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I have a laptop with a numeric keyboard, it did work normally in the beggining but it stopped working, it still does something, like move the "texting cursor" (i have no clue what its called), but when I press numlock, it doesn't do anything. Anyone know how to fix it?

image not related
I'd try testing if the keyboard's not functioning or if it's a software problem somehow.
Try remapping keys to see which work and which don't.
well, as I said, the keys do something, but just when numlock is pressed (or when it isn't, idk which it is), so I think it's a software problem
That's what I meant, check if the numlock key is working (bind it to whatever and see if it prints what you binded it to) or bind whatever key to the numlock function and see if pressing it locks your nums.
just tried to do it, but can you "type" the numlock? Since you need to type it out to bind it something else
yes, the key works

also I found out that in one position (by position I mean on or off) it does the stuff that's in the link you gave, like 4 is left arrow or 7 is "home"

when I press the numlock again it does nothing
okay so I just mapped another key to numlock and it works, but when I do it with the actual numlock key it doesn't
So the Numlock key works (the computer registers you pressing the key) and you can change the numslock state but pressing your numlock key doesn't change the numlock state, right?
That's very weird; what does it do if you map your Numlock key to Setnumlockstate?
no, pressing the NumLock key does change the state, in one state, it does the "left arrow" and "home" stuff, and in the other state, where it's supposed to type numbers, it doesn't do anything, not even the left arrow" and "home" stuff (no clue what its called)
When the state is on you can change it to off, but once it's off, you can't change it back to on?
I can change the states, on or off, just in the one where its supposed to type numbers, it doesnt do anything

But when I change the state through another key, not the numlock key, like I mentioned, then the numbers work, I don't think it even makes sense
Yeah, that's something alright.
You're gonna have to consult some fag on a specialised forum for this one.
At least you know now that the key works and "Setnumlockstate" works; only not when you use the numlock key to turn it on (lolwut?)
yeah, I guess I'll either leave it be or use another key to change the state, thanks for the help tho

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