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Hey /x/ wondering if you have ever had any paranormal experiences while gaming? Or anything related thereof.

grow up
he says this on /x/...........................
I remember the first time I played Fallout New Vegas I went inside the bar where there's a lady that wants her radio fixed and murdered everyone.
I vaguely remembered that there was the dynamite expert sitting outside and was wondering if the AI in this game was programmed so that if a murder was comitted near an area entrance the AI would figure it out and become hostile.
Well when I went outside I remember that for some reason after the next area loaded the dynamite expert was talking to me and his face was bugging out. At the moment I felt as if he was a ghost, a curse of some sorts judging me for my sin. It was so weird I noped the fuck out and closed the game inmediately.
I tried doing it again thinking it was just a bug bug I have never been able to reproduce it. Killing eveyrone inside the bar and the guy is just outside sitting on his ass doing nothing.
i played amnesia...got spoopd.
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Closest to "scary" would be the time I tried out the Sonic CD message. That's really it.
probably got patched
As a kid I stayed up very late one night trying to beat mario 2. I fell asleep and when I woke in the morning I was on the credits screen I had beat the game and didn't remember a thing.

Spooky? Not really. Not yet.

I finally did beat the game awake once and the ending triggered a seizure. I think beating the first time in some sort of trance hipnotized me somewhat. The game is full of Masonic iconography. Really odd shit going on with this plumber.
Gameboy Camera "Who are you running from?"
Sonic CD message? What's that?
I saw a ghost on my xbox kinect.

somebody said they fucked my mom on xbox live and 10 years later i found out it was my dad
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You might like this.

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>Be like 9
>Playing Evil Dead: Fistful of Boomstick on PS2 at night
>Really easily scared
>Watching the opening cutscene
>Bartender gets possessed
>He pops out from behind the counter
>The instant he does the power goes out
>2004, still 9 years old
>Great grandma dies, have to go to the funeral home, which is going to be an all-night deal
>I'm told that the place has a "kids' room" with a PS2 in a cabinet, and the staff said they'd unlock it so I can bring my own games
>I was a scaredy-cat and definitely didn't have any horror games, but I wanted to fit the "theme", so I brought one of those OPM discs with the Silent Hill 4 demo on it
>Only other kids in the room are two older kids I barely know, they're friendly but decline my request to play in shifts, I think they wanted to watch my reactions
>Getting real spooked
>It gets very late and they leave, it's just me now
>Shut off the game shortly after, I'd rather read than play a horror game alone-ish in a funeral home...
>Eventually have to go to the bathroom
>It's huge, at least to 9-year old me
>Start to wash my hands at the far end of the sink row
>The lights go out
>panic for a few seconds before seeing a sliver of light under the door
>sprint towards it and yank it open, and run back to the safety of the game room
At the risk of sounding like a big pussy singleplayer minecraft freaks me out more than it should.
That game is creepy as hell
Ive played mage pnp rpg and it happened as a thuth
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Yeah it's cliche, but I'm really intrigued by stuff like Herobrine. Even stuff like vid related is cool to me, even if it only exists to scare kids.

I've told this before on here, but here's a minecraft story from like 9 years ago. I posted it to a forum at the time, which is why it's worded the way it is.

Anyways, just had kind of a creepy experience on the server.

I was mining at adminium when I decided to call it quits. I was lost, but I tunneled into another long, one block wide tunnel. I followed it forever, and it was weird because in some areas the walls and floor were made of obsidian. It went on forever to a dead end, at which point I stair-tunneled to the surface. I was in the middle of nowhere, so I walked in the direction I BELIEVED the town was in. Eventually I came to an area that had torches, there was some cobblestone and floating planks with a sign that said "Why are you following me? Stop." I could see through some chunk errors that there was a burning forest in the distance. When I came to it I lost connection.

Really? Wtf is this shit? This made me want to throw up.
Does anyone know about that story of the guy who let his sister play Skyrim, and how she would observe NPCs in the game for a few days before figuring out their daily routine and murdering them when they went into an area alone?
I have been trying to talk about something similar all day. I use the game as a sort of thinking temple, I have a world with a very large city I have built (survival) and almost "project" into the game while playing. When I log off I make sure to go into my house, dequip all armor, organize or put away my inventory, and hide in a corner so that I cant see anything when I log on again. I also make sure to remember where I logged off. Its very eery sometimes.

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