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File: file.png (271 KB, 888x768)
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How would I utilize the mask tool to give Jahy white skin?
This isn't because I don't like her how she is, I just want to get better at GIMP.
File: jaheek.png (285 KB, 888x768)
285 KB
285 KB PNG
>selection tools
>select by color
>click on the color you want to change
>go to colors
>change the input levels on the slider
File: jaheek2.png (285 KB, 888x768)
285 KB
285 KB PNG
Also keep in mind that the shadows in the shading won't be adjusted automatically. You'll have to change the color of her base skin, then change the color of the shadows afterwards to make it match the new skin. Pic related, I forgot to adjust the shadows on her arms/body on the first pic I posted.
Thank you, now let me try and let's compare our results. Give me a minute
File: Unti343tled.png (268 KB, 888x768)
268 KB
268 KB PNG
Why thank you so much this is just what I asked for.

You don't have to answer my next question at all if you are busy, but how would you go about making it appear more smooth?
As in getting rid of all these tiny red grains?
Try feathering the selection before adjusting the colors.
Also make sure to deselect areas you don't want to change, like the eyes.
Hmm okay let me try.
why are you whitewashing her?
brown gf best gf
So I can start whitewashing blacked hentai.
Here is a quick video on how to denig stuff using GIMP
That's amazing, thank you so much.
this is borderline criminal
Take your borderline personality disorder meds
File: Untitletgtyyd.png (314 KB, 888x768)
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314 KB PNG
I feathered the shadows and her normal skin tone a little.
She is obviously crying from the sunburn.
based anon
File: bleachedanibae.jpg (140 KB, 888x768)
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140 KB JPG
just from playing with hue/saturation after selecting skin
File: ?.jpg (100 KB, 434x519)
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Where do I learn useful things like this? What are the basic things you recommend I learn?
File: edit 1659807000419088.jpg (111 KB, 1024x718)
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111 KB JPG
can you remove the tranny flag from the heart?
File: a.png (66 KB, 310x258)
66 KB
use photoshop and hue saturation lmao
not him but a good way is by doing requests like this. you get to see how others do it and can probably get details if really needed.

A good idea to start (imo) would be just jump in and work on a request here or in >>>\wg\imt and youtube any areas you're stuck on and pretty soon you wont be needing YT as much and will be able adapt learned techniques to make anything possible even if not most optimally.

Doing ones other anons have already done is good too, you can see what the final product should look like, by experimenting and trying to fill in the gaps between request and completed image you will learn pretty quick
File: heartv1.jpg (348 KB, 1024x718)
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File: Taarna-Heavy_Metal.jpg (36 KB, 357x500)
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I'll see that and raise you Heavy Metal.

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