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Tell me your personal experiences with ghosts or any other hauntings, /x/. I have none myself.
My great grandma haunted me for a while living in her old house and told me she is still watching out for me and that she is always going to be watching out for all of her family.

I also conjured a ghost from some dead girl's e-journal and selfies and she sent me on a quest to discover the truth about her death which was pretty wild. It turns out some of them do that.
I have none myself either other than my ex wife said she saw ghosts in our house. Anyway, I'm watching Ghost Adventures atm, and Vince Neil is a guest ghost hunter.

On an underrated show called Celebrity Ghost Stories, Vince Neil. told the following story:
>Be Vince Neil
>Be married, have 4 year old girl
>Girl dies from a nasty cancer after a few years of treatment
>Vince is super depressed about it, takes a bunch of drugs over time to basically kill himself
>One night as he's sleeping, or trying to sleep, the ghost of his little girl visits him
>For the next 2 weeks or so she visits him every night, and they play and draw, and they make paper flowers to put on her dress
>He stops drinking and taking drugs because he doesn't want to miss a visit from her
>It's the best time of his life
>One night, after 2 weeks, after their play session, she tells him "Daddy, I can't come see you anymore. I have to go to school now. But when I'm done with school, I'll come back and see you."
>She fades away
>She has not visited since
>He knows one day he will see her again
I had an experience, well what I think was an experience.

>be me.
>in highschool.
>go over to friend's house to play vidya.
>couple other friends are there.
>house is supposedly haunted.
>don't care.
>I ain't 'fraid of no ghosts.
>have fun playing GTA IV or whatever it was we were playing.
>decide to go get Taco Bell.
>my friends and I head to the car, notice the garage door is open.
>friend who's house it is suddenly says "oh God" and runs right into me.
>we all turn around to look and see what looks like a woman in an all white, floor length gown standing between the cars in the garage.
>Figure is either looking away from us or had it's face pointed at the ground.
>we stand there like idiots just staring. The figure never makes a sound, doesn't move, and doesn't even look at us.
>after like 45 seconds, the figure fades away.
>Not instantly, it's obviously fading out but it takes about 10-15 seconds.
>nope the fuck out of there and get Taco Bell.

My friend explained that supposedly the former owners wife had committed suicide on the property and they suspected she was the ghost. Was pretty interesting because four of us all saw the exact same thing. I don't if it was really a ghost or if we all shared some kind hallucination.
>or if we all shared some kind hallucination
"ghost" sounds more likely than a shared hallucination
Yeah I guess so. I've always been skeptical about ghosts but maybe I should just accept it. Even after this experience I have tried to come up with some kind of explanation outside of the paranormal and I really can't.
One time me and a buddy of mine were chilling in this downstairs living room area thing and we saw a shadow person at the entryway to the area. It walked into a part of the room that was just more walls. We thought it was his dad at first but his dad is a pretty boisterous Puerto Rican guy and we heard him talking loud leaving the bathroom. Small encounter but freaked us the fuck out.

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