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Is there a way to block certain apps' internet access, not just cellular, on iphone?
I don't have an iphone, but you can create a role in your router to block the IP/IPV4 of the app to block the internet access, but it'll only work in your home wifi network.
Care to elaborate on what specific iPhone you have and app you are trying to block?

What immediately comes to mind is settings>app and turn off the cellular data access then turn off the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
oh wow, I knew I should have kept this tab open just in case. But basically, it's iphone XR (I think) and it's just some free music download app that is always showing ads when connected to the internet, so for example it's not an issue when flying on a plane, but if you'd want to use other apps while also using this app you would still get ads, so turning off celular access and turning off wifi wouldn't quite work. Also I tried googling a lot and everything either suggests turning off celular access or saying it's impossible, so obviously asking on /wsr/ is my last resort
While this is cool for home wifi, yeah the app would also ideally be used outside, plus the person I'm doing this for probably would have a hard time configuring the router and testing it. But still good thing to keep in mind
>free music download app
I understand that this is not a direct answer to your original question but I feel is a more direct solution to your overall problem. You can just download music for free on your home computer and put it on your phone.
that's what I do myself, but again, my question is about not my iphone, I'm doing this for my mom which is too far away from me (so I can't just download music for her myself) and she's rather tech illiterate so this app is her only way of doing this, and she would definitely not learn herself how to download audio from a PC and put it on the phone

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