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How can I do the following using picrel as a model?
>fill total ingredient count in the far right table
>get it to automatically fill the ingredient count / amount required columns in the left table
>subtract a meal ingredients from the ingredient count (and thus other meals) upon being checked with the checkbox columns
[spoiler]I'm not cooking this is just to make it understandable[/spoiler]
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separate ingredient count from amount required into their own columns, dealing with strings is tedious
I just removed those columns entirely and added a 'can be made' column, you can add them back
That's much better, thanks. Could you share how to make the ingredient used column "checkbox sensitive" please? And I imagine that the "can be made" column updates automatically?
Checkbox cells are just booleans (0 or 1), so "ingredient used" is just
"Can be made" is
=AND(ing1_remaining>=ing1_required, ing2_remaining>=ing2_required)
I added to the above a bit so that it doesn't turn FALSE when you run out of ingredients to become
=OR(AND(checkbox, ing1_remaining>=0, ing2_remaining>=0), /* formula above here */ )
This means that as long as remaining ingredients are not negative, all checked meals can be made

I know it's a bit unclear; I'm phoneposting. When I get computer access I'll share the sheet
It's very clear, thank you so much. I got it working but would definitely appreciate being able to double check with your sheet
Upload to Google Sheets and replace the checkboxes

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