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I have this one currently
but the amount of space is way too low for me. Ideally I want one with ~500 gb and windows 10 not 11, and the same size screen. Same or similar specs is fine as well. Thanks in advance.
>the amount of space is way too low for me
- buy a ~1TB external drive
- buy a ~16GB USB stick
- buy an SSD*

- create a "system image backup" on the external drive
- when it asks you if you want to make a boot disk, you say yes, and make it on the USB. Alternatively, use the media creation tool to make the USB into a windows installer
- shut down the computer
- swap the SSD following the instructions in the service manual**
- boot from the USB
- "troubleshooting options"-->"restore backup"
- wait for the computer to reboot
- expand the windows partition in disk management
You now have plenty space, you have a backup in case something goes wrong, and have spent less than $150. Don't dismiss this, it's really not difficult to change the SSD on your computer, and because you're not overwriting anything you won't lose your data.

- buy usb3/nvme enclosure
- put old ssd in it
- you now have a fast USB stick

* you need a 2280 m.2 drive, ideally nvme but sata will also work. Here's a list, change the region to whatever country you're in by clicking the little person in the top right https://pcpartpicker.com/products/internal-hard-drive/#D=1&A=900000000000,22000000000000&t=0&f=122080&sort=ppgb&page=1
** http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c06510442.pdf
Spend $30 on a 500gb drive
Then install Win10 on it and you're fucking done
I'm not familiar with this sort of thing at all but I guess I'll watch some videos on how to do it if it saves me money.
so to double check the drives you linked are compatible with my laptop?
>to double check the drives you linked are compatible with my laptop?
According to your laptop's service manual, yes. I don't have your laptop personally, but that's what it says, and 2280 is a really common size for laptops.
You can also do this, but be aware:
- you'll need to reinstall all your stuff
- if you want your documents and similar, you'll need to make a copy on a USB or cloud provider before you swap the storage device
thanks for the advice. i've uninstalled all my games and relocated my documents to another usb so that shouldn't be an issue.
Windows 10 EOL is in less than two years.
one last question, what does " expand the windows partition in disk management" mean?
When you restore a backup onto a larger disk, the volumes stay the same size and you have a big pile of unallocated space at the end. You have to go into control panel and make the c: volume larger to actually use the new space that's available.

If there's a recovery partition that needs to move out the way, it's not the end of the world. Download the gparted live USB, boot it, and you get an application that looks an awful lot like disk management, but it's more powerful and can move partitions around.
Not for ltsc

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