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looking for an alternative to netlimiter
>see network usage by process
>schedule bandwidth limits by process

im sure netlimiter can't be the best one as it is old as balls. littlesnitch for mac is great.
There's none better than NL.

Simplewall is close to that, though.
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interesting. i tried to buy the full version of nl and they have a manual approval process. then they denied my payment. cool.
What country are you in?
the united states. i searched my emails and it looks like I've tried to buy it several times over the last few years. im guessing you just can't buy it with a credit card and the company hasn't figured it out or something. PayPal works fine.
Apparently there's literally hundreds of types of credit/debit cards and smaller payment providers usually only provide for the most popular ones.
so definitely not a credit card or a debit card from one of the largest banks in the united states, then?
Just a FYI, the United States has one of the oldest, crustiest and most backwards banking systems in the world. You were still using checks when the rest of the world was using chip&pin, you were still using chip&pin when the rest of the world was using contactless, and you're not really on board with the whole 2FA-for-online-purchases thing either. I suspect one of the reasons Paypal did so well is it brought modern banking like in Europe, Asia* and Oceana to the USA.

Last time I was in the US, my card declined the ATM, because it was using the FUCKING MAGNETIC STRIPE. Apparently this was a known problem, and they were like "just try another ATM bro".

*not Japan.

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