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My fucking Android keeps regenerating its thumbnails every fucking time I open a folder.

How can I make the Android keeps its thumbnails. It takes fucking ages to me to see if an image is porn or work related stuff. I'm about to have a rage heart attack.

Pls help.

>android 8.1.0 btw

Pic unrelated cuz I can't see shit without thumbnails
What file manager or explorer did you use?
You can root you device to gain admin privileges to stop this.
how much storage space do you have left on your phone
i believe thumbnails would be actually stored under "cache" if there was adequate space
Put pictures (porn) in a folder with a .nomedia file and they wont show in gallery apps. You can still access them through the folder.
The stock app. Google Files.

Well, I dont have that much actually. It's a old phone. I have around 1gb left. But I remember this phone was always like this.

My problem isn't exactly the porn, but the time it takes for the thumbs to appear.
Fewer images in each folder.
>The stock app. Google Files.
Do you know for a fact that it uses a thumbnail cache?

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