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Which is more better mpv or vlc? or are there more better alternatives? looking for an easy video player that lets me make webms with no issue with great quality and easily be posted on to boards without editing the size files on online sites.
>make webms with no issue
Use mpv and https://github.com/serenae-fansubs/mpv-webm
In terms of which is better, I think mpv is best, though not by much.

As for making webms, I don't know, I just use ffmpeg for that. It's easier than you think.
mpv works much better in almost all scenarios.
the tradeoff is learning to use your keyboard as the interface.
PotPlayer if you want the modern interface with the just works philosophy.
VLC if you are a traditionalist
MPV if you enjoy the technicalities of motion pictures.
WEBM for retards no really thats the name of it go search it.
Inconsistent per se.
OP asks for convenience.
if you want to make webms from the player itself as you're watching it then i'd recommend mpv, you'll have to install a script though

I personally use this script:

it allows you to change all the most important settings from the player, also it's very WYSIWYG so if for example you mute the video or hide the subtitles the resulting encode will not have sound/subs

VLC apparently can transcode out of the box as well but I never used so I have no idea how good it is
I still use mpc-hc
It's no longer actively developed but I find it easier to use than mpv but less bloated than vlc

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