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Gods are powerful egregores

They may have died but they can be revived
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>but they can be revived
how? is believe enough? would asatru be able to revive odin or are their cucked progressive feminist ways too far from authentic paganism?
there is no such thing as death as we believe it, there's only change
Change is impermanence. By denying the reality of death, you're denying the reality of change.
Reality doesn't care about your beliefs.
Egregores or narrative entities can be parasitic or mutualistic. Parasitic ones cling to their own permanence, demanding to be told as THE story, to which all other stories must conform. Mutualistic ones are living evolutionary entities, and seek to facilitate experiential change with their hosts.

Parasitics signify only themselves, mutualists signify everything and everyone else. This is true of both narrative entities and people, after all the "self" is a story you tell yourself to yourself, a narrative entity not different in nature from fictionals.
Overcome the desire for immortality, and you will have overcome the greatest illusion of permanence.
>What is left, if I will inevitably die?
Everything else, my friend.
>By denying the reality of death
The reality of death is change, nothing more nothing less, it's the end of one stage and the beginning of another, whatever it is that died still exists, just in another form.
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>Parasitic ones cling to their own permanence, demanding to be told as THE story, to which all other stories must conform
^cough^ y*hweh ^cough cough^
>whatever it is that died still exists, just in another form.
Yes, technically, but no essence is retained, or consciousness.
Western philosophy and worldviews are historically strongly based in prioritizing permanence over change. This has changed in the past 200 years, as scientific inquiry has uncovered a dynamic universe that has changed radically over time. Stars are born and die, as do planets and even galaxies. In the early universe atoms didn't even exist, and the universe was like a massive sea of superhot energy that is beyond our comprehension. Biological life, instead of being created ex nihilo and remaining largely static, was discovered to have also changed radically, originally consisting of only single-celled organisms.

Our worldviews still haven't caught up to the primacy of change discovered in every aspect of the natural world.
of course it is, the new essence is the sum of all that was before plus what it currently is, that is how we grow and evolve
they have been revived, every time
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This. Entities from various religions have found new names and faces in other religions all over the world. Specific temples, holy sites, and rituals may have been lost but ultimately the entities that they belonged to find new ways to resurface.
You are right. I've heard at some point there were multiple Christ egregores in the astral fighting over for the influence which is kind of funny.

They're thought forms charged with a lot of energy hence the egregores but not all of them. Certainly, main today religions have powerful egregores as their gods.

In thia framework they are powered by belief. The true if the matter is that believing in odin is enoigh to revive him, faith is not needed really. Just focus on the god reforming.

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