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What was the origin of calling 4chan something like a Romanian basket weaving forum?

Probably when Chinkmoot took over the site it ironically became a "Chinese anime/discussion forum" (even though he is Japanese, but the "Japanese forum" is already taken be 2ch) which then was quickly for comedic effect changed to more and more absurd combinations of country and topic ("Malaysan knitting forum")
At least I had never seen the site referred to in this way before the takeover.
Not /r/, /wsr/ or /a/ at least.
I think "_______ basket weaving" might be a pre-internet meme. It just means the exact nature of something doesn't matter.
>You should go to college and get a degree!
>It doesn't matter if your degree is in Underwater Basket Weaving, just get a degree in -something-

When I see someone refer to 4chan in this way, I assume they're referring outsiders who have no idea what 4chan is or what we talk about here. 4chan *might as well be* a Romanian Basket Weaving forum, because people who don't use the site have no clue either way, and people who do use the site know exactly what you mean.
>Underwater Basket Weaving
Can confirm the phrase is pre-Internet, however, it means "useless".
I have never heard 4chan referred to thusly, but often hear "Chinese cartoon" or "Korean comic" image board. This is done to disparage and/or troll anime fans.
>This is done to disparage and/or troll anime fans
"Chinese cartoons" is a meme from /a/.
This anon is likely right.

That said I've been posting since 2009, and the earliest I recall it was around 2015 when /pol/ started to gain traction, and the site would be referred to as a Mongolian basket weaving forum in the context of trying to make it sound more innocent or ridiculous to draw scrutiny against. Kinda like how they would try and trip up people by confusing /po/ with /pol/.
"Cambodian shrimp racing forum" is my favorite
>Chinese cartoons
It's clich├ęd, but it's not a meme.
People who've never heard of 4chan have encountered "Epstein didn't kill himself". That's a meme.
"... It is also used as a way to ridicule anime fans and japanophiles."
An image macro is not a meme, necessarily.
>not a meme
Just like Milhouse
I doubt he has anything to do with it, it's just ironic anime fans mocking people who take the internet too seriously.
I like "Indonesian Shadow Puppet forum" better
File: m00t.png (27 KB, 487x629)
27 KB
Nahhh people have been ad-libbing 4chan as a ____ ____ forum looong before moot left.
It was just a funny way to devalue someone's argument when they take something too seriously on here.
It just spread organically without origin.
In /a/, anime is sometimes jokingly referred to as "Chinese cartoons."

Attempts to deter serious discussion or to dismiss the importance of 4chan as a site is done by referring to it as a "website to discuss Chinese cartoons."

It was always "Chinese cartoons," then people starting substituting other Asian countries with other visual mediums, such as "Mongolian finger-painting."

Then it expanded into other forms of art, such as "Laotian poetry."

Then it expanded into other activities, such as "Israeli math tutoring" (actually saw this one myself).

Then the country didn't even have to be from Asia. The weirdest combination I've seen yet was "Senegalese salt mining."
>not posting in a
ugandan breadweaving forum
lithuanian sheep selling bulletin
mongolian fishing board
chinese frog breeding forum
bangladeshi kite testing forum
omani kid raising forum
mongolian horse trading board
african cock elongation network
tibetan interpretative dance forum
i prefer Tajikistani aluminium industry discussion board

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