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how do I make an account on nyaa? it always says registration is closed. I have anime I want tio upload
upload it on public trackers
but I wanna upload it to nyaa
What anime? Is it cool and obscure?
Think about it logically. They don't want every man and his dog to upload things, so they restrict new memberships. If you investigate a little, you'll probably find out how to ask for an account directly. IRC chat or discord probably have something to do with it.
dogs dont know how to use a computer let alone upload things
I wasn't aware they'd turned off registration, I was able to make an account without any issue when the site first went up.

Anyway you should have gone here first, OP: https://nyaa.si/help

Specifically pay attention to the stuff about IRC. Nyaa is organized off IRC, a lot of anime piracy stuff still is. They're old school like that.
>I wanna upload it to nyaa
Are you going to keep seeding it? Is it one of those items available elsewhere? Try these other anime sites for uploads:

I like AniDex as it is also by the same people that originally brought you MangaDex and doki fansubs.

>how do I make an account on nyaa? it always says registration is closed.
More and more sites are trending towards privatization. Look at BakaBT which has the best seeded ancient torrents. It became a semi-private site. It's an excellent site and has been around since 2003 when it was called BoxTorrents because its founder's name was Box. After the founder left, the site renamed itself BakaBT. In my opinion, it is the best site for well-seeded torrents of completed sets of anime, manga, music, and other related material.
kek bakabt is trash
Considering that it was founded in 2003, some of its long time staff are getting pretty old now. How time flies.
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this has been my ratio for like a decade and they still havent kicked me kek
They kicked me, for inactivity. Once they went private I stopped using them
>Once they went private I stopped using them

Against the day when everything "good" becomes private, it would be good to have kept a few of your private membership going while it was still easy to get an account. For example, if one day a highly restrictive law gets passed, there would be a stampede of new users trying to get in, among them "white knights" which no private site wants. So it would be difficult to get a new account.

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