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File: 1685104809842808.jpg (164 KB, 720x404)
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What is the name of this effect in GIMP?
You can use https://photomosh.com/
Thank you!
File: interlacing.png (363 KB, 512x512)
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"Scanlines" (really just the void in-between them) are part of the effect, but it's only a small portion of it.
The main effect is caused by interlacing, where you have two fields showing two different moments in time, being interleaved into a single frame.

To replicate that in an image editor, duplicate the layer, add a layer mask, fill it with a black/white coarse stripe pattern.
Then shift the layer left or right. Add noise and blur to taste.
To finish the look, add a finer stripe pattern on a third layer and lower its opacity.

There's already some Stripes and Stripes Fine patterns in the defaults, but you may want to define your own.
File: 1685113004628239.jpg (201 KB, 600x338)
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>>1355920 >>1355906 Very nice, sirs! Thank you very much.
File: The Jackal.png (64 KB, 1007x873)
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To create the scanlines effect seen in the movie RoboCop in GIMP, you can follow these steps:

1. Open your image in GIMP.

2. Create a new layer by clicking on the "Create a New Layer" button in the Layers panel.

3. Fill the new layer with a solid color. Select the "Bucket Fill" tool from the toolbox, choose a dark gray color (e.g., #333333), and click inside the new layer to fill it with the selected color.

4. Change the blending mode of the new layer to "Screen." In the Layers panel, locate the blending mode dropdown menu and choose "Screen." This blending mode will allow the underlying image to show through the layer, creating the scanlines effect.

5. Apply the "Interlace" filter to the scanline layer. Go to the "Filters" menu, navigate to "Distorts," and choose "Interlace." In the Interlace dialog box, set the following parameters:
• Line Width: 2
• Line Spacing: 2
• Offset: 1
• Random Seed: (You can choose any value or leave it as the default.)
Preview the changes in the dialog box and click "OK" when you're satisfied with the result.

6. Adjust the opacity of the scanline layer. In the Layers panel, lower the opacity of the scanline layer to around 20-30% to make the effect more subtle and blend it with the underlying image.

7. Duplicate the scanline layer. Right-click on the scanline layer in the Layers panel and choose "Duplicate Layer." This step will enhance the intensity of the scanlines.

8. Apply a motion blur to the duplicated scanline layer. Go to the "Filters" menu, navigate to "Blur," and choose "Motion Blur." In the Motion Blur dialog box, set the following parameters:
• Length: 20 (or adjust it based on your image size)
• Angle: 0 (or adjust it if you want the blur in a specific direction)
Preview the changes in the dialog box and click "OK" when you're satisfied with the result.
9. Adjust the opacity of the duplicated scanline layer. In the Layers panel, lower the opacity of the duplicated scanline layer to around 10-15% to blend it with the underlying image while adding a subtle blur effect.

10. Save your image. Once you're satisfied with the scanlines effect, save your image in your desired file format.

By following these steps, you should be able to create scanlines similar to those seen in the movie RoboCop. Remember that the final result may vary depending on the specific image you're working with and the desired intensity of the effect. Feel free to adjust the settings and layers' opacity to achieve the desired outcome.
Why would you torture yourself with GIMP in 2023?
File: ranking.png (102 KB, 840x793)
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>>1356022 Torture? GIMP is a pleasure.
what skill does this ELO represent?
File: 1685148834682706.png (504 KB, 1676x1688)
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>>1356132 Dunno. https://chat.lmsys.org/
Depends what game they're playing, and how many people play it.

~2400 is considered the top of chess, because the chess population would have to significantly expand to make it practical to get any higher. But there's other games where nobody will get anywhere near 2000.
It's general performance.
They're pitted against one another.
When one is better, that's a win.
When one is worse, that's a loss.
Thank you bro! You're the best.
Save you all that wall of text
>In the arena, a user can chat with two anonymous models side-by-side and vote for which one is better. This crowdsourcing way of data collection represents some use cases of LLMs in the wild.
The "game" they're playing is "getting votes from some guys on the internet".

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