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I tried looking everywhere but nowhere could I find a RAW standard definition torrent of Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya season one. Blu-ray upscale ain't that good
found the following on rutracker:

untouched dvd of the russian release
doesn't look great if your monitor is above 480p, songs are sped up by 5% (maybe dialogue too), mpv can't seem to seek it properly

720p version that claims to be a dvd rip, dvds are normally 480p so it must've been upscaled
found this comparison with the BD version by googling the release name (NanoAlchemist): https://slow.pics/c/Gd3KTlmQ

both have japanese audio + no hardsubs
i'm also interested if anyone manages to find anything better
>songs are sped up by 5%
wtf is up with that?
I'd guess you'd want the Arigatou, Exiled-Destiny or Hitsuji releases
Dunno where you'll find them, E-D and Arigatou look to have IRC channels. Prolly someone hosting them there?
they had to convert the show from 24fps to 25fps for the dvd (PAL standard)
the simplest way to do that is to speed up everything a little and hope no one notices
if you wanted to do it while preserving the original speed, you'd have to periodically repeat video frames instead which would result in stutter
they could've used a filter to fix the pitch of the audio (maybe i wouldn't have noticed the songs sounding weird then) but they didn't for some reason

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