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I plan to buy some Nike air force 1 shoes, I kind of know those aren't "running shoes", I just want some shoes I can use daily to walk to work, and maybe do some exercise (like some cardio, and go out running a lap on the nearby park).
The thing is, I don't know how are those shoes supposed to fit...
I mean, is my foot supposed to reach the end of the shoe?
My feet don't have the usual shoes shape (I don't have slim feet nor so big bunions to fit in there).
I'd like someone to help me find some guide which might help me, or your personal experience if you know about it. I'd like some drawings or something to have an idea on how is my foot supposed to be inside the shoe, if I should leave some space before reaching the tip of the shoes. My feet usually get swollen after a while walking/standing, if that does help anyway.
you should have a good quarter-inch or more of space between the end of your foot and the end of the shoe.

the people at the shoe store should be able to help you get a good fit.
>I don't know how are those shoes supposed to fit
A lot of shoes aren't wide enough for my feet. And I refuse to "break them in" with all the discomfort. So I buy those shoe stretchers. I get the largest ones and shove them in and turn the handle to make the stretcher spread apart.

I buy two since I stretch both the left and right shoe at the same time. I usually start about a month before I will be wearing the new shoes. Every few days I come back to the shoes to turn the crank a little more as the shoes stretch.

Shoe Stretcher Example

Shoe Stretcher example

The ones I like have always been made of hardwood. Don't get plastic or weird sheet metal ones as those types are a waste of money.
>Shoe Stretcher
Didn't know that even existed, I used to do that with some broomstick, thank both you for the info.
Just buy the shoes at least a month ahead of the time you're going to replace your old ones. It takes awhile to stretch them. I prefer a long period of time like a month because materials need time to stretch. You can tell because when you come back, you will be able to turn the crank some more.
Although >>1419866 is certainly a possibility, my preference is to just not buy shoes that don't fit you. Buy shoes with wider toebox instead, you'll wind plenty of similar looking white sneakers and you won't need to need to pay brand tax.

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