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Alright mates. What laptop/ gaming laptop should I buy to play steam games? I’m holding $400 Right now and need options cause I’m a cheap dumb bastard.



You might get a semi-decent PC for that, for maximum value per money I'd recommend getting a PC, a laptop for that won't get you far unless we are talking about NES/SNES-emulation
You're probably not playing much more than indies and league of legends on a 400 dollar laptop... If you need portability but dont necessarily need a laptop, you could build a mini-itx computer you can bring to a LAN party or something! Just create a ryzen 3200G based system or even an athlon 3000G system and you should be able to play modern esports at 720p no problem

Otherwise... get a Dell Inspiron. They're cheap, and they work.
OP here. Thanks for the replies and small help. Honestly I’m planning on playing games like dead by daylight, hat in time, and team fortress 2. I’ve been using my grandmas old ass laptop. I used to have a Dell before but I don’t know what kind I should get. Either way thanks for any help.
>3200G based system or even an athlon 3000G
They're really not worth it. The 1050 is considered the bare minimum graphics card, and AMD onboard graphics is 1/3 of that. It really doesn't make a difference whether your onboard delivers 1/3rd of a graphics card or 1/10th of a graphics card, it's still not a graphics card.

I don't think ITX is doable. Even with the most value-for-money components, even assuming OP owns a keyboard, mouse and monitor and will pirate Windows, an ITX computer with a graphics card comes to $420.
If we let it grow to MicroATX size, it's only $375:
>You didn't go AMD
That's because in this segment, AMD is more expensive. They don't (yet) offer a low-end chip where you're not paying for onboard graphics to sit there unused.
The correct thing to do in this situation is get an ex-office Dell/HP/Lenovo desktop with 8GB, an old i5 or i7, and an ex-office keyboard mouse and monitor, then put a 1050 or a 560 in it. Ideally a model that could have been bought with a GPU, so you don't need to upgrade the power supply.

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