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I can't get a normal 9-5 shift-based job because of my OCD insomnia. I can't get myself to fall asleep at the same time everyday. This prevents me from having a job where I work from x time to y time. I can meet deadlines for certain projects, but I can't work a shift-based job due to my condition. I get too anxious thinking that I have to be awake by a certain time.

Would it be worth it to learn welding or some other trade? I've been trying to figure this out since I was 17, and I'm 20 now. Would I be able to do such a job without having to work from x time to y time?
>Would it be worth it to learn welding or some other trade?
No, because you have to do it on a jobsite that
- has normal working hours
- is subject to normal noise-pollution ordinances
Trade probably isn't it. You could do some skilled craft work or service. I work as a translator and, as long as I get stuff done by the deadline, I choose my own work hours.
So, I wouldn't be able to find contract work to do that I'd be able to work on my own hours? I don't really care about noise pollution. I'd just wear earplugs.
Digital freelance is good but it takes a while to get established. Oh, and you'll also be competing with pajeet offering his services for 5 cents/hour.
>I don't really care about noise pollution
The people next to wherever you're working do, which is why welding is traditionally conducted during the day.
You can literally pay Indians $5 per hour to do IT work remotely through certain websites. I actually have some text books on programming. I could teach myself advanced programming in C++, but I don't see a point in doing it if there's no realistic guarantee that I'd get a job from it with my condition.
>. I could teach myself advanced programming in C++
You probably couldn't, there's a reason we have degrees, pair programming and code review.
I already have a basic understanding of C++. I've written a ciphering and deciphering program, and I've even written a basic AI for playing tic-tac-toe. It's been over a year since I've programmed anything, but I could definitely teach myself until becoming proficient by myself. I'd save tons of money on college. I really need a job to make money right now, though. I don't have years to wait on teaching myself programming. If my Dad, who only works half a work week and makes $20 an hour when he does, dies, I'm pretty much guaranteed to become homeless. I'd likely finally be able to qualify for disability money, though. They don't want to give me disability money, because, even though I'm very poor, I'm still getting money from my Dad. My Dad would be living a much higher quality of life if he didn't have to worry about feeding me, and he can't even count me as a dependent when he's filing his taxes, yet the government won't give me any money since I'm not literally homeless.
I'm not saying this to make you feel bad, but you're seriously underestimating the gap between "someone who can write 'tic tac toe'" and "someone who can write and maintain a boring business application that just boringly works all the time". There is a huge gap between professional programming and "I taught myself C++".

>advanced programming in C++
C++ is probably the hardest language to master out there, choose something else.
It's not just complexity, there's shittons of stuff you'll want to know.
File: C++ Textbook.jpg (1.78 MB, 2448x3264)
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>"someone who can write 'tic tac toe'"
That's literally something I did in my first semester of computer science class. That's the only computer science class I have on my record.
Since I'm a professional neet, I've managed to teach myself Spanish and Latin along with learning tons of history and other interseting facts about human nature, politics, etc. I could definitely teach myself programming. It's just not something I'd want to invest hundreds of hours into if I wouldn't be able to find a job anyway.
Seriously, write a compiler and then we can talk about "CS courses". Should only take you a few weeks full-time, as it's intended to take a semester alongside a bunch of other subjects.
Since programming isn't something I'm particularly interested in, and since I really need to start making money as soon as possible due to severe financial issues, I'm not going to invest hundreds of hours into programming until I could at least find some evidence that I'd be able to make money in the future from programming. Are there any realistic avenues for me to make money as a programmer who can't work a 9-5 job?

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