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File: setup.jpg (422 KB, 1981x433)
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Pic related is the setup: After about a month, I began getting intermittent I/O errors from reading the mounted dir of the hdd, fixed after reboot. Now, I am also getting USB disconnects.
Which of the three is the likely point of failure? I am currently trying a different USB port to see if that changes anything.
File: dmesg.png (91 KB, 1561x644)
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Different USB port gives same results. Here is a dmesg at the time of failure.
It seems that this may be a result of energy saving. I have disabled it and will see if it disconnects/fails again.
>which of the three
Probably the enclosure, if it was the hard disk the enclosure would correctly relay IO errors instead of locking up.
>Pic related is the setup
In the old days, I used external cases like you. But nowadays, I use external docks and plug the drives in and remove them as needed. Docks are more convenient as I can use multiple drives. They also let me store each drive in its antistatic envelope on the bookshelf.
>Which of the three is the likely point of failure?
The USB 3.0 cable. Orico enclosures while cheap are pretty good, but being cheap it's obviously packed with a cheap cable
Still getting errors. Will try to use a USB 2.0 cable and see if it persists. I also ordered an enclosure from a different brand.

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