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Which torrent client should I use? Any trackers? Pls help I'm suddenly old and stupid and nothing I'm used to (warezbb, rargb) works. I need adobe lightroom.
I don't know what most people use nowadays. I have Tixati on my computers.
Check rutracker.org for Adobe shit. 1337x.to for movies and shows (Adobe as well, but some uploaders are shifty).
for me, it's qbittorrent
Use qBitTorrent or if your adventures use Deluge basically any non paid open source client, no ╬╝torrent and for
Trackers: just use 1337x.to never got problems with them.
I use qbittorrent for torrenting. If you're looking for adobe stuff, look up w14.m0nkrus.ws
>Which torrent client should I use?
Up to you, just stay away from modern day uTorrent and the BitTorrent client, they're adware. The general rule of thumb is this:
>Want something lightweight yet functional?
uTorrent 2.2.1 (The last version released without adware; some people prefer it to qBittorrent)
>Want something lightweight, functional, and FOSS?
qBittorrent (The most popular in the present day.)
>Want a super minimalistic, even more cut down UI?
>Want something extremely customizable & configurable?
>Any trackers?
Rutracker, 1337x, RARGB, in that order. I had to grab Adobe Acrobat a few weeks ago because I had to work with some pdfs, I ended up going with a torrent from haxnode on 1337x, no problems so far, just works.
>some uploaders are shifty
Yep, stay way from SunRiseZone and crackShash (note the S, crackhash is a trusted dude afaik). Known malware uploaders. Its good practice to search up the uploader name of whatever youre about to download first to see if they have a history of putting shit in their releases. I only download if I dont see anyone complaining on some forum or reddit about a particular uploader

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