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You cannot reply anymore.

Alright /x/ bros. I've been lurking /pol/ too long and the negative energy is starting to be too much.

Let's bring my bros some light and love. You got a problem? I'll give you a brief tarot reading to be of service to you.

State your first name, your sun sign, and your question.

Mind you, questions about the future and "what/when will x happen" are shit tier and won't give you anything of value.

If you really want to get the most of this, ask about your PRESENT, and seek understanding of your current context. Then Tarot works qonders (which os why it's called MIRROR of the PRESENT MOMENT)

Looking forward to be of service.
Hi there
18, Cancer
Is my fate doomed? I dont really know if that's a present question, but if i was doomed would it already show as such? Sorry if that's not a good question I have never gotten a tarot reading
ummm hiiii. what are miguel’s intentions towards me? is he taking me for a ride? am i someone he talks to only when he’s board? what am i to him? do i mean anything to him?

thank you

im also M and taurus
No one's fate is doomed - you're eternal. This too shall pass.


>VI of Pentacles

You get what you give. If you're afraid of you losing control, don't focus on what is lost, but what you can give. As long as you share, you'll have support.

>V of Swords / VII of Cups

Why are you asking if your future is doomed? Why are you filled with so many negative thoughts about things that are not really that important? Wouldn't it be better to accept whatever is as what is, and then go deep within yourself to know what you really feel? Some of the things that concern you deeply are not that important to you. Maybe what's really fucking you up is not knowing what you actually want.

>Queen of Wands
Nah, my dude, your not doomed. Here is a strong spirit, ready to overcome what needs to be let go, and go back to itself.

Don't be distracted by your storms. Focus on your strengths. You'll make it okay if you trust yourself.
Finn Libra

What am I missing?
M Scorpio
just tell me something cool even if its so vague i dont get it
Asking about others instead of about yourself only leads to confusion. You cannot control what others do.


>Judgement Reversed

This is not as important as you may think. Sometimes when we really want something badly we tend to see it everywhere and we delude ourselves. The problem with this is that these projections end up hurting us and because of the pain we are unable to get the lesson.

>The World

You are a self-contained being. You do not need completion, but to realize you're already complete. I don't feel this to be a bad relationship, but I don't feel he's "the one" (although such thing does not really exist either)

>Page of Pentacles

As I thought, this is a relationship that is meant to forge you into a more conscious and mature being. Have fun while it last. Enjoy the time you spend together. And when it's time to let go, don't get attached to the person, but focus on the things it taught you.

Wish you the very best, anon. Fall in love with yourself first.
Holly, Gemini

My interlopers have disappeared. I miss them greatly. Have they left forever?
Thank you so very much. I'm very grateful for your reading. It's really helpful and it makes a lot of sense, knowing I haven't been myself. I am going to write what you said down, I feel like my path will be revealed and my internal conflict will ease as soon as I start helping people, and putting good into the world
Thank you again, and bless you, OP
What makes you think you're missing anything? Whatever is not here is not of importance for the enjoyment of the present moment.

Having said that...

>VIII of Pentacles
Hard. Cobsistent. Work. I'm not sure if this card is saying you're working dilligently, or that you need to pay attentuon to your work, but being responsible and constant in your endeavors is of utmost importance right now.

>IV of Wands / X of Swords Reversed

Funny how I replied what makes you think you're missing anything, and then we get a combination of cards that is asking you to enjoy life more as it comes and not to worry too much with negative doubts. Are you thinking too much, anon? Time to stop the mind. Enjoy your life.

>Wheel of Fortune

Sometimes things are easy, sometimes tough. Some situations right now are fucking crazy and it has nothing to do with you, but with the changes that are meant to take place in the world as a whole. Be comfortable with chaos and uncertainty. Enjoy it. You're gonna be just fine as long as you keep up the good work.

I agree with this message. Sometimes we overthink shit that is not even there. Bettwr to stay present to what is.
Cheers, Anon.
Eevee, Sagittarius, and I could like a career reading in general.

Also, I only lurk /pol/ once in a blue moon because it does not reflect reality. I just go to see if there’s any legitimate conspiracy theories. There never is. So. Just realize, that any sane opinion gets laughed off the board.
Cheers to you too. Thank you for the read. I do overthink often. This makes me confident, as if confirming a hunch my anxious mind didn't want to accept, but my gut knew all along.
Sure thing brother. Glad to be of service to you today.

>II of Cups
Isolation? Unable to connect with others? You must know any problems you have in a relationship speaks about cobflicts you have within yourself. If you cannot connect with others, make sure to check in with yourself. Do you love yourself? Do you like spending time with you? Are you honest with yourself?

If yes, then do share that with others. It's going to be good for you.
If not, then what's going on Anon?

>VII of Pentacles
The feeling that time goes by and no progress is made. I sense some emotional dissatisfaction. Are you trying to appear cold and aloof when you're actually feeling down? It would be good to take some distance from material matters and to heal your own heart.

>King of Swords
There are many precious lessons within your mind. A lot of truth and wisdom that is being kept in. What for? If you share who you really are with the world you'd find you don't need things or success to feel worthy. You only need to share truthfully with another being, and to be connected to yourself.

Does this make sense? This reading gives me a feeling of loneliness or apathy. Is this true? You have so much within yourself, you have no idea. But you gotta be ok with yourself first.

Hope this resonates with you, Anon.

Am I on the right path towards figuring out my life, or should I be looking for a new path?
It's hard to tell whether or not I can verify how accurate you are because of my bias after reading it and wanting to remain impartial, but I gotta say you've sold me a little.
Nice stuff, anon.
Sorry, the first 2 of cups is Reversed, which is why I believe there is a problem in your social life. Maybe a friendship got destroyed, or you long for some human connection, or you have an internal emotional conflict
m aquarius

should i trust my friends?
Yeah. Sort of accurate. Feel free to read farther in if you wish anon

Am grateful for any insight you find on how I can end up where I know I need to be

Thanks in advance anon
Tomás, Virgo, what should i focus on in life right now?
Not sure what you mean by Interlopers, as english is not my first language, but lets see what comes up.

>VIII of Pentacles reversed

Lack of effort or dedication. The end of commitment. This makes me feel the whole affair was handled without care and people lost interest.

>II of Pentacles

It's like when you botch a deal, and potential customers leave. It's tough for the business, but not the end of it, it just puts you at square 1 again. You can make a comeback if you play your cards right.

But it's going to require patience, abd self-reflection. Did you make any mistakes? Any fuck ups on your part that you are aware of and can correct? Basically if you are honest with yourself, learn from your mistakes, and start bulding things back together, a comeback is a possibility.

However, I never advise anyone to look to the past. What's gone is gone. Better for you to take your lessons and build something new.

Hope this helps, fellow anon.
I totally have been neglecting my passions and not working hard enough. I just get caught in that fuckiing spiral of depression and inaction....
I'll get back to drawing as much as I can
Thank you for the reading, the disappearance of my fae has been hanging over my head for a while
26, Capricorn
Have i set myself goals too high?
Sure thing. One career reading coming up:

>IV of Pentacles reversed

This is not really a time to build or to concern ourselves with material things. Currently qe are experiencing a destruction of old structurrs. This card tells me that you may be going through the same. Don't be too attached. Travel lightly.

>Wheel of Fortune
Another sign of chaos. Truthfully, your life journey is currently taking you into chsotic directions. You won't be able to see where you will end up, but it's going to be a positve change, as long as you're confortable with uncertainty.

>X of Cuod Reversed
What I've just said may cause distress in you. Naybe you have a family to take care of, and you feel anxious not being able to provide stability. Maybe you're on your own and you just wish things were a certain way. I completely understand this. However, this years are meant for the awakening of consciousness. Many of our structures are quite frankly shit and need to be changed. Becuase of this, many unfortunate events will cause conflict in our lives. Just rest assured that while it may not be comfortable for now, it is going to be the best thing that happened to you in the long run. I feel you may know this in your heart already.

Don't hold on to anything. Don't plan ahead. You will feel sad. Let go of what's unnecesary (things and goals) and appreaciate the simple things. Wait foe the opportunity that life will provide you when it's time

Does this make sense, anon? It's true - don't make any plans. All things will chsnge. Stop desiring the future abd enjoy what you have right here, right now.

Ps: I lurk pol to keep up to date on any news event. But yeah, it's a shit hole most of the time. Which is why I call /x/ my home, and you my family <3
Ivd be very happy to give you more info, but I need some feedback. If you could talk to me about the parts that resonate with you and tell me a bit about yourself, I can do wonders brother.
I know how that feels. I have a channel in jewtube where I do tarot readings, and just couldn't bring myself to do them cause I was feeling like shit. Lost a lot of subs becsuse of that.

Take it easy, bro. If you allow yourself to rest for a bit, and draw without pressure, you'll get the hang of it again.

Wishing you the very best
X of Cups reversed*

Sorry, reading from the phone and I have fat fingers. I'm sure you can make sense of the typos.
There is no other path than being in your being, anon. As long as you're here, you're on the right "path"


>VII of Wands
Determination. Drive to succeed. The spiritual strength to overcome the odds. It's an intense time, but you have what it takes to stand your ground. Good.

>X of Wands
That's a lot of effort. Either because you have lots of things to do, or there are many challenges. Why so much effort though? What do you want to achieve? Sometimes in trying to get what we want we burn ourselves in the process, and is that worth it? Just ask Brendan Fraser if he's happy he worked so hard he fucked up his health.
What I'm trying to say is a rest would be good for you every now and then.

Ah, but you have strength, I see. And your willpower is enough to varry you through this mess. You are doing just fine, my leo Brother. Times may be tough, but you're there for a reason. This is the right path for you. You'll pull through it just fine, keep your faith up.

I hope this resonates and help you, Anon. Cheers
OP, this was a fantastic reading. It is very relevant to my current circumstance
I am trying to save to buy a house and we were positioned to do so, but my man lost his job and we are forced to wait until things are normal again but who even knows when that is???

I am screen grabbing your reading. It will help me feel better because I am a worrywart.
Jonah Scorpio. Why am I here, what is my purpose?
>What is my future?
>Will I get my dreams and wishes? >What was the key to fulfill them? >Will any angel or devil visit me soon?
>How did I get it?
Alright. Gonna wrap up the last readings:

> Page of swords Reversed / IV of Swords / Six of Swords Reversed

The merr fact that you're asling if you can trust them is already a bad sign. I Would tale a break from these relationships, and find my own peace of mind. Doubting people is the best way to have them act against you. Tsk some distance. Clear your mind. Engage in relstionships without expectations and full awareness.

>VI of Pentacles / The Hanged Man Reversed / VII of Wands Reversed.

Working on what you like and sharing with others is key. However, I sense there are some thing you gave up on, or you haven't even tried because "it's too difficult" "it's impossible for me" "I csnt because I lack [something]". What are you postponing? What are you avoiding? Dare to do that which you love, no matter how impossible it may look, and you will sure find yourself there.

>the Emperor / X of Wands-King of Cups Reversed / IV of Pentacles Reversed
You're very focused on keeping things working, and you work very hard for this. However, in taking care of material matters, you've neglected your own emotional well being. It's completely posdible that you're hiding or avoiding your emotional storms by burying them with work. It's not the right thing to do. Take some distance from your work and tend to yourself. It doesnt matter if you lose a bit of stability, your soul well being always comes first. Focus on healing yourself, and let go of unnecesary things. Give yourself love and rest.

>VI of Swords Reversed / Ace of Cups Reversed / VIII of Cups
This question is fillled with sadness and remorse/frustration. It's not a good question for your emotional well being. Goals are not important. The way you experience the present moment is. This life is to experiment. This is a playground. Enjoy the play. Don't take results too seriously.
>The Chariot Reversed / Death Reversed-The Hanged Man / The Star.

Hold up. Stop. Why so concerned about purpose and where you're going? If you have to be there, you'll get there. You're here to learn how to be happy with what is. To stop looking at the future for a source of fulfillment, and realize that fullfillment is a state of consciousness, not a goal. All of these cards are Major Arcana - this life you have now will chanfe you A LOT. However, you need to let go of the seeking. And you need to deepen in the being. Then you will realize that it's all in harmony, even if you don't understand where you're going.

This life is for you to experience the death of the ego, and the realization of your true self. Good, powerful cards! Don't hold on to the pain, though. Accept what is.

Brother, let go of the future. No dream or wish will sate your hunger. Best to turn a blind eye to what does not exist in the now, and feel your own presence. Then all things that are good will come unto you without you getting attached or needing them.

There we go. Now it's time to sleep. I had lots of fun sharing with you /x/ anons. Wish you all the very best.

Sorry for the late response
Your reading seemed accurate
I have been rather lonely from working night shift 60 hours a week
But I've also stuck with it and achieved my goal of moving past poverty and I've been getting commented on as a good business person lately
I've also been selling products and have had money fly my way after reading and applying Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill. However I have been lonely for genuine friendship but it's difficult to find and maintain
Thanks anon
Dylan, virgo, what is the actual status of the relationship I'm pursuing currently?

I know what I have to do to get out of these problems I’m facing , I’m just wondering why It seems like I have more obstacles in my way then most people
Nathan, Leo

Am I treading too far into the dark murky waters of chaos? Can I bring something worthwhile back to shore?
Dale, Gemini
Does Q.M. think about me as much as I do with her? Should I talk to her?
mackenzie 23 taurus
i dont know what im battling with internally as of right now but im struggling and feeling like im losing. how do identify what's wrong so I can begin the healing process
best wishs
File: mozenrath.jpg (923 KB, 1920x2412)
923 KB
923 KB JPG
First of Scorpio (or mid-Aquila)
Will my writings be successful?
What do I do with life? am I meant something great? I really have no path.
I was just thinking that I need a "mirror" thanks. My sun sign is Taurus.
Oh yeah, 24, my name is Tyler.
>I really have no path.
Not him, but if you haven't figured yourself a path, then odds are extremely low without having been born for it or having it thrust upon you.
What do I do then?
Daniel, Scorpio

Lately I've been feeling like there's is something with me watching over my shoulder , and had dreams that are quite a lot outside of my normal dreams. I'm wondering what it is, whether it's just my imagination or something else.
Whats next in life? I'm at a crossroads afraid to choose one direction or another
You'll have to find an interest and run with it as far as you can.
23, Pisces

Is it a daemon or my real spirit guide? I set up the 'meeting room' earlier today and they came to me later when I slept. If not how should I go about contacting my real one?
maybe the real one was you all along
thank you
I'm a capricorn , what's up with me now and where am I going ?
M Aries here
What do I need to do in order to get out of this depression?
thank you
Tristan cancer. I feel trapped, I'm failing to meet basic needs and relying on family a lot, I'm also split on my marriage, happy and bored, wanting more. I'm a musician, I want to rely on that but don't know how to move forward
Andrei, scorpio
Will astral projecting get me closer to the truth
Hi there,

Am I manifesting good things? Is it working?
Bryan Libra
What does my girlfriend think of me?
Michael, Virgo

Should I continue my work into ascension, or have I done what I needed to do in order to retire from it.

Will give a stronger reading if you keep the word Dreadwing in mind, no explanations other than that it is part of my persona and a greater reach into my polarities, and will give a stronger and more accurate response.
Martin, Leo
Will i have a kundalini awekening ?

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