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This is my internet speed. I tried some other places and got 10/10 12/12 ish, but I am told that is really slow.

That being said, I don't feel like I have issues using anything or streaming. Are the tests accurate? Am I just used to slow speeds?
>Are the tests accurate?
most likely
if you don't believe a single test, try other tests from other sites
>Am I just used to slow speeds?
also most likely

speed is subjective and location/hardware dependent

better questions to ask are:
does your speed match the advertised speed that you're paying for?
can do you better deals from other internet companies?
is your speed limited by hardware? (e.g. do you have a shitty wifi card?)
Its definitely on the slower side by today's standards. However like you said those speeds are fine for streaming vids, but might have some buffering streaming 1080p. Are you on wired or wifi? Do you know what internet speeds you are paying for? Bad wifi signal or bad wifi card can cause bottlenecks even if you have faster internet.
I tried speedtest.net and got closer to 12/12, but it said ad block was slowing it down and I'll try testing it later again when I quit out of everything but I can't imagine that would change it too significantly...

Thank you! I'm in an apartment with internet set up from work so I can't change it now, but it's good to know for the near future because I am moving soon.

Do you know what a good/standard high speed connection is? I have a macbook pro, so it's some sort of AirPort extreme card. I am assume they are decent but overpriced?

Thanks for the help!

I'm on wifi. I'll try restarting some stuff and messing with it. Thanks!

in my experience sometimes setting the channel manually HELPS A FUCKING TON and not leaving it to the router to auto-select. Also antennae position also helps on the router as well as antannae positioning on wifi-card if you have one. Might need to upgrade rouer also.

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