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File: 1610408688054.jpg (83 KB, 857x761)
83 KB
Office 2013/16/19 torrent anyone? ones from rutracker either dont install on widnows 10 or arent activated
obviously im not using win10 myself
its shit and if it was for me i would just write in markdown+latex anyway
i dont feel safe torrenting from badly moderated sites especially since windows is such a piece of shit in terms of security
How about you just pay for office you leech
how about you learn how to use a computer you glowie
its not for me monk

Make sure you make an account first to access it
For Office 19
1) Get ODT from MS https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=49117
2) Run it, extract the files and open the installation folder
3) open CMD/PS in the target folder (where setup.exe is located)
4) It comes with some default xml files but if you want to customize your O19 installation you can create custom config on this site: https://config.office.com/deploymentsettings (put your custom xml file in the same folder as setup.exe)
5)Execute the following commands:
>setup.exe /download [file].xml
>setup.exe /configure [file].xml
6) Activate it against a KMS emulator (not gonna include a link since it's illegal, learn to use Internet m8)
File: 1609505971237.jpg (167 KB, 787x706)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
i forgot to mention that ive got it
this is exactly what i needed to know, unfortunately its a bit too late
heres the process ive gone through
my first intuition was to just torrent some installer from rutracker and so i did and tested on my windows 7 install and it worked but it didnt on windows 10 which was the goal all along. it also didnt have the desired localization, so after downloading 3 different torrents which would amount to about 15GB (which is a lot considering my download speed of 10Mbit) i used one of it to download the .cab file with my language and then moved it to the folder of installator which actually worked, what was the problem is that it didnt activate and 2 out of 3 torrents had activation program but neither worked on the one ive installed so i googled and found kmspico then: see below
i couldve saved SOOO much effort if i just found a good source of said program and activated the preinstalled office version with localization already installed
official laguage pack didnt install either which was the biggest pain when i had fully functional office already deployed like thrice
mirin digits btw
i think ive used it but i didnt see a GUI and it made a bonzi-tier sound and fucked some windows (couldve just reloaded explorer.exe) so as soon as i could i deleted the shit out of anything related and did a scan with malwarebytes
the funny thing is that probably worked

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