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I got injured so now I'm stuck in a bed for an extended time. Only have a laptop with me.

What are some games you can play with just a keyboard that doesn't feel like garbage?
The Binding of Isaac
Risk of Rain
NES/SNES/GB emulation

Or you could get a friend or family member to drop you a controller.
vampire survivors
write a novel
One Step From Eden
Check out pico-8 games. Most of them can be played with just a keyboard.
Something less fast paced because I'm all messed up.

Maybe strategy or interactive vns
Vampire Survivors. I have played for like 50 hours and still have stuff to do.
I'm not too familiar with these, but maybe a roguelike. The kind that you move on a grid and time only advances when you move.
I had surgery and during the recovery I just used a mouse on the bed and it worked fine!
Although you could play games like factorio or other top down type games where you don't have to be perfectly precise with the mouse, maybe hotline miami
Fire Emblem 1 & 2.
File: a-short-hike-flight.jpg (256 KB, 1280x727)
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256 KB JPG
A Short Hike
castlevania: lords of shadow
>Maybe strategy or interactive vns
Check out the following
Ace Attorney
The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante
File: poolsofradiance.jpg (162 KB, 1154x720)
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162 KB JPG
Go old school man, play some 80s D&D video rpgs on an emulator, or Ultima, or Bard's Tale, or Roadwar 2000. Ice Wind Dale and Baldur's Gate series which are at least from this century so you get some voice acting.

But seriously, look at the gorgeous screen cap there, you can count the pixels but you still see what they are. The 80s games are fun even today, they had to care about story line because sound, graphics, music weren't going to cover anything up. You can also save state in an emulator as often as you want and rewind if you make a mistake which avoids the frustration of having a total party kill.

Or start on a MUD or a roguelike

Or, maybe read a book. Seriously, video games and youtube kill my reading time. Turning them off and picking up a book or my ereader is usually pretty damn satisfying.
btw, sorry to hear you're not feeling 100%. Hope your recovery goes well.

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