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/wsr/ - Worksafe Requests

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I’m thinking of creating a new 4ch an
Would you use it?
What should we call it?
File: Screenshot (597).png (8 KB, 345x114)
8 KB
Pic rel because system thinks it's spam.
Also, I'd need to know what your altchan is about before coming up with a name.
eightchan is probably what's tripping the spam filter
Yep, you're right.
File: 1_6mSNEQyItkE3KretmlttPA.jpg (366 KB, 2156x1212)
366 KB
366 KB JPG
not sure maybe we can just start out as a place that makes memes we think is funny and do raids i don't know the first thing about building a site
So by "creating" are you really saying that everything will be done by someone other than you?
File: 5lh478w8qv261.jpg (240 KB, 2000x2000)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
I will be participating yes,
you should call it "latest chan started by someone angry he got banned from the others which ran for a month until the hosting bills came in and vanished". you know, the same as all the other chans.
>do raids
So this thread is really just a personal army request, but with extra steps
Nah not against my personal enemies just for shits and giggles like randomized attacks against annoying sites or something
That's literally a personal army request
I'm not organizing it
Noone will organizing anything
"Hey fuck X I'm gonna go shit up their site."
"Word? Me too"
"count me in as well"
"1337 h4x0r time!"
And you think that'll hold up in court?
If it’s on par with 4chans u.I I’m in
File: 1e2.png (533 KB, 600x563)
533 KB
533 KB PNG
>your honor my client put jk at the end of his posts. He can't be held responsible for what other individuals might or might not do
how's highschool going retard
Are you 16?
Who pissed in your cornflakes
just make it a meme site. consider getting dudes who can draw to add some personality to it as well. or just draw it yourself? doesnt have to be professional since this is a 4chan ripoff basically
op's cringy faggotry did
if you could post your IP, we'll raid you, and then you could tell us how many giggles you're experiencing.
>I'm not organizing it

raids are like:

"... and sure enough, when his speech ended he tried to lead the whole mob up to the Palace to depose me. They followed him in a long column, eight abreast, up to about twenty paces from the outer Palace Gate and then suddenly halted and let him go on by himself, which he did. The sentries at the gate let him through without question, because he was a senator, and he went marching on into the Palace grounds for some distance, shouting threats against me, before he realized that he was alone. (Crowds can be very witty and very cruel sometimes, as well as very stupid and very cowardly.) He was soon arrested, and although the whole affair was so ridiculous I could hardly overlook it: I banished him, but no farther than Sicily, where he had family estates. ‘Go away and crow on your own dung-hill or bray in your own thistle-field, whichever you prefer, but don’t let me hear you,’ I told the ugly, excitable little man."

you want a gang of guys to back you up in attacking someone you don't have the balls to face alone.
quote is from "Claudius the God" by Robert Graves, btw
File: pte.png (195 KB, 417x578)
195 KB
195 KB PNG
>you want a gang of guys to back you up in attacking someone you don't have the balls to face alone.
Listen you colossal faggot I'm not raiding anyone or organizing a raid on anything if raids do happen they will be spontaneous and I wouldn't ban people from discussing and organizing raids
Not him, but what is your end game here
You want to create a new 4chan, yet have no tools to do so?
You know 4chan derivatives are plenty already? How are you going to get people posting on your site? Why would they go there instead of post here? If you're serious you need to think things through, as well as factor in running costs
I want to make THE neo 4chan
Word of mouth is how I will get them to come
As for tools a simple course of html and css should do
People will flock to my site where freedom and fun are abound
None of this passive aggressive janitor business with anonymous overseers larping like some secret elite society
Costs will be minimalized to absolute necessities only and if users what it to be run better then they can donate if they want
Only one last thing that will set mine apart from Proto 4chan is I will have a nuke policy if some retard shoots up a place or posts cp and the feds try to muscle their way in here to take control and monitor I will shut the site down permanently with a last message
“Feds wanted to be allowed to place agents as mods on the site to curate content so instead I’m shutting down the site. Fuck spooks.”
>I want to make THE neo 4chan
Not the first one and likely not the last.
>costs will be minimalised
Will your site support images and gifs/webms? How will you minimise costs in that instance?

I'm not saying it's impossible, eightchan did take off a little bit, but that had a little spin of its own and struck while the iron was a bit hot. There are plenty of instances of people saying "screw 4chan i'm making my own with blackjack and hookers", but 4chan has an active userbase. Your site won't, and the problem is trying to build one because the lack of activity will mean no one will want to post there, and no one posting there means lack of activity. So you end up nowhere unless you're persistent and can offer a reason for users to stay

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