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Okay so, when I was a kid I watched this one bad animated movie on Netflix, and I want to find it again to make sure it wasn't just a fever dream. All I remember from it are these characters:

• A small, hairless pink creature that was mistaken for a god at some point in the movie and was nearly sacrificed.

• A mosquito on a throne that was stuck to a tall, dog-like character. I think the dog-like character was grey and was a prince or conquistador or something that was cursed to look like that prior to the events of the movie.

• A boy (can't remember any details of him, other than that he might have had either brown or red hair)

I also remember that, at the end of the movie, the mosquito king calls a huge swarm of mosquitos to defeat the bad guy. Also, the plot was all over the place. It kept jumping from subject to subject.

I *think* the movie had the word "prince" in the title, but I'm not sure.
bump because I think I vaguely remember this

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netflix started in '97
i consider any age under 18 to be a kid, which is why i referred to myself as a kid.

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