File: wizard.jpg (288 KB, 981x1146)
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288 KB JPG
>Someone who will burn 98% of mankind in hell for all eternity. Instead of just making them stop existing
You've got it wrong. God is consciousness, we are fragments of him. Nothing can "stop existing," it's simply not possible. If something is gone it returns to "God," at which point it is a piece of him. The net result of this is that "God" can be wholly good, governing over the most evil souls (shards of God-consciousness,) or "God" can be wholly evil, governing over the most good souls (shards of God-consciousness.) "God" is by definition everything, all things, everything which is and isn't. To be separate from "God" is to be incarnated as a person. To be "good" is to deprive "God" of that "good," to be "evil" is to deprive "God" of that "evil." There is no law of conservation of energy in reality, but there is a law of conservation of consciousness.
There is no hell and no satan.Thats put out there by our friendly overlords.And you cant encounter Jesus,not now atleast.That was something else entirely,evident by your whole slew of negativity after that.There is no unpardonable sin.Not to say that you should go out now and do deplorable shit because of that fact.Try to learn what Jesus was talking about.Its not exactly rocket science.Do good things,get good prizes.Do bad things,get bad prizes.
My father believed he committed the unpardonable sin back in like the 80s some time. Every few years since then he would get severe bouts of depression which would sometimes land him in a hospital and unable to function properly. Multiple suicide attempts culminating in an actual suicide in 2011.

He claimed to have a few visions and to hear demons. Told me the devil was after him and would be after me as well, but that I would make it to heaven.

I don't really believe that he did commit the unpardonable sin or that there is an unpardonable sin. Well, actually I think that because he believed it so wholeheartedly it created an internal hell experience for him as he was convinced he was cut off from God. After all, I believe the word hell means separation and the word heaven means union - both in reference to God of course.

So I guess in a way he did commit the unpardonable sin - that being the impenetrable belief that he was cut off from God. His conviction made it true and he experienced it as such making his life unbearable to the point of checking out.
Satan is a spiritual entity

Matthew :10
Jesus has an encounter with Satan

Weird to say Satan doesn’t exist

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