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This might a far fetch, but I may as well try.
I heard there was a website that lists a Discord user's server list if you put their name in.
Does anyone know of such a website or something similar?
uhh bump
I have no idea but I'm interested so have a bump.
The only way in which I think this could be possible is by having said web logged in in absolutely all servers. Seems kind of impossible, fren. Doesnt it?
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OP here.
I may as well give more info and make this png before I go to bed.

Pic related is the conversation that got me interested in the website. I recently remembered this conversation and was lucky enough to find it. Back then I was dealing some problems so I wasn't motivated/interested in finding it.

This conversation happen in some random furfag server. I was lurking when the conversation happened.
The "red censored guy" isn't in the server anymore. I tried to contact him and gave him a friend request but nothing happen.

It looks legit to be honest.
I tried looking into it myself but Google and Duckduckgo are shit when it come to finding sketchy websites or maybe I'm just shit at searching.
Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if it's some deep web stuff, but I doubt this dude and his gf is interested in that kind of shit considering the dude is a leftie normie (not sure about the gf tho).

I could be wrong of course, so that's why I asked here.
It's not really impossible at all.
You don't have to log into literally all servers, just the public ones. All you need to do is run a self-bot and mass join all the popular servers with public invites, request the user list on every one of them, then process the information into an accessible database. You can probably automate this with ~100 lines of python. Also, self-bots are indistinguishable from regular users so you can't really catch them.

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