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/wsr/ - Worksafe Requests

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File: file.png (18 KB, 1002x854)
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Hey /wsr/ now that flash is officially dead have they made it so you can't even run your own files on a personal player?

I'm trying to launch SWF player and I keeping getting this.
There's an alternate player being developed, that's all I know.
But when I go to newgrounds everything is working just fine for me.
You can use the adobe projector/debugger that's still being hosted on their site, download an older version of the plugin, edit some files on your computer to disable the killswitch or add a whitelist file to enable anything run locally.
/f/ currently has a sticky discussing all this.
>made it so you can't even run your own files on a personal player?
How dare they? This is real fucked up.
Yeah, reaching into your mind and disabling a player you wrote.
Wait no, they're disabling a player they wrote, because they don't want to have to fix its unfixable security problems and they also don't want to be blamed for causing the next worm.
>they're disabling a player they wrote
Imagine licking a company's oppressive, big, hairy, sweaty balls so much.
>I am entitled to other people's work because I want it
Get fucked commie.
File: standaloneplayer.png (132 KB, 737x592)
132 KB
132 KB PNG
if you download swf file and play it with the standalone flash player it still works

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