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I'm writing an essay on AI tools undermining computing as a profession.

Could you guys recommend me some books?
>undermining computing as a profession
Maybe I should have mentioned, for unironic redditors who keep coming to this site - it's for my comp sci degree.
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duh have chap gpt write it for you
this lol
Books are useless in this regard. If you are at a uni, use the online library provided and look for journal articles. If you're not attending one or it doesn't have an online library, use Google Scholar.
i reject the premise that a profession can be undermined


choose a better topic, or use info from class. Like >>1420001 said right now its only reddit artists screeching about DALLE. Unless youre a pajeet AI isnt replacing any real programmers at this exact moment.
>books are useless
>use chap gpt
>choose a better topic
I'm glad I finished the essay yesterday. Just don't reply if you don't know, you unfunny turd worlders. Better yet, stop posting on 4chan at all.
>I'm writing an essay on AI tools undermining computing as a profession.
It creates new jobs too. For example, the field of AI expands into HMO management. The AI can be used to sift through all the patient and subscriber medical data to look for creative ways to reject or pay less compensation for patient medical expenses. The AI tool needs programmers to help adapt it to sift through Big Data in order to reject risky patients too.

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