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Anons pill me on Bashar. Is this guy legit and what do you think of his channelings?

Let’s talk channelings and potential truths and dis-info agenda.

Does anyone have any of his tapes https://www.basharstore.com/the-five-hybrid-races/ like this one here.

> be 25
> stumble upon Wes Penre papers

>> ??
>> website with shit ton of things to read
>> ??
He has an agenda clearly
I went to one of his things in person many years ago. some kid asked a conspiracy question, like about 9/11 maybe, and got completely shut down. Bashar said something like "such information is no longer discussed through this terminal", in a rude and condescending way (with no further explanation that might've made the kid feel better).

All the old leftist hippies cheered and clapped. I was pretty grossed out after that.
Yeah i saw a video of him shut down someone asking about FEMA camps and bashar literally shouted at him to stop talking. Really turned me off him.
This makes me feel that we are up to a fake mass awakening. Qanon is definitely controlled opposition.
I was astral projecting and I met an essasani hybrid on my property. He was male, tale, greyish skin, humanoid feature with obvious alien characteristics in his facial features. Hard to describe, as it happened a while ago.
I touched his arm, and he was solid. It felt almost like he was from a higher dimensional reality, me from a lower, and the plane we were meeting was somewhere in between. I felt like my being didn't have enough energy to manifest solidly within a higher density reality than the one I was in, without significant biological modification, aka alien sex, but I didn't want to sleep with him.
My astral body started running low on energy, and I was basically sucked by gravity back into physicality.
On another occasion, I was dreaming, and I started hearing the same subconscious voice of bashar in my head after listening to some of his youtube videos. I started interacting with his voice frequency, and eventually started channeling something.
Then I manifest within a dream on board a ship. It was subconscious etheric presence, but that was the most prominent thing within my attention so I was able to notice it occuring.
I dreamed into a 4d temporal reality, and found a spaceship. The entities told me they needed me to unlock the ship because it was coded to only recognize my dna and when I incarnated it got stranded.
I sort of left, not wanting to start another troublesome 4th dimensional timeline.
I really want to believe in channeling but it's all just so fishy. not only is all the information just wildly, wildly contradictory between channels, but the cult of personality that goes with it, that they promise amazing possibilities but nobody ever seems to have real breakthroughs (but not before spending lots of money hoping for them), etc. oh and when they make predictions they're always insanely wrong (unless so vague you can make it match literally any occurrence)

not sure I'm ready to go full "it's just demons", but the sum total of the phenomenon seems to point to "highly coherent yet ultimately useless babble" at best. maybe just a bunch of lowly disincarnate spirits feeding off the attention and power?

if their information were real and workable wouldn't all their followers have a major advantage in life, and be kicking ass all around? couldn't they help a group form a breakaway civilization to unlock people's potential to the fullest?
My experience is that channeling accesses a multidimensional reality through etheric and astral projection. These realities exist within the dream of infinity, and they have little interaction with ours. Entities within other worlds certainly know about humanity and earth though, and some of them interact with us, and even telepathically broadcast realities which humans can access with our astral bodies.
The reason you never see much happening in physicality, is channeling usually takes place in space time pockets which aren't congruent with the passage of time within the physical world.
Most 'ascension' advocates want to leave the physical reality and live an uplifted multidimensional life within advanced galactic civilizations.
The challenge is to alter and change earth reality. Many souls incarnated to fundamentally change the nature of consciousness within humanity, so that humanity wakes up and manifests its cosmic heritage and birthright in creation. Its really the long game that the ets are looking at, not the short term.

Some people try to do things that change reality, some might succeed. The ets do come here in the astral world, and are willing to help people evolve and grow in consciousness. They don't seem willing to act as saviors. I am sure they might have some qualification or condition that could trigger open contact, but I don't really know what it is.
You have to understand, humans within physicality are still quite primitive, and some of these et races evolved beyond that thousands or millions or billions of years ago.
I think that is the main reason they wait for us to grow up, rather than trying to jump down into this reality.

Human souls reincarnate. When we wake up, we sometimes remember our millennia old friendships.
Channeling is real but not in a "let an entity take over" but more like "I tap into the energy/personality of this entity". The elite do it all the time. Look at the superbowl. The big lion with the singer on top, she was channeling Ishtar/Inanna.

The issue is: it is not the real deal but a very compromised manmade copy, an egregore.
Unless the issue is another et race that actively hinders the advancement of the human blueprint.
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penre reminds me of peener and thus penis lmao :)
Its more a matter of what which group of ets think is good for the human. Ultimately, you choose who you associate with and channel except in the case that you have significant past life interaction with another collective reality of extraterrestrials.
Bashar is one of the weirdest of the channelers.
Other channelers who are real believe that he is real too.
People have really channeled space aliens, and there is proof for it.
I will find a video that is interesting of a real channeler and come back and post it.
Bashar is irritating to me, so I haven't really listened to him.
There has been a lot of debate about that. I didn't really see it as if the ets could collectively decide what to do about humanity, as they all had their own ideas as to what humanity should be. They have tried various things over the years, but they seem to have decided the hands off approach was better than large scale interaction and contact. They do interact on some limited level with individual humans. That is where free will comes into play. Humans and ets intersect in some spheres of thought, and when they are particularly close they might attempt telepathic interaction. Depending on how the human responds, whether that be love or fear and whether or not the human invites further contact, the interaction can deepen or go away. It really depends on whether a particular group of aliens respects free will in a positive or negative fashion. Negative entities won't see fear as a message of declined contact. They see it as an energy offered up by your conscious mind and shared with them.
Here is Deete.
She is a Mormon chick that is a channeler.
In this video she is channeling a group of reptilians that call themselves "the dynasty" since reptilians have a royal family, it sounds like they are a group of the royal family.
It is an interesting video if you bother to click on it.
Deete - Draco Dynasty
File: Quartz crystal 012.jpg (174 KB, 1180x867)
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174 KB JPG
I have been getting contacted, but I am so stubborn.
They contact me when I am right in between awake & asleep, and the are not dreams, it is obvious to me that they are not dreams, but I am so stubborn that I don't cooperate.
So they have not contacted me again for quite a while.
I am going to attempt to cooperate next time.
I am just very stubborn and I never really cooperate ever.
I guess that is why I could never be a communist.
Being a communist requires an individual to submit, and I won't submit.
Can you give me a short summary of the video?
I don't have half an hour right now
Some lightworker bs. The thing that boggles me is how many people contact the ayys and other ets and think they are not being manipulated or feed on. This whole planet looks like a big prison system with a lot of different ayys playing a board game here. Thoughts?

>be channeling
>told you’re important and need to take our light
>be taught to spread the message of helpful ayys
>get lots of followers
>you and all the other followers send energy to the ayys
>much feast bro
>ayy lmao
More on Wes Penre papers anon? What’s this all about. Seems like a big read

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