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I’m on the last episode of Hakumei to Mikochi and was wondering if I could get some recommendations on comfy anime like it. I prefer fantasy/slice of life’s, but anything wholesome would be fine.

Things I’d like to avoid
>the setting being to strictly grounded in reality, unless there’s some fun gimmick to it (things like natsume yuujinchou or gingitsune)
>yaoi or yuri (I like my romance old fashioned if there’s any at all)
>depressing conclusions (we get enough of that irl)
I remember liking Kamisama Kiss because it felt like Gingitsune.

Dennou Coil and Moyashimon?

Uchouten Kazoku was comforting but in a kind of morbid, confronting and accepting mortality way.

Tsuritama was fun too.
>Kamisama Kiss
Had a friend gushing about that one but I wasn’t so sure as her taste is a bit... questionable. I’ll have to actually give it a watch now.
>Dennou Coil and Moyashimon
Just watched a trailer for both. Dennou Coil looks especially good, and I like the premise of moyashimon.
Another one I’ve had recommended irl before I was into this sort of genre, but now I’ll actually give it a go.
>Uchouten Kazoku
That was actually the anime that made me realize I like another genre outside of the usual shonen stuff and sent me on this kick. I tried a few other genres of anime before that and just couldn’t get into anything, but Uchouten Kazoku definitely struck a cord with me.
I would recommend Konohana Kitan by the same studio, but it has heavy yuri undertones. Very wholesome, a lot of japanese folklore stuff, which you seem to like.
>some fun gimmick to it
>I like my romance old fashioned
>no depressing conclusions
File: Seirei no Moribito.webm (2.89 MB, 1920x1080)
2.89 MB
2.89 MB WEBM
Wakako-Zake, very relaxing set of shorts. The perfect woman.

Dennou Coil's good, I'll second that rec. Not really outright comfy, but really nails the "gang of children exploring" mystery kind of feel.

I've been recently watching Seirei no Moribito, and it really strikes a nice balance between SoL and the occasional brief burst of action. It also has a nice "lot of conflict, but few blatant villains" thing going on. If you liked HakuMiko, this might be well to your tastes.
File: mpv-screenshot0802.png (599 KB, 865x480)
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599 KB PNG
Tiny girls do tiny things in a big world, in both wilderness and town settings. The most similar anime to Hakumei to Mikochi by far. There are some melancholy moments, but they're outweighed by the show's massive heartwarming energy.

Similar to Natsume, very possible you've already seen this or heard of it. If not, it's about a paranormal doctor in pre-industrial Japan. Like Hakumei to Mikochi, it spends a lot of effort exploring creative little parts of a mystical setting. It has one of my favorite soundtracks, too.

A middle school girl suddenly becomes a god and must balance her normal life with new god responsibilities. Everyone finds out almost immediately, so there's no mahou shoujo-style anxiety over hiding her identity. The supernatural elements are rooted in Japanese mythology. Cute, slow-paced, relaxing, generally very well-made.

An extremely moe girl is on a mission to heal people's hearts to get her wish granted. She is directed in this task by a walking dog plushie with the same voice as Gamagoori from Kill la Kill. Occasionally depressing, but nearly every episode has a good dose of heartwarming in it. Romance and fantasy elements get stronger towards the ending, which is one of my absolute favorites. I think this show could come off as sappy to some people, but not to me. I have seriously teared up at fewer than 10 anime out of over 300, and this is one of them.

>Binzume Yousei
>Miira no Kaikata
>Hanamaru Youchien
All four are cute, easygoing SoL anime with significant focus on very small characters, but are more comedy-oriented than Hakumei to Mikochi and Binchou-tan. Potemayo and Miira no Kaikata have basically no fantasy elements outside of those characters and Hanamaru Youchien has none at all, but I figure this is the only chance I'll get to recommend these for a long time, so here they are.
Seconding every word this anon says
I saw this one a couple times, but yeah, the yuri was a bit of a turn off for me. Still a very cute, well liked anime. I appreciate the recommendation.
Really like the look and synopsis of this one. Definitely gonna grab it.
I saw clips for that before I got into anime and completely forgot about it. Grabbing that one too.
>Seirei no Moribito
After reading the synopsis it doesn’t really sound like what I was looking for, but it sounds really good none the less. Giving it a watch for sure.
>Binzume Yousei

Really, really like the look and sounds of all of these. Binchou-tan sounds like it’s definitely up my alley, but man do I dislike the art style. Still, I’ll give it a go. I really appreciate all the recommendations and rundowns on each. Out of all of them the only one I found on my own was Mushishi(which really does look incredible).
mononoke and mushishi
Man, it’s a good thing I asked this when I did. A LOT of these torrents are starting to die off. Got pretty much everything in the thread. Thanks for the recommendations. I’ll be comfy for a while.
Glad I caught this before it 404’d. Out of curiosity, is there anything like the things recommended in this thread but with a slight /m/ twist?
Casshern Sins, Kuromukuro, Ergo Proxy and Summer Wars for ‘bots.

Gankutsuou, Planetes and Uchuu Kyoudai for space.

If you’re into manga, Saturn Apartments
Perfect, thank you. I like the looks of all of those, especially the premise of Kuromukuro.
>Casshern Sins
That’s the only thing I’ve seen and I wasn’t a huge fan of. That being said, it’s one of the few works of fiction that actually gets a post apocalyptic world right. To many things that claim to be post apocalypse are just post society, this one actually felt like the world had ended and the remnants of it just had to cope with it before they met their end.

>If you’re into manga, Saturn Apartments
I am, and I’ll grab that too. I’m actually finishing up Konjiki no Gash!! now before watching the things recommended in this thread.
You’re welcome! Yeah Casshern caught that loneliness well from what I remember. If you like Kuromukuro, it reminds me a lot of Gatchaman Crowds too. Upbeat with seriousness but an undercurrent of community throughout the main ensemble. There’s also Tegami Bachi and Eureka 7 for sci-fi.

I forgot to add Midori no Hibi to >>978510, OP. On many counts, it should not work and should be an outrageous ecchi fest. But it’s one of the sweetest things I’ve read.

Arakawa Under the Bridge was a breezy romance and hilarious. Saint Oniisan for tongue in cheek but always good-natured religious satire.
Yup, definitely grabbing all of these. Love Tegami Bachi‘s art style and atmosphere, Gatchaman Crowds looks and sounds fun, and the last couple you recommended have BIZARRE premises, but definitely look like things I’d enjoy. Only thing I’ve already watched is Eureka 7.

With Midori no Hibi you said “read”, would you recommend the manga or anime for that one?
For Midori no Hibi, I read the manga but I think you can do either. I tend to pick up the manga if I don't have attention or time for a season or two.

Arakawa UTB and Saint Oniisan are from the same mangaka so they are similar in their absurdity. I'd rcommend Gintama too but it gets really heavy in many places.

There's Detroit Metal City for another bizarre romance that's hilarious. Timid guy trying to get a girl had a very demented rock star persona he can't quite control.

If you want more gentleness, there's Barakamon (if you like Yotsubato).
Gotcha, I was able to track down almost everything. Waiting to see if the torrent for the Arakawa manga gets any seeders. DMC doesn’t quite look like my thing, but Barakamon has a nice look about it.
FLCL, The Big O and Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou too.

DMC is definitely an acquired taste. I love Barakamon because the MC gets to heal after going back home. Somewhat similar to Poco's Udon World. For a mellow and calming thing, Aria the Animation and again, Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou (cyborg lady runs a cafe).

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