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I've been looking for PDFs of any and all FNaF books, but the Security Logbook is especially hard to fetch. I only found fake PDFs or some that were incomplete.

I even tried buying it legitimately to make it easier on anyone that was also looking for it, but Scholastic Canada had a shortage at the time.

If anyone has the Survival Logbook (preferably intact but I don't mind if you wrote in it) make a PDF of everything and please send a torrent magnet link or a regular link for it
Been looking for it too
Found this video on YouTube. The PDF itself has 59 pages, but each page is showing two images at the same time (so 118 pages in total, 6 more than what it says if you search for official info)

I don't know where the kid got it from, and I sure as hell don't know Turkish to ask him
Follow up to this one; from what my Google translate says, he got it from a fnaf-only "room" or some shit?

Anyway, he blocked me from sending any messages in the server after that, so unless anyone knows where to find the PDF shown in the video, this is a dead end
Keeps saying something went wrong when I try to create an account with my dummy password and dummy e-mail

Never trusted the sites that tell you to "sign up to download", because they're usually fake and trying to get a password you'd use for everything

If anyone is able to confirm if the site is legit (with a dummy password and dummy e-mail, of course, stay safe brothers), and if you're able to download the file, please put it on a Mediafire or Google docs link for everyone to find
This is a Scribd downloader. It's legit.


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