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I'm looking to buy a really good long lasting mouse that is resistant to jumping when scrolling after long term usuage. I've had 3 mouses in the last 2 years and I don't think any of them lasted more than a couple of months before they starting having a jumping problem when I would scroll or zoom in or out, even cleaning them wouldn't fix the problem long term as the problem would come back. Therefore I'm looking to buy a much better mouse even if it will cost me a lot more money. I'm looking for something that is good for gaming and programming and browsing the internet, I will be using it for hours on end every day so it must be long lasting. I heard that Logitech or roccat are good but idk which one to choose and I'm neither familiar with the model types. Also should I get a wireless or wired mouse? Which one is more optimal for gaming? I heard wireless can have connectivity issues which makes me skeptical to buy one and also I heard you have to buy batteries for them and charge them regularly which sounds like a giant pain in the ass to deal with. Am I wrong or should I reconsider a wireless mouse?
Do you prefer light or heavy mouses?
Do you need a DPI switcher?
Do you want a lot of buttons / no buttons / doesnt matter?
>Also should I get a wireless or wired mouse?
I think with how far technology has progressed it simply doesn't matter. Wireless latency is so fast now that a wireless mouse won't affect competitive performance. Wireless mice have the benefit of obviously no cable if you like a minimalistic setup, and also you never have to deal with wire drag (which can be eliminated on wired mice with a piece of tape). I think wireless mice tend to be more expensive but other than that it really does not matter.
>I heard you have to buy batteries for them and charge them regularly which sounds like a giant pain in the ass to deal with
Wireless mouse batteries last months usually and take like a couple hours-a day max to charge. You shouldnt ever have to swap out batteries and whatnot unless you have a specific issue
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why did you make 2 threads? >>1286327

I don't know how you use them but i've had two mice for the last 16 years. One of them is the underrated but extremely high quality A4Tech N-708X. Probably on the top 5 best mice ever made. Don't let the low price of A4Tech fool you, this mouse is excellent and words can't do it justice.

I've also had Razer Deathadder for 10 years with not a single problem ever. Had to buy a new one 2 years ago when I accidentally stepped on it while drunk. It's the best mouse i've ever had. It's comfy, feels just in place when I'm holding it and as I said the last one I used for over 10 years with no problems other than me being a drunktard.

A buddy of mine has had the Logitech G Pro wired for a few years as well and it has never had any problems with anything.

These are the three I can recommend from personal experience. They're high quality and comfortable and when it comes to mice it hardly gets any better than these 3.
>why did you make 2 threads
Lol, I saw the other thread too & thought this one was oddly familiar.
>Razer Deathadder
>Logitech G Pro
Can vouch for both of these, great mice.
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>Can vouch for both of these, great mice
Yep they're the best. I should also mention, because OP said he can't decide if wired or wireless, it's probably more of a personal preference thing. As >>1286723 mentioned with wireless you don't have to change batteries and they last very long time.
Both the G Pro and the Deathadder have wired and wireless models and I haven't tried the wireless.
The Deathadder I bought 2 years ago has better wire than the old one, it's virtually non-existent. You can't feel it's there.
I'm more of a wire type of guy myself. Not having a wire coming out of my mouse and keyboard gives me anxiety.
IntelliMouse Pro
i had a 5$ microsoft mouse my uncle gave me and it easily lasted me 6 years
it only broke recently and i feel really bad about it
I never buy expensive mouse. I used to use Logitech 100 and they usually start having problem 2 or 3 years later but because it cost me $7 I felt it worth the money. Logitech 102 is my most expensive one being $15 but it's amazing for gaming and working great after 3 years. Overpriced mouse are waste of money.
Logitech G502
I have used mine for over 5 years, and now it is just barely starting to decay. Reasonable price, outstanding quality.

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