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I have a list of games. I was wondering if you could recommend me games out of the list that are good. part 1 of 3
part 2 of 3
part 3 of 3.
i plan on playing borderlands 2, mass effect 1 and 2, hatoful boyfriend, portal 2, touhou luna nights and touhou scarlet curiosity, and i already have beaten the half life games and portal 1.
Divinity Original Sin if you like tactical RPGs, Witcher 3 if you like more story driven ones.
Cities: Skylines is good building strategy.
Thanks for the recommendations.
I started the Witcher 3. I quit at the botchling fight after finding that it wasn't totally braindead easy as the name "just the story" would imply. (It has a hardness option "just the story" which is the easiest option.) I don't like RPG's in general, and tried to complete Final Fantasy VII and Chrono Trigger, and got bored and quit a few hours in. LoL is the game I've played the most. I'd say I have about 1000-3000 hours in LoL over the past 6-7 years. I've also played a lot of Counter Strike too. I want to get "into" Street Fighter but I find the controller off-putting. I also find the lack of easily putting my music in the background of Street Fighter off-putting too. I might get over those things eventually. I forgot to mention, I am going to play DOOM probably, maybe even finish it unless I get bored, and I've completed enough of PC Building Simulator that I believe I know everything I need to know to complete it, even if I don't complete it.
Mass effect series is pretty good
ME1 does not have as good action gameplay but you might want to play it first for the story
you can also carry over your character from one to the next
Cities: Skylines is the best city builder currently available
Civ IV BtS is easily the best Civ ever made, excellent on its own and even better with a few mods (caveat: I grew up on Civ II and hated the switch to hex on V and VI)
Divinity: Original Sin 2 is a pretty good long-form RPG

Heard good things about Witcher 3 and Doom, but not really sold personally. Might just not be for me.
Thanks. I will probably play it for the story. A lot of times I play games just to say I beat them. If it's too boring I quit. I've quit playing a lot of games. I zone out a lot easily.
I've started The Witcher 3 but I quit because it wasn't braindead easy (the easiness setting was called "just the story"). I'm going to try playing DOOM and if I get bored I'll quit. I have no idea how far I'll get.

I've played somewhere around 2000 hours of LoL and one thing I really like about LoL is I can turn off the music, just turning on the sound effects, and listen to my own music while playing.

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